Spotted: Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!

Dear Bobby Long,

I went to your show last night and all I got was this lousy picture…


Who could that be getting into that cab? 🙂 I know you don’t care but I’ll let everyone else’s imaginations run wild. Suffice it to say you were awesome and everyone will have to check back here for the full scoop.

Only in Hwood,

PS Don’t freak out. Take a deep breath.

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  • Bellasnemisis

    Moon is so awake right now. And reading. And laughing. And enjoying making us suffer. Sadist, that one.

    • She totes is. UC wouldn’t let her sleep in too long. This is way more important. She’s prolly preparing her tale for us. Heeheehee. 🙂

    • hahahaha

    • Hermes

      Was TomStu around last night as well?
      (wink wink).


  • Dear Moon,

    I thought I wrote something else before, but I think it disappeared, or I forgot to hit the send comment button. Regardless, we have lots of guests today on the LTT. Isn’t that exciting? Look at what your shenanigans caused!!

    Anyhow, I am kind of wishing I was you right now. I can’t believes that you have seen HHH in the flesh twice already in the last 30 days. 1st Comicon and now this. You are making me want to move to LA real bad! Do they need a contracts lawyer where you work, just askin?

    Well, of course you know I <3 your face, as always. Can't wait for the rest of Storytime with Moon, that will soon follow. Also if you stay in tonight,….check your DM's on the Twitter.

    Love you and UC,

    PS Did you get to see DRUNK ROB or at least TIPSY ROB in the flesh? Please say yes.

    • Hermes


      bwahahah i.e. “Drunk Rob”..,
      Darlin’, to go out with Miss Mullet head, who wouldnt be ? (drunk).
      A pic is suppose to say a thousand words, but all I see is two people getting into a cab. not really a relationship going on, no one’s even touching anyone..

      In any case, lets not drink the Robsten cool aid.
      Stick to gin and tonics or vod.Tonics


      • Janetrigs

        I <3 Vodka!!

  • Kila


    Breathe It´s so themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! R/K!

  • LilKel4

    They were there last night! They were hidden behind a curtain next to the stage with Marcus Foster too! They snuck out the side door right by the stage.. pretty undetected except for the people standing by the door. We were right by the curtain. The funny thing is that there were these annoying girls behind us acting really immature and disrespectful while Bobby was playing, I bet they are embarrassed now that they figured out the people behind the curtain was Rpattz & Kstew. It was a fun night and Bobby was AMAZING!

  • Calliope

    i fear for Moons safety. She should hire a bodyguard. She missed her golden opportunity to ask R&K for a recommendation last night and now is going to have to settle for the nearest mall-cop with a high voltage taser and a riot stick. God Speed Moonie. God. Speed.

    • I know, let’s send her a case of her fav beer? What is that piss she likes again….or better yet let’s send her some real shit! Guinness Baby, fucking Guinness

  • Kelly

    Hey girls.. what’s up? .. anything interesting?

    Funny thing happened on my way into work this morning… I was driving along.. minding my own business, listening to a little tunage.. my blackberry chirps and suddenly the entire world got turned upside down and the lunitics were running the asylum…

    Who didn’t take their meds today????

  • Rain

    Moon is saying that it’s them. UC is also confirming that Moon herself took the pic, so I believe it. Doubters please, just because I don’t have pictures of me f*cking my husband doesn’t mean we aren’t doing it! 🙂

    • hahahahha

    • Best reply today!

    • Kelly

      I believe he and she were there.. and they left together… as ythe picture shows…they say they aren’t any more then friends I go with that… Hey if you tell me you and your husband aren’t bumping uglies… I’ll believe you too 🙂

      • bellacullen

        When have they said that *recently* (just friends) – from what I hear, it’s been a while since that statement. ..and the so-called ‘recent interviews’ from Rob and Kris that a few blogs have hawked – are neither recent, nor interviews..just a mish mash of old comments from ’08. Rob & Kris haven’t done any interviews since the MTV Awards. ..and then, they addressed nothing regarding their personal relationship.

        Signed, Detective Bellacullen – Robstenville Police Dept

        • Kelly

          You got me… jeesh I was of the mind that maybe they were tired of answering the same stupid question over and over because no one believes them.. … sorry about that detective… my bad 😛

          • bellacullen

            No, don’t apologize. I can absolutely see your point. Rob & Kris when they were not together said they were not together. So of course they wouldn’t KEEP saying that, as they both just have to be bone tired of that 3 word sentence: ‘we’re just friends.’ You gotta give it up to them for swearing off saying it 2009! how feisty of them. Of course, the obvious could be true: that they’re fcking like bunnies and are all loved up…that might explain the moratorium. Don’t mean to burst YOUR bubble tho’ hon’…keep hope alive that they’re ‘just friends’ and just soooooo sick of saying it. Gotta love these cougar/puma/fangirl theories. hahaha

    • Calliope

      alas… there are some people who have pictures of themselves effing their husbands and they still don’t believe that they do it.

      • Rain

        Really??? LOL

      • Kelly

        I have sex with my husband and I don’t believe it sometimes..

        Whoops …TMI??


        • dazzledtodeath

          I have sex with my husband and pretend he’s Rob. Don’t we all?

          • jaimegrrrl

            I tried, but for some reason he got really mad when I tried to place one of the posters from “The Sexy Stars of Twilight” over his face.


          • Sarafina

            My husb says he will get a full body Rob tattoo on his back and a mirror on the ceiling. LMAO He thinks it’s hilarious. After all, who cares where you get your appetite as long as you are eatin’ at home, youknowwhatimsayin?

          • southernbelle

            Hahahah….I have sex with my husband because of Rob! LOL

          • Katie S


      • Pinky

        I think I just pissed myself. Please stop.

        • dazzledtodeath

          @jaimegrrrl-I’m almost crying, picturing you struggling to secure a poster of Rob onto hub’s face. Maybe they’ll come out with an Edward Halloween mask-that’ll be more comfy for him.

          • jaimegrrrl

            YES! Maybe it will come with a strap-on Sparklepeen!!!!

  • Rain

    Doubters, please. They are together. Just because I don’t have pictures of me f*cking my husband doesn’t mean we aren’t doing it!

    • OMFG!!!! I’m laughing so hard at this post.

      ::le sigh::

    • Kelly

      Please see above for responses to previous comment repeated here… 😀

      Most of us have sex with our husbands and don’t believe it…

      Wait what were we talking about?

  • manon

    Moon, i hate you!*
    You get to have all the fun! 🙂

    * translation: Moon i love you but i’m very jealous of your LA life!

  • Heather

    So I wake up at 6 in the morning with a twitter from KStew411 and ignore it and go back to bed. Wake up two hours later and see the follow ups about squeals and rationalizations then I hop on out of bed and am like hmmmmm Sexyness and Stewy!
    I’m not disappointed.
    Now, I live over here in CA too. And I can look out my window and see the sun. I think it’s time the moon rose too, no?
    Wake up!

  • Tiffani

    AHHH! Its about time when someone sees them somewhere they take pics! 🙂

    on another note…you guys say you wont believe robsten unless you get pics of them kissing or being intimate….did you forget somehow that robert and kristen are both VERY private people and probably not gonna participate in PDA and I doubt they’d ever release a public statement over their personal lives.

    They have been hanging out soooooo much with just the two of them lately and when they were in vancouver they were constantly showing up at rob’s hotel early into the morning after a night out when kstew was staying somewhere else.

    They arn’t going to tell us. They’re leaving us to figure it out by there actions and sometimes its so obvious and you people dont even see whats right infront of you.

    The excuse of “she has a bf” doesn’t even work anymore because she’s been in LA all summer and he hasnt been seen once yet rob gets to LA and a day later kstew is already seen out spending time with him.

    Just be happy that rob and kristen are happy with eachother…They’re both amazing people who are right for eachother.

  • Calliope

    know what would make this whole story/encounter Epic…. if when Moon wakes up & tells the story she ends with:

    “and then Rob and Kristen hopped into the cab. and i, frantically, hailed another quickly thereafter… threw my twilight backpack and 15 optical zoom camera and new bobby long ep purchase into the backseat and wildly yelled to the cabbie ‘FOLLOW THAT TAXI’… which i’m proud to say has led me to be telling you this story from inside a hotel room. i’m still scared to look whose lying next to me.”

    • Hahahaha

    • Kelly

      “……which i’m proud to say has led me to be telling you this story from inside a hotel room. i’m still scared to look whose lying next to me.”


    • Katie S

      Moon could be having morning sex with Rob right now. Who are we to disturb?

      Get it , Moon!!!

      • Oedipal Art

        Damn, I think my spine just snapped in half at the thought of morning sex with Rob. I swear, I wouldn’t even care if he farted.

        • superhumanmoron


        • Katie S

          Hahahaha! You are going to get me fired…

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  • Pinky

    I truly hate the term, Robsten. Just for that simple fact I would pray that they are not together. Maybe Kribert…it sounds like something cute and fuzzy. Anywho…can’t wait to hear the details.

    • leisha



      sounds like a noise a frog makes….

    • Kelly

      How about combining their last names


      hmmmmmm…..where did I leave those damn asylum keys???

  • Hey is it ok if I post the picture on my site with a link back to here? I will give full credit of course.

  • I bet they’re doing it.


    PS – If anyone thinks I’m serious than you’re severely tarded.

    • I heart the thumbs down I’m getting. Bwahaha!!!

      I’m ready for story time with Moon, damn it!!!!! Get up! Get up! Get up!


  • Freya

    Possible stories that Moon might tell:

    1. Rob couldn’t stop running his fingers gently through Kristen’s mullet, while whispering the lyrics to “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”. She replied, “Let’s go back to yours and I’ll show you the target for YOUR best shot!”

    2. Kristen hung on Rob’s arm all evening while Rob drank Heinies and looked down the cleavage of every woman in sight.

    3. Moon snuck Kristen a drinkie and pointed out a possible dude with a toke in order to lure Rob away and out into the alley for some quality “dumpster time”.

    4. They played tonsil hockey all night, before Rob screamed out “EFF YOU SUMMIT!” and proceeded to take Kristen violently up against the stage while Bobby Long dedicated a song to their lovemaking.

    Can’t wait to hear the real details (though I’m hoping for #3 to be true).

    Oh, and KATE–you’re welcome to your opinions, but could you please stop calling me a little girl? I find that condescending and rude. Thanks!


    • achc

      “They played tonsil hockey all night, before Rob screamed out “EFF YOU SUMMIT!” and proceeded to take Kristen violently up against the stage while Bobby Long dedicated a song to their lovemaking.”


    • BrookeLockart

      #3 for certain! “3. Moon snuck Kristen a drinkie and pointed out a possible dude with a toke in order to lure Rob away and out into the alley for some quality “dumpster time”.”

      You know, that would be my strategy anyway.

      Brilliant Frey Frey

    • Carrie

      Freya! That was off the charts on the witty scale!!

    • Katie S

      I adore every single one of those scenerios. You win at life.

    • Zoe

      Hit Me With Your Best Shot is Pat Benatar, not JJ if that’s what you were going for. Lulz.

      • Freya

        Two scenarios: Rob isn’t up with Joan Jett’s music. Or I hadn’t had my coffee yet and liked the way the joke worked, so I didn’t bother with accuracy. Although I could have gone with “You can put your dime in my jukebox, baby!”. (Yay for coffee! I can do a JJ sex joke, too!)

        • Oedipal Art

          Or, to the tune of JJ’s most famous ditty: “I LOVE ALL ROB’S MOLES!”

          • sparknealey

            Your “I Love All Rob’s Moles” song title!

    • allryans

      Oh the genius. Tops.

    • Hah! I hope Moon’s story resembles #3.

    • I love you, Frey Frey!!!


    • Labtwerd

      Your logic is genius! All of those scenarios…totes possible.

  • Libby

    If Moon say it, I believe it. It’s them. Leaving a concert. Like two good friends. Perhaps there is someone else in the cab and they were the last to go? the last 2 to get in???… my Robsten mind says that.
    Anyway… MOON!!! Wake up and tell us all the details!!!

  • Libby

    wow, i post that thing twice… :S

  • K


    Why do you always do this?! You tell us some big huge thing, but only leave us with a few words and don’t actually elaborate until a few days later!! You’re like the restaurant that brings out the mini serving of hors d’oeuvres and don’t bring out the actual meal until three hours later when our stomachs have consumed themselves out of hunger.

    Don’t make us come over there!

    *With love

    • dazzledtodeath

      Do we have til tomorrow to get the scoop?? or Monday?? That’s playing dirty, Moon.

  • dum dum dum
  • vickyb

    This is hilarious! I miss all the fuckery that photos like these bring. Moon you are an evil tease…I <3 you so much!

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  • atta girl moon. Tag the hell out of that picture. You have done what so many pappz have tried to do all week. Out of control! I’ve given up on nonsten. Im a believer and I’m okay with it now. I’ve slowly let Rob go in the last couple weeks. That’s right folks. I think I may be over him. It’s a little touch and go but I think I’ll survive.

  • Shay

    I confirm this story. I saw them come to the show about a quarter of the way in and immediately go behind the curtains next to the stage. As soon it was over they bolted.

    Felt bad for Rob, he practically scaled the wall till he was able to get through the double door exit. Kristen ran right after him.

  • Melanie

    Anyone know what time the concert pic was taken?? What time were they heading ‘home’?

    Did y’all see MA caught outside a club with the brunette and going home w/ her?

    LMAO this stuff’s better than the Soaps!!

  • Sarah S

    While waiting for the story…just want to say that I am so happy that Moon was able to breath in some Robert (pronounced Rob-air…like my good friend Stephen on Comedy Central)….mmm, beer, old cigs, sweat… = pure sex. Oh…oh! I just had an idea for a letter!!

  • AngelaF


  • Barb I may or may not have been a little tiffed, pissed, depressed & suicidal this morning when I saw the pic…kinda like the time I found out my body building EX husband was effin some scank ho she-man (no I didn’t have pictures but I damn sure saw the video). I went to lunch to clear my head and as I pulled into the parking lot of the luxury restaurant that I frequent most days…You may know it—Wendy’s—I saw a man on one of those “Turnarounds” like a wheelchair sitting in a parking space eating all alone and then as I pulled to the window to pay, the woman behind the glass had more hair on her face than Rob at 5:00 after two days of not shaving….WOW I thought to myself, “The only problem I have today is that my “pretend, fantasy boyfriend” might have gone out with a sleazy, drugged out, no acting ability child.”

    Nothing like a good dose of reality to put things in perspective! I’m over it! I will always love you Rob even if you don’t have good taste in women!

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  • Moon IS awake. She couldn’t sleep very well, obviously:) She is working hard on her recap- and we’ll get it posted soon- probably around 12 PST/3 ET

    • Pinky


    • HeyyyBrother

      I hope “She couldn’t sleep very well, obviously:)” means that Freya’s #3 from the list above came true… If I can’t have him, I’d rather she have a go at him!

  • This is so AWESOME! moon is becoming a cewebrity over night!

  • KatieDid

    SOOOO excited Moon IS awake and working on the recap!! i’m gonna have to set a reminder on my phone to check back @ 3. stupid job always gets in the way! *sigh*

    *doing a happy dance for the recap* 🙂

  • 30yearoldtwifan

    I just saw some pics of KS ‘boyfriend” or x I assume out with another girl and went home with her. So obviously KS and Mike aren’t together any more, that has been known.

    I hope KSand RP are spending time together. 🙂

  • bellacullen

    Barb, other than probably make love to Rob til he weeps in ecstasy, what did Kristen Stewart ever do to you? She’s an 18 yr old kid, whose been a professional actor for more than half her life, whose reputation as such among her peers, as well as some of the most talented older people in the business, precedes her…she hasn’t done anything in life that would warrant that level of scathing vitriol. Go beat up on lindsey Lohan or something since you’re so judgemental of young women.

    • Barb

      @bellacullen….I’m just jealous. This is all really in “jest”. Not to be taken seriously. Kristen nor Rob care what I think or anyone else…It’s not a big deal.

    • Barb

      Oh..I forgot…I really mean this..Kristen can not act. Watch her movies back to back and she is the same in all of them. But I’m not being judgemental..I swear!

      • bellacullen

        Sorry ‘Barb’ but when it comes to acting and Kstew, I value the opinion of two time Oscar winner Sean Penn, Emile Hirsch, Rob Pattinson and oh yeah….myself, lay person that I am, over an admittedly jealous harpie (no offense) that called this young woman ‘sleazy’ (wha?? middle school bf and all?? lolol ) and attacks Rob for his ‘bad taste’ in women. Um. okay.

        Call me when Kristen mows someone down w/her mini-cooper, robs a bank or ODs – then you can have the convo you’ve always dreamed about.

        Until that time, you can just call her ‘better than everybody else,’ you ROB SAID. lol

        • therealrobzilla

          Someone’s been reading their thesaurus today. I’m so impressed…harpie, scathing vitriol…wow.


          Welcome, newbie

    • KatieDid

      @bellacullen…well said! i totally agree with you. ppl shouldn’t trash her the way they do. she’s a lot more together than most of the young and older ppl in the business.

    • Kelly

      I don’t think anyone here harbors any ill-will toward the young Miss Kristen… and I doubt at 19 she is gonna “probably make love to Rob til he weeps in ecstasy” at 19 you may have energy, but not technique… hell he probably hasn’t perfected a technique yet (notice I said perfected… I’m sure you have affine technique Rob 😀 )!

      I kinda wonder though… as you say “She’s an 18(19) yr old kid”… why do people need to tie her into a relationship with a 23 year old young man? Why can’t they just be friends? Why does it matter so much if they are just friends? Why do they HAVE to be together?

      Personally, it’s no difference to me.. but I want to understand the NEED people have to tie them together for eternity…. I mean goodness they are both young they don’t even know what life is about yet… do they have young people hormones.. sure…are they doing anything behind closed doors (or dumpsters 😛 ) about it? who knows….but do they need to be tied together romantically?

      Ex boyfriends are ex boyfriends… if these two are dating the chances of it lasting are slim at best…. and then what.. you’ll all be heart broken… why not wish for a friendship… something that can last… every man I ever became friends with.. I can still pick up the phone and call them… can’t say that about many ex boyfriends. Why not just wish for them to be happy, no matter what their relationship?

      Listen Rob Pattinson isn’t gonna come banging on my door anytime soon declaring undying love for me… (I haven’t given him my address yet :D) I’m aware of that… I hope he has good people around him to help him through all this.. but does he really need to have the entire “completely in the spotlight shitfest” he has for a personal life right now and a relationship too? Same with her… I mean does she need that? These people barely have time to sleep let alone have sex…

      I don’t care if they are dating or they aren’t.. but I’m curious.. why is it such a passionate topic, no pun intended, for some people? And if it comes to light that they are indeed an item… what happens.. do you get a prize for figuring it out before they wanted people to know.

      People complained about the crazy fans who followed Rob all summer in New York, and the Papps who stalk them both all the time… do you honestly think they appreciate the pressure you put on them to “come clean”?

      What’s really sad is no matter what it is that’s between them, friendship/relationship, the constant pressure to invade their privacy will takes its toll.. and then where will you be.

      Man.. that took a lot out of me.. I need a drink… where did I leave the keys to the asylum anyway?

      • Pinky

        Very well put.

        • Kelly

          Why thank you 😀

      • bellacullen

        Wow, er, kelly. I didn’t know my saying ‘make love’ and Robsten in the same sentence would elicit such a dramatic anxiety riddled thesis, all over the prospect of two young people…(gasp) falling in love!! The horror!!

        By all means Kristen…keep Rob on the shelf as a pal, despite what you both may feel…you’re young!! Take another 10-15 years..and then hook up with someone u don’t feel half as passionate about. bahaha. sound advice lady.

        By the way kel, while you’re getting that drink, can you get me a fckin jolt or mountain dew cuz my eyes are glazing over.

        That said – there’s really a simple formula to my (and most ‘shippers’ pov) it goes like this: people that act only like friends should STAY friends, BUT people that mutually appear to be in love, infatuated, crushing, extremely sexually attracted, passionate, and emotional about each other and who have at times verbally confirmed some or all of the above….should be something MORE than friends.

        I know…it’s so fcking radical isn’t it? heh.

        …and kelly dear, u may have guy ‘friends’ that have proposed 4 times to you, and that eye fck u constantly…that perhaps u want to keep as platonic friends…

        ..HOWEVER, some of us, actually LIKE seeing two people fall in love and find each other…we enjoy seeing that chemistry and connection, admiration and love expressed….so yeah, we are hoping that Kristen & Rob have a few more brain cells than you (no offense) and that they know a good thing when they see it no matter what their age at the time.

        Life is short…and then u die.

        U may want to call up one of those eye fcking passionate proposing guy ‘friends’ that u have and do what comes naturally.

        Guess what? I’ll be equally happy for u too girl. 🙂

        • southernbelle

          Wow that was rude and very long.

        • Kelly

          Ah just as I suspected.. Our worst patient has escaped…. my God people track her down… she is completely delusional and will be a serious danger to herself and others… approach with caution… the delusions can be strong… as you can see it’s obvious she has no clue what she is talking about….

          She will react in a rude and uncooth manner.. please take no personal offense to this…

          It’s ok “bellacullen” it’s ok.. we are all friend here.. no one wants to hurt you

          psssst Pinky get the straight jacket… this one is completely out of it

          • Pinky

            LOL….Girl, I’m glad you replied because I just couldn’t. It was far too much for my cold, crusty, little heart to comprehend. All that paaassshhuuuunnnn!

            I weep for our youth.

      • Thanks for talking sense!

        Also, does anyone here actually know these people (besides what people write about them in interviews and what they wish to share themselves)? And no, my dog has the same vet as Kristen’s cat doesn’t count.

        Let hem just have some fun and let us just enjoy the innocent speculation and Rob’s sexyness.

        • I think I might have replied to the wrong post. But I guess this place is already a total mess anyway :p

      • Oedipal Art

        I keep reading the term “eye fcking”; I’m curious…can you get pregnant from it? Can you do it to yourself, standing in front of a mirror? Do you have to be 18 in most states and 17 in Georgia to do it? Do you even know when it happens, and does it have to be consentual? Just asking…”eye fcking” really seems to hold a lot of credence and I’m wondering if maybe I have a husband somewhere I don’t know about. And also it might explain where this kid who calls me Mummy came from……………..

        • Oedipal Art

          **consensual** Sorry about the misspelling there. I was too busy eye-fcking the television. O’Reilly’s on.

          • Oedipal Art

            Ha! I think wearing contacts keeps you from getting preggo, actually!

        • dazzledtodeath

          Can you do it if you’re wearing contacts? And how do you pronounce fcking?

          • southernbelle

            dazzled2death, bwahahahah! I’m going crazy now! Thank God it’s Friday!

            Will it work with glasses? U know the fcking thingy!

        • Marie

          Oh yes you can
          but do wear a condom – oh sorry contacts while at it – ( eye f**king can be contigious) I once got STD lol

  • Vanessa

    I think it’s just friendship. Are friends can not go to a concert together?

  • Lindelle

    How soon till US Weekly is promising Moon $1000s to print this pic? 🙂

    • in our dreams!

    • I’ve already negotiated one handshake with Daxholt! It may not be much, but I’d ne happy with it. I heart Dax!

      • Janet and Dax, sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!! (forever no takebacks)

  • southernbelle

    Kristen is 19 yrs old.

    • southernbelle

      Sorry that post was for bellacullen.

  • Fangscape

    You got the money shot Moon. It’s definitely them. Ladies, yep how often do you check into a hotel with your “friends” and stay the night. Radaronline reporting they checked into the Chateau Marmont and stayed the night together. Since they’re not in VC yet, this makes it even more obvious they are a couple. I think some of you would refuse to believe even if they got married on live TV. You’d probably call it a publicity stunt. LOL. Ladies, he’ll never be with you so why not KStew. She is so unHollywood. Lovin it. Thanks Moon.

  • southernbelle

    Yeah! Moon’s awake? I can’t wait!

    Barb I know what you mean! Stop being so serious people!

    And b4 someone flames me, no I don’t hate Kristen ok! And I don’t give a crapsten who Rob ends up w/ as long as he’s happy. Earlier when I saw the pic, it just hit me wrong I guess, reality set in that eventually he will be taken! I know I need to let go….sniff, sniff. 🙁

    • dazzledtodeath

      Don’t second-guess the way you feel.It’s valid.
      These Robsten lovers are alot more rabid than the non-Robstens. I wonder why? Please don’t feel the need to write a long flame email. I don’t care.

      • dazzledtodeath

        Whoops, I meant reply, not email.

      • southernbelle

        dazzled yeah I agree! Robsten lovers are more rabid! Gosh they just want to kill us all! Why is it so important for them to be together? I’m fine whoever he ends up w/ as long as he’s happy.

        And yes spare me the lecture…:-P

  • pauline

    i know the other one is kristen but the other dude not sure if it’s rob….

  • kayleigh

    That there, is Robert and Kristen hopping into a cab together like they always do, alone. & they went back to the same hotel together and spent the night in the same room. & her ‘boyfriend’ , EX! was out last night with some girl. i think they moved on, honestly. ROBSTEN<3

  • Vanessa

    southernbelle, on August 7th, 2009 at 1:50 pm Said:
    Sorry that post was for bellacullen.

    No problem! I also sit on various sites!

  • nikka

    u know it could be Kristen and her boyfriend (rob look alike)

  • Rachel

    i really love robsten, but then again i wouldn’t want them to be together and break up or something and it hurting their friendship. because they seem like great friends. but it’s their business what they do in their personal lives.

  • Heather

    just because its from you i beleive it.
    been reading your site for a while now, love it!

  • cool. if it really is them, glad that they’re together having fun. love them both. (:

  • pattyop

    the photo does not demonstrate nothing, first because the 2 are not seen really who is, could be 2 normal people and not Pobert and Kristen.

    • therealrobzilla

      I’m going to call him Pobert from now on. Seriously, no snark intended. I love it!!!

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