Twilight- Escape from reality

defining-twilight1Dear deep thinking LTTers,

I’ve been a bit down lately. There’s the looming reality that it looks like Rob might not actually be interested in being my on the side boyfriend and is shacked up with an 80s hairdo right now. And it doesn’t look like Summit got my letter begging them to cast me in a small role in Eclipse. And no matter how much I wish to be “17 Again,” I keep waking up way too old to become the girlfriend of Taylor Lautner. Yes, there’s all that, but what’s really gotten me down is the reality of the world we live in. There’s war, there’s typhoons, there’s terrorism & hunger. People with jobs & families are kidnapped, murdered and raped, and all the while I sit in my little comfy desk chair (that I actually have the audacity to complain about because there’s this little metal piece that sometimes pokes my butt) in my perfectly heated home with my cute little happy cats and my full belly, with food in the cupboard, clothes in my closest and money in my bank account. And I blog about vampires….. while the world around me is full of a pain and a hurt that I have no way of comprehending.

Yeah – I just went there – On LTT where we usually talk about Buttcrack Santa, Fake lesbians & ponder how many cheeseburgers Big Daddy Lautner can handle in one lunchtime sitting. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never experienced guilt for spending so much time talking and thinking about this blog about vampires while the world around me is crumbling. In the grand scheme of things, Twilight matters so very little. But then it occurred to me- maybe that’s why it’s so meaningful to everyone. Maybe we all love Twilight so much because it’s an escape from reality.  Stephenie Meyers built this world where we can experience first love all over again. We get to watch someone go through self-acceptance, see the bonds of family strengthen and old walls between enemies fall down. And the communities that have sprung up because of the Twilight world (ahem) give people the perfect place to go when they want to forget what’s going on in the outside world for just a little while…

Bella_and_EdwardI’m sure you’ve come across people in your life, just as I have, who don’t get it.  They mock your sudden interest in vampires and can’t understand how you’re so interested in a book series that is on the shelves back by the children’s section at Barnes & Noble. They think it’s something as simple as an obsession over a book. Sure- the story is captivating, and the movie happens to star a really handsome guy. And the drama that surrounds the cast & filming is pretty fun since it’s so high-profile now, but all that isn’t the point. The point is that it’s not famine and war and financial difficulties and a job hunt. It’s not real- it’s a world where we can forget what’s really going on. And I’m not sure it really matters what it is- it could have been a book about a pack of wolves falling in love with nursery school kids all over the globe, but it wasn’t- it was Twilight. (And for those that wish it weren’t, it includes a lil’ nursery school love story for you all…)

We’ve heard your stories. We’ve read your e-mails. We’ve gotten to know so many of you. Our hearts have broken and tears have spilled when we’ve read what you were going through when you picked up the first book. Every day we’re completely overwhelmed that a silly idea of writing a blog in December turned into a community where people have found friends that understand their pain and have the ability to make them laugh. We love that we get the chance to make you laugh and help you forget reality for a few paragraphs every day. Moon & I have stories of our own too. We promise to share them someday, but know that Twilight, LTT & LTR and YOU have truly changed our lives.

edandbellaTwilight doesn’t change the world. Twilight does very little for the world, but Twilight has brought us friendships & a community that allows us laughter in times of sorrow, excitement in times where we might otherwise be scared and a way to escape the daily realities of life, even for just a few moments….

Feeling a lil’ contemplative (you think?),

PS: If you’re wondering if I’ve gotten a visit from a monthly friend, the answer is “She’s coming today.” x

Have you had that moment when you read a news story, watched TV or just remembered that life isn’t our little bubble and felt guilty? How do you balance something that’s been so good & healthy for you (Twilight!) with remembering it’s not all of life? Do you feel like these are discussion questions from freshman year of college?

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  • summergirl

    Deep is good. We may all giggle and swoon and badly want to tap that (RTP mainly) but it is good to think about the other stuff going on around us too.

    I think we love the escape from all the bad reality that all things Twilight/Rob brings us, but the danger is we miss out on the good reality too. I turned down supper with a friend, ‘cos I just wanted to read FF. Is that normal?

    • natalie

      Depends on the FF…

      • summergirl

        Um, and the friend too.

        Tired of hearing about her kids I am afraid……..

        • themoonisdown

          that’s normal!

  • natalie

    Ummm… I wouldn’t say that Twilight changed my life, but LTR/LTT certainly has…especially the LOTN who are my afternoon sanity-fix.

    You guys must get zillions of emails/tweets/blog responses every day, and there must be times when you think WTF am I doing, but at the end of the day, you make thousands of us laugh just by being virtually you. You still take time to respond to the newbies. You keep it fresh and new and non-repetitive.

    And that is about as deep as I want to get today.

    • themoonisdown

      “I wouldn’t say that Twilight changed my life, but LTR/LTT certainly has…”


  • robsten4life

    It’s funny, I was just having a similar conversation with my mom earlier this week. I convinced her to read twilight about two months ago. She flew through the first book and recently started to read NM.

    I got a text from her the other night saying “not sure what i got myself into reading Twilight series – not only vampires but now werewolves! good lord” followed by “I’m sitting on the train laughing out loud at the absurdity!” to which I replied “it’s escapism at it’s best 🙂 ” she said “that it is – a very far cry from reality”

    My dad passed away a few months ago and sometimes it’s a bit rough for my mom so anything that gets her mind off of that and makes her laugh, even if it is about my beloved Twilight is a good thing.

    • summergirl

      *hugs* to you and your family R4L…..

    • see… stuff like this… i get goosebumps and tears.

      hugging you xo

    • ((HUG))

      My Dad passed away last year, and with all the chaos that followed, I KNOW that it’s why I got so sucked into the Twilight world. Cuz Lord knows I needed a distraction. And now I can say I’ve never laughed so hard and met so many amazing people. 🙂

      • Janetrigs

        <3 you too!

      • you’re my pocket peen buddy and I <3 u!

      • robsten4life

        It was pretty shortly after my dad died that I picked up the books too. I’m glad that it was Twilight that I decided to read because I’m sure no matter what it was I would have loved it. But because it was Twilight I found my way to this site and this community and it’s been a great experience!!

        • themoonisdown

          marta and robsten4life – HUGS!

    • r4l {{{hug}}} xo my dear!

    • Janetrigs

      <3 you also

    • Janetrigs


      • robsten4life

        (((HUGS))) to everyone back!!

        I ♥ you all for being able to make me laugh everyday

  • GiddyAgain

    These past couple of online semesters have been rough for me. I took a break this summer and boy did I need it. Sad to say that my LTR/LTT obsession was a BIG distraction from my school obligations… and home obligations… but hey, I needed that too!

    My Robsession is waning… but my enjoyment of this blog and others like it is not! I love to chuckle at the smart, funny ladies here… and the ones who reply (like myself!)…

    Keep it coming…(that’s what she said!)… and don’t let RL getcha down!

  • JodieO

    It’s ok, UC. Just because you blog about vampires doesn’t mean you don’t *care* about the plights of the world. Just because you aren’t personally handing bags of rice to starving people in third-world countries doesn’t mean you aren’t doing your part. I’m sure there are people who read this blog who work with abused children, the mentally unstable, neglected animals, (etc) who come home, weighted down, and read your blog and remember the good things in life.

    Now go have a nice thick slice of chocolate cake and slice some strawberries over it. You’ll feel better.

    • I’m one of those bleeding hearts you mention, and yes, it is nice to come home to a little of UC and Moon’s sexy snark. Combats compassion fatigue.

    • summergirl

      Especially if you imagine Rob feeding it to you.

      Or eating it OFF his yummy tummy.


      • summergirl

        Sorry Tiff, my comment came in JUST after yours – and seems so trite.

        • No probs. Imagining eating cake off of Robert Pattinson works for me too.

  • I have massive anxiety issues and a save-the-world complex, so I require the balance my online life offers. I still worry about life and spend time with my causes, but now I do it with the Twilight commentary running in the background. I show up here every day because as hard as everyone is on Kristen’s haircut or Summit’s fuckery, we are kind to each other.

    Everyone has their little obsessions. One of my boyfriends-in-training made the mistake of picking on Twilight, and I marched him right to his room and pointed out that it was not only painted the colors of his favorite football team, but there was also a Fathead of the QB on the wall (this is a 35 year old man’s bedroom). One of my best friends stalks the LOST cast across Hawaii. My mother spends hours playing games on the AARP website. All things considered, Twilight/Rob is not a bad place to escape to.

    • dazzledtodeath

      So well put. I also have anxiety issues and worry about everything. There have been times I couldn’t wait to get back to my computer and clear my head of whatever was eating at me with some Twiporn.

      Before Twilight I never really looked at blogs (or spent so much time stalking someone) but everyone here is so nice and respectful of one another-I look forward to it. And of course Moon and UC are so hilarious.

      • robsten4life

        I can say that before Twilight I have never participated in an online community (blogs/forums)

        And I agree with Tiff about the obsessions, everyone has one. Just last night as I was sitting on the couch on the forums and chat my bf said to me “God you are so addicted to that” and he’s right, I am addicted but as I said to him, there a lot of worse things that I can be addicted to.

    • ‘ My mother spends hours playing games on the AARP website. ‘


      • The sad part is that she’s not retired or anything, she’s only 53. She just likes Mahjong a lot, I suppose.

        • themoonisdown

          HAHAHA oh moms. mine askes for a nintendo ds just so she could play that brain age game! older folks rule.

          ps a man with a football player poster in this bedrooM?! ummm….

  • dazzledtodeath

    Great post, UC. I’ve wondered many times why I’m so wrapped up in this Twi/Rob stuff. It’s not that the books are great literature, but there is something in them that touches people. For me, it’s the first love aspect of it. I loved watching B&E fall in love, learn about each other and figure out how to make their relationship work. I’m married to my Edward (we’ve been together since we were 17, incidentally) and I could totally relate to the ideas of being meant for someone, finding your soulmate and doing what you need to do to make a relationship work.
    I do sometimes feel like I’m wasting too much time online, reading FF, whatever. But I figure there’s a reason this happened, it gives me pleasure and is an escape from the sometimes unpleasant realities of real life. When I am feeling down or am really stressed about something, I lose myself in some FF, a Twi blog or whatever. It cheers me up and clears my head. An escape? Undoubtedly. But it makes me happy and it’s not hurting anyone. I think my outlook and mood have improved and I feel closer to my husband. Not so bad.
    I know this won’t last forever and I’m enjoying it while it does.

  • jess

    haha It’s “shark week”* for me too this week!
    Are you serious about Robsten?? I think they are just friends…. Those are vibes I get.

    *shark week: blood in the water and you want to bite everyones head off.

    • i sad here for like 15 seconds thinking… i think last week was shark week

      • lapushbaby

        hahahaha, me too! (and it was)

    • ANDREA

      “shark week” Brilliant!!!
      Last week was sooooo shark week for me 🙁

    • I heart the term “SHARK WEEK”!!! Omg. Consider it stolen. lol!! It’s my shark week. Boo!! Hiss!!!


      • shark week twinners!

        • themoonisdown

          ok im not gonna lie it took me a couple minutes to figure that out!

  • You’re soo right. Twilight is that great escape from reality. Thanks for being my daily little blurb of laughter (or deep thought) to start my day off right! =)

  • dazzledtodeath

    One more thing-UC and Moon -don’t feel like you’re spending your time frivolously writing LTR/LTT. You are definitely providing a service and doing good in the world. These blogs are a HUGE form of escape/release/comfort/hilarity to many people. Thank you for making us laugh and feel a little less crazy.

    Group hug.

    • group hug

    • AJ

      UC and Moon Hear Me Out:

      First of all, I teach college and you girls get an A+ on writing and on being freaking hilarious!

      I spend most of my days reading, teaching, and writing about racial oppression, women’s oppression, tyrannical governments, ethnic cleansings, neo-colonialism, military coups, human rights violations, you name it!

      LTR and LTT save me daily!

      Obviously you are both really intelligent ladies.
      I have zero doubt that you could use the connections and the voice that you have established through this blog to move onto even bigger things in the future…(wait? what is bigger than twilight???!!! ) 🙂

      I will tell you why I firmly believe that what you do here is VITAL. Because laughter, community, acceptance, and love are the things that make us human, what reminds us that life is worthwhile and that everyone should have an equal chance to enjoy those things.

      Offering all of us girls a place to relax, enjoy, become friends and dish on our guilty pleasures is no small things ladies. Seriously.

      • themoonisdown

        yeaaaaaa all those english classes served me well so many years ago. i should send these anonymously to my HS/college english teachers and say THANKS!

  • Melissa

    Everyone needs a little escapism. Some people choose booze, or drugs, or women/men. We just happened to choose Twilight. We made the better choice I think!
    I love this post today! You rock UC!!!

    (BTW: regarding yesterday’s post: Xavier is flippin hot!! – he’s got that “little boy” look to him!)

  • MariaCecilia

    I am a very Responsible Person, (aka anal personality) who has spent her life fighting all kinds of fights, against apartheid, against nuclear weapons, for human rights, against famine, raising money, walking in protest trains, singing in services, writing letters and lighting candles for peace…I am a do-gooder who will not surrender hope in the face of all the atrocities I have come across and the heartbreaking stories I have listened to.

    But in the face of all this, and of personal difficulties, I have found that literature is one of the things, along with prayer, and music, that are truly able to give peace of mind, even in the midst of psychological and physical pain.

    FInding something to lose yourself in, to laugh about, and be silly about is a way to find your joy again and get grounded in yourself and the world. And Twilight has helped me connect with first love and emotion, and with being awed at the beauty of life all over again.

    Sure I can feel guilty about this obsession, but like Jesus said “You will always have the poor among you”. The world doesn’t go away, and nor does my commitment to change it. I only let my mind vacation for a while… 🙂

    • Hermes

      Vacations are good.
      Its what allows us to come back to the muck we gotta deal with in our lives.


  • Twilight brings people together. And for that, I am thankful.
    (Read–I love UC. And Moon.)

    • You don’t love Brooke as well? PS, uber got rid of the ads! yay!

      • take your uber conversations to por favor

        • x

          • Janetrigs

            Dear Letters to Uber,

            I love you Uber, You are the bestest Uber ever!

            Lu & Brookie

  • I won’t go into a diatribe about how Twilight and this community has change me. I needed this in my life and I am so very happy that I found this blog along with my online turned real life friends.

    I often feel really guilty over the amount of time i spend on here or chatting on twitter as opposed to reading the news. I finally found a solution. I included news feeds such as NPR and CNN on twitter so now the news comes to me in between my snarky comments about some overdramatic people crying me a river online. And on that note, i feel the need to go read the news. And right after I become terribly depressed, i’ll head over to twitter and talk about Tay with a french voice is hot!

    Gros bisous!

    • Janetrigs

      <3 you

    • hahaha. i love that you’re 100% serious.

      • I forgot to put that I needed to go make comments over on LTR first, then looked up some real news…okay, that’s a lie…I found some interesting videos and then got called into a meeting. No real news yet, but I did see the feeds on twitter!

    • The French voice over was very hot. I’d watch it in French. Aaaaaaaaand I heart your face and see you in December!


    • krazykidd

      Brookie just know that you are one of the strongest people I know and thank you for being my rock when I needed it most!!! Heart you hardcore!!! 😀

      • aww shucks! I <3 u hardcore too!

        • Proselyte3

          Brooke, are YOU cheating on me???? *sniff*

          • brookelockart

            did you see me call anyone else my life partner. NO. or meant to be, or fate. NO. You broke my heart Pros, you broke it.

  • PG

    Wonderful post. The laughter doesn’t mean as much when we forget why we need it. So, Timely reminder.

    Really timely for me. Last night I woke up, couldn’t go back to sleep and started going through twitter in search of something entertaining. Eventually found Rob and Kristen’s footware flirting with one another. This was the point at which I thought – holly cow, this world has gone totally crazy. And I shook my head side to side, probably more appalled that I found this lark by following my own interest in Twilight or what have you, than the fact that it exists at all.

    I really enjoy LTR/LTT – they are funny, sassy, smart and never take themselves too seriously.

  • achc

    Even before Twilight was in my life, it was my philosophy that EVERYONE (doctors, scientists, teachers, bus drivers, government employees, accountants, etc) need something to make them feel good after a hard day’s work. They can get that from music, movies, art, sports, etc. Then, on the other hand, the people who make the music/movies/art/play sports, they, in turn, need doctors, scientists, teachers, etc etc. I’ve had this conversation to defend professional athletes before. Someone asked why so many people cared THAT much about sports and why athletes were paid so much (I’ll admit this: They do get paid way too fucking much. Millions and millions per YEAR? Puh-lease). At the end of the day, a surgeon or lawyer or whoever will go home and relax in front off a hockey game. Therefore, professional athletes serve a purpose.

    I don’t know if I’m expressing myself properly, it makes so much sense in my head. What I’m trying to say, everyone serves a purpose, whether we’re musicians or accountants or Unicef ambassadors, and everyone needs “lighter” stuff in their lives.

    At the moment, I care about nothing more than I do Twilight and anything Twilight-related. I KNOW it can’t go on forever and that in the grand scheme of things, it’s nothing. But right now, I’m having a rough year figuring stuff out and it’s helped me a lot. So there.

    • they should pay bloggers like they pay athletes… don’t you think ?

      • ANDREA

        Yes, they should!!!

        On the other hand, all the firemen in my country are volunteers. ALL of them. They don’t receive a cent for risking their lives to save other people’s lives and properties.

        So maybe the noblest jobs are meant to be ill-paid or no paid at all 🙂



  • Janetrigs

    I just want to laugh, so thanks for not letting me do that today. Now I’m going to consume a bunch of chocolate. I blame you for my thunder thighs.

    PS <3 your face

    • hahahaha dying

    • Oh my gawd Janet.


      Can’t believe you used “thunder thighs” and I can’t stop laughing over it. 🙂

      • Janetrigs

        Pooo, you didn’t call me Jodie. 🙁

        • JodieO

          It is a pretty awesome name.

      • robsten4life

        So my thighs have always been disproportionatly bigger than the rest of me (I was a gymnast for many many years) and I’ve always been very self concious of them.

        When I was a teenager my grandfather used to call me TT (for thunder thighs) He was such and ass…

    • Proselyte3

      Janet, again…I love you for this.

    • I love you JANE trigs. Yeah, I said it.


      • lapushbaby

        I always say JaneTrigs (in my head, lol) Is that wrong? Should I not do that?

        • Janetrigs

          Is KEWL!

          • Don’t tell anyone but I ate a giant chocochip cookie last night. shhh!

  • Jax

    Whenever I am explaining to someone what I like about the books, I say that while they don’t make me a better person, they are total brain candy.

    But maybe indulging in some brain candy (and eye candy, if we’re talking about the movies) from time to time does make someone a better person. It’s all about balance, as some of you have said already. We should be conscious of the world around us, we should try to do our part to help those less fortunate, but we should also be able to just relax and let our imaginations run wild on occasion.

    The Twilight Saga (and the constant Googling that apparently goes with it) *is* escapism. That’s the whole point of fiction, and the reason I love reading so much. When I read these books for the first time, I got totally lost in them. I was going through a tough time (like so many others) and this series was exactly the vacation I needed.

    Ms. Meyer may not be the world’s best writer, but she sure is a great tour guide.

  • sassysmart

    There is a radio station here in Atlanta that has this AWESOME morning show. Every morning they give you “The 5 things you need to know today.” They are always the hottest topics in local and global news. But every Friday they save their last broadcast of these 5 things for GOOD things in the news. They think that there is so much bad that we need to cleanse our week with something good. It’s their most popular segment.

    I’m telling you this because LTT/R and Twilight itself is sort of like this last news cast. Good that people need in their lives. Something to remind them that not everyone in the world is evil. Not everthing is a disaster. That basic human nature is good.

    I have always believed that I can’t make any major change in the world but I can have the belief that the good in everyone will rise to the top if we give them the opportunity.

    I have never been disappointed. Just like this blog and the ladies involved never disappoint. We rise to the occasion and create joy in our lives.

    • if i had a button that said “that’s beautiful” i’d hit it 7 times.. thanks for sharing that

    • Melissa

      This is a seriously beautiful post!

    • Chills.


    • Proselyte3

      See…this is why I love you.

    • Janetrigs

      Can’t wait to meet you Sassysmart!

    • MariaCecilia

      You are so right! And thank you for sharing this! This is why I love this place. Better than Dead Poets’ Society: smarter, sassier and with a big heart. Cease the day, ladies!

    • Xylem44

      awwh that’s sort-of-beautiful…

  • You all sure know how to encourage the discouraged!

  • My friends make fun of me all the time for reading twilight and other books geared towards Tweens (I own every gossip girl “novel”). But seriously, at the end of the day I don’t want to crack open a medical text, I want something I can get through quickly that has nothing to do with my job. Twilight/light literature is the best form of escapism. And you wouldn’t believe how many patients, family members, nurses and other phyisicians I’ve seen with the Twilight books in the hospital but it makes sense. Hospitals are crappy places to be, so anything that creates a little distraction or levity is actually very beneficial and important overall.

    I’m really glad I found LTT/LTR because the laughter you girls provide every morning makes the day just a little bit better. You’re doing a great service to tons of fans, so thanks!

  • chinamother

    Terrific post, and what I’ve tried explaining to my husband for a while now.
    BT (before Twilight), we had had a really difficult couple of years. From my husbands serious illness (from which he’s now completely recovered), to my melanoma diagnosis (from which I have been treated and doing really well, thankyouverymuch!), to my beloved brothers suicide (which, frankly, we will never recover from)….i was in a deep funk when I found Twilight a mere 7 months ago. And it saved me. Seriously. Meeting all of my online friends who shared my passion for a man we’d never know, and who were funny, sarcastic, insightful and meaningful all at the same time, pulled me out of my funk. Instead of googling “melanoma survivor statistics” or “getting over suicide” , I was googling “drunk Rob Pattinson” and “Pattinson Pants”. Talk about escape!! And sure, I probably spend too much time doing Twilight related stuff, but I don’t care. Because it was my lifeline when I needed it, and now it’s just a way of life!
    I am now doing really well – my health is good, my husbands health is good, and life is very good.
    Stephenie Meyers fiction world carried me out of my all too real reality and into a world where I found I belonged and everything would be ok in the end. LTT and LTR were part of that too -so thank you for that. My twitter life is still this SAHM’s social lifeline.

    • ANDREA


    • summergirl

      {{{{{{{HUGS}}}} chinamother xo


    Oh! ((((((((((((((((UC)))))))))))))))

    You got it, you really did.
    For many of us life is boring, difficult or down right miserable. But Twilight and LTT/LTR (or the different communities built around the series) give us a opportunity to scape reality and be in our “happy place with Edward”.

    LTT and LTR especially have the ability to put a smile in our faces when we are down and that’s more important than you get yourself credit for… you DO make the world a better place, one letter reader at a time 😀 Thanks a lot!!!

    And it’s good to be deep once in a while 😉



  • ldawg923

    I couldn’t agree more. With all that is wrong in the world right now, isn’t it nice to have an escape? Who cares if it includes sparkly vampires, clumsy girls and frustratingly emo teens? I LOVE IT! And I love you gals and LTT!
    And thank you also for LTR – I don’t think I could make it through my day without it. Gee, seems I am feeling introspective today too, and very thankful.
    Thanks for laughing at it all, with tongue firmly planted in-cheek. I love your wit.

  • Hellokittee

    AMEN! Thanks for the joy you bring me everyday and the few minutes I can let myself go and not be a wife, mother, or daughter but just a girl/woman again that lusts after the most beautiful man in the world!

  • lapushbaby

    (((UC))) (((Moon)))…

    If I haven’t said it recently, let me say it now, that I heart you so much, and I’m so glad I found this little slice of fun and crazy out there in the internets. And let me tell you, sometimes I think that my own life is so small, what am I giving to the Greater Good? You never have to think that, what you are doing is Really Incredible. Bringing people together from all over the world, even if it is to discuss sparkly vampires, fake lesbians and filet-o-fish sandwiches, what you are doing is huge. HUGE. That is major for you guys….Huzzah!

    • Proselyte3


  • Every time I see someone reading the books or discussing them I want to discuss with them. I want them to know what has happened and the friends I’ve made because of it.

    We may have differences of religion, race, politics, all of those things that often segregate people but here we are brought together with people who make our real lives better. With the anonymity barrier of the internet people are more apt to share, be themselves and make true friends. When that barrier is over come and we meet in real life it’s not awkward, you’re just picking up where you left off.

    Now, I haven’t met UC but if she’s secretly that 57 year old man trolling the internet from his basement for something else that barrier should stay put… Since I’ve met Moon, I don’t think she’d be friends w/ UC if she were that scary dude in the basement… so proceed make friends, be friends, enrich lives, give sanity.

    • summergirl

      *what emme said*

      Thumbs up, Girl!!


    • haha… i’m actually a 58 year old in an attic..

      • brookelockart

        I’ve met UC and this is true. she’s a hobbit in an attic.

  • Amy

    Such a great post. Escape is the name of the game. I started Twilight a month before I graduated from college and was undoubtedly pulled into it even more because of the stress of trying to figure out all that “What am I going to doing with my life” stuff.

    My family has always been interested in news, world events, and politics, and we all know every time you turn on CNN there isn’t going to be a story on firefighters saving the neighborhood kitten from a tree. At work as well I listen to a lot of heartbreaking stories…

    Thank you so much for the post! Now excuse me while I step out and have a cry.

    P.S. Besides these funny ladies I would recommend listening to “This American Life.” It’s pretty cool. Amazing stories. Sad, funny, uplifting.

    • yes…. i have listened to that! and perhaps npr was the reason why i thought of this post…… 🙂

  • Proselyte3

    @UC/Moon and LTT/LTR bbs,

    Won’t go into the details…but as a professional, ‘do-gooder’, I can assure you that everyone needs an escape. Including me. Not ashamed to admit I did, badly. And I believe things happen for a reason.. books, music, people, connections, distractions, whatever…and while it doesn’t all make sense to me, I’ll take every last bit of it. I’m grateful.

    It’s fun. It’s a little weird…. and It’s Normal. <3 you xoxo

    • As your official twitter life partner, i have to say, that I’m so glad that we all have each other and someday, in the near future, we’ll get that group discount on implants so we can ditch the chicken cutlets. I <3 u.

      Small boobied women unite!

      • Proselyte3

        <3 U my sloppy, fake, lez, kissie, life Goddess!

        Itty Bitty Titty Commitee is NOW in session! HOLLA!

  • You hit the nail on the head. This post is perfection, UC. I have met so many friends via your “tiny little blog” about a hot guy and a tween book that I honestly can’t thank you and Moon enough. You girls have brought so many of us together with so many common interests. We stretch from coast to coast and all across the world because of you two. Thank you so very much.

    Bless both of your heads. =)


    PS – I may or may not have gotten chills and shed a tear over this post. The tear may have been because of my monthly friend as well. See… you’ve even synced our cycles. You’re pushing the limits of science now with this blog. Amazing. lol!!

    • krazykidd

      Can I tell you how much I heart your face right now…I definitely teared up too!!! And just to let you know I <3 you and ALL of your OU-ness!!! (even though I'm a longhorn!!!)

      • Longhorns…. ::vomit::

        Heart your face though!!! (and your rendition of that song at Poor David’s Pub that the name escapes me, but you sang and choreographed every single word and got me out of my tired funk and prepared for the hotness that is Jackson Rathbone.) WELCOME TO RATHBONIA, BITCHES!!!

    • krazykidd

      Can I tell you how much I heart you right now…and I too shed a tear or two!!! I heart you so much that I accept you and all of your OU-ness…LOL and thats sayin’ alot since I am a LONGHORN!!! 😀

    • heehee! “See… you’ve even synced our cycles. You’re pushing the limits of science now with this blog. Amazing. lol!! ”

      Any unicorns strolling the blog just shuddered and rolled their eyes.

      • bwahahahaha!!! Sorry, Jordan.


  • Proselyte3

    Oh, and because I don’t want my mug attached to everyone’s posts unnecessarily….

    ((((((((Group Hug))))))) for all of the honesty,transparency, and window into your respective lives…so happy to discover I’m in good company, and that sparkly vampires may just have saved our sanity. Cool.

    • krazykidd

      I don’t mind your mug on my post!!! 🙂

      • Proselyte3


    • or mine! 🙂 xx

      • Proselyte3


    • lapushbaby

      I heart your mug.


  • Calliope

    For the record, UC, the twilight books are JUST OUTSIDE the kiddie section at the book store. durh. And usually, they have their own special display so that the people at borders and barnes and nobles ensure that they get their daily laugh by watching people like me walk by said display and try to contain their inner squeal.

    let’s not even talk about what the magazine section does to me. i’ve now defaulted to buying one non-pattz magazine for every pattz-magazine i buy when i go to purchase the latests glossy. therefore, i’d like to take this moment to formally apologize to all the trees out there and the diminishing rainforests. my bad.

    • you my friend, i <3 u hardcore as well. We so have to start thinking about our New Moon plans? Are we risking tweenage for a midnight showing?

    • haha… i think might barf from that bag of chips i ate at lunch

  • Hermes

    Good blog today.

    My .2c :

    To your above comments I would add regarding the Twilight phenomen, its ok to go away into fantasy, but remember to come back.

    Some folks are so deep into it, that (for example) the Robstene relationship (whether real or not), is SO damn important, that it becomes in integral part of one’s emotional life and well being to the point of national hysteria amongst fangirls.

    Any deviation from the robstene fantasy gets you ripped a new one. To me that’s troublesome, bizzare, etc. that’s the robstene psudo relationship has been integrated into the marketing of this franchise Twilight.

    ok I’ll lighten up.
    (hit the drama button)


  • Jaybird

    Great Post! I live in a house full of boys (3 sons, 1 husband) and really enjoy talking about chic related topics once in awhile. This was defs a chic post! Love you guys in a very fake lesbian way and I love that you get my girlyness.

    Oh, and I did just have a little girl, and will be introducing LTT/LTR as soon as possible! We can totally bond over this!

    • JUSt had!? congrats!!!!

      • Jaybird

        I should not say “just had”. Sorry, she is almost 9 months, but I am still recovering! Does that count?

  • Sharpie

    Things I noticed about today (and every other day for that matter)…
    *The majority of my day is spent worrying about something. Whether it’s about bills, health, family, work, etc…there is ALWAYS something to stress out about.
    *The majority of “news” posted online is sad, depressing, vicious, or a reminder how screwed up this place can be.
    *And finally, we all deal with these realities each and every day, so to have a chance to escape from any of it-even if it’s just for a few minutes each day, it is so incredibly worth it.

    The Twilight saga is definitely an escape, and in some odd an twisted way, has brought me closer to people that I probably wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the books.
    I come to this site every morning because I know that without fail I will burst out laughing and find myself smiling at the screen like an idiot (or ogling the screen if there is Robporn). Life is not always easy, but it’s nice to have an outlet that makes you laugh, enables and encourages snarkiness, and also brings together a wonderful community of people that are here all for the same reason. So, (((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))) to UC, Moon, and all of you that like to escape to LTTville each day. I think you all are exceptional people that make me smile every day.

  • krazykidd

    OMG UC you hit the nail dead on the head…just know that through you guys (UC & Moon) I have been able to get through some really shitty times in my life and I have met some SPECTACULAR online friends who are now my real friends and I cannot tell you how thankful I am for such a wonderful gift you guys have bestowed upon me!! And to all of you out there you know who you are I <3 very mucho and thank you very much for making me laugh when I need it or just lending an ear even if I sound hella crazy at times!!! Muahhhh!!! 😀

  • MrsKowski

    Wow, what a surprisingly deep post UC! Not what I’ve come to expect from my LTT girls!! Yes I fell in love with a book about 17 year old virginal vampires …and I feel the need to justify that to NO ONE! But yes, I admit, it is my escape from reality and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    Even bigger than that tho, the Twi-verse, you girls, this blog, the forum and the beautiful ladies I chat with on Twitter have helped to keep me “sane” and “normal” (yes, I use those terms very loosely) over the past many months. More than many of you know!

    Thank you! I <3 all your faces. a lot.

  • jazzled

    Well, today is obviously just that day for deep thought and emotional philosophizing…

    The DH said to me first thing this morning that Hell was officially freezing over, as some of his buddies on a forum had fallen to discussing Twilight. This intrigued me and I asked “Are they really discussing it or are they making fun of it? And are they talking about the book or the movie, because there is a huge difference.” He said “They’re talking about how useless it is- they don’t like the corruption of vampires, and by corruption I mean they think vampires should always be blood-sucking monsters that you put a stake through and move on. They hate the fact that someone out there (SM) is making vampires look all nice and romantic and wussy.”

    Being a wise woman (most times), I simply said, “So they haven’t read the books then. The story itself is so much bigger than vampires.” And he shrugged me off and went back to talking to these manly men.

    I don’t remember how or when exactly I stumbled on to to LTT/LTR. But I do know its changed my life, and I don’t mean just because I’ve finally found a couple of people who won’t roll their eyes at me when I’m talking about Jasper or Jackson Rathbone (all the time), thus enabling my inner fan-girl to take over my life. Its nice to come here (most days) knowing beforehand that no matter how bad of a day I had, or how down I’m feeling about life- and as UC pointed out there are myriad reasons why life sucks sometimes- there will be something on this page to cheer me up.

    And I know realistically that I will never ever be able to partake in horseback antics with Jackson, or dumpster-diving with Rob, but its so much fun to get together with my LTT/LTR buddies and discuss these improbabilities in great detail in the forum or the chat room. Or even on Twitter or Facebook. It sends me to bed with a smile on my face.

    So don’t worry about getting deep today, UC. You and Moon really do provide a wonderful service, that I’m sure we don’t thank you enough for. You listen to us talk about our obsessions and our problems and vent every day; we can certainly take a day to let you emote and keep in touch with yourself. Most bloggers have a distinct separation between the personal and the professional, and I think its great that you feel comfortable enough with us to do it share your true inner self.

    That’s normal. 🙂

    • jazzled

      whoops, pretend ‘do it’ is not in that last sentence. That’s what she said.

    • **But I do know its changed my life, and I don’t mean just because I’ve finally found a couple of people who won’t roll their eyes at me when I’m talking about Jasper or Jackson Rathbone (all the time), thus enabling my inner fan-girl to take over my life.**

      **And I know realistically that I will never ever be able to partake in horseback antics with Jackson, or dumpster-diving with Rob, but its so much fun to get together with my LTT/LTR buddies and discuss these improbabilities in great detail in the forum or the chat room. **

      I <3 UR FACE SO MUCH!

      as Jazz is like my twinner, I've noticed that everyone has found their twitter/LTT/LTR other half…
      to_far_gone & dreamrvelry
      brooke & pros3
      jena & sassy (i think?)

      LTR/LTT is just venue for our long lost soulmate/bff's to reunite. go forth find your twinner and be happy 🙂

      • haha.. so true!!! we should interview the twinners.. IDEA!

      • brookelockart

        pros3 cheated on me over on LTR. I cried a single tear.

        • Proselyte3

          I was only flirting…You’ll be back.
          😉 xo

      • jazzled

        <3 UR FACE TOO!! : D

        We're so alike sometimes, it's downright scary! It would be pretty interesting to see twinner interviews, LOL.

  • SaritaPagita

    I could go on about the things Twilight has brought into my life (smexy ff being one of the best) but let me just get gushy for a sec and say how great LTT/LTR has made my life:

    1- made my total addiction to all things Twilight funny and normal at the same time

    2- made me laugh my tits off every. single. morning.

    3- helped me put my mini-e ownership in perspective (ie it’s nuthin compared to ppl)

    4- given new life to my once fading twi-session (uc will never be forgiven for this)

    5- while knowing that I don’t actually know any of the LTT/LTR ladies/fans/other commenters – most of you are a bunch of funny ass, witty, intelligent ladies who make me smile at least once a day.

    xoxo – SP

  • mrssoup

    I’ve always called the Twilight series Candy Books and Movies. Yes, there is so much hard stuff out there. I know what’s going on in Korea, the Middle East, our own country. But most of the time, if I watch a movie or read a book, I do it to escape. That’s why I love the series. It lets me escape in a way that is so enjoyable.

    And that is okay!

  • Kary

    Wow…..just wow. This is probably my favorite post.

    Beautiful UC * sniff* Couldn’t have put it better myself. I think I’m going to cry…..


  • expat

    LTT/LTR have become part of my daily routine not as a form of escape but rather as a confirmation that i haven’t departed my senses—find solace in the company i’ve found here across the years & across the miles—if i could be 25 again, i’d like to think that i’d be playing a UC/Moon role, albeit with less humor, helping women to come together & recognize what we all have in common (& i don’t mean just Rob)—

    having spent most of my life within the academy i have pondered the vicissitudes of life from so many angles i get dizzy thinking about them—it’s ‘the world is too much with us’ syndrome—as a widow my world was/is bounded by literature, music, my friends & my animals until Rob produced a mental chaos—

    that’s where you all come in—just observing the irreverence with which you attack life is a joy to behold—it’s invigorating to toss aside convention & really laugh out loud—it’s amusing to see that our touch points differ but the thrust is the same—

    as far as RL is concerned, the Bible says it best: ‘There is nothing new under the sun’—guilt trips are simply irrelevant in the larger scheme of things—

    girl, you want serious, you get serious—hope you meant it—<3<3<3

  • Hermes

    Isn’t it wonderful how communities can spring up anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

    Rob was just a catalyst, a tool for getting us there.
    (that’s a tool in a nice way).

  • tiffany

    In the words of a wise (ass) man:
    “I hate when people cry in front of me. I’m not friends with them anymore. Especially girls. Girls are always crying all the time. I’m like shut up!”
    Heart you all. Even tho I’m some what uncomfortable with emotions I still wanna be friends with yall even if you guys are crying in front of me. XOX

  • Proselyte3

    <3 you!

  • Bobina

    Dearest UC,

    Very well said! I may or may not (ok may) have become a little verklempt whilst reading this.
    The Twilight books made this crusty girls heart, beat again. While my family discusses what is going on in the news (truth I haven’t watched the news in MONTHS). I come here and discuss the important things in life, like Twilight. 🙂
    So a BIG THANKS to you and Moon for starting both blogs and for helping me feel normal. 🙂



  • Bellasnemisis

    duuuuddde. You totes just answered our TwiMilf QOTD from yesterday so perfectly, it’s not even funny.
    Thanks for that!
    And the wedding art? I’m feeling so 2nd hand proud right there.

    Awesome post. I have nothing to add. Back to the real world I go.

    Lurve you to the maxxxxx.

  • Freya

    My BFF called me yesterday and said “I’m having a hard time being grounded today. I feel like I’m out of touch with reality.” I thought about it for a moment, and said “I’ve been out of touch for the last seven months!”

    When I found Twilight, I was in a very “realist” place. Life is what it is–romance is dead, stress is omnipresent. Oh well. And then I read Twilight (and the other three books in quick succession) and couldn’t stop thinking about it. It broke down a lot of my cynicism, but not enough that I could let go of my natural snark. And then I found LTT and LTR, and the heavens opened and the angels sang! I found the viewpoint that was like my own–part snark, part pure Twilight love.

    And now, I’m a part of a community of people who are so wonderful that I don’t want to let go of my Twilight bubble. I’ve developed genuine friendships that I hope to keep for a long time through LTT/LTR. I read through the comments and see these same friends offering up hugs and love and support to others, and know that what I’ve gained here is such a good thing.

    So, love to you all. Special thanks to Moon and UC for the escape from reality which has led to a reality of its own. *hugs and smooches*

    • <3 you Frey Frey! 🙂

    • brookelockart

      What happens when four snaky ladies get together with pocket sparkle peens in Seattle…TBD (hit it)

      Everyone can be jealous of us and should be 🙂

      It will be the best non-wedding weekend EVER!

      • Proselyte3

        You’re just rubbing it in now.

  • GayAnn

    Thanks so much for this post. With all the craziness of this world bearing down on us, I look forward each day to my Twilight obsessions online – they really help me to get my mind off all my worries for a little while.

    ps. The place I work is called RTP and never realized whose initials they were until I saw it an earlier post above – I will never look at my company logo the same again.

    • hahahahaha! lucky you:):):)

      and you’re welcome! x

    • brookelockart

      uuuuh, i may travel to RTP on occasion…this is embarrassing…hoping you sooo aren’t my client.

  • raven555

    Thanks for what you do. And also thanks to S.Meyer and to the cast of the Twilight series. It is an escape from the everyday struggles we all have to go through. But it is also a way for me to remember that love really can conquer all and that people really can be in love forever. I miss that.

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