Would we like Twilight if it weren’t for Edward?

ednmmDear Team Edward,

Close your eyes and think about your love for the Twilight series books. And now let your heart go ‘pitter-patter’ as you think of and feel your connection with Edward Cullen. Now, with your eyes still closed, shift your focus to the sub-par movie version of the beloved book series we’ve been focusing our energy on. What are you feeling? Super annoyed that after your most recent viewing of the movie you thought, “Wow… it’s really 2nd-hand embarrassing that my teenage sister and her friends just walked away from this movie and I’m still sitting here.”

I love Twilight. Plus having Rob as the hottest freaking vampire ever doesn’t hurt. But there are those of you (and some are crazy, sure) who thought it was a brilliant movie (That’s Not Normal), and then some of you LOVE the movie, but not because it was brilliant and not necesarily because of Rob. WHY!?

Before we jump into this today’s Twilosophy, let me define my love for Twilight: I love the story; I love the world Stephenie built; I love the familiarity of the movie and the way it made me feel when I saw the amazing book brought to life on the big screen the first time. Even though, during my first viewing, I had this nagging feeling of “that movie wasn’t that well-done,” I still loved it because I remembered what losing my Twi-virginity was like. So when I say “I/you/we love the movie,” that’s what I ednmm3mean. I don’t mean I love it like I love “Whatever works,” my ‘best movie of 2009’ pick so far or like “500 Days of Summer,” or my love for “Waitress” or “Junebug.” No, no, no. I mean I love Twilight because it’s given me an amazing friendship with Moon- and with many of you- plus given me an opportunity to laugh, A LOT, and meet people in this amazing community we all built together.

So getting back to you closing your eyes feeling that love for Edward yet conflicted by the sub-par movie Edward starred in, I have to ask: Would we like Twilight the movie if it weren’t for Edward? And by “Edward,” I mean, Rob, playing our beloved Edward. Yes, we love the books & we love the story- so maybe we’d give it a second watch. But would we love the movie so much that we become interested with people baedcalnmmrely involved with the movie, (the 100 monkeys, Bobby Long or Sam Bradley) or would we just push it off as a teenage movie that’s supposed to be bad? How much did Rob’s hottness and Rob’s portrayal of Edward have to do with the success? Do we make excuses for Twilight because of our attraction to Rob?

I posed this question to a group of LTT readers and loved their responses. Join the convo after the jump!

Would you love Twilight even without Rob as Edward?

JBell: YES I WOULD LOVE IT! Robward = beautiful? Says who?? I went back to the theater 5 times just to catch a glimpse of Buttcrack Santa. “…didn’t know how to make a kitty meowwwww…” That’s my ringtone, text tone and email tone. I just CANNOT get enough. And Kristen with the blinking and the stuttering!? PSH! Fahgetaboutit! HAWT. Robwho?

ednmm2Too_Far_Gone: I think Twilight was a great movie. Except Kristen Stewart’s performance – she was no match for my Robbie- my favourite actor in the film, Robert Pattinson. I think he did a fine job and is just an overall lovely bloke.

EastFriend: Twilight was a bare display shelf. It was bare. Lonely. Boring. Uninteresting. Rob was the Sprinkles cupcake sitting in that shelf. And all was right with the world. The end.

Janetrigs: If Robward wasn’t as hot, I think we would all still find the actor endearing unless he was a total asshole, because he is portraying a beloved character. Twilight the movie sucks the balls of a f**king goat, because it’s based on a book that had some of the worst published writing I’ve ever read. Not to mention adding strange twists that involve googling about legends, then buying a book on legends and then re-googling about said legends. Effing Retarded. Also there are entirely too many scenes (by that I mean 2 different scenes), which involved mindless games of catch. Catty Hardwicke is mindless, so it makes sense. I wish someone could have taken the awesome idea for the story Stephanie Meyer wrote, but wrote it better, then created a shortened version of the movie. But bad writing is bad writing.

Heyyy brother: Let’s be honest: I would straight up despise the movie if I hadn’t read the books first. Even being the fangirl of Twilight that I can be, and lusting after Rob like a dog in heat, I prefer to watch the movie with a solid three glasses of wine in my system. More if possible. Rob was the only saving grace initially. At first I hated Cougar & Co (Hardwicke and Rosenburg) for butchering it all so terribly, but the repeated inebriated viewings have taught me to love such atrocities as Buttcrack Santa, the spider monkey line, and Mike Newton’s delusion that he’s not a white bread boy from what must arguably be one of the least diverse regions of the country. If I’m being honest, Rob is probably what kept me coming back for more viewings. He’s the reason I kept giving it another chance. I can’t picture another Edward, but that could be because I read the books after he was cast, so I never had anyone but Rob in my head. But hey, you don’t see me complaining…

So… do I love the movie? Heck yes. But do I love it the way that one might love a QUALITY movie like, say, The Princess Bride? No. I love it because I get to drool over Robward for 122 minutes. I love it because there is no better movie to simultaneously laugh and squee over with some girlfriends and a bottle (or three) of wine. I love it because it’s terrible and I have no shame.

Moon: The movie sucked, so of course Rob as the Edward-eye candy totally helped make it better, but in the end he’s just the actor who played Edward from the story we all love. Edward could have been anyone: Kellan, Jackson, whoeverit and I’d still like it cause it’s Twilight. The movie was a POS but ultimately, I love it because of the story. We love the saga and the movie is just one person’s artistic interpretation of that story. At the end of the day people fell in love with the story first and not Rob.

I’m sure Rob brought in a few looky-loo’s, but if the story was terrible to begin with, no one would be as obsessed as we all are now. For the story to ultimately overcome a lackluster film version and to pull in fans who had never even read the saga before seeing the movie, it points to how powerful Stephenie Meyer’s novels really are. Amen

ednmmcalSo where am I? I’m torn between HeyyyBrother and Moon. Before I wrote this post I thought I was going to admit that I really only like the movie because Rob plays Edward and Edward is the manvamp I would like to fall in love with me, do stuff like leg hitches, snuggle in my room at night and ultimately take me to Isle Esme & bite me. In a special place ifyouknowwhati’msaying. But Moon is right. If someone else played Edward, as long as he was great looking & did a great job, we’d probably have a “letterstotheotherguy” blog. So I do love Twilight, the sub-par movie, a TON because of Rob playing Edward, but I mostly love it because Rob plays Edward who was created in a book series that through bad writing, good writing, repetitive words and words no teenager says, you have to admit has captivated tens of millions people of all ages around the world and as a result, made a movie, that might otherwise be cast aside as a “badly done teenage romance,” really successful

Class dismissed,

What are YOUR thoughts!? Where do you stand? And I wanna hear from people who AREN’T crazy Rob fans but still love the movie. I know you’re out there! Explicame! Why do YOU love Twilight!?

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  • oncebitten

    Heyy Brother… all shame is lost when you are a twi-hard.

    I don’t miss mine at all:)

  • Emmie

    It’s really hard to say. I am for sure team Edward, he is by far the best, and I looooove him SO much! But, I do really love twilight.
    But if it cam down to it, it wouldn’t be twilight without an Edward Cullen, so no.

  • Ok, so I’m a first-time poster…I’ve been lurking for a while and just love ya’all! I discovered you after reading the mention on SMeyer’s website and haven’t been able to resist checking it out daily, since! I have to be careful when I read it at work that I don’t laugh at loud and make sure no one sees me trying to hold the laughter in as I read it at my desk.
    I have to admit that I too saw the movie before even considering reading the books…AND had consumed some wine before renting it OnDemand while the hubby was out of town (no way he would have watched it with me). I always thought, “what is the BIG hype all about anyways?!” Well, through my wine-colored glasses I thoroughly enjoyed the movie (key phrase: through wine-colored glasses) and figured out that more was going on than I realized – and that I needed to check out the back-story. I went out the next day and got the Twilight book. After devouring it in 4 days (ignoring chores at home, and the hubby, while our daughter was asleep at night), I absolutely fell in love with the story, and with Edward. This could also be due in part to reading Midnight Sun at the same time (while at work – did I actually say that?!) which definitely gives more insight into the Edward character. Because I read all the books after watching the movie, I can’t help but picture Rob as Edward. So I would have a hard time seeing anyone else in that role.
    Did I enjoy Rob in all of his hawtness initially? Absolutely not. I have to admit that prior to watching the movie and reading the books that I didn’t find him attractive at all….but now he is Robward. And I can’t seem to get enough. I too have been pondering why I liked the movie so much initially and think that for me it was the way that it made me feel – it was romantic in its teen-angst sort of way (which so many of us can look back and remember), and provided an nice escape from the real world/every-day grown-up life. Is that why it appeals to those of us that are not teenagers? Not sure. But now I’m addicted.

    • themoonisdown

      woah your name made me think you were my mom commenting for a second! haha


      • HA HA! Didn’t think of that when I typed it out 😉 Thankfully, I don’t think I’m quite old enough to be your Mom – Robward’s maybe……unfortunately 😉

        Thank you to you and UC for creating a place for the rest of us to feel normal and give us a good dose of some daily humor!

  • ChinNubbin

    This is like Twi-chotherapy!

    I too was very, very, late to the madness. I think I saw a news clip of Rob’s Cannes photocall and when I saw Twilight for $1 at my local Red Box machine last month, I figured I’d find out what all the hoopla was about. Had no idea there were books. Let’s just say I”m not in that “demographic.”

    I really liked the movie ***blushing*** – yes, I’m one of those. It’s all about the romantic tension for me. I thought Rob and Kristen were fabulous conveying “longing”. I’m a sucker. Film ascetics be damned!

    After googling the leads, and seeing a few Rob interviews, I was gone.

    My Harry Potter loving friend (I so never got into HP, so I questioned her judgment) convinced me to read Twilight, after I told her I liked the movie. Not the greatest writing, but Stephenie sure knows how to keep your interest. I was trying to hold out reading Eclipse and Breaking Dawn until the New Moon premiere, but I’m cracking (and seeing too many spoilers.)

    Thank you for providing this place to come to to feel “NORMAL”!!! Ha, as if…

  • MidnightSin

    Totally off subject…you all should be used to that from me by now….Now that I have figured out (not really) how to use Twitter…how do I “talk” to people like LTT??
    Also can you change your Avatar on here? If so..how? Mine looks to much like me and I want to stay Twinonomous….

  • Brittany

    I’m an early Twilight reader, I picked it up as soon as I got tired of Harry Potter haha.

    I like Twilight cause of Rosalie, Leah & Jacob, not the Cullens or Edward and for sure not because of Bella.

    Leah and Rosalie seem the most REAL out of all of the twilight characters, they’re not naive and they act the most like I would had I gone through what they did. Plus they’re both realistic and I like that, they’re very smart too, the main thing I like about them is that they’re not damsels, always depending on someone else to help/save them. I think it’s nice to see independent women like that. That’s why I was sad that Leah’s storyline was left so empty.

    An in the 1st installment of the series, I say they did as well as could be expected but I hope the acting improves in New Moon, esp. Kristen Stewart, sorry but she made the character seem even more stilted & awkward than she was supposed to be.

  • Paula

    I was one of those people that hated Twilight because it was everywhere I saw and the story was not appealing to me, but I was insisted by a coworker to watch it, and she borrowed me her DVD.. when I started watching it I was rolling my eyes every two seconds, but I was not turning it off because I liked “Edward”, it did was kind of odd as to why the character was acting some ways toward Bella; the things is that as I was done watching the film I sit and google the actor playing Edward, saw tons of interviews of him on youtube and liked him so much, I also read the books, I found them quite entertaining and I understood why Edward in the movie was acting in certain ways; to tell the truth, the movie got better with repetitive viewings, the only actors I´ve found tried to construct a character and really act the part where Robert, Peter Fachinelli and Billy Burke, the rest of the actors as good as they look, were playing versions of themselves with the parts that were given, specially Kristen. I don´t expect and Oscar worthy performance for her, just to play the part and not be herself in Bella.

    My point is that if it weren’t for Rob´s presence in the film I would have turned the movie off and would have not even care to read the books. But then as I saw his interviews I also saw his other works and I liked his ways, I´m not claiming he is the best actor in the world but he has a lot of potential and the unique presence to make me watch an entire film even if I´m not finding it entirely entertaining, just because of the intensity he puts in his character… I guess I´m more of a fan of him than the series, but I appreciate the romanticism in them and how many people find in them the possibility to re live the feeling of ideal romance that we had when we were kids or teens.

  • Kelly

    Hope it’s not too late to weigh in on this.. been reading the comments.. priceless… my sides hurt from laughing…

    My take, I read the books because my sister-in-law BEGGED ME TOO. And even then I didn’t take them when she offered them to me, I happened to be out shopping saw Twilight and picked up up.. like literally tossed it into the carriage and thought.. we’ll see..
    Two days later I had the audio book in a cartfor Twilight. because I had read through the book in two days, as well as a copy of New Moon to read.. the rest is history.. though a short history because it didn’t take me long to devour the books.

    Then I started searching the net.. looking for movie clips on Twilight… and found Rob.. I’ve told this story before so I won’t bore you all again. Needless to say.. I was lost to him.. there wasn’t another man EVER to get that reaction from me…

    The Movie.. I thought it was ok.. for what it was.. Summit threw a tiny budget at it and said “Let’s see if it floats” They had no clue what it was and didn’t really care. People make fun of Catherine Hardwick and her cougarness.. but really.. I admire her because she wanted to tell the story the best she could with the money she had… and in her wise decision.. and Kstews urging.. she cast Rob… So I like her.. I like that she “camped out” with fans the noght before the premire.. I believe she really loved the story.. I just think it’s the kind of person she is.. she loves it and wanted to be true to it and I think if she had the budget Chris Weitz had Twilight would have been even better. For what they offered it.. I liek it and I still watch it at least once a week… although I admit to fast forwarding through not so interesting scenes 🙂

    My take on the movie… was it Oscar worthy?.. nope..not even close… but I think my love of the book made me enjoy the movie because I didn’t over think it.. and frankly.. Best Entrance EVER.. Edward walking into the Cafeteria for the first time… OMFG… seeing him come walking through the door on the big screen.. I saw it eight times just for the moment.. well and the kiss… and the prom 🙂

    I guess I didn’t hate it… I liked it… but then I like a lot of not great movies… I think Rob is Edward.. he brought him to life.. I don’t know of anyone better, because Edward, though the most beautiful being ever created, is more then just a pretty face.. He is flawed and imperfect and I think as women we tend to want to “fix” broken men.. so we love him… and Rob.. we all know isn’t perfect it’s a bonus that he’s more gorgeous then Edward (at least I think so)… and he himself is flawed as he will surly tell anyone who asks… so I think he was the perfect fit.

    I have also realized something else, after the weekend of the extended New Moon Trailer… I know that I love the story and am excited for the movies… but that excitement really has less to do with seeing Rob…and more to do with seeing Edward, and Bella, and Jacob cause I’m kinda crushin on the young pup just a little… “Please stay here… for me” I don’t think I would have answered so quickly… “I have to go” (Especially if we were in Georgia :D)

    I do wish kstew could look at him like she was as in love with him as Bella is supposed to be… I never get that from her.. but I think that Bella is an old soul.. wise beyond her years and I think Kristen is a 19 year old who is still figuring out what love really is. To me, she just always looks confused when she is supposed to be looking at him adoringly… she needs to take a good look at the eyes of the fans at the premire and see how that look at Rob.. and then practice that look!

    I do have the two, Edward/Rob, firmly seperated.. I love the story and Edward… and then I adore Rob and look forward to “Remember Me”… as well as the other projects he is going to be doing…

    I’m not crazy enough to believe Rob is Edward… I just really appreciate that he brought Edward to life for us (me)… He is just what I pictured Edward to be.. imperfect prefection

  • Jamie

    Definately watched the movie because I loved the books. Let’s be honest, the books weren’t well written but I’m fine with that. I’m not picky with the writing style of books or movies, but if I didn’t read the series before I saw the movie, I would have HATED it.
    I didn’t watch it because of Rob, but to my intense surprise it definately made the movie better than it would have been. I also believe (don’t shoot me) that if they did some more searching they could have found a better Edward. Like the dude on Vampire Diaries (which I have not watched yet actaully). And a MUCH better Bella if they tried.
    The story line is good and could have been brought to life on screen much better than what Catherine Hardwick did and the writers could have selected better dialogue and GIVEN JACKSON RATHBONE SOME LINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think in the book when Jasper tells Bella that she’s worth it, it’s such a touching moment and reveals so much about his character. They didn’t even mention he could control emotions. Ugh. At least New Moon looks really good. I hope it lives up to my expectations.

  • Tasha

    I bought the book the day the movie came out shopping at Sams. I didnt even check at the time but someone stole the poster from the inside. I waited a week to read the the book and couldnt put it down! Went the next day and bought the second book, etc. I bought all four books in four days. Trip to the store each time ( Honey, I need to pick up….”) I couldnt sleep and thought about Edward all the freaking time. Found Stephanies site and Midnight Sun. OMG. Think I found LTT/LTR at this time too. Lurking for weeks laughing my ass off. Thanks Ladies. You Tube, other sites too. I was bitten.
    I remember Rob from GOF and being sad that he died back when I saw it then. went and bought that movie, rented Vanity Fair, purchased magazines (for my DD * wink*) its been obsessive and I have a whole collection now.
    Took my 8 year old to the midnight release at Walmart for “bonding,” she even got a poster which we hung up in the playroom and DH just noticed it was there a few weeks ago. (Ha ha Men.)

    Even declared as much it in a national weekly magazine — on the editors page — no less. Brad and Angela are on the cover.

    Im looking forward to all his other movies, Dali, RM, How to Be and am excited about how Chris worked out New Moon.

    Thats NORMAL, Right?

  • Elizabeth

    I read the books before I saw the movie. I liked the books and read them all really quickly then went and saw the movie and almost walked out, I’ve only ever seen the movie once and probably won’t ever see it again and I don’t even know if I will go see New Moon. Edward creeps me the heck out with the watching her from her bedroom window while she sleeps thing, I don’t find that romantic I find it kinda stalkerish. I also didn’t like Rob when I saw the movie, I didn’t even know who he was and for months I thought nothing of him until I saw an interview with him and I cracked up the whole time then I started to think he was cute.
    So really, I’m not a Twilight fan by any means. I just think Moon and UC are hilarious so I stop by daily and read whatever funny, witty, sarcastic things they have written and normally laugh until I cry.

  • E.MC

    I watched the movie before I read the books( I know.. baaad) and I thought it was quite a good movie.. it didn´t make me run to the bookstore immediately but after a while I wanted to read it and I´m forever gratetful to the movie for that:)
    But after reading the books and watching the movie many times you realise that its not that good.. and thats why you read LLT and laugh at all the bad things in the movie^^

  • jilly

    ome… this post is making my head hurt, too much food for thought. a twilight with no rob??!? arrghhh!!

  • melbel

    i read the books because u hate seeing a movie befor iv read the books
    the book are F**KINGAMAZING! i love them so much along with there spelling mistakes and poor writing in soooome areas
    but the movie was a flop for me i pickd at it the whole way thru..undoubtbly rob is hot! but i still think (like many of you) that if edward was playd by someone hot and who could act i would mostliky love him just as much tbh
    i just like the idea that he IS edward ..altho i know hes not but we could all wish …*sigh*

    buuuut i dont want you all to think that im not a movie fan i looove the movie …its just it drives me crazyyyy!!!!! i just like seeing my characters brought to life…even if there not quite how i picturd them..


  • melbel

    lol i dragd my BFF to the movie with me and she loved it! i thought she was mad
    but then i made her read the books coz she was sdo into the movie
    now shes in love with both we can have some interesting descussions because obviously im team edward and shes team jacob
    good times

  • Gillian

    Rob Pattinson is just plain manky..!!:O:O…
    ..when i read the books and the way she describe the characters in them is so well ..but i cant make my own Edward or Bella up as i saw the film before reading the book so i got the film cast playing the parts in my head….when you read the book it feel like you are in it….and you cant put down the book…im am new to this Twilight thing….i only saw the film this June and i just finished the books there a few weeks ago…they are amazing but i am SOOO disappointed at the ending of it…..(after the fight thing and they went back to the house and then they put the baby to bed and then went in to there room and went into there forever together)…Like Whaaatttt….i mean what a way to end it…Another book should be written!!!!:):)

  • Tracyface

    This was hilarious and so spot on. I totally thought this movie stunk monkey toes when I watched for the first time. Kristen’s acting was bad, but after multiple viewings she seems to improve all because of Rob as Edward. I laughed out loud when you said you wanted him to take you to Esme Isle and bite you in your special place! don’t we all wish that too.

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