All I want for Christmas

Dear Hot Topic (and other fine Twilight retailers),

borders-twilight-calendar-twilight-series-1705147-400-800All I want for Christmas is a Twilight Calendar. I even wrote a song about it (enjoy below). My husband says (yes, I have a husband and want a twi-cal, so what?) that when he asks for them at your store and other calendar stores, the clerks literally LAUGH at him. Why don’t you stop laughing at my husband and just give him a twi-cal to let me open Christmas morn?

It’s a bummer.. I saw tons of calendars last month.. he should’ve bought one then. Oh well, it’s his fault if I divorce him when I don’t get my only Christmas wish. Or it’s your fault. Or amazon’s fault for selling a calendar made by a poor 7 year old boy in a third world country for $49.89

twilight calendar on imeem
PS: I’d also take Rob, naked, wrapped in a bow under my tree. xo

*Do YOU have a Twilight wish for Christmas? Write your own letter and email it to or comment below!

  • your hubster and my mom should join forces and throw down against these calendar people. apparently they are available exactly NO WHERE.

    lame. what am i supposed to star at for all of 2009??

    ps my wish is for my very own rob under the tree or maybe a jackson or kellan to keep me warm 😀

  • oh dear sweet lord i just listened to the song… you are a STAR!!! if t & w could hear you now!

    • unintendedchoice

      i really am a star, aren’t i? even have something posted on imeem

  • christapie

    Are other people selling it now? I had been told it’s a Borders Exclusive. I’ve looked in Borders in both AZ and WI for months now–no luck. I should have gotten it over the summer when I saw it. Who buys a calendar in August?

    • unintendedchoice

      i saw it in those stands in the mall.. but i haven’t seen it since nov/early dec. bummer 🙁

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  • Jen

    Okay, I know this was posted a long time ago but I just found it through the “All I want for Christmas is a Twilight Calendar” link. I litereally spit out the water I had just taken a sip of, I was laughing hysterically. This EXACT thing happened to my hubster last Christmas! And. I . Was. Mad.”Oh, well it’s his fault if I divorce him…” this is when the water hit the computer screen!

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