Keep repeating it… he is 16, he is 16

uhhh.... what's the age of consent?

uhhh.... what's the age of consent?

Dear Taylor-

Could you please stop looking like the buff cousin of Adam Brody? It’s really making it hard for us to remember you’re only 16… not to mention REALLY hard to concentrate at work.

Good heavens…

US (themoonisdown and unintendedchoice)

PS us saying he looks ANYTHING like Adam Brody is a BIG deal

  • I think.. i THINK.. i just jizzed in my pants..


    Rob.. is that considered cheating on you?

    You know… you’re spots 1-4 on the “freebies lisT” but Adam Brody is #5… and .. well, Taylor= Adam brody with muscles here..


    Hello, Jacob. You are getting the job done, my dear boy.

  • krazykidd

    He has an rockin body…but he’s still a buttaface…Rob though is just gorgeous!!! But he’s working the muscles…work it minor…work it!!!
    If there was no Rob(which is so hard to imagine a world with no Rob) AND i had a paper bag…I’d tap that…show him a few tricks!! 😉

  • Alexandra

    Yeah i’m 16! So not a prob for me XD
    now all i gotta do is meet him LOL
    Seriously i just think i died a little when i saw this
    I WANT HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • vickybonnett

    Holy Crow! Rpattz better stop working the open mic nights and start working his abs. Jacob/Taylor looks fabulous! I see tons of teeny tiny tweens suddenly going berserk for the next Hot Topic tour. Good maybe they’ll be distracted by Jacob and we can finally get Rob to ourselves.

  • Sass

    Oh goody, more Rob for me!

  • @krazykidd OMG… if there was no rob “i’d tap that… show him a few tricks”

    @Alexandra- ALL RIGHT GIRL.. we’re all gonna cheer YOU on since you’re legally allowed to “tap that”

    @vickyb HAHA.. you’re right- Edward is gonna be a little chunkier if he doesn’t watch it with the beer in every pub in england!

  • Amber

    @vickyb – Yes! More Rob for us!

    Plus, I like my men dirty, and let’s face, Rob is almost always dirty!

  • Christa

    …he is 16…he is 16…he ist 16…

    Whew, yeah, Rob, sorry to say, you need to hit the gym. Edward cannot be outdone by a mongrel.

  • @Sass….and ME!

    @Moon and UC…….recent Adam Brody sighting!

  • Wow, ladies, I saw this pic on twifans and I thought everything you’ve been thinking and then some…
    I have to say though, that if Rob went to the gym, and came out looking like Taylor’s looking right now I might spontaneously combust!!

    So Rob,
    for my daughter, don’t get ripped, I might die and then where would we be!
    *hugs* Mrs. P.

  • @devilish- ouch those are kinda rough

    ok i dont want rob to be TOO buff, i usually like toned but not a crazy meat head.

    and yea, i had to tell myself i couldnt look at this taylor pic again till i finished work this morning. IM BAAAACKKK! and WHEW, still potent.

    team jacob can be proud. MAN! (he is 16… he is 16)

  • Alexandra

    @ unintendedchoice.- LOL thanks!

  • Sass

    @moon…yes, Rob just needs a little toning, no crazy meat head, lol.

  • Lora

    I really think that Lucy Hale would make a better Jane than Dakota Fanning.

    • @Lora i think lucy hale is gorgeous! i’m not crazy about the idea of dakota, but my twi-partner in crime (theMoonisDown) disagrees with me. Oh well, we’ll just take the fight into the ‘ring’ and the winner will get Rob Pattinson. I will win, I will. 🙂

  • @UC – with your past track record on betting over rob, are you sure you want to do this?! ;D

    i dont know if she’s my number one pick but it’s definitely a step in the right direction acting wise and talk about a big name! maybe she can show kstew a thing or 5 about emoting.

    @lora – HI!!

  • Whit (Jonette Cullen)

    Wow he is buff! But Rob is still MUCH MUCH hotter 🙂

  • Christa

    Dakota would be good. But I really liked the Kristin Chenowith idea for Jane. I don’t think all the vamps need to be teens, and I don’t think Jane’s age is ever given or described.

    A writer on EW was saying he’d like Lucas Grabeel for Alec. I prefer Max Thieriot, if they are going young for Jane and Alec.

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  • lindays

    what do you mean robert? robet is so so ugley and taylor is so so so cute and so what if he has a nice body and he is onley 16 good for him.taylor robert robet taylor um…i think taylor i like 60000.60000.0000.0000.000.00000.00000.00000.00000.0000.00000.00000.0000 times cuter that crap face robet i am team taylor but i don’t war a taong

  • He IS So hot with buff body or with out it !! stop hating mannn Love taylor

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  • Cindy

    Yummm… XD

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  • marialw

    I had to break out my sons “Sharkboy and Lavagirl” just to get my head back in the right place. Makes one feel sort of pedophilish….oh the crime of it.

  • Jessica

    You know, They both look absolutely ravishing just the way they are. But Rob should not be hitting every single pub that catches his eye otherwise he will change It’s no wonder that he is single. I think Twilight went to his head. All the interviews he was in before Twilight about Harry Potter and stuff, he was a real sweetheart but now he is arrogant. Until I have met them i would not make any assumptions. Too much muscle is a turn off.

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