Dear Kristen Stewart’s Dad: John Stewart

Today our lovely friend Leigh Anne sent us a post about why Kristen Stewart didn’t present at the Oscars and you said this:

Access’ Billy Bush got the answer on the red carpet, when he asked Kristen’s father, John Stewart, why she wasn’t presenting with Robert Pattinson.

John responded that Kristen would present at the Oscars, “When it’s a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money.”

And now JOHN my resulting RANT…

You, my dear long-haired-hippie-stoner daughter-supporting-dad, are a jerkoff and as the wise Poet Laureate of Dogwood Lane, Drum Eatenton, once said:

An ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure

What a load of garbage you people are! At this point I wish Summit would just recast your daughter to teach you all a lesson and get it done with cause she’s bologna and this only proves it. Because even BIG stars (which you are NOT my dear Kristen) understand the need to balance both types of movies. You gotta do your little indie flicks but you also gotta do your big blockbusters too.

What you’ve said John, is a slap in the face to NOT ONLY her costar Robert (who understands the importance and presented!) but also to people like: MERYL freaking STREEP, Philip Seymore Hoffman, Sean Penn, Amy Adams, and flipping Mickey Rourke. COME ON! You and Kristen aren’t even good enough to be those people’s seat fillers during the commercials.

This really got me:

“When it’s a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money.”

UH you folks only have yourselves to blame because kstews acting was a majority of the problem! Stuttering, blinking and looking uncomfortable does not equal acting… unless you’re playing a psych ward patient. And that you weren’t!

Since you and your wife work in the film industry you should know first hand how EVERYONE knows EVERYONE. Hollywood is a very small town and you should probably watch what you say to people like BILLY BUSH on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD. Never bite the hand that feeds you John.

And to think UC and I were feeling like being nice girls and posting Kristen’s NYLON pics. YEA RIGHT, not anymore! Saying crap like this just pisses me off and if you think I was being mean in those other KStew posts, I’ve got news for you folks: you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Save us the hassle and piss off!

PS Apparently Perez isn’t impressed either

  • rrhonika

    I think she thinks that they can’t possibly drop her from the movie because, face it, she does have her fans. Why else would she be running her mouth like that.

    • Elly

      …she didn’t even fucking SAY anything! Stop being a pretentious bitch and realize that it was a stupid, passing comment that her dad made.

  • themoonisdown

    agree on all points you guys are making

    @rhojo- nepotism is 100% behind the reason she got this part and a billions times the reason Nreed got hers. so they should probably all STFU

    @Malia – we believe in REAL TALK here. even if theyre twilight related and we dont like it, we’ll talk about it!

    also YES good question WHERE IN THE WORLD is her publicist/agent/manager? im beginning to think she doesnt have one with all the bad choices shes making. LORDY. someone needs to reign her in.

    @red denim tux!! we call em texas tuxedos! hahaha

    • Elly


      You’re a retard. Do you even know what that word means? Nikki Reed was picked because she was liked as an actress. Ditto with KStew.

  • @Leigh Anne – couldn’t have said it better!

    Life is tough when you are trying to be so cool all the time. She has to earn back her indie cred after staring in a hit movie.

    It’s like when she wore converse to the prom. you know that was her idea. Whether or not you think it’s cute, I can just imagine SourPuss thinking she’s such a style icon because she rocked the converse at the prom.

    • Elly

      Or maybe KStew was trying to give Bella some personality other than having her being a total piece of cardboard?

  • Tamela


  • vickyb

    @ Leigh Anne, I really should listen to Jesus more often when he tells me not to talk.

    Is that Michael Oregano or a look alike? Does he have a day job or is following Kristen around considered work?

    Oh yeah! Ditto on what Moon said!

  • Ok I think KS should not take things personally, yes she will get ask about Robert all the time it is a given b/c they look GREAT together. So she should just take it as a joke. Obviously she has a boyfriend…maybe what is happening is that all this talk is affecting her relationship with her BF…maybe insecurity is taking the best of them…not sure. who cares what we think about R and KS if she loves her BF that is what it counts. Insecurity from her or her BF might be the reason she feels she needs to defend and make sure people know R and her are not going out…needs to mature a bit and if is true then she needs to find a BF that is more secure of himself…and that is all I will say about KS …I’m done…good luck…

    • Elly

      What. The. Fuck.

  • *scoffs*
    I didn’t understand that quote that he said at first, I had to read it again. Wtf? I’m still confused. I just think it’s all garbage.


  • I’m 2nd hand PISSED. WTF was that about!? So Kris can still be all “Indie actress”!? Ok, you pretty much said it all, but >.<


  • @Malia – It was her idea to wear the cheesy converse to the prom (which was a complete slap in the face to how Stephanie pictured her at the prom)?!?

    Why am I not surprised. It’s as bad as her changing lines to suit her throughout filming. NOT COOL KSTEW!!

    • Elly

      Maybe she changed it because the book sucks? Just a thought.

  • brummielover

    ok someone please explain what Kstews dad is doing there anyways with his little walkie talkie ..may I take your order headset?

  • Ceri

    Kristen strikes me as someone who is really not good working the public. You’ll notice how twitchy she gets and then there’s the Letterman interview. I can understand that she might not be comfortable walking the red carpet or presenting at the Oscar’s – look how nervous Rob was.

    But the thing that is unforgivable about her Dad’s statement is that it completely undermines the work and successes of all the people involved in the movie. Even thought its a ‘teen’ movie, it still made a lot of money and put the actors names out there. I am sure that Adventureland is a great indie movie where we can see her great acting skills, doubt it!

    I don’t think she needs to apologize to the twilight fans, I could really give a damn if she doesn’t care for the books or script (although why take the part if you didn’t want to do a lame teen movie?) but she does need to apologize to the cast and crew. Even though she didn’t make the statement herself, her Dad said it on her behalf (and we all know she must think this) along with the Nylon interview, she is coming out very poorly and her PR team needs to do some backtracking.

    • Elly

      She doesn’t need to apologize to anyone. Her dad can have his own opinion, apart from her. Maybe he just has good taste.

  • DEE


    • Emily W

      Bella blinks and stutters in the book when Edward stares into her eyes because he “dazzles” her and makes her brain freeze heh.

  • SuzieQ

    A recast would be the bitch-slap that the ungrateful wanna-be actress needs. If she fell off the face of the earth, I would do my touch-down dance for a freaking century. I’m so sick of her shit. grrrrrrr

  • Carolina

    Hmm, I noticed that Perez talks about it, but still, it remains the same. She’s inconsiderate of her fans and underserving of her ‘fame’.

  • kdgrimmer

    I just have to say that Drum Eatenton has always been one of my hero’s…and that quote is CLASSIC!

    Yes! DadStew is a DOUCHBAG!

    I was Team Kristen but she can kiss my A**! she better clean up that SH** pile on aisle 4 fast before Summit realizes what a liability she is!

    Amanda is beautiful! dye her hair brunette and lets cast her as Bella! anyone who can hold their own next to meryl streep is great in my book!

    • Elly

      You spelled douchebag wrong, douchebag.

  • sherin

    @ red….thanks for that link.wow,kstew actually SMILED???? as in voluntarily smiled in that pic??? i agree with most of you,i want a RECAST!!!! and yeah,pleasssse include Nreed in it too

  • Princess Leia

    “You know how we call her sourpuss?

    I think it’s because she has sour grapes…

    I don’t think the Academy even asked her and he just came up with some lame response because he had to protect his daughters image, which he didn’t.

    My guess is they didn’t even ask her because people want to see Rob. They were probably afraid she would revert to blinking and stuttering.”





  • Princess Leia

    notice the KISSING that her and N Reed do….TO GET ATTENTION that ROB is getting.

    Too bad.

    We can read through her.

    Now. If she just carry on as a classy, graceful and educated lady(and of course she’s not)….and just appreciate the support, it will do wonders for her future career.

    Her intention is to stick to Indie films…..then be it.

    She is so beyond “Hollywood”.

  • I like Kristen. I think she’s a good actress, judging by her other work. And I certainly understand how Twilight is causing her problems. She didn’t sign up for this. She signed up for a indie cult film that happened to go crazy. I would have just as big of a problem with the situation as she’s having. That’s why I’m not in acting. But my patience it growing thin.

    Now as I understand it, it was her father than made the comment about the Oscars, right? Not her. So, if that’s the case, I’m not going to hold that against her. I do hope daddy will keep his pie hole shut in the future though. I’ve never heard Kristen say anything quite as bad as that. If he’s going to add to her attitude problem by making such asinine statements, he might very well end of the straw that broke the camel’s back of her career.

    All the fans know of who you are is represented in photos and interviews. If your interviews show that you dislike your fans, and if your photos make you out to be a pot-head sour puss, you aren’t going to have fans for long.

    I don’t want to hear, ‘Oh poor me, my fans have deserted me,” when you can’t get a job because you can’t fill seats. You piss off the media by saying they are unintelligent and unoriginal and all your pictures will show you as a pot-head sour puss, and all your interviews will be edited to present you in a most unflattering way.

    Now I say, every job has it’s pros and cons. If you really love acting, then act, but if you are going to do your best, you have to accept that you may be beloved by the critics or the people. If you’re lucky it will be both. If you don’t want to go the distance, if you just want to be a working actor, fine. Not everyone does their job for accolades and money.

    Sometimes you get in over your head. If that’s the case you have to find your way out. If you stay, stay and do the whole job to the best of your ability. If you go, go with grace.

    That being said, I would not be surprised if Kristen gets fired early on in production for her attitude.

  • Kathryn

    *nodding* WORD, Moon. Word.

  • sowasred

    Anyone want to chip in some cash so that we can hire Andre 3000 to follow Ktwat around and continuously sing the chorus of “Roses” to her?

    • themoonisdown

      HAHA!! amazing. i’ve got a quarter i wonder if andre is avails

  • Addicted

    I TOTALLY agree with this article. I was completely offended by his comment and am REALLY getting sick of Kristen. You said it perfectly….Dont bite the hand that feeds you.
    And Perez is right….she is a Twat!!!!

  • bec

    The thing that cracks me up…and I think we may all be forgetting is she is a WHINING teenager. She is what? 18? She is trying to be so deep and intellectual, just like when I tried to be all into Bob Dylan. She is going to look back on this once she matures and be so embarrassed. Or maybe I’m wrong and she is just not going to mature. And to all of you 18 year olds out there, I know many of you are very mature. But I honestly think she should be let go and replaced to teach her a lesson. In every profession, we need to suck things up once in awhile and do what’s best for the industry (as long as its legal 😉 ). I am really hoping that her attitude will cost her some future jobs. Who would want to work with that type of person, who will go around bashing their own work. I mean Rob has been so kind, not even mentioning how she is a horrible actress! I vote UC as the next Bella!!!! (And Moon can do the stunt work…and a few make out scenes too)

  • @86 Rabbit – She made some pretty awful statements in the Nylon interview. SO add that on top of her dad’s comments, and we are none too happy.

    I just can’t believe that the PR team isn’t all over this. I’m in PR myself, and it really is damage control time.

  • It could be that PR has already been all over her. This could be toned down compared to what she really wants to say. We don’t really know what the Kristen they have to deal with is like. It could be that they’re waiting to see how filming goes before they fire her. Or maybe there has been a deal worked out and she will get fired over “creative differences” rather than having to quit. If she quits she disappoints fans that she still has and sinks her career. She also loses money and possibly gets sue. Depending on how her contract reads the studio might have to sue. If the studio fires her they get to avoid court costs. They also get to avoid getting behind during production due to her antics. I think the studio would be willing to shoulder that and be the bad guy to make a better film and avoid alienating any more fans.

  • JBell


    @Moon & UC – We missed your bff’s birthday! Ashley’s birthday was last Saturday! I know we were all freaking out about Rob over at LTR, but we missed her birthday! I feel so bad.

    Speaking of birthday’s, how are Wolfgirl and Taylor doing? Still going strong? Any bonds formed… was it love at first date? Has she learned to make the egg white omelets and protein shakes? Just wondering. 😀

    • themoonisdown

      I KNOW!! we cried when we figured out we missed her birthday. we <3 ashley!

      also there is a developing wolfgirl story!! stay tuned 😉

  • i’ve been too embarrassed to say it but feel like i can now, now that she’s just proven once and for all how horrid she is…but she is a Terrible actress…the hospital scene at the end of Twilight actually made me cringe…she will never be able to pull off the emotions that take place in New Moon…no way… she is a complete bore…”Save us the hassle and piss off!” – couldn’t have said it better

  • There is actually a post around here somewhere about why that hospital scene might have been so bad. Does anyone have the link?

  • Sass

    If she is stressed out now, just imagine how she is going to be when it is time to promote Eclipse.


  • JBell

    GASP! Maybe it will all just be wayyyyy too much for her and she’ll just quit!! Just up and says “I’d rather be smoking my bong. I’m just gonna go now mk? I don’t have time to do this shit and deal with the unintelligent people. Peace out.”

  • emmyangeldust

    I got 1 thing to say…

    Oh, no she di-in’t!

  • ten bucks that there will be DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA on the next two sets because of miss sour puss herself.

    I’m sure we’ll be hearing lots of juicy tidbits in the weeks to come…

    Imagine this scenario
    Kstew: “Being the serious actress that I am, I really think I should sport some converse in our breakup scene. It would make Bella MUCH more legit.”

  • Emily W

    In all fairness, her DAD said it, not her. And theres no video of it so we can’t exactly pounce on the comment if the only proof is someone’s word on an entertainment show… Paparazi somehow managed to not get pics of Kristen at the Oscars as well. No matter which door she went in, there were too many reporters there, it would have happened. I have a feeling someones just trying to get ratings or stir something up.

    If you read the entire Nylon article, it’s not as bad as its being made out to be. It actually explains alot about her approach to interviews and stuff. And yes, she does care about twilight. She’s said it many many times.


    I know its easier to look for evidence that confirms a prior opinion of her instead of going forward with an open mind when you see something about her (or anybody else); but I’d hate it if people did that to me. When Rob says alot of the things she does, we all think its cute. When she does, shes a bitch. It’s not right. Just my 2 cents.

  • Nessa

    I used to give her the benefit of doubt, and now, this has gone to a point beyond that. I liked her. (Past tense) and now I’m just hoping I’m not going to hate her, so that I won’t loose my enjoyment when New Moon’s out. I don’t usually like change of cast, but if she doesn’t do anything about this one, I think I won’t mind at all. An ungrateful person doesn’t deserve our money no matter how great he/she is. Fullstop!

  • brummielover

    @86 Rabbit..I only wish Kstew would read your comments..perhaps it would help. I have long used the 18 years old as my (its not her fault) crutch for excusing her. My tolerance is at an all time low right now.
    I think we all now that it was her father and not her who actually made the statement but we all also know that she and daddy dearest have had this conversation and many others like it also…and probably many times. I actually liked her as Bella. I think that she brought her to a certain “real level” …have always said Nreed should be the one kicked to the curb..hello Catherine H..did she split her check with you? Oh wait you Kristen and Nikki are all BFFs. Well they won’t recast Kstew. I am pretty sure they won’t have the same chemistry in NM (rob and kstew) she is gonna moan to him the whole time how hard it is for her and how everyone picks on her..I wouldn’t be surprised if ..Rob being the gentleman he is …starts to come to her defense….shall all be interesting.
    Dear Kristen,
    Lighten up love, you are much to miserable for an 18 year old. Get over yourself. Smile. You chose this path..so either deal or change paths.


  • Gwen

    Oh, KStew, I do believe I love you almost as much as RPattz. <3

    • cindy

      I know right? xD

  • someone


    Can you people PLEASE stop being dumbasses?! I am so sick of this shit when Rob takes a jab at Meyer and the book, the fangirls call it cute. However when KRISTEN STEWART does it, she suddenly gets jumped on by you bitches. The sexism in this fandom is just astounding. What in the world would make you think Twilight was going to gain any awards-what a joke. Critics, viewers and even die hard fans have claimed to be disappointed with this movie. It’s also Stewart’s opinion and she has every right not to be there because of it. Get rid of your immaturity and stop ripping on the actress and her father already. Good god…

    • themoonisdown

      Hi Someone! thanks for stopping by and bringing your uninformed opinion. I’ve never called Robert cute when he’s cut the saga or smeyers. I consider it a slam that you say we’re sexist because we’ve featured the female stars of this movie and saga multiple times. I’ve also never said this movie was going to win any awards and I’ve also said i WAS disappointed by the movie.

      you might wanna read what we actually post on this blog before you comment 5 times with misinformation.

      thanks for stopping by though, kristen! enjoy tokyo!

  • someone

    “Stuttering, blinking and looking uncomfortable does not equal acting… unless you’re playing a psych ward patient. And that you weren’t!”

    Oh, she WASN’T playing a psych ward patient? Bella is a mentally disturbed character with the personality of cardboard. She obsesses over glittering bodies and starts hearing voices when Edward leaves. Yep, sounds like she’s mentally ill alright. I think KStew actually did it right! Props to her!

    • themoonisdown

      seriously kristen you read the script before you signed on the dotted line… can’t blame anyone but yourself!

      • Elly

        WTF? Why are you addressing this person as Kristen?

        • Emily W

          She’s being condescending and sarcastic :-p.

  • haha

    Get over yourself Twilighters. You’re just mad because she didn’t like th shitty movie. Don’t be sexist either.

  • haha

    I think this cowardly writer is moderating anything that doesn’t agreee with her, just like MEYER!

    • @haha cindy & someone nope! not moderating- wordpress automatically throws new people into a queue to be moderated when they first comments. Thanks for stopping by!!!

    • WOW! Is Nikki Reed all up in here?

      Moon and UC…you’ve MADE it now. You’re in. Like freaking GOLD!!!

      I love trolls.

  • reba

    I think everybody needs to back of a little. We DO NOT know her in real life and it’s is extremely difficult to know a person unless you know them on a face to face basis. So what if she doesn’t like to give interviews or becomes easily intimidated in big crowds? She is only human and she decided to become an actress not a celebrity. Sure with doing a film like Twilight, she has to deal with this newfound fame, but some people have a diffiult time handling all of the press. I mean so does Rob. They are both great actors and I think it’s really unfair to nag on someone because her dad made a comment about her movie. I mean Twilight was a good movie but it wasn’t a great one – it didn’t entirely pay justice to the book. Plus, I don’t think that her comments in Nylon were so bad. Everyone curses (or most people do at least), and a lot of interviewers did ask her stupid questions, so obviously she’ll be irritated by that. Did you guys ever watch the Jay Leno episdoe with Rob? He expressed the same concerns.

    • themoonisdown

      OMG! reba mcentire is a twilight fan?! NO WAY!

  • reba

    and I am pretty sure that she is working on that K-11 movie with her mom. That’s probably why she was busy. Plus, she just finished promoting Adventureland at Sundance a few weeks ago! I mean the girl is tired, give her a break. As a hardcore Twilight fan, I really think that she was the perfect choice to play Bella. I know that it wouldn’t kill her to put in more effort to be cordial but I like her honesty and sarcasm. It’s what makes her unique – she remind’s of Ellen Page. The press hoarded her too when and claimed she was too “anti-hollywood” when she was having a hard time dealing with press during the whole explosin of Juno.

  • Elly

    Way to be a Twitard. Her dad was just speaking the truth. Twilight sucks.

    • themoonisdown

      and yet you’re here… hmm…

      • Emily W

        Ok, so if we think the site is awesome but also like Kstew, theres something wrong with us?

        • no i secretly like kstew. and also hate her sometimes. but then like her the next day

          • Emily W

            Hehe, how very passive aggressive of you. I don’t always like her. I just remember what it was like to be her age. And also tend to try to jokingly say stuff and make an ass of myself.

        • themoonisdown

          i was referencing the fact they said “twilight sucks” yet were spending time on a twilight site. and yes we love us some kristen sometimes and hate her other times. YEA for roller coaster relationships!

          • @moon i wanna barf sometimes b/c of the craziness of the rollercoaster

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  • therealrobzilla

    This is just too funny. UC, Moon, you ladies rock! The fact that you have trolls following you proves that fact.


    Here’s your one chance, Fancy, don’t let me down.

  • Emily W

    To a lesser extent (*braces for hate mail*), I agree with the “trolls” in that Rob (and other male cast members) have said a lot of the same things Kristen has said but they haven’t been ridiculed for it. In fact, we’ve found it funny.
    The difference? They tend to be more laid back and joking in interviews so it doesn’t come off as an insult, it comes off as being charming. She’s more serious and nervous when interviewed so she can say the exact same thing (especially when its on a transcript or put in an article without the entire convo or body language as context), and because of her tone, etc be taken totally differently. I watched several interviews yesterday where various cast members said that the twilight phenomenon is insane and overwelming and that the fans are obsessed. And yet, we didn’t get mad.

    I love the site and I think you guys are hilarious but I’m kind of disappointed that everybodys opinion isn’t being respected. Unless someone is being hurtful or saying derogatory things, shouldn’t they be given the same respect as anybody else? After all, they’re fans too. I’ve become addicted to the site over the last week but you guys reaction to their difference in opinion is really disappointing. We’re all adults in here, we should be better than that.

    • @Emily W oh no no no! we love differing opinions and they are on here all the time! We just don’t like it when the ‘haters’ are mean to specific people- say rude things about readers or us- it’s one thing to have an opinion that differs and another to get all bitchy about it.
      we’re sarcastic and say what we think- some people totally don’t get that and take it the wrong way.

      so NO- we WANT you to say what you think! Even if it’s not the popular opinion! if someone is unnecessarily mean about us or our readers and other twilight fans..well, that’s when we really just tell them what we think about them 🙂

    • pps: we’re actually not all adults in here and most of the time the “hate” mail comes from kids!

      • Emily W

        HEh, I wondered why you guys pounced all over them when I can say something very similar and not get any crap. I kinda felt all special and loved for a second there…

        I get annoyed that various things she does seem to be taken personally or like she’s doing it to make someone look bad. She’s 18 and not used to having every move she makes followed. She’s just doing her thing and were holding her under a magnifying glass… Without knowing her or knowing the factors behind why she does something, its kinda wrong to make those kind of assumptions.

    • themoonisdown

      i don’t consider someone who says “twilight sucks” to be a fan.

      if they had an intelligent opposing view i’m all for it, but don’t be purposely obnoxious to other commenters or us, the writers. we’re here to have a good time, rant and rave, poke fun at twi-stuff and above all ENTERTAIN.

      and uc is right, not all our commenters are adults there are tons of younger ones in here and lots just around to stir the shit not so much because they care about kristen but because they think it’s fun to call twilight fans names and say something sucks just to be obstinate.

      not everyone’s gonna like what we have to say, and we’re not gonna like everything everyone else says. it’s cool. thats why the internet’s great!

      glad we can talk it out!

      • Emily W

        I get that and I agree :). And if someones going ot be retarded enough to say Twilight sucks in a twilight site, by all means we should all cyberly kick their ass. Some people got pounced on that were rude but were basically addressing people on the site the same way that Kristen and other cast members are occasionally addressed.

  • I read the Nylon interview and I didn’t think it was bad, infact I think it showed us that Kris is a normal 18 year old girl who has been thrown into some crazy situations. I can see how it is all very overwhelming ie shouting fans and monsterous crowds. I would be nervous too! When I was her age I wouldn’t be able to articulate how I was feeling either.

    I don’t care that Twilight wasn’t nominated for an Oscar….its not an “Oscar-worthy” movie. I didn’t expect it to be. I usual dislike most of the movies that win Oscars anyways. But I don’t see why people would have a problem with Twilight stars being there…Rob did awesome!

    I’m mainly miffed because what her dad said was a deliberate piss on the movie and everyone involved including the fans. I do think it was her dads opinion… but I think that Kris now has to prove that she really cares about this project…because its no Lord of the Rings but that fan base is just as huge!

  • robmeofmyfantasies

    Um can we please point out the early 90s jeans she is rocking in that pic? Way to go, Kstew, you look just like my mom in her high-waisted tapered jeans! Good thing I don’t have to worry about Rob hitting on you when you look like that…

  • mamasan

    you know those serious little kids who have lots of issues to complain about and like to make sure everyone hears what they have to say because then that makes them activists or outspoken or something… but in truth they have no idea about reality and that life is fun and short and you can’t take yourself too seriously. she’s one of those, and unfortunately she’s as annoying to watch professionally as she is in real life, so to speak. yikes.

    fire kirsten! i want a new bella!!!

    • mamsan- you’re new- WELCOME and thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!XOXO

    • themoonisdown

      REAL TALK! speak on it mamasan speak!

      oh and WELCOME!

  • Axl

    If it’s just her father saying it, it doesn’t necessarily mean it came from her mouth.
    So you shouldn’t really start judging her and since we are all reasonable people we should hopefully agree that we are all entitled to are opinions even the actors of the movie.

    • Axl

      Uh sorry, I meant ‘our opinion’.

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