LiveBlogging the MTV Movie awards

Dear Twilight (and everyone that goes along with it),

While we can’t actually physically be at the MTV Movie awards on Sunday (We’d be there, but we made a vow never to be in the same venue as Miley Cyrus), we’re going to be there in spirit.

Yep, that’s right, we were invited by the ever so marvelous to join him and a few of our fav bloggers to LIVE BLOG the event!

We’re psysched. So psysched we’re saying “psysched” like it’s 1984 or something.

So join us along with NewMoonMovie, Lauren’s Bite and TwiCrackAddict at 9PM ET and then again at 9PM PT (where you’ll be entertained by theMoonisDown & Lauren from Lauren’s Bite.. cuz us East Coasters will be snoozin’)

You’ll be able to find the live blog event at any of our blogs, and we’ll have more details as they unfold throughout the weekend… So make sure to check out Forum, Twitter and of course The Blogs.

We know you’ll be at the event, Rob, but you have a handy-dandy iphone, so JOIN the fun! Oh, and DO NOT kiss Kristen when you accept your award for best kiss.

UC & Moon

PS: Don’t forget that the Friday night Crunk thread will be starting around 8pm ET in Rob’s Flat!

  • vickyb


  • Sianna

    Did anybody see that VERY short New Moon clip just now (on the west coast) on Entertainment Tonight??? My heart stopped! im still not fully recovered. I cried too.

    • Sianna

      It was only like 2 seconds, but WOW.

  • alyssabender1

    Oh nooo, I’ll be in Mexico when it airs!! Will your live blogging event/transcript or something be available after? I don’t want to miss it!

  • Bobina

    Saweet! So can’t wait!

  • maygirl

    Moon, UC. Wow. Liveblogging. This will be my first one to witness. Oh if I can’t be there it means my internet connection has turned into lamespice. I live in India. Will air the show live through internet? If not, where can I watch it?


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