I am 25, going on 15…

Dear Twilight,

What have you done to me? I am a married 25 year old, and I went into Hot Topic tonight.

Hot Topic

Hot Topic

The worst part is… I bought stuff..

Thanks a lot…


P.S. will someone please tell my husband to buy me the Paramore/Black Ghost songs they have on vinyl? Gracias

  • christapie

    Try being 38 and divorced and rationalizing buying a miniature Edward movie poster for your cubicle. Now I maintain that Hot Topic should be for my age group. I mean Thundercats is mine, dammit! Anyway, I went with, “Well I am the one who brought Twilight to the office, so it’s appropriate…right?”

  • themoonisdown

    join the club. i felt like the worlds biggest toolbag when i went in there the other day out of “curiosity” and got followed around by a 16 yr old store clerk asking me if i was looking for a twilight gift for a ‘little sister.’ uh, no actually i’m the dork, thanks.

    ps yours looks like it has more stuff than mine did. sad.

  • Hamnoo

    god, I’m 19, and I feel *ashamed* for feeling like Bella, when she’s 17. Am I crazy because I’m overdoing things? But it’s weird, because with 19 I’m at the age where every youth book/ series/ movie has main characters who are younger than me now.

    • i’m 25! and lots of the woman on here are older.. don’t feel ashamed! join the fun!

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