Unicorns and Peter Facinelli

Dear Twilight,

I may have had a break with reality or two yesterday:

I was thirsty, tired from too much Guitar Hero the night before (I rock Linkin Park, BTW–99%!), my flight was delayed making me worry about making my connection, and our plane was taken out of service meaning we had to run to our new gate. That being said, I thought I saw Robert Pattinson at O’Hare, from a distance, until I reminded myself that my friends at Letters to Rob had informed me that Rob was in London for his holidays. Then when I boarded my plane a man who looked remarkably like Peter Facinelli was sitting in First Class. No lie.

That’s when I saw a unicorn! And by that I mean a mythical beast: a grown man reading New Moon in public.

Losing it,

P.S. Christapie is our first friend at LTT (letters to twilight)- she found us on day 1! And she really did see a grown man reading New Moon in public! Read the whole hilarious story here!

  • omg “unicorn” sightings are my favorite!!! my friends and i use the “unicorn” term all the time.

    dude peter facinelli’s appearance on chealsea handler was the best interview i saw from a twilight cast member. let carlisle take over kristen stewarts interviews, we all know how great she is at those!

  • christapie

    Check me out! I’m famous!

    Wow, I didn’t know I found you on Day 1. How exciting!

    Note to self: this OCD is going to be very embarrassing when I get my book written and published and people start Googling me. Consider a pen name.

    • hahaha! i can change the name if you want:) we don’t want any stalkers! (unless of course it’s me stalking rpatts..)

  • christapie

    My fault for using my own name. Don’t change a thing. BTW the link didn’t work for me.

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  • kara lo.

    Well, a little too late to post here, but I must add that I agree with the airport-hiding-place-for-unicorns theory. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a guy (rather cute, btw) reading New Moon at an airport in Mexico City, last March. I wanted to go back there, take a picture or something. You definitely don’t see them every day.

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  • Unashamed Twi-wife


    Hehe. My husband *is* a unicorn. After forcing him to watch New Moon (which he thoroughly enjoyed BTW), I caught him reading Twilight instead of studying (he’s back in school). I took it from him (gotta keep those grades up) but I’ve been reading it out loud to him at night in bed ever since. We’re on Breaking Dawn now. You should have heard him when I got to the end of Jacob’s part. He started yelling, “No. NO. NO! NONONONONO! You STUPID DOG!” He’s Team Jacob, but whatev.


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