PostSecret- your Twilight secrets

Dear Secret Keepers,

One of my favorite books/organizations/sites on the web is PostSecret. For the unfamiliar, people anonymously send in secrets to a PO box and sometimes they get published in a book, are used in their traveling art show or are posted as “Sunday Secrets’ on the PostSecret blog. The secrets are often funny, sometimes heart-breaking and many times really, really honest. They are so honest that PostSecret now works with a suicide hotline to help people who are struggling. The honesty & transparency of these anonymous people is truly beautiful.

This is one of my most recent PostSecret favs (and only the Harry Potter dorks like myself will think it’s funny)


Every Sunday when I read the Sunday Secrets, I am reminded of my own secrets which, of course, these days mostly have to do with Twilight. I know I am not the only one with Twilight secrets. So I asked a group of random LTT/LTR contributors to send me their secrets- funny, heart-warming or sad. And they did. And I loved them for it. After the jump read the anonymous secrets I received and love them with  me:

Pssst: Click if they pics are too small













I can keep a secret.


What secrets do you have? Share some here in the comments but e-mail us too! We might feature you in our next TwilightSecrets Post! Send us completed secrets with images OR just your secret in a sentence or two and we’ll make it look all pretty for you.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and especially to Kristin who did all the graphics work and rocked my world. XO

Share secrets with friends better than your ‘real life’ friends on The Forum
And then LAUGH so freaking hard with Moon over on LTR

  • While these are funny (esp “just the tip”… omg I crack up on that every time!), the one that says “I’m afraid that if I was dying that no vampires would think I was worth changing”… to whomever wrote that one (whether you feel it’s true or not) I want you to know that you’re worth it. Moon and UC, please hug her/him for me.


    • themoonisdown

      i LOVE that secret!! one of my faves

    • MacyBlair

      That one broke my heart a little too! *hugs*

      Also, the one about being scared of falling out of love with Rob is touching in a way I can’t put my finger on.

  • Emma C.

    The Cheeseburger connection is because Rob once asked how anyone could be so in love that the other person became their life as in Edward’s “you are my life now”. Then Rob said “I feel that way about a cheeseburger!”.

    The funniest today is the “just the tip” article and related posts above. I can imagine Edward saying “honestly, Bella, it’s La Push, baby, but just the tip.”

    And if “Robert” comes back on here today, he’ll be sitting crossed-legged and cringing about the whole circumcision thing – smoking a calming cigarette while he reads all our funny crap.

    Circumcision is not even that common amongst jews and muslims nowadays here in UK. Amazing that you guys found the percentages on Google – who collated that information for Google, I wanna know! Does Google send out questionnaires to all the synagogues, churches and mosques or all the hospitals and doctors’ surgeries? Made up percentages, more-like! Aveda kedavra upon them!

    • lapushbaby

      ….”Edward saying “honestly, Bella, it’s La Push, baby, but just the tip.””

      Heart you right now!!!!


  • ldawg

    Confession time at LTT? I will gladly contribute!

    I am afraid to admit to anyone aside from close friends that I am a Twihard. Seriously – my sister doesn’t even know the depths of my obsession.

    I secretly scour the internet while at work looking for cool Twi-related merch to proudly wear without giving myself away – i.e. a cool necklace with a tulip on it, or a turquoise and silver bracelet, or a shir that says “Bite Me” – but then am took chicken to purchase said items.

    I secretly keep hoping that I will someday (preferrably soon!) bump into Rob at a bar and I will be totally cool and not make an ass out of myself and he will fall madly in love with me over beers and bands. And somehow that this will work out even though I am married.

    I bought two pairs of Chucks because a lot of the Twilight actors (specifically KStew) wear them constantly, and I need to feel connected to them, even if it’s through a $40 pair of sneakers that kill my feet.

    Gee, writing all of this down has made me feel like a total loser. Oh well. At least I know I’m not alone in my obsession, and that provides me with comfort.
    Love you girls!

    • Holly

      I have bought 3 pairs of Chucks and a pair of black Ray Bans b/c they remind me of Twilight. I’m 30 years old.

      • ldawg

        Holly – Attagirl! Yup, I’m also in the I’mtoooldforthisshit club! Sorry about the typos everyone on my earlier comment, but I was hurrying to post while at work!

  • Ashley

    my husband is a big deer hunter, so of course we have like 5 of them mounted in the house…which I HATE! So…I mounted my own tropy, a lifesize Edward poster (in a protective frame, mind you) behind the door to our office. So, only when you’re in the office and close the door can you see it, which he never closes the door…it’s been up for 6 months and he still has yet to see it…lol

    • themoonisdown

      HAHAHA sneaky sneaky and very unobservant. what a GUY

  • Emma C.

    Oh, forgot to reveal my Twilight/Rob secret. I bought a copy of the newest Rob biography on Amazon – read it from cover to cover (several times – well he’s only 23, so its hardly a weighty tome) then posted it to my 15 y/o niece as a gift. I’m waaay too old for fanzine stuff and she thinks it was purchased specially for her – well unless she comes on here, I suppose.

  • Jaybird

    Love the secrets post today! I will email mine to you! The list is really too long for the comments!

  • summergirl

    Reminds me of this.

    Great song, great vid.

    Funny post – as ever.


  • lapushbaby

    These secrets are all normal, right? Right?

  • sft

    omg This has to be a regular feature, you need to devote a part of the space of LTT just for these! I coincidentally only last week googled “twilight postsecret” wondering if there would be ones that came up, but only one surfaced. I seriously considered sending in one of my own, but after reading these I think the majority of us are not alone–I share the same “secrets” of at least half of the ones up there.

    Especially the last one–totally serious. Everytime my mother’s friends get on me for being single because they want to set me up with one of their sons, my mom gives them a spiel which makes me sound like a man-hating loner maybe-lesbian. Thanks Mom. What I really want to tell them all is that I’m holding out for a certain vampire with a completely straight face (as if that will make me seem less weird).

  • Cyndi

    Am I glad todays post is so funny! Especially needed a reason to laugh… sometime during the wee hours of the night I must have tried to get up for something and I tripped over my Rob blanket (now coffee table cover) and fell on top of him…ahhh….I mean the pic of him…thus will be spending the day on the couch nursing my sore body parts….ok I am lying…I really did wake up during the night and in my dazed state attacked the coffee table thinking IT WAS Rob and then fell on the floor hurting myself…but it was sooo worth it, I fall almost everyday… but THIS time, just for a few seconds I was in imaginary heaven..needless to say I spent the rest of the night watching Twilight….there I have told the truth…such a relief!

    • themoonisdown

      i attack my edward pillow at night “on accident” all the time! 😉

      • Cyndi

        Thanks moon…feel better now… 🙂
        Having argument w/the hubs..he wants the Rob throw off the table…oohhh just the thought…hard enough having to take it off me …I mean the couch…but to totally remove it from the room!!! I am seriously thinking Divorce…can you picture the scene in the courtroom?? He doesn’t understand I actually tripped over my computer cord…and then slid onto the floor w/Rob when I grabbed for the table…I mean really..I got to roll around ON THE FLOOR W/ ROB!!!…..MEN they just don’t get it!!!

  • Pinkbunny

    My deepest darkest secret is that I think I would leave the husband if Rob came knocking on my door….crazy or normal? I’m thinking crazy, I kinda feel bad for thinking about it, but if I had the chance, I would so take it!
    My other dark secret is that when I’m not in the mood (coughcough) I imagine Rob, believe me, that works everytime. I’m pretty sure guys do this all the time, so I don’t feel guilty about this one.

    • Pinkbunny

      I meant, I’m pretty sure guys think of other girls, not about Rob! Although, that might be hot. OMG Erase that!

    • Holly

      Your deepest, darkest secret is a known fact at my house. That’s normal.

  • Katie S

    Another secret – This video paired with this song made me tear up…

    I’ve seen better videos, but with not with that song. The union of Labyrinth and Twilight making me weep just skyrocketed my geekness.

    • Oedipal Art

      I tried to reply to you but I got all screwed up and addled after watching that video so my question to you is at the end of all the other comments! Oops ! Ah, hale who am I kidding. I watched it 5 times just for the makeout scenes.

  • achc

    Wow. I could contribute so, so much but I’ll just say this:

    I find myself buying (or least trying on) clothes that are similar to what Kristen wears. After seeing her in a pair of black skinny jeans a couple off weeks ago, I just HAD to have a pair too, even though I don’t quite look as good as she does in them. I’m curvier – not FAT fat, just curvier with a bit of a belly. ANYWAYS, let’s just say my pair doesn’t look as good as her does. And it makes me very sad. 🙁

    I also have a new-found fondness of plaid (I know there’s a lot of you people who are the same). But I haven’t bought any, since nothing fits me properly (stupid button-up shirts either too small in the boob area or super loose in the back).


    • themoonisdown

      skinny jeans make anyone who is not a twig look like an ice cream cone. or a chicken thigh. skinny at the botom big at the top. ugh


    • Pinkbunny

      I feel your pain, due to my curvier tendencies , I can’t wear the skinnies either. But I have found some comfort in wearing plaid. And it’s kind of trendy right now, so I’m in luck.

  • Jena

    LOL! These are all kinds of win! The VF photo one, LMAO! and the banana and I loved the “just the tip”, so true so true!

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  • I know this has been said a hundred times over already but I love PostSecret and I especially love seeing the occasional Twilight reference in there (it’s like seeing Twilight referenced in TFLN only one usually makes me feel dirtier than the other). This is a great post!!! I found myself nodding my head in more than one place… Oh and I read LTR just now too and I am totally stealing this idea (I kid! I kid! lol…).

    Love you guys!

    : )

  • mrs.pattinson

    i cant go a second without thinking about or talking about twilight. i can take normal conversations and turn them into something about either the books or movies. someone can say something so random like monkeys & i can have it relate to twilight.

    • la-tessitore

      ‘My monkey man’?

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  • blvr

    Hmmm…I have to say, as a former smoker, who hasn’t smoked in 5 years, seeing RPattz with ciggies is making me crave them. You know with all the new smoking laws, anytime you go in a building or bar now you pass all these smokers. It used to really piss me off and now I’m thinking “the sweet, sweet scent of Rob, who cares about lung cancer??? NOT ME!” Instant sexy pill.

    • oncebitten

      I haven’t smoked while sober in years… and I’ve recently started again. I tell my friends it’s because I’m around more people who smoke…. in reality.. I hope that someday I will be out and need a light, and boom Rob will be there smoking casually at just the right moment, and then when I lean in to him and the flame flickers between us our eyes will lock, and we’ll forever remember how we met over a ciggy. hmmmmm, I feel better now that I know I’m not alone:)

      Thank you Moon and UC, you’ve made my obsession socially acceptable.

  • bikechick

    WOW, the graphics are awesome! Good job! … and …. most of these apply to me too! lol

  • Robinn

    I bought a Robert Pattinson poster. I want to hang it up but if my sister or mom ever come over, I will never hear the end of it. Why it’s embarrassing? I’m too old to even be a cougar!

  • superhumanmoron

    I am for reals in love with whoever sent in the “Just the Tip” one!!!

  • Oedipal Art

    Katie! I looooved that song/vid! I have no shame; my nerd level is already in the stratosphere anyway. But here’s a question…the clip with the girl with the painted fingernails…you know the one…what is that from and HOW do I sear those images into my corneas so it’s all I see from now on. Seriously. How.

    • Oedipal Art

      Posting Katie S.’ video for continuity. I messed up my reply because I was stricken with lust.

      • Katie S

        Oedipal! I understand your lusty state of mind has made you confused. Trust.

        Is that scene from the Haunted Airman?? I honestly have no idea. I’m pretending it’s my fingers. I’m going to go paint them red now.

        I bet you think I’m kidding.

  • nearly22

    My secret?

    I visit this website daily and have never posted. (Shy)

    But the real secret is I have been being extremely nice to my grandmother (who I don’t really like) because she lives near Forks.

    I want her to buy me a plane ticket! NOW!

    And in RL I am a mother and college student reading riculous YA books.

    But I make excuses for this by saying that I want to be a MS librarian.

    : S

    • LOVE THIS!

      • nearly22

        Thank you! Love your blog. It makes me feel halfway sane.

    • HeyyyBrother

      By any chance would your grandmother like to adopt a pseudo granddaughter from Jersey? Cause I am very interested in befriending her………

      • nearly22

        If you don’t mind someone (that you see once a decade) hugging and kissing you (a grown woman) every second that she is around, I’m sure that she would love you!

  • Cyndi

    Not related to anything except that I have to blame this website….I am addicted to it and spent too much time ready all the great posts……………How the hell could I lose a whole chicken????

    • absolutelyvlc

      I gave you thumbs up because this comment was so totally random and I lost a chicken the other day too. Seriously. Ok, not seriously.

      • Cyndi

        LMAO….I seriously LOST the damn Chicken…a whole chicken…..who does that!!! I think everyone will agree that is NOT NORMAL!!!

        • Katie S

          Wait, wait… Was the chicken ALIVE??

          I heart you.

          • HeyyyBrother

            Cyndi is my favorite new commenter.

          • Cyndi

            sorry..was gone for a bit…looking everywhere for the chicken….it was definately NOT alive…took it out this a.m ( I think) for my daughter to cook..


          • Katie S

            Cyndi, DON’T tell them you lost the chicken because you were busy commenting on an Twilight blog. They won’t understand how Normal that truly is. Maybe blanket Rob took it?

  • Cyndi

    P.S. Wish now it was alive then might have gotten away with “It flew away!”

    • Cyndi

      LOVE (maybe blanket Rob took it!)
      Ok really really red faced now…..(wasn’t even going to post, but among friends right??)
      Here is how it went….
      Hubby comes in and says “So are we doing pizza tonight?? I look extremely frustrated and sheepishly…”
      “.Hon, I am so sorry but I lost the chicken I was planning on having for dinner…”
      Hubby (without so much as a pause (he is so used to me by now) and says, “As much as I like chicken, I don’t want to eat it 2 nights in a row! Let’s order pizza”

      Damn post-its!!! I must have forgotten to throw away the one that said: Take the Chicken out of the freezer!!!

      Welcome to my world!! 🙂

      • absolutelyvlc

        WIN! That’s just priceless. Glad you posted. When I read things like this it makes me feel better, cuz I’m “normal” too.

  • SpeckelNotSparkle

    For weeks I stalked a silver Volvo in the parking lot at work trying to figure out who drove it. He wasn’t pale.

  • Kate

    I found this one a couple weeks ago after I discovered Post Secret. I can’t find it in my heart to judge her!


    A blog for the world

  • S

    I ate eggs for weeks after reading Breaking Dawn.

    • SpeckelNotSparkle

      I acutally put the book down and made some fried eggs. I was getting hungry after my 12 hour Twilight binge.

  • cledbo

    My secrets to do with Twilight are all quite boring comparatively.

    I have the Limited Edition DVD hidden in my sock drawer, like a 13-year-old boy’s Penthouse magazine.

    I also want to buy this mug, but am scared that someone at work will understand, and out me – I don’t think I’m ready for that just yet!

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  • Ang

    I recently made myself and a friend matching charm bracelets that have a crystal heart hanging from the clasp. No wolf though! We call them our Team Edward bracelets. Even though I know the significance of it, it doesn’t scream Twilight to others. Sometimes when I wear it I have this fleeting thought that someone will see the crystal heart and know my secret. But then I think if they know, it’s ok, because that means they are one of us!

  • southernbelle

    I have quite a few Twilight secrets, I’ll share 3. Ok the first one, I dress my hubby like Edward Cullen and for the most part, he has no clue. :-). I want to complete the look this fall and have been furiously searching for a peacoat(just like Edward’s). My DH is quite stocky, very muscular and I can’t find one that fits him :-(. Anyway, he was asking me why I’m so bent on getting him a peacoat. He hates wearing coats. Clearly he didn’t put two and two together, haha!

    I’ve been looking for shirts and pants similar to Rob’s too. 🙂

    Another secret: I’m sorta ashamed that I sent Rob Pattinson a shirt. I hope he doesn’t think I’m a looney.

    Ok this is the last. Well for my DD’s b’day my brother made her 2 large pillowcases with Rob’s face in it!!!! Gawd, I was more excited than her when she openened her presents at her b’day party this Saturday! She’s 2 yrs old! I felt ridiculous that I was actually thinking of getting those pillows and using them myself. Of course no one else knows about this except y’all.

  • Cyndi

    OK bad enough day 1. Falling off the couch 2. with the lost (not lost) chicken….3. but now SERIOUSLY IN DANGER of FREAKING OUT… TWILIGHT DVD WON’t PLAY!!!!!!! 4. Having to admit I don’t have a backup DVD!!!!!!!OMG!!!!

  • Jackie

    Long time reader, first time commenter… Question… is it normal that I send a group of 6 girlfriends and email entitled the ‘daily dose of deliciousness’? Is it normal that once while my man and i were..ahem…having special hugs, my Itunes was on shuffle (I live in a share house deeming music necessary during these times) and Rob starting singing ‘I’ll Be Your Lover…. I closed my eyes and pretended…. said man ruined it by speaking… May or may not have told him to shut the eff up, he was ruining it… to which he rolled his eyes and said ‘Oh Lord, not that vampire dude again’….

    In conclusion…. I feel at home on here with you guys… because THAT’S NORMAL!

  • cledbo

    New confession, though not a secret really

    I tried three times to write out the word ‘utilise’ at work, and it kept coming out as ‘utilisle’

    Argh! All the Cullens are invading my life!

    I ended up writing ‘use’…

  • Kirsten

    These remind me of Jonas Secrets, a thing Jonas Brother fans do. So these are like Twi-Secrets.

  • Lizzie

    I am only “Rob-outed” to a selected few trustworthy friends, a bit more outed for Twilight including the friend i am going on holidays with, true story we have included Seattle on out itinerary so we can go to….Forks… *hangs head in major embarrassement*. We will do the whole photos with the Forks sign, don’t know why casue we will then be to embarrassed to actually show anyone what dorks we are.

  • NotWutheringHeights

    Ah, confessions… some of those were brilliant.

    Firstly, sign me up for the I’mtoooldforthisshitclub!

    Secondly… I’m a terrible mother… when I’m in the good parts of the saga (ie most of them) I really want my kids to piss off and leave me the hell alone. Dinner? Get yourself a piece of toast. Homework? Who cares! And when I’m watching the movie get the hell out of my house!

    Thirdly, I’m so tragic I had to make my first (pathetic) Twi vid after constantly thinking about how a particular song reminded me of Edward. Here’s my poor attempt (hangs head in shame and slumps off…).

    Or… hang on… is this normal?

    • cledbo

      It’s normal, because we say it is 😀

      • cledbo

        Also, <3 <3 <3 your vid, it's not poor at all – that songs really pretty and melancholy – who is it by?

  • gizmo

    Um….there are people playing a game called “Just the tip”?!

    Excuse me while I hide in the closet and LMFAO!!


  • Bobina

    K I am crawling out of the rock I have been hiding under because apparently I haven’t heard of the postsecret blog before. Bookmarked and saved!

  • gizmo

    My confession:
    I’m secretly happy that Stewie looks like shit with that mullet.
    I and I secretly want her to keep it forever.

    • NotWutheringHeights

      Ha, that mullet is awful!

      I hadn’t seen the PostSecret site before either. Really kind of sad. And tragic. And funny.

      They request no glitter or blood, and someone said that rules out the vampires.

  • Anna

    Did you know there’s a group on facebook dedicated to Twilight Secrets? Go search them up. They have over 2,000 members lol.

  • Laurah

    Sadly with the rob smoking one i was stupid enough to try, he does make it look damn sexy i just wanted to feel cool.. for once. haha god im stupid

  • twipam

    ok i didn’t look at the photos yesterday.
    but everytime i see a volvo c30. even not in silver i think of edward cullen and call it the edward cullen car. another one is i scream everytime i see a yellow 911 turbo porsche. i dont see them all that often once in while i do and scream, i bought my sister raybans because she wanted them but i think of rob everytime i see them.

    • cledbo

      omg I have a similar lame-o confession to add:

      I went shopping today, for normal stuff like t-shirts and socks, and ended up buying what I have now dubbed my ‘fake-bans’, because they had 2 pairs of sunnies for $20, and they remind me of Edward.
      And I only look a little bit sillier in them than I do in the Nicole Richie bug-eye sunnies I got at the same time.

      At least, I think I do…

      That’s soooooo normal…

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  • leahcyr

    “I’m afraid that if I was dying no vampire would think I was worth changing”

    My fav

  • Rhi259

    jst wanna say thanx to all of you on here.u have really made me laugh on a lonely boring sat night.i dont have a single mate that likes twilight so its great to know its not jst me that has these types of thoughts lol.thought i was actually a bit crazy 4 a while!

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