Making a list, checking it twice

camgapDear Cam-

Walking through the mall today was like being herded with a bunch of cattle. Then I saw your smiling face in Gap and it made it a smidge more bearable…

a smidge.


Watch more of Cam at the Gap photoshoot… he says “my next future wife” uh what?

Cam Gigandet's GAP Ad
Cam Gigandet’s GAP Ad

The world has got to read this:

  • unintendedchoice

    my heart went pitter patter the first time i saw his smiling face in gap.. but only b/c i hoped they did photos with other cast members. alas, they did not :(

    Loved ya in the OC, Cam, even though you killed Marissa….

  • themoonisdown

    dude which twilight cast member WASNT in the oc??! seriously we need to do a 6 degrees of separation from the oc or something.

  • his one and only

    THATS why he was so familiar! our most favorite show ever, how could i forget. they should have gotten adam brody to play eric.

  • unintendedchoice

    OMG his one and only- you’re right.. they SHOULD HAVE gotten adam brody to play eric!!

  • kdgrimmer22

    aw crap! this is what I get for reading old post while I am at work….I didn’t know he killed Marissa!! guess I won’t be needing to watch THAT season now! =P

    • unintendedchoice

      oh GIRL!!! NO!! sorry to spoil it!
      you HAVE to watch.. it’s crazy…. and i do love the 4th season… moon doesn’t’ 100% agree with me, but I thought it was so good!

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