AmandDUH's at it again – Decode!!

Dear LTT-ers, train wreck lovers and video enthusiasts,

Our dear dear Twimom video vixen AmanDUh is at it again! And yes she’s gone back to covering songs and wouldn’t you know this time it’s Decode by Paramore. I about jumped out of my chair when I got the notification she had updated and she doesn’t let us down!

Looks like AmanDUH’s invested in a make up artist for this video. Yup she got eyeliner and what I can only assume is a  tear drop “tattoo” on her cheek. Now where I’m from that means something quite different that being sad. Thats just straight gangsta! Did she get in a prison gang fight at the ladies penitentury and kill one of her homies? DAAAYUM Amanduh’s hardcore! I better watch my back, she’s libel to cuttabitch. But really, I’m just glad she brought back “special” Edward for this video, I was beginning to miss him and his hairline.

Enjoy! And uh don’t turn up the volume too loud she hits a few notes that only dogs will be able to hear.

How did we get herAH?

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  • cledbo

    Is it just me, or did other people notice that she doesn’t seem to remember the words while she’s miming to her own (shiteous) backing track?

    Like she’s sooooo into the ‘dancing’ that she can’t focus properly on being a triple threat – can’t dance, can’t sing AND can’t act!

    But no, really, I watched about half and had to take a break to put my head between my knees and hyperventilate for 5 minutes.

  • hici

    oh my god XD wtf? this uhm …girl totally creeps me out! I hope you can pay for my psychiatrist costs. I could only stand watching 10 secs and still I feel so dirty Im off to take a shower :O

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