Weekend at Oregano’s

Dear Micheal (I won’t call you Oregano for this one)-

We saw some pictures on Lainey (where else?) today and just wanted to thank you for making Kristen smile! It seems like a long time since that ol sour puss has seemed genuinely happy and excited to doing something, even walking down the street with you! I looked at these pictures and thought, wow, she’s really pretty and having a great time with you! Unlike my usual reaction of annoyance with her.

So I was thinking what was the big deal about this weekend? Why are it so great? And I came up with these ideas… Cause this is what I sit around doing Michael, making up shiz like this… my life rules. Obviously… BUT back to the list!

01. Kristen is now 19 and you guys can party in Canada. I’m sure you two kids need a little liquid courage to get the good times rolling

02. Kristen spends all week staring at a buffed out Taylor and the Wolfpack and was ready to pounce when you showed up

03. Rob was outta town! And so was Nikki! For once you had her all to yourself, no conspiracies theories, no fake on screen vampire boyfriends, no fake lesbian lovers… just the two of you!

04. You brought up Kristen’s special bong for a visit. My how she’s missed it!

05.You two watched all the episodes of Will & Grace that you play Jack’s son. JUST ELLIOT! (does the *just jack hands*) Who could keep a straight face when Megan Mullally and Sean Hawes are on screen?!

And all those add up to create a recipe for a GREAT weekend! Am I right, Kristen? Am I right? (nudge nudge, wink wink!)

I mean Micheal, you must have some special motion in your ocean ifyouknowwhatimsayin’ to make her smile THIS much! I underestimated you Arangano… never again!

Nothings gonna rain on your parade!

  • Moon–this is why I love you. LOVE YOU SO MUCH…
    ’cause you referenced Quad City DJs and Funny Girl in the same post. A post about Oregano. **Just Elliot!**

    “I can see you wanna hide it, just divide it
    and please don’t knock it, until you ride it…”

    “Ooooh, love is juicy,
    Juicy, and you see
    I gotta have my bite, sir!”


    • i feel like i miss out on a lot.. not being familiar with the Quad City DJs….

      • themoonisdown

        ill try to work in a twila paris reference next time


        omg – I’m totally gonna have that song stuck in my head all day now

        • themoonisdown

          jump on that train jordan! choo chooo

  • Awww, that was very nice of you, Moon.

    I have to say, the pics of them and Tay Tay and Selena were super cute (like what you said over at the forum, too cute for words). Super cute!

    They were really hamming it up for the paps, huh?

  • krazykidd

    Thank God he’s keeping her happy and away from Rob is all I gotta say LOL! I bet more than anything she’s thrilled that he brought her ‘special bong’ with him!!! 🙂

  • Leslee

    She certainly looks like she’s already spent some time with her special bong…..it is clearly what makes her happy like she is in these pics, unlike the rest of the time.

  • trixi

    well you know last week was all stoners special holiday 4/20. maybe that is why she is happy. if that is the case maybe she should smoke more weed.

    • themoonisdown

      HAHAHA 4/20!

    • I have a confession. I’ve never smoked weed before. And I seem to be outnumbered here on that, judging by all the special bong comments, lol. Is it ironic that I still find the movie ‘Half-Baked’ ridiculously funny even though I’ve never tried it myself?

      • Janet

        I’ve probably had a few contact highs from my brothers smoking all the time growing up, but other than that I’ve never smoked either. I always had more fun making fun of all my friends acting stupid and reminding them the day after when they didn’t remember any of it. Half Baked is hilarious whether you’re stoned or not.

  • Kristin

    I’m totally going with it was all because she was reunited with her special bong. You know how I know this? They are on their way to get chicken wings.

    haha, actually I have no idea. Great post! 🙂

  • LaPush Baby

    That smile is fer sher from a weekend marathon of “Jack and Karen”. (were there other people on that show?–I always wanted Megan and Sean for BFFs….) and maybe a celebration of 4/20…… Oh, That’s sweet you only called him Oregano in the title….

    Chicken wings….or Funyuns!

  • nienor1

    Ah…the special bong. That’s gotta be it!!!

  • vickyb

    This all sounds like the Perfect Weekend:
    Will and Grace *check
    Special Bong *check
    No Nikki *check
    and bonus Chicken Wings 😉

    No wonder she is smiling!

  • Sherin

    “special bong!” INDEED!! Laughing so hard at that! UC, Moon, the words I pick up from reading your blog……..

  • The 2nd picture seriously looks like a bad show choir routine… AND I LOVE IT!!!

    Oh, KStew, some days I think I like you. And today it one of them!

  • punchedawerewolf

    “knock knock, anybody homo??”
    “i am, i am!!”
    best episode ever.

    ps: “at least his hair says something now. it says “POW! BAM!!”

  • JBell

    I’m totes with Amber on this one! …

    Dear Kristen,
    I like you. I liked you yesterday AND I like today too!! These pictures really brought out the beat in you… honestly!

    Dear Mike,
    Thank you for helping out with what I always assumed was a lost cause. Thanks for making you gf happy this weekend…
    Thank you for being a friend,
    PS – I know you spent the weekend actually watching the Golden Girls marathon on WE television, cause I know I did.

    • themoonisdown

      me too! im actually kinda liking her in recent days. CRAZY! i know.

      ps long live dorothy. RIP

  • Dear Kristen,

    I knew it had to happen sooner or later. You can only hold the happy in so long, hoping the paps will get bored snapping pics of your sour puss and go away. I look forward to more pics of random dance numbers in the streets, because I know you’re really that kind of girl. You can’t really be a sour puss. I mean, what’s all that weed for, right?


  • wait wait wait, Kristen has a serious boyfriend?

    Yep, my dream girl fantasy just shattered and fell to the ground in a thousand slivers of broken glass.

    • themoonisdown

      just keep repeating to yourself… “a boyfriend is just an obstacle… a boyfriend is just an obstacle.” then you’ll feel better. and after all it’s hollywood nothing ever lasts…


      • lol, thanks for the kind words, Moon. Just call me Jacob, I guess.

  • newtonandyorkiehavethebestlinesEVER

    awwwwww look at their wejustdiditanditwasgreat cute faces!!!!

    looking at the first pic made me realise/realize (sorry, english is not my first language) michael is such a great boyfriend, role playing edward with kristen.

    gotta love them.

  • Kim

    That liquid courage was probably a welcome change from her normal stoned and docile ways. He was probably like, “Thank god she’s actually leaving the couch!”

    Plus, her special bong must be great – they had to bring out the shades on a gloomy Vancouver day. Thanks Oregano!

  • holycrow

    kristen must LOVE vancouver…b.c bud is famous and you can even smoke pot in the amsterdam cafe! did anyone else notice that’s she’s probably wearing oregano’s pants and wife beater? looks like they had “2 productive nights” full of nc-17 movies and cheap wine.

  • Waz is daz? She’s actually HAPPY for once? Showing off for the paps? Nicely done, Kstew, Nicely done…

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