New Level of dedication: Twilight Flow Chart

Dear Twilight,

Yesterday, UC and I were having a discussion about the Wolfpack ladies. UC kept confusing Tinsel Korey with Julia Jones and I was kept confusing Julia Jones with January Jones who she most certainly isn’t and it became clear: We needed a flow cart to remember all these new folks and how they’re all connected in the Twilight world. So I set out to create a master flow chart and as the day wore on (and on) and I remembered more and more connections and it become more of a circle flow chart, cause just like Rafiki tells us: it’s the circle of life and it moves us all.

And what came out looks a lot like a grade school project… next up book reports and a diorama of Bella’s room in a shoe box.

Yea, this is what you do with your spare time when you’re a Twilight blogger.

Twilight Dork of the Day Award Recipient/Life Time Achievement Nominee,

Enjoy this cause it took for darn near ever. Oh and click on it to open in a new window, cause it’s HUGE!

Clicky to enlarge and be amazed at my time wasting!

Clicky to enlarge and be amazed at my time wasting!

Um yea! If I missed anything TOO BAD! hahaha

Go enjoy a letter to Rob that rules!
Talk about this level or nerdiness in the forum!

Take the cut to see a special treat

Some twiboy eyecandy!!

Apparently there was some huge hush hush party over the weekend for the Eclipse filming midway point and some hot boys showed up… See some more pics at PopSugar and enjoy a killer post at Lainey and see the invite from lovely Jackson

  • That is one hell of a flowchart. The Volturi vamp names killed me. Gayvamp. buhwawawa!!!

  • Jaybird

    That flow chart is not time wasted, it is time well spent and don’t let anyone tell you differently!

    The humans were the best actors or the whole bunch!

    Thanks for the laughs!

  • starryrae

    Awesome flowchart Moon! What I did find interesting was that you & UC are somehow connected to Taylor but no links to Rob. Hmmm, I feel like you are sending us subliminal messages. UC seems to be taking her not wanting to meet Rob very seriously. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • you time wasting skill are unparalleled I’ve never seen anything like it in my 34 years. I haven’t grown tired of your games so i will continue to play along and I won’t underestimate UC either.

    • themoonisdown


      HAHAHA you killed me with this

  • babiesbrown

    Whores from SoHo = WIN!
    I read all of it, b/c I respect how much work you put into it.
    Ok. That’s a lie.
    I didn’t read the stuff about the wolf pack. B/c I don’t care about them. But Scooby Snacks for you for putting that much effort into them anyway. I am sure there are some PITA ppl on here who will thank you for it.
    Love that pic of Rob smoking and looking like James Dean!

    • babiesbrown

      PETA not PITA. Insults aren’t as cool if you eff up their spelling.

  • Moon, I wish I was your Mom – she must be very proud! You did a fantabulous job on this flow chart. Gawd, it must have taken you all day……you go girl! You and UC are the best! Love my daily fix!

    • themoonisdown

      awwww my mom wouldnt let me go, but ill tell her you want to fill in. she rocks pretty hard and loves her some twilight too!

      • That’s ok…I’m not really quite old enough to be your Mom…but maybe I could be your big sis ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love that your Mom loves her some twilight too….Go Moon’s Mom!

  • Jena

    In looking at this again I just saw “shirt sharers” LMAO!

    • Jena

      “flat screen lover” LMAO!

  • reluctanttwilighter

    Oh gosh, this is amazing. I’m so totally printing this out and putting it on my fridge. And in my office at work. And keeping a copy in my wallet. And the glovebox in my car… maybe a tattoo would be better? Save some paper, go green and all that.

    So many things were my favorite, I can’t list them all! You are just awesome.

    • themoonisdown

      tattoo!! get it and then send us a picture so we can make fun of it!


  • Not only is this hilarious, but also a smart idea because as the movies continue to evolve, the number of associated people will only grow. LOVE that Chris Hansen is in there!

    I second your nomination for Lifetime Achievement. <3

  • Calliope

    so when i enlarged this thing, and saw the McDonald’s golden arches in the corner… for a HOT SECOND (okay more like several hot seconds) i LEGIT thought it was those paper covers they put on the trays at fast food restaurants to give you the illusion of sanitation. Then i thought…. holy crap.. does Burger King have something comparable to the filet o’ fish? because if they do, UC and MOON could totally switch daddy lautner’s obsession and subsequently swap out the golden arches for the BK symbol and TOTALLY sell this to burger king to use in their NEW MOON promotion as their illusion-of-sanitation tray coverers!!


    • themoonisdown

      dude getting burger king on the line right now!!!!!!!!!! hahaa TEAM BIG DADDY CROWNS!!

  • Kendall

    Can’t wait to see the diorama of Bella’s room. Purple’s cool.

  • Dani

    umm…i laughed so hard, i peed a little. you girls give me the giggles every morning.

  • BHBabe

    Still giggling. I have to stop reading LTT/LTR while at work … On second thought, why not!

  • “UC and Moon – Busted pervs” – my favorite part!

  • kjp

    You have taken this to a whole new level and I love it! I decided to sneak a quick peak at LTT while my email was frozen and what a gem to find today! Unfortunately I don’t have time to review this entire document right now but in the 2 minutes that I looked at it there were a few tears of laughter. I am sooooo looking forward to reading this later (printed out on 11×17 paper of course).

  • Bellasnemisis

    AH-mazing work, Moon!! I need to print it and hang it in my closet next to my Sam Bradley poster.

    Did y’all hear that Anna is actually getting some supporting actress Oscar buzz for her role in Clooney’s upcoming movie???
    I know, right!?

  • Cindyd

    Where’s Quil???

    • Calliope

      she’s so right!!!! how could you and UC forget QUIL!!!


      he’s the NERD WOLF…. you LOVE the nerd wolf. for shame.

      • themoonisdown

        I KNOW!!!!! i just figured it out!! i also left out demitri and the other dude!

        will need an update!

  • babiesbrown

    Wow! I got a thumbs down for hating on the wolfies. Cool!

  • ChinNubbin

    I bow to your awesomeness!

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  • Krystle

    I can’t get the girl who plays Leah and Emily straight either…..they look similar, no?

  • lovemesomecullens

    “a copy in my wallet”. LOL.
    I love the “Jamacian me Crazy Vamp”. You have truly outdone your self this time Moonie. We’re so not worthy. And the state of Georgia, I just snickered the whole time. You keep us in stitches!


  • AnnaBanana

    This is AWESOMENESS! Moon, “Jamaican Me Crazy”! How can anyone not laugh out loud reading this? Thank you for making me smile Moon and UC.

  • Laurie

    I love how you put ” never met a Bobby Long concert she didn’t like.” In my head I just keep on thinking “never met a carrot I didn’t like… except for this one.” ahaha. The flow chart is beyond epic.

  • Kristin

    I bow down.

    There are no words for this brilliance!!!

  • vanneCullenLutz

    RONFL!!! awesome flowchart!! love that about Ronal MC Donal!
    Did catherine really date Nikki’s dad?! i mean then that’s why she end up as Rosalie! ๐Ÿ™

    Love it! you girls rule!!! xD

  • cledbo

    I absolutely kill myself each time you use the phrase “Jamaican me crazy”

    This flowchart is full of WIN, most of it already previously mentioned.

    I love how you used the most disturbingly sexy picture of Legal-in-Georgia, just to further illustrate the “busted pervs” point.

    Also, is it just me who thinks its weird that Xavier is being seen so much around the traps? Not that I mind, he’s gorgeous and when he’s done he comes back to MY country (yeah, cop that!! *ahem*…) but in the book he doesn’t even *say* anything! He just looks angry, then confused, and then gets ripped to pieces by BooBoo/Seth. They’re either padding his part to the eyeballs, or they haven’t sprung for his plane ride home yet. I don’t mind a bit of padding (that’s what she said) but much like the Bree comment – if we lose a leg hitch there will be hell to pay!

    • cledbo

      Also, Taytor tot was legal in Australia over 18 months ago. And in Feb he’ll be able to drink and gamble here too. Hah!

    • themoonisdown

      apparently riley has a way bigger part in the movie version… or so they say. im kinda hoping its true. i heart him

  • Carrie

    Haha best flow chart ever. I definitely feel as though I understand the Twilight world so much more now…

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  • Chocolate Lady

    This post did it for me ~ I’m officially coming out of lurkdom after reading your blog for months. Ladies, you are absolutely hilarious, masters of sarcasm, witty beyond belief. Thanks for making many of my days.

    • You’re welcome. you guys make our days more than you know!

    • themoonisdown

      AWWWW yea welcome out of lurkdom! and like uc said you help make our days better!! especially when i thought this was a DUMB post last night and turns out you all love it

  • JGroIsMyEdward

    Awesome! JGro dated Jan Jones…

  • Dixie Rae

    I usually start my morning of with you guys, but was running late today, and instead, am ending my day with you guys…
    Standing ovation Moon!!!!!!! Seriously. You out did yourself on this one!!!! What a great way to end my day….
    Bless your little heart….

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  • marie

    That chart is BRIIIIILL !!!
    Just went into it today – a bit late but worth it.
    You should put it on sale
    after all everyone is milking the Twilight cow

    Thank you STEPH for your magic mind and for Moon and UC

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  • i was going to wait and read this later because i’m super tired BUT forced myself to stay awake and i’m glad!!! that was too funnie!!!! good job

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