Jackson and the bat… need I say more?

Dear Jackson-

Now that the DVD is out I spent a good 30 minutes this weekend watching and re-watching that bit in the baseball scene where you’re up to bat and you do that cool bat flippy trick (technical term). I even sat there with it in slow mo cause it was totally hot. Then I noticed NReed in the background of your shot trying to do the same thing. And I wanted to yell at her “Stop it BIOTCH, you’re being distracting, this is Jackson’s moment stop ef-ing around!” But she didn’t listen.

(try not to wear this out toooo much)

I don’t know what it is about the scene that makes it so hot… must be something about knowing how to handle a bat…ahem… or maybe it takes me back to those high school days when I would sit in the stands eating sunflower seeds gossiping and crushing hard on the baseball team. And maybe a particular player named Hank who would later come to ask me out and I would tell him I couldn’t go out because it was my birthday! (I’m also dumb). But that is neither here nor there. I was young and stupid, don’t judge! Who knows what it is about that bat scene. But whatever it is… keep doing it Jackson!

Oh and I can’t wait for the Bella birthday scene in New Moon. Bite Kristen… HARD!

You can handle my uh… bat… uh anyday. Yea…

PS after the cut a gratuitous amount of jasper/jackson gifs to really help speed Tuesday along

PPS HUGE thanks to Twitter gals: dreamrevelry, MsJBell, tasha0529, starsfall, Twilight_Series and tabs07 for helping me find these goodies!

PPSS meant to add this in before but if you are creatively inclined please head over to Twilight Tuesday where this week’s challenge is who else?? Mr. Jasper. Twilight Tuesday

be still my heart…

work it

work it

a bigger version... you know, for your files n stuff

a bigger version... you know, for your files n stuff

how about a different angle?

how about a different angle?

ok, ok we'll let some other Cullen boys get in on the action

ok, ok we'll let some other Cullen boys get in on the action

yup, I'll let you handle it...

yup, I'll let you handle it...

oh why the heck not? ONE MORE!!!!

oh why the heck not? ONE MORE!!!!

Ok… done. again thanks to those who sent in Jackson goodies! You ladies rule!

Devilish Southern Belle, you out there? This is your man!

  • I didn’t notice NReed in the background the 1st time I saw the movie.

    Now, like Bamagirl, I can’t focus in on anythig but NReed. Grrr…

    • bamagirl

      Grrr is right…. it would have been really funny if Jacksper had flipped the bat up, missed catching it and it bonked NReed on the head….that’ll show her for trying to steal his moves…

  • Oh, I forgot to mention… y’all can have Edward. I am totally Team Jasper.

    • ok!!!

    • themoonisdown

      WOW, this might be a first!

      • Jessica

        Gotta say I’m with Shannon on this one.

        Edward who?

  • Inkd4life

    All over it ladies, Jackson’s the hottest. And that last whack he takes at the ball, completely zesty. Can’t tell you how many times I backed up the DVD to watch it. He’s one adorkable vamp!

  • Rina

    thank you thank you thank youuuu. i am so hot for jasper and his bat. i absolutely loooove when guys do shit like that. oh man it was love at first sight when i saw that scene. and then in the extras when they showed him doing more tricks.. SWOON

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  • Jessica

    Ok, so I came to this letter a little late, but really, is it ever too late to discuss Jacksper’s mad flippy bat skillz??

    This scene has gotten more airplay on my computer monitor, hands down, than any other. And I mean *any* other. I’ve probably watched it enough times to total the run time of the frakkin movie. As a matter of fact, I think it may have been when I decided that I was officially in love with Jasper. (OK, Muse is pretty kick-ass too, and when I play the song, I can imagine flippy bat skillz to my heart’s desire in my mind’s eye. Followed directly by Jasper giving me a one on one flippy bat lesson, OH YEAH.) I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated baseball quite so much.

    And as far as Nikki trying to copy him in the background…wait, you mean there was someone behind him?? LOL

  • Ashley

    Hot, Hot, and Hot…… I love that scene so much!

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