Saturday Morning LTT Delight! It's Twilight, Bitch!

Dea LTT girls-

By now UC and I have been arrested for lewd and indecent acts  (ripping our clothes off and throwing ourselves at Rob) in a public venue (borders) or have abducted Rob and will never be seen or heard from again… If anyone has bail money or a connection at US customs or Dateline NBC hit us up. Otherwise we loved you and our time together was magical please send mail in care of Big Bertha’s Bitches: Moon and UC at the California State Pen.

Just in case, I thought I’d leave you lovely pals with my newest favoritest video find (besides the Rob one)… I describe this one as Girl Talk (hit both those links up, trust me you will thank me!) meets Twilight. ENJOY!

Themoonisdown (aka bertha’s new ho)

  • That’s some funny Twilight shhhi…stuff. Me like-y the very first “biatch” hehehe. The Sound of Music…good stuff and Vanilla Ice….classic!

    Oh, I have connections with the US Marshalls. Let me know. =]

  • Awesome video! I am still laughing at the “Like a Virgin” montage…

  • “welcome to the jungle!” combining two of my favorite things! genius!

  • brummielover

    OH this one was even better than “its Rpatz B” oh thanks for the video!

  • emmmes

    yup…even after a surreal night like last night MOON and UC deliver! I know u gals aren´t really in jail…your waking up, on the floor, in your sleeping bags…with Ashley!!!! How was the slumber party? Did Alice paint your toenails and do your hair?

    Are u gonna go to the Kitson thing? Let us know glas!

  • wow. that vid is amazing. i am watching from moon’s bed.

    we’re sleepy- late night last night. hope you caught the updates on twitter. will post pics ASAP!

    for now.. i need a mimosa & breakfast 🙂

  • Dawn

    Loved the video and the twitter updates. Can bail money be paid in kisses from The Rob? Cause seriously all the love you two show him, is sure he wouldnt mind kicking some kisses your ladies way.

  • Alternate to life

    OMG!i love this video!lol i am compleatly obsessed with Twilight, and i really can’t wait any longer for New Moon !!i really want Steph to finish writing Midnight Sun!!! I think a whole bunch of peopl should start their own petitons to send to steph showing her that we all want that book!

  • Alternate to life

    Does anyone know what Steph’s E-mail is…so that i can send her a petition?!?! i NEED it!!

  • UC and Moon, the economy being what it is maybe staying in jail isn’t such a bad thing, I mean you get a roof over your head and 3 squares a day. You have Big Bertha’s protection, so maybe it won’t be so bad. We’ll watch the site for you until you get back.

  • MissScarlett

    Ohh convenient! See Dateline stopped by my Wal-Mart last night. Something about the TwiMoms drooling all over the tv screens whenever Taylor popped up. Had to flirt it up with one of the production people to save a fellow fan. I’ll see what I can do!

    Ice-ice baby. Ahaha. There are so many directions my mind can go with that one. Cool vids!

  • Last night was all fun & games…but tonight I’m fully expecting y’all to party like rockstars. Hardcore. (And keep me updated on said partying, please.)

  • OH WOW

    that vid is FANTASTIC – I can’t believe they used Jim Jones and Marilyn Manson – that’s completely awesome

    hope everyone had a great time at the release parties last night! the one at our Hot Topic actually surprised me, with how low-key and organized it was – i was expecting more chaos and was actually kind of disappointed, lol.

    also, the Twilighters there failed at life, because not one person recognized the “Wanna Bet?” crystal ball logo on the front of my Alice shirt, so that was disheartening (and UC and Moon, I don’t need to tell you how jealous I am of you two getting to hang with AG, but I will anyway!)

    i didn’t really know anyone and i was wishing that i could go hang out with some of the awesome girls on LTT (instead of the losers there that didn’t even know an Alice Cullen Fan Club shirt when they saw one – disgraceful), but alas, no such luck

    • Jordan did you see our pics of Ashley!?

      • Oh yeah, mos def – I was just checking them out! Looks like, despite all the screaming teens and the general craziness, that you and Moon had a great night!

        I’ve seen a few other Twi-sites with fan reports from that Hot Topic where you ladies were, and they echoed what you two mentioned about the vibe you caught from Ashley, which is great. I’m glad she has a positive relationship with the fans.

        One other thing from our release event: when I got there, I went right up to the first guy I saw in a Twilight shirt, gave him dap, and said “ok, another guy sporting a shirt! you’re awesome!” and all the girls in line around him cracked up!

  • I went to a Borders Midnight DVD Release party too. I didn’t go to jail, however. XD I did see two sexy TwiMoms (verbally) fight with this 20-something chick, though. I talked with them before, those TwiMoms are AWESOME. 😀

  • Alicia

    Ok, I am going to have to give you those thanks for the Girl Talk link. LOVE it!! I showed it to my husband, who of course had heard of them like “3 years ago” or something. At church camp no less! It’s on my iPod now for my run playlist! Thanks girls!!

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