Breakin' all the rules – My First Time

Every ticket comes with a free pair of earplugs

Every ticket comes with a free pair of earplugs

Dear LTT folks-

When I first saw Twilight in the movie theaters, it was the Saturday (22nd) after it came out. I was trying to wait till I went home for Thanksgiving so I could beg my mom and cousin (lilcrazycow) to go with me. But I woke up that morning and couldn’t take it anymore, all I could think about was Twilight all day, every day. So I gave in and went by myself. This was before I knew about a million Twilight fans and my only other Twilight contact in LA was my coworker who first lent me the book. I showed up at the earliest screening expecting to sit in an empty theater by myself and have my personal Twilight moment.

Nope, WRONG! I was packed in with all the Twi-hards and the Twi-moms and everyone they dragged along. I knew the second the lights dimmed and people started screaming at every little thing: the title logo, the first time Bella was on screen, the first time the Cullens walk in, heck when ANY character walked in they screamed, I knew this thing called Twilight was something big.

I’m not gonna lie, the beginning was rocky for me… the dialogue seemed a bit flat, Kristen was boring to me, it felt rushed and it was getting awkward but then THIS happened…

and I knew that I would forever love this movie saga… however cheesy, and cheap it looked. I couldn’t resist Edward’s shit-eating grin or those ray bans, or how perfectly the song worked at that moment, or how I felt like I totally wanted to be Bella. Then he delivers the line “…breaking all the rules now anyway… since I’m going to hell…” and I was sold. I had broken all the rules of being a hip 20 something, I liked Twilight, I was about to start a blog about it and I didn’t care I was “going to hell” so might as well enjoy it.

And here we are now 4 months after the movie was released, a week after the DVD and now 8 months out from the next movie and I can’t help but think, what will that first time be like? What scene will be the one to grab me like this one did?

Only time will tell.


PS what was your first time (twilight screening*) like? What was the scene that hooked you for life?

*yea like how i had to qualify that?! i KNOW you people too well!!

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  • Haha – this just cracked my shiz up!

  • soybeanmilk

    I have accidently watched the first Twilight movie on June 2010 (a re-run on StarMovie channel). Before this, I never bother to watch it, never knew about the book either. I heard about it (the title) and I thought this is just some cheesy movie about Vampire made for teens ( I quickly thought about the Buffy series at that time, and I don’t like Buffy at all!!!) . So, why bother, since I already have Harry Potter (Yes, I am 30++ but I prefer Harry Porter than Lord of the Rings). But, because on that specific night, I got nothing better to watch, so I just watch this movie. So there I was, watching the opening… the background music, i don’t really care about the actress playing Bella cuz I think I’ve seen her in Zathura. And then, the first cafe scene, still not amuse, until the part where Edward stared at Bella… I was suddenly captivated by those eyes.. OMG… I never thought that I will be like a heroin-addict right now just because of those pair of eyes… So, yes definitely my favourite scene, the staring eyes… and then the mouth…. I suddenly feel like 16 again.. so because I am already addicted, I went to a ‘pirate’ shop the next day and get the ‘New Moon’ DVD… and the week after, went to watch Eclipse (after 2 hours of driving because I live in a place where there is no movie theatre) and before I went home after the movie, I bought the books – No 1 and 4 and finished reading them in 3 days… and now I am still having a hangover… Wish I had never looked at those eyes of Rob Pattinson… stupid, stupid me…Arghhhh!!!!

    I still think the first movie is the best one, because of the songs and music… And I like Linkin PArk… hehehe..

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