A tear jerker Twilight Thursday

Dear LTTers,

We’ve shared this week about the crazy letters we get from special Twilighters who provide us with countless laughs.  But for every 10 25 crazy emails we get, we read one that brings us to tears.  Today we’re going to set-aside the normal funny jokes & banter (I know you don’t believe me- you think I’m gonna post a picture of Buttcrack Santa singing “Friends are Friends forever” with Tequila Tomas, but I’m being serious) because we received a letter that touched us so deeply that it can’t not be shared:

To me the Twilight Saga has more meaning than most.
It has actually changed my life!

twibooksI know that sounds crazy but please let me explain:

Almost 3 years ago I had an accident that resulted in a head injury. I have been trying to re-learn everything, but without short term memory, it is a huge, frustrating, challenge. The best way to describe my life is like living the movie “Fifty First Dates” without the humor! I feel “lost in space” most of the time. My brain now reacts like pieces of a puzzle that have been thrown up in the air, and I am constantly trying to grab them to put them back in place! Reading had always been my escape- my passion- until the accident. Since then, no matter how hard I tried, I either couldn’t understand the most simplest of words, or couldn’t hold on to the information long enough so that I could follow the story. I had all but given up hope. Then came Twilight!

My daughter knew I’d love the movie, but because I can’t ever go out (It’s very hard with a head injury, you look “normal”, so people don’t understand if you’re dizzy or say the wrong word, and it became too embarrassing (especially when people assumed I was drunk!) I stopped going anywhere). So she waited for the DVD to be released and didn’t tell me she also bought the book. Using the movie as a guideline, I tried to read the book. What I couldn’t follow or understand while reading, I would use the movie I had loaded onto my computer, to refer to. It took many months and lots of notes, but I DID IT! I read my 1st book! I can never find the words to express how I felt the day I came to the last page! A precious gift had been given back to me!

How do I thank everyone for creating a movie with characters that were interesting enough for me to WANT to read the book. A story, so well written that I REFUSED to give up until I finished reading it. Although I lose pretty much all of it after I sleep, it’s a worthwhile challenge to watch the movie and read the book every day, to keep practicing! (Although I have to admit on a couple of occasions, I made myself stay awake all night because I was at such a great part in the book, I didn’t want to lose it!!) I must hold the record for having watched and read Twilight the most times!! A friend of mine was even keeping count for awhile, I think she stopped after 122 or something! I wish I could personally thank Stephenie Meyer, Melissa Rosenberg, Catherine Hardwicke & the entire cast for giving back to me the gifts of courage, strength and determination. Who knows what is next, maybe I WILL find the courage to go OUT to see New Moon! The thought alone terrifies me, but I know that I have to keep trying, that I can NEVER give up because dreams do come true! My most sincere thanks to all!


How many tissues did you go through during that story? To quote Jessica Stanley, “I know, right?

Cyndi shared with us that LTT/LTR have made it onto one of her infamous post-its, to remind her to read it everyday! And even though it sometimes takes her hours to read what we write, when she finishes and ‘gets’ the joke, she is laughing along with all of us!

Cyndi- you joked that you were going to have to write a post-it note to remind yourself that your letter is going to be posted. Hope the reminder worked & we didn’t scare you! Thank you again for sharing your beautiful story and not only touching me & Moon, but I’m guessing everyone who reads this post today!

Kellan bear hugs from both of us,
UC & Moon

PS: Decided to throw you a little “Cullen Smile” after the jump


Let’s keep the tears coming and share how Twilight has changed our lives (Tears would also be appropriate since we’re still mourning the death of Buttcrack Santa, life-long friend of Tequila Tomas)

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  • Kelly

    OK.. I have a long story of how “Twilight” came into my life, I’ll pop a link at the end if you want to read it. How has it changed my life… wow.. that answer is a big one (That’s what she said 🙂 )
    I don’t have a story of triumph over tragedy, not like Cyndi. What I can tell you is Twilight came into my life at just the right time. Have you ever been in a situation that turned out not to be what you thought it would be? Well that was me last year. And the situation, well it was my life. Don’t get me wrong here, I have a great son.. I couldn’t ask for better, I have my health, eh.. sort of 🙂 I’m not sick that’s for sure, I have a great family. I count my blessings every day.
    But even with all of that, I was just lost. No matter what I tried, things kept going wrong. Car’s broke down, something in the house needed to be replaced, teenage step son getting into car accidents (he’s fine, the cars not so much) and then there were the every days things… broken toys and torn cloths and yada yada yada.. you know how it goes. And then my mom, who has been struggling with her health for a couple of years now, her health took a turn for the worse at the end of last year, and my father started having heart and lung problems and the whole world seemed to be crashing down around me.. I literally felt like I was in this really dark hole, and couldn’t find my way out.
    I consider my involvement with all that is “Twilight” a selfish indulgence, but also a sanity check. It’s my escape, a true escape from my reality each day, if only for a few minutes. It has also gotten my back in touch with a lot of creative things I used to love to do, like write. I have always written stories, ever since I was a little girl I loved to write. I once spent and entire summer when I was 12 in my room day in and day out, writing a story, on a typewriter. I still have it. The Twilight experience has brought that back for me. I write stories, I journal, I started a blog, right now I’m pretty much talking to myself on it.. but I have one 🙂

    I also get to share all that is twilight it with my mom, although she can’t read the books, I read them to her, and we watch the movie together… I think she’s Team Jacob, which surprises me because when I was growing up she hated dogs! (I know she’s team Rob in real life though, in her words, “I wouldn’t mind taking a spin around the block with him”)

    So all this leads to the fact that Twilight, in a dark time in my life, gave me back… myself. It centered and calmed, and entertained. And it continues to do so.. with these blogs, and all of you.

    Stephanie Meyer, Thank you! Thank you for Bella, and Edward.. the Cullens, for Jacob and Billy Black, and Charlie Swan… for Forks. Thank you for writing down your dream and not being afraid to give it a life of its own, and for traveling the paths it took you down. Thank you for reminding me what love is all about. And what dreaming is for.

    And to Moon and UC and the rest of you here… what can I say.. thank you for my home away from home. Thank you for making me laugh until I cry, and for my being able to come here when I’ve been crying, and making me laugh.

    • Kelly
    • Hermes

      Keep the faith luv.
      Their is light at the end of the tunnel.

      When I need a good laugh break, I’ll read some of the stuff posted here.. its pretty damn funny. and I feel so much better after laughing. Everything can get taken away from us, but at least we still have our sense of humor to fall back on.


    • Katie S

      That was so touching and beautiful. You girls are killing me today! ::sniff, sniff:: <3 <3 <3

  • summergirl

    Thanks you for sharing this story, truly inspirational.

    Heart you all


  • I absolutely love inspiring stories like this! Congratulations Cyndi and thank you for sharing your fantastic accomplishment with us. Big hugs to you and your daughter!

    If you are looking for company and/or transit in the SF Bay Area when New Moon hits the theaters, I’d be happy to help.

  • Bobina

    Wow, what a great post!!! It truly is a beautiful letter/story. I read it with tears in my eyes and then to read Cyndi’s comment I again have tears. Makes me want to read the books again this time slowly to truly appreciate them even more. Hugs to you Cyndi! Thank you.

  • Jena

    Cyndi, what an inspiration you are….what courage and determination you have! I hope Stephenie is reading today….this is amazing! It’s people like you, Cyndi, who make the people behind the books and the movies thankful and appreciative of what they do and how it affects people.

  • trixi

    thank you for sharing your story.

  • Midnight Eclipse

    I can not add anything that has not yet been said in reply to cyndi’s inspiring story, so I hope LTT/LTR/Twilight will continue to help you in the many ways it has!

    As I know it is/will be a great place to keep coming back to for all of us addicts 🙂

  • Tasha

    Just another reason why I LOVE LTT /LTR . Everyday, I get a laugh and smile from you ladies (and unicorns.) Today Tears of Joy.

    My husband thinks Im obsessed with the movie — little does he KNOW. LOL

    The FF…. to quote one “Gah” and *POOF* LOL!!! I have missed many night sleep reading them. recommendations wanted***
    You guys are great and keep me coming back for more.

    Me? Im west of Orlando

  • Oedipal Art

    Metro Atlanta, Georgia

    (Just moved from Maine…yes, I am a displaced Yankee in need of friends)

    • Katie S

      What part of Maine?? I love it up there. Though this Summer has not been the best… Thankfully there is LTT/LTR and fanfic. I am so cool it hurts.

      • i read this quickly and thought it said LTT/LTR fanfic- and i about had a heart-attack

        “Moon says seductively to UC: ‘Do me now’ and UC says “Moon… we’re fake lesbians…” “

        • Katie S

          I tried to give you two thumbs up for that quick exerpt from that LTT/LTR lemon. 😉

      • Oedipal Art

        Hi, Katie! Bangor, Maine. I was born there. I love Maine, too..it is a beautiful state with very unique people (like me) 🙂 This summer was WICKED rainy, though. But my family is in Georgia; my parents moved south for the warmer weather and my dad isn’t well, so I chose to be with them. For now.
        PS: I can relate to the pain of being so cool. Every day, I say to myself, “I simply must become more dorky”.

        • Katie S

          Never been to Bangor, but I’m sure it’s just as lovely as the rest of the state. I’m so sorry about your Dad. Hopefully, the sun will make him feel better!

          p.s. – I’m so happy you said it’s been “WICKED” rainy. I wish StephMeyer would continue the story in New England. And then Edward would start saying that he’s been waiting for Bella for a “wicked long time”. And Bella would be “wicked chagrined”.

          • Oedipal Art

            haha haahhahhha!

            “Ayuh, I knew without a friggin doubt that I was wicked irrevocably and unconditionally in love with the bahstad”

  • totallyinlovewithrob

    wow….not sure what to say but I am blow away by all the comments. cyndi…you are amazing. so inspiring. i just want to hug you!! 🙂 thank you for sharing your story with us and i hope that steph is reading this. i hope that she knows how much her words and her story have meant to you. good luck and stay strong.

  • I am in Tampa, Fl (Im not the 36 year old crazy women) and if you want a date/ride/anything just email me to jbo860409(at)hotmail(dot)com

  • cledbo

    What a wonderful tale. I’m unfortunately one of those people who is sometimes pointlessly paranoid that something awful will randomly happen to me and I won’t be able to deal with it. People like the fantastic Cyndi (and the rest of you awesome LTT/LTR ladies and unicorns!) remind me that even if something truly devestating happens, it’s possible to pull through and find something to hold on to to make your life better.

    I’m in Canberra, Australia, so not much help to you there (unless there’s some other local Aussies who want to come to Dendy with me on the 20th in a show of non-teenage fangirl solidarity? ;)) but I wish you the best of luck and hope you can make it to New Moon in November.
    As another commenter has already pointed out, there’s also Eclipse next year, and Breaking Dawn (probably 1 and 2) after that. So much joy to look forward to, I’m sure everyone here is with me in saying you’re going to LOVE the rest of the series – it’s kind of exciting that you have that to look forward to.

    Peace and love and kisses!

  • Elizabeth


    Your story was truly inspirational, the courage it takes to let strangers read such a personal thing is amazing and I thank you for allowing each and everyone of the LTT/LTR’ers read this amazing story. Please don’t let what other people think stop you from going and seeing New Moon on the silver screen, people who judge others are bitter, lonely people and don’t deserve to know your wonderful story. You on the other hand deserve to see something that means so much to you and I would love nothing more than to see a letter on here from you in Novemeber saying you went and saw it in a theatre. I live in New Zealand so I wont be much help but there are so many kind people on this website who want to help you see it. I hope you accept their offers.

    Thank you once again.

  • Lizzie


    Now that was a letter! I am pretty sure anyone who has read todays post will be thinking of you when New Moon is released. Rest assured we we all have our fingers and toes crossed for you that at some stage while New Moon is showing you feel comfortable enough to go out and see it on the big screen. Know that you will have the LTR/LTT community backing you up all the way.

  • Cyndi

    This has been a truly miraculous day, in so many ways, all because of EVERY ONE of you here at LTT/LTR! Never could I have ever imagined how many caring people would take the time out of their busy lives to say such kind, encouraging words. My heart is bursting!
    Also, my family has asked me to thank you on their behalf for the gift of happiness you have all given me . It has been very hard on them. Two of my four (adult) children have moved back home to help care for me. My husband works endless hours to make up for my lost income and they all miss the independent Mom/Wife they once had. I think they are also happy that because I have been so busy reading your comments that it has been an injury free day, a rare occurence, believe me..I fall alot! LOL..and if that wasn’t enough, guess who I am will be spending the night with?? Yup Mr. Rob P.!!! Well sort of, I should probably explain..I have to sleep on the couch since my accident so that I am kept upright and today my son came for a visit and brought me a blanket that his fiancee’ found with a life sized pic of Rob!!! So I guess you could say I am sleeping with Mr. P tonight! LOL! So yes today has been incredible! Again, UC, Moon and all my new friends, I know thank you dosen’t come close to expressing my feelings, but hopefully by now, you know HOW much you all mean to me! As bad as it gets sometimes, I will always feel blessed! I may even stay up all night just so I can keep this feeling for as long as possible!

    (By the way I know you have been wondering where I live. Out in the middle of know where in a very small town in Maine!)

  • jazzled


    Your story is amazing; truly an inspiration to all of us in so many ways. There are so many lessons to learn from your experience, not the least of which is attempting every day to avoid taking things for granted, because it can all change in an instant. Your daughter’s recourse is inspiring too- you’re lucky to have such a supportive and caring family, so willing to aid you the best way they can during your hard times.

    I have always felt like I ‘fit in’ here (more or less, a little less in the beginning until the Jax fans started coming out of the woodwork), and even though I don’t think I’ve been a part of this community for more than 3 months, I count each and every person here as a friend and someone I can trust. And that includes you.

    I hope that as time passes, you will improve even more and that someday you will not only make it out of the Twilight series on to other books, or better yet, that your memory will return fully and you are able to lead a typical life again someday.

    I would love to be able to go with you to see New Moon and Eclipse, or any of the LTT/LTR members, for that matter. Anyone in the Western NY, Ontario Canada, Northern Ohio area??

  • exslayer

    Cyndi – You are an amazing, brave woman. Thank you for sharing your touching story. I hope you continue to do well and can venture out with a “wolfpack” of your own on November 20 to see New Moon on the big screen.

    I thought I was done crying unitl I started reading through all the comments! All you LTT ladies are greatI Such heartfelt messages of hope. Here’s hoping this crazy phenomenon we call the “twilight community” will never end.

    BTW – would love to be part of your “wolfpack” – I’m located in CT.

  • blackrose


    Your story is both heartbreaking and inspiring. You have shown a lot of courage, and for all you have been through, you still have a wonderful sense of humour.

    I’m in New Zealand, and not much help to getting you to “New Moon”, but I really hope that you can get there. You deserve it!

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  • patticat


    Bless you, you have a strong and determined soul and am sure that nothing can stop you now! Will definately watch New Moon and think of you and hope you can connect with one of the girls on here and lean on them and let them help you to get out and see it on the big screen. I am in Australia so expect I am not on the same continent as you but if you by any chance you are would love to help 🙂

    Twilight is so much more than the book and the movie and the cast we all adore, it has brought people together and most importantly brought love and laughter to people’s lives. And for me, has saved me from seriously losing the plot this year as it has been such a welcome distraction from the really sucky stuff that has happened to me and my family this year (won’t bore you with allt he gory details)

    Thanks for sharing your story and your courage Cyndi and thanks Moon and UC for making us laugh and bringing us all together.

    *big hugs all round*


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