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jrcoatcreepyeyes1Dear Jackson-

You are now my own new personal obsession… i mean don’t get me wrong, Rob will always be my number one but the combination of your two line performance in the movie, your weird  hair, your terrible band: 100 monkeys (my favorite), and the fact you were on the OC put me over the edge…

this 7 minute video of  your moments on the OC was the turning point for me…  besides you being apart of the worst season of the OC ever it combines all my favorite things, ryan atwood, sufjan stevens and then your weird ass.

go ahead… run jackson but you can’t hide!


ps you had me at ‘creepy eyes’

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  • Roodna

    OMG – he is soo gorgeous. Seriously, I think I have fallen for him too, this winter I had my first -I love Jackson- dream. Even though I still have my huge crush on Robert Pattinson (and he will always be my number one love), who says you can’t love two people at the same time? Jackson is soo cute when he sings Orson Brown – he sings so high, even though he can’t really reach that tone and surprisingly, it sounds good! Love Orson Brown, it’s my favorite song by 100monkeys!

    I’ve bought posters, so now I have one Jackson poster and one Robert poster (+ some other twilight posters)

    • You are our hero! Another 100monkey’s fan! Aww- a Jackson poster! i want one!

  • wow, never thought this day would come an actual 100 monkeys fan!!! yeaaaa!!

  • jesikah

    The what house?
    Is it just me or di he say “Hi is this the Cullen house?”
    I think im tripping.

    • @jesikah haha! i’ll have to re-watch it.. i never caught that! Welcome!

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