French New Moon to be noticably sexier!

Dear Non-French speaking LTT-ers,

The trailer for New Moon in French was recently released and I’m sad to say our version pales in comparision. No, no there are no new scenes or added dialogue or anything that’s noticably different from the English language version. In fact nothing’s different beside the fact that the dialogue is in French.

Now I don’t know if this is just an American thing or what but shiz like English accents and boys who speak hot languages like French are automitcally sexier than their average no accent having male counterparts even if they’re the biggest nerds to walk the planet. Case in point: that Rob Pattinson guy.

UC and I watched the French trailer together (surprise, we do nothing alone. Not even pee. I call her on the phone on my way to the bathroom) and we have to say we’re thouroughly impressed with this French version. Imagine the time and effort it took them to not only learn French but also film the movie TWICE in English and French! And even more amazing is the fact that even though French isn’t their first language it’s delievered better than their English language version!

Ok, ok we kid… it’s Sunday and we’re extra silly on Sundays so here’s what we really said when discussing the French trailer and as you’ll see we derail at the end… as all our conversations do. Oops

moon: So what about this French version of the New Moon trailer? Thoughts?
uc: oh yes… it’s HOT. why does it sound so hot!?
moon: Jheycaaaob NOOO (thats my french voice online)
moon: its all the breathy voices and french words
moon: you know the real french dude who does edwards lines is really a fat old balding creepy French dude
uc: hahahaha seriously
uc: telling all the ladies at the bar that he’s the sexy french voice of edward cullen
moon: thats his pick up line when in actuality he looks like amanDUH’s husband
uc: YES!!!! he sooo does! it IS amanduh’s husabnd
uc: she’s banking on his success to launch her carrer
moon: she wants to be the french bella. but french bella is actually cathy hardwicke’s grandma
uc: hahahaha
uc: did you SEE the black tshirt pics moon?
uc: so freaking hot
  the Vneck!
  the ARMS!?
  a slight TAN!?
  the BUTTONS?
  oh yeah
moon: YES! the v neck
 the pants the button fly
moon: i really want to rip the buttons open
moon: wait, what were we talking about?

Enjoy French Edward!

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  • Liela

    LOL .. Yeah I’m Sure it’s Amanda’s Husband .. 😉 OMG ..

  • tiffanized

    This video prompted me to put my Twilight DVD in the player (okay, it was already in the player) and hit the language settings, only to find that they’ve just got Espanol on there. Fail.

    • themoonisdown

      oops! HA

  • hunnieb

    french, british, austrailian…..

    time for that cold shower! hahahah

    • themoonisdown

      ohhh austrailian! yes, please

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  • countryplumpkin

    I want to know why it’s coming out 2 days earlier in France than it is here? That’s just all kinds of unfair.

    • themoonisdown

      sexier AND coming out earlier. damn french get it all!


  • Rubytuesday

    HHMMMM Rob’s button fly always does it for me sooo much sexier than zips…….
    Love the post as always…..

  • pixiechick

    I love that I’m not the only one to get totally distracted from the topic at hand by that black tee/button fly picture!

    • JellybeanRainbow

      The black teeshirt pics ARE the news of the week.

      French, german, italian…. voiceovers – we living in non-english speaking countries hate them. We prefer subtitles.
      Isn’t the voice of an actor a part of his “artistic” performance? Even for Kristen, sounding like a man.

      • themoonisdown

        interesting! i love hearing that the voiceover is distracting! maybe amandAHS husband wont have a job for long.

        kristen sounding like a man! hilar!

  • I love that I’m not the only one to get totally distracted from the topic at hand by that black tee/button fly picture!
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

    • pixiechick

      ^^^^ *snickers* Have I now arrived that adspammers are posing as me in the comments?

  • tiffanized

    French Voiceover Bella is definitely a better actress than Kristen Stewart.

    • agreed

    • tracyvanhorne

      I was just going to say that…. hahaha!

  • maygirlg

    That ‘paper cut’ reference looked much more interesting in french. The voiceovers are definitely making me pay attention to the trailer

  • Holy shit somehow even Jacob seems hotter in the French version and he doesn’t even have any lines (although they could have frenchied up his snarl if they REALLY wanted to do it right…) – lol!!!

    Why is this BETTER dubbed?! Has this ever happened in the history of dubbed movies??? Now all I want is for this to come out on DVD with a French-language option and English subtitles…I am SO watching that…

    • maygirlg

      Hey I was thinking the same know about french language option and english subtitles.

    • themoonisdown

      jheycooooob!!! noooo! hahaha i love it

  • lapushbaby

    Button fly.

    • JodieO

      It’s a shame he can’t manage to properly button a shirt, but he has no trouble with those jeans. Boo.

      • lapushbaby

        REALLY good point…..

  • Carola

    Yeah it is probably an American thing, because I’m from Holland and most people here can’t stand the voiceovers. The french, spanish of whatever other language, it all just sucks. I’m all for Rob with an American accent!

    • themoonisdown

      WOW! another who doesnt care for the voiceovers! i love it, diversity people!

      also interesting you like him with the american accent!

  • tiffanized

    I have just blown half my Sunday watching Twilight en francais on YouTube.

    Button fly in French = fly bouton

  • Sarita Pagita

    trailer in French = way hotter! I’m going to try to get the French version on DVD when it comes out bc the movie may just be better that way. It’s funny how a foreign language classes it up substantially.

  • Alejandra

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the trailer!!!!! But is it just me, or did the French dubbing make KStew look like a better actress?

    • hunnieb

      LOLL! i thought the exact same thing!! haha

  • JellybeanRainbow


    German trailer. Annoying.

    • That was ridiculous. I guess it’s not just any voice or foreign language that makes it sexier. German Edward sounded like a thirteen-year-old boy, and at one point, I thought I heard German Bella tell German Alice that her tatas were sleazy.

  • JellybeanRainbow


    hope this works

    • interesting…. german vs. french – must go w/ french it’s just sexier… tho Laurent in german seems much scarier to me… now going to go find more trailers in other languages… hmmmm

      bella doesn’t sound like a man and i’m for the voiceovers…

    • Alejandra

      I like the voices in this dubbing, if only they spoke French….lol

      • Hermes

        The portuguese version is pretty hot too.. the spanish is ok.. …French is 1# for hotness. German version makes me want to stand up and salute something. Auch du lieber!

  • newtonandyorkiehavethebestlinesEVER

    laurent sounds awesome.

    but i’m another one who >HATES< dubbing. it's just totally wrong, it kills all the actors creation, and no matter how good is the dubbing, it will inevitable change the movie.

  • newtonandyorkiehavethebestlinesEVER

    laurent sounds awesome.

    but i’m another one who >HATES< dubbing. it's just totally wrong. it kills all the actors emotional creation, and no matter how good is the dubbing it will inevitable change the movie.

  • Pam R

    *sigh* I love that the black tee pic is so freaking huge! (that’s what she said!)

  • ok so i tried to find trailers in other languages to compare – couldn’t -whatev… so i watched clips in french and it’s interesting. i mean i know every bit of dialog so i know what they are saying at that exact moment but it almost makes me pay more attention to the movie. i can see why people might hate it but i don’t mind. i enjoy “foreign” films w/ english subtitles all the time so for me, this works.

    PS re: blacktshirtphotos… the photographer that got the button fly had no idea that those photos would be broken down seven ways to sunday, wait it is sunday…

  • all i noticed is that we spell really badly when we chat on IM.

    when i type up on chats i fix all our grammatical & spelling errors.

    Moon let you know who we really are (also I just typed her real name then had to delete it!) haha

  • Skeeter

    I was pleasantly surprised to find I can still understand alot of german. Woot! Thanks, german voice-over NM trailer! *two thumbs up*

    OMG I love the way Frenchie Stewie said Jazz-pear! It sounded so erotic. Alice totally says his name like that in bed. 🙂

  • Bobina

    Le Sigh… I feel like I need to be wearing my beret and eating banana /nutella crepes.

    ‘YES! the v neck the pants the button fly”

    Amen and AMEN!

  • OMG! I about fell out of my chair when I saw the black t-shirt pic. Those button fly jeans…. mmm….

  • Alexandria

    WOW!!! This one sounds very sexy! It makes the movie seem so different.

  • Aurélia

    Haha, i have to say, i hate voiceovers ! And maybe it’s the fact that i’m french; but i find rob’s english accent waaaay much hotter !
    But then again, any random bald short and ugly guy could speak to me with an english accent and i’ll be like “marry meeeeee”
    (I have to say it helps if the guy is actually tall, funny and rob-like)

  • Maybe I’ll start thinking French is sexy now.


    OK is just my imagination or in the scene in the woods where Edward is telling her goodbye does he say the word “pussy” or what sounds like “foul sex” and does laurent in the meadow say “hooker”. Sorry LOL I’m losing it.

  • Adriana

    No I don’t like the voiceovers. It just bothers me. I agree that taking away the actors voice is like taking part of their performance. Plus it’s totally distracting to me and I can focus on the movie cause I’m too busy thinking “wow, do their lips move at all with the sound of the voiceovers” and most voiceovers are awful! I’d rather read the subtitles.

    • Adriana

      Can’t focus I should say. . .

  • Bri@

    But what about the italian version? What do you think of the italian trailer? I wanna know cause i’m italian and I’d like to know your opinions….but please, be kind!
    lol, just kiddin’…and in my opinion the french trailer is way too sexy. Edward’s voiceover is too adult and deep. It doesnt fit rob at all, i think.

    • Hermes

      Seen the Italian trailer on utube. very hot too!!..
      1- French
      2- Italian
      3- Portuguese

      Rated for hotness….
      oh la la.

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