Hilllywood Show does Twilight

Dear Twilight,
We’ve been waiting for this for what seems like forevs. And it did not disappoint!

They are amazing!

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  • This is the best parody ever!

  • She may be a better Bella the KStew. πŸ™‚ I love the dance moves in the cafeteria!

  • sherin

    hahahahaha!!! i think i just “jizzed” in my pants from laughing so hard!

  • I so want the whole movie remade by them!

    @Amber – she is a better Bella. Almost anyone would be.

  • Genevieve

    This was SO great! Good Friday Fun! (looks like Alice & Bella were both played by Hannah Hindi)

  • JBell

    Okay, the wardrobe is like, 99.8% dead on! That is so great! lol and the group choreography in the cafeteria = awesome. That was good stuff to start the weekend off right! Yay! πŸ˜€

  • Sass

    That was great!!

  • peoplecallmebella

    i love it!
    wardrobe is amazing and the guy who plays actually looks exactly like rpatz in certain scenes

  • peoplecallmebella

    i meant to say the guy who plays edward** oops

  • Tedward and I are dying! Those dance moves were stellar!

  • newtwilightlover

    “Twilight goes Broadway”
    I love it! πŸ™‚

  • Rhonika

    That was awesome! So funny:)

  • Verbena

    this is superb!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • This is AMAZING! Can you believe that baseball scene? And they even used Radiohead at the end — this was just perfection!

    Oh — and the guy who plays Jacob!

    So impressive!

  • vickyb

    ummmm. Is it kind of sad that some of their special effects were better than the movies?!

  • One of my top two faves. So freakin’ good. My daughter has been watching it on a loop ever since I first read this post yesterday, ha!

    vickyb, agreed.

  • That was GREAT! I love Bella pushing Edward around when he won’t make up his mind. But the best part had to be Alice and Rosalie dancing with her. So Funny!!!

  • Helena


    they r amazing . Lv it

  • FINALLY! I’m a new fan of the Hillywood Show (I watched their Sweeny Todd parody…on my way getting to the others) and I absoutely love it! I can’t wait to watch this parody. See you in a bit to give my comments on it!
    *chomps on popcorn*


  • Michelle

    This is so dam funny!!! Haven’t seen anything by them before.. Sux living down under sometimes!

  • LabTwerd

    is it sad that I enjoyed her performance more than KStew’s???

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