Twilight has the hottest cast

Dear very understanding LTTers,

You know when you have one of those nights as a vampire blogger when you know you’re going to have a late night dinner with friends, so you prepare ahead and draft up a quick idea of a great “Twilosophy” for the next morning, send a quick e-mail off to a group of vampire experts to consult for ideas & funny one-liners for the post you’ll work on when you come back from the late night dinner, no matter what time of night it is? Have you been there? Did you also forget to consider the amount of wine you’d consume at said late night dinner?

What does one do in this case when you get home after consuming 7 bottles of wine between 6 friends in 3 hours and the draft you so wonderfully started writing before you left for the dinner apparently isn’t as great as you’d hoped and only contains 3 run-on sentences and a rant about Rob Pattinson needing to come out of hiding?

Panic. That’s what you do.

Until you remember that you saved a very special post for the very special day when you would make a very special move and dance in the kitchen of your friend’s home to Lady Gaga while singing into an empty bottle of wine while being swung around by your friend Ryan who is declaring, not so subtly, “UC- can you see the Unicorns? [he means real unicorns] Do you want to ride a unicorn!? Rob Pattison has the head of a unicorn. Look- it’s Rob Pattison with a unicorn head. And he is biting pillows.” [True story. All of it.] To all of you girls in the Rob’s Flat Chat over on The Forum, you saved my ass with your amazing Twi-Cast Porn.

Twilight has the hottest cast, and you girls made them so much hotter!

Enjoy these while I enjoy my hangover,


sexhair copy

sexyangela copy

Many More after the jump!


TaylorHisDad copy

uncrossnikki copy

kellangpa copy



bellybutton copy

bigpapa copy

kellanpants copy

You girls are amazing!!! THANKS AGAIN! XO

Go meet the amazing Twi-Porn makers on The Forum
Last I heard from Moon, I texted her telling her I was “drinks” and to tell our friend Ashley “high” for me. Hopefully she posted something sober over on LTR

  • southernbelle

    Where’s Rob?

    Ashley is so gorgeous in that short outfit. OMG if I wore that, my husband will never get off me!

    I think Christian Serratos is also so pretty!

  • Danielle

    omfg that is the funniest shit ive seen EVER!
    all those made me choke on my leomonade and made me burst into laughter.
    oh god….
    you girls are just too funny for me to handle…

  • cledbo

    How did it slip by me that Angela was in fact a sexy librarian? She just looked so nerdy in the movie. Girl’s got game!

    Also, that picture of Nikki makes me wonder not for the first time wtf they were thinking casting her as a vampire who’s supposed to be blonde with white skin. W. T. F! She looks more like one of the wolf pack.

  • Cyndi

    Ok here is my end of the day notes:

    1) I and hopefully you all have noticed that UC HAS NOT DENIED that she took off w/Rob last night and left me alone w/wine and you know who’s plaid shirt!!!!

    2) I have learned that you NEVER NEVER try and pull out your own tooth…TRUE STORY….hey when you in that much pain…you will do anything…moral is that when you leave the other half…it gets infected and you look like your sucking on a golf ball…thus the reason for my lack of commentary all afternoon….WHERE OH WHERE IS CARLISLE when I need him…

    3) You never admit to hubby that you did #2

    4) I still was able to laugh (tho in great pain) at all of your comments today…so HUGE thanks…. 🙂

  • Cyndi

    HEY where has Moon been all day?? Missed her!!

  • leahcyr

    wow, this post is super sexytimes

    umm.. Alex is so hott that I want to die

    and the last two gave me tears, too funny!

    great post UC!

  • bethjohnstonx

    who’s in the first one?
    my friend thinks its anna kendrick but i’m not so sure.
    anyone know?

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