New Moon Nudity

Dear guy who I had to look up on imdb because I forget your name Jamie Campbell Bower,

Welcome to the Twilight world- where you make a joke like “just took a dump on Rob Pattinson’s face” over Twitter and twihards all over the world take you seriously and call in UNICEF to intervene in what they think is a humanitarian crisis. OR You say this in an interview:

and end up getting all media & news reports to start discussing the “nudity” in New Moon surely giving Stephenie Meyer a heart attack that her ‘save it for marriage’ textbook called the Twilight saga is causing a scandal big enough to rival Nikki Reed’s sad attempt to prove to the world she is over Rob Pattinson by hooking up with the nastiest Greek shipping heir billionaire she could find. Then busy directors like Chris Weitz up to their eyeballs in post-production woes like editing 200 hours of half-naked guys on film have to waste their time and make a statement about the joke just so crazy fans will calm down, moms will agree that their 12 year olds can see the movie again and will reluctantly cancel their plans to show up at the movie theater with 12 of their closest friends in the sluttiest JC Penny has to offer with a wad of one dollar bills to throw at the movie screen. And you get forced (I’m assuming by Summit, who we love to blame) to tweet this:


Just an FYI, us “normal” fans can take a joke. We never thought it was true and we promise to never be offended at the thought of naked Robert Pattinson. However… I am really disappointed that it was all a joke, and here are my reasons why:










Legal in Georgia

Big Daddy

Big Daddy



Maybe we’ll have better luck in Eclipse?

Phew- It’s a hot cast. That’s what made me decide to post this. And the additions to Eclipse are hot too. Which new hottie is your fav!?

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  • Owww loved that I learned something new! Srsly, about new moon…I haven’t been really that interested in the new cast members. Knowing Rob will be there is all I need to know…

    But the Bower guy actually looks quite fun. Why was he not at comic-con? Or was he? The Heidi girl with the impossible name was there. Why did she show up? There must be a reason, right? Does she maybe have a line? Oh so many questions, so much time to be making up answers…

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  • Krystle

    UC – honestly, the captions to the pics alone make me pee my pants. “Peetah, Legal in Georgia, & Just Kidding” ……….ah!! I love you guys!!!

  • Jamie

    I am also disappoinyed that Aro is ugly.

  • bobbygee

    Hopefully the movie will be good.

  • MrsKowski

    So sorry for the late post, didn’t get a chance to check in yesterday …but I had to say this post was freakin brilliant UC. I srsly LMAO at the “just kidding”.

    …and I love that Summit takes the fall for every thing!! *grumbles* dirty rotten bastards!

    Off to read today’s post 😉 xoxo

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