Ask and ye shall receive! Answered Twilight Prayers

Dear Twilight,

We spend most of our time complaining about things related to you and praying that something will change and not enough talking about when things go right! Cause that happens about .5% of the time, but I digress. So I’d like to showcase some of our answered prayers!

Remember just the other day when I wrote a letter within a letter asking for an official Wolfpack Jorts picture?! Well ask and ye shall receive because not a day later we were graced with this…

Coming to a Gap near you!

Coming to a Gap near you!

Hallelujah! Someone up there (Summit) is reading LTT and watching out for me. Just look at those jorts, the beauty, the magesty! Though, to be honest, I was praying for a more shirtless JortsPack picture a less a ripped muscle tee picture that accentuates their manboobs. Their moobs, if you will. But for now I’ll print it out and add to my shrine of the Jortspack.

Follow the cut to see the rest of my answered Twilight prayers

Just the other day I was telling UC I wished I had an easy way to tote my Power point presentations and Excel documents around WHILE showing my extreme love for Twilight to my business associates. I mean what’s a girl to do when she needs to transport a large amount of computer files? Get a plain ol USB drive? HALE NAH! Not when they’ve come out with this…

2 gigs of nonsense

2 gigs of nonsense

2 gigs to hold all those sales reports, company policy manuals, presentations and just enough room left over for the “essentials.” And by essentials you know like, every chapter of Wide Awake and The Office, my Rob-porn collection, Midnight Sun in PDF and every video AmanDUH every made. Now let’s just hope I open the mid quarter report presentation and not that video of every shirtless Kellan picture ever made. That could be embarrassing!

As I cleaned out my closet this weekend, I sat there wondering when my bodysuits from junior high would be back in fashion. You know the kind that snaps between your crotch? I’d hate to throw something out that’s going to be back in style next month (see flannel, doc martens).

rockin' it like it's the mid 90s!

rockin' it like it's the mid 90s!

Then I saw this picture of Ashley and I knew my prayers were answered. No need to donate them to Goodwill to only have them show up on KStew next week, I can wear them NOW cause that’s what all the cool kids are doing. Now, if only I could find that tapestry vest I used to wear with the body suit…

Remember awhile back when we all agreed to agree those Rob Zygote modeling pictures never really happened?Β  And that if any new one were found they should be immediately burned and never spoke of again?


Well, I was lying! I was secreting praying that more would be found and published on the interwebs for all to see and for my Twi-heckling friends to easily find them and email to me with messages like: “Do I dazzle you as a freshman boy?” or “Do you think he used LA Looks of Depp Gel to get the “sex hair” back then?” Yup, I prayed and baby Jesus you came through!

Isn’t it awesome when all our prayers, even our most secret ones are answered? What Twilight prayers of yours have been answered? Does anyone still own a bodysuit?

Honorary member of the JortsPack,

PS I’m still praying long and hard (that’s what she said) for the Wig department. They need it.
PPS Don’t forget to enter the Imma contest we’re running! We’re already getting hilarious entries! You could win BIG!
See what UC’s got cooking at LTR today
Form a prayer group in the forum

Sources: USB drive, I Felt Hope, Twicrack

  • Inujo

    OME.. My prayer was answered in the article! My prayer was to have links to all these great fanfics everyone talks about so much! Praise be LTT!

  • Megan

    uh oh! another LTT virgin here! i visit often, but never feel witty enough to compete with you crazy hoes πŸ™‚ BUT… i have to admit that i’m a HUGE kellan lutz fan (and so is my gay best friend and showing him hot pics of kellan is the only way i can lure him into my twilight/rob obsessed world) so… um, video of all his shirtless pics? really?!? REALLY?!?! (haha!) um, i can’t find! does anyone know where to locate this masterpiece?

    • themoonisdown

      in my dreams!!!!!!

      WELCOME out of lurkdom!!

  • Robanna

    I prayed and baby Jesus you came through!
    You are such a hoot πŸ™‚ Love all of your posts.

  • MidnightSin

    Finishing my first book and having it be Twilight!
    Having friends and a place to go everyday …LTT!!!
    Sleeping with Robward every nite! (ok I know its a blanket!)
    Being able to fall in love w/movie Twilight every night like it was the 1st time!
    My increased vocab….I think! πŸ™‚
    Having a reason to laugh (alot) everyday! LTT again!
    That I forget I AM too old for Rob!

    The courage to go see NM and Robward on BIG SCREEN!!
    That I someday get to thank Steph Meyers in person!
    I finally “get” the Leg Hitch…cause I’ll have seen it!
    To dream again so I can get to take down the hanging Rob picture that I almost strangled myself with last night…..
    That I can regrow the hair I have pulled out trying to figure out how to do graphics for my entry!!!
    I NEVER see that pic of baby Rob again…and that I will forget that I DID see it….(ok I know I will, thank goodness)
    Moon & UC get some kind of award for creating all this in the first place… such true dedication!
    I will never slip up and call the hubs…Edward
    Can read the rest of the books so I can keep up with all of you….
    That I meet Rob just once in person. and don’t drop dead on the spot…hey don’t judge…its just a prayer!


    • blvr

      I love this, MS! I personally pray to find other Twi-obsessed friends who will go with me to the NM midnight show on opening night. I soooo want to do this, but I’m not going with anyone who isn’t as into as me and so far that’s everyone I know but you guys.

      I also pray that I can come up with at least one entry for Imma contest that warrants at least an honorable mention from the Twi-goddesses, UC and Moon!

      • TeamSeth

        Where you located at? I’m up for meeting random people in my area. I just moved out here (pacific NW) and have no female friends πŸ™ This site is kind of my female friend outlet.

        • blvr

          Sorry, TeamSeth, i’m an east coaster, but really appreciate the offer!

          • TeamSeth


    • TeamSeth

      I was wondering where you were today…then I remembered that I got up way earlier than usual and you probably weren’t done reading the post yet.

      I’m praying for you to have the courage to go to New Moon! If you twitter (which I think you do now), I will sign up for twitter (I abhor twitter) and tweet you all of November encouraging you to go see it. Your daughters will totes go with you. If you go to the midnight showing, there will definitely be people who are “weirder” than you (I don’t think you are weird, but you said that other people think that) and the movie theater workers will be so tired/creeped out by the fangirls they won’t talk to you at all! πŸ™‚ PLUS, you will immediately sleep afterwards, which means the next day you get to go see it again totally fresh!

      Plus, your name is MidnightSin, which sort of implies that you have to go to the midnight showing. Just saying.

      And, once you see the movie, you’ll want to read the book. And I’m so willing to make you one of those kick-ass flow charts specific to New Moon (which is my fave book). I’ll do a timeline in addition to that AND a defintions list for commonly used phrases defined in the book (like imprinting) so you don’t have to constantly go back to find where the hell it’s defined.

      You just let me know!

      Oh yeah, and you can enter just the text if the programs become too frustrating for your entries!

      • MidnightSin

        I had a lil accident during the night so wasn’t able to comment til now…plus you were right, alot to read!!!
        I can’t tell you HOW MUCH I would LOVE to go to the midnight showing…for all the reasons you said…plus the cover of dark would indeed help….lol….but I don’t even know if they have that around here? I can’t drive tho or even a license anymore… thats a problem….

        You so ROCK offering to go to all that trouble of chart making for ME…I don’t even know how to begin to thank you. Twi-peeps are just sooo incredible!!!

        Yes I am trying Twitter but I don’t think I do it right… my twitterer? name is stareide….your welcome to twit me anytime!!!
        I should ask UC/Moon if they ever get my Twits? (I don’t know what the hell they are called) JO gets them..

        BTW Do you think I will ever allow myself to sleep again if I actually go to see New Moon at the theater??? NO WAY!!! I won’t want to forget a minute of it!!!

        You can just send the text? Man I pulled all that hair out for nothing…actually its more that I wanted to see if I could do it…I used to do stuff like that all the time, once pretty creative . I especially loved to paint murals , so I am just frustrated that I can’t figure it out now….but I am going to keep at it…but so cool that UC/Moon are willing to help with the finishing touches….again Twimazing!!!

        BLR…I will add that you find the perfect person/people to go to the midnight showing to my “prayer list”….I just know you will, have faith!….and yes its pretty intimidating knowing the Twi-Goddess’s are going to be looking at our meek submissions after what they come up with…but its all in fun…so go for it!!!

        • TeamSeth

          “You can just send the text? Man I pulled all that hair out for nothing”

          If that’s the case, I’d add the wig department to your prayer list…

          I’ll bet there’s a midnight showing near you…Look it up here

          Okay, I’m going to start on the chart for you…which means I’m going to actually have to buy the book. My first Twilight book purchase. Yikes. Do you want me to explain where the book and movie differ as well (once I see the movie of course)?

          • MidnightSin

            LOL….plz pray the wig doesn’t come from the same place that they are using in the movie!!! YOU DON’T HAVE THE BOOKS??? How did you read them then?? I am confused? HA what else is new…I don’t want you to have to buy it because of me!!….
            Any thing you want to explain is welcome here!! I can use all the help I can get…….again….thanks…. πŸ™‚

          • TeamSeth

            I have to get the details! I can’t mislead you, MS!

            I borrowed my sister’s books.

            I was planning to read NM at Barnes and Noble in order to save money (i’m unemployed πŸ™ Anyone know of any freelance writing or editing work?! I can telecommute and I’m located in the pacific NW) and to make sure that I read it slower. I read it in one day the first time. I did it MidnightSin style πŸ˜‰

            Maybe I can still read it at Barnes and Noble, but take notes as I go…

        • JodieO

          I don’t know what part of Maine you are in, but I’d wager there’s a theater with a midnight showing somewhere near you. And I’d totally be willing to drive down to see it with you if you need a ride. =)

          For the contest, send UC and Moon your text and the photos you’ve chosen and they’ve offered to help out with putting it all together. If it makes you feel any better I was pulling my hair out last night, too.

          • MidnightSin

            JO…we should have talked…lol…we could have saved a lot of hair!!! Picturing us both up til wee hours doing the same thing….lmao…probably why I took the tumble at 4am…lol….

            I just looked up on the site that TS gave me and they have a theater about an hour away that is showing it at 12:05 am..

            I feel bad asking UC/Moon to do that…
            I am going to keep trying…although..I don’t have much hair left….plus I think you rubbed off on me…I think mine is kinda perverted??? Its not like I can show it to anyone and ask..ya know what I mean??

            TS…sorry to hear your out of work….adding that to my prayer list..(I am thinking God is going to be very confused tonight) I know the feeling…had my accident at work and got a letter from the company saying that they had to “let me go” cause I wasn’t getting well fast enough! I miss working…so I feel your pain…hang in there…you will get a know the door closes…shit forget the rest….but you know what I am trying to say…. πŸ™‚

          • JodieO

            @MS You’re always welcome to email me if you have a question about getting the graphics together or want someone to proof it. I can’t guarantee I’ll be much help, but I might!

            I’m sorry you fell. Are you ok??

    • sassysmart

      I just love you. For everything you bring to this site.

      • MidnightSin

        Right back at ya…you have no idea how many times I have almost fallen off my couch/bed laughing so hard at what you write here..(Blanket Rob ALWAYS saves me) ..seriously you all on this site have missed your true calling!!

      • MidnightSin

        @JodieO…same thing here….and you know I wouldn’t tell anyone whatcha up to 1…because I would never do that and 2.a minute after I close the email…its history…so if you ever feel the need to vent etc., I am a great person to tell…literally in one ear and out the other!!!
        Oh I will be fine…thanks for asking….I am so used to falling that I am just greatful when parts don’t fall off…bruises I can handle!!!

        • TeamSeth

          You don’t know this, but your bruises comment is sort of a reference to BD…a pretty hot reference too

          • MidnightSin

            OHHHH DOOO TELLLL!!!

          • Tasha

            Bruises, feathers, busted headboards……..Fade to Black.

            SM and her “G” rated love scenes.

          • TeamSeth

            Tasha covered it pretty well.

            It’s the sex scene, MS!!!

          • MidnightSin

            @Team Seth…THIS I HAVE GOTTA SEE!!! Wait..did Tasha say …..FEATHERS..broken headboard….and bruises…..hmmmm….(looking very perplexed…but totally interested in what could be going on here…gonna try and scope this out………be back later….

    • southernbelle

      Hey Midnight Sin, are you feeling bettter already? Hope you are! Did Rob (blankie) treat you good? :-)’

      So funny, my DH was off last night. We went to bed, he didn’t realize the pillow he used was the Rob pillow! Hahah, so funny to see DH’s face snuggled right next to Rob’s face!!! LMAO! He saw me laughing and so he was like “WHAT?” I told him and he quickly swapped pillows w/ me!

      Oh yes, never slip up MS and call ur hubby Edward…or Rob for that matter!!!! You have a goodnight!

      • MidnightSin

        Hanging in there….however I am bald now…and at least one of my eyeballs fell on the floor…while I have tried to figure out my Adobe Photoshop that I used to know like the back of my hand but now can’t see do to anything at all….ahhh well….picking up the eyeball and looking at wigs…better luck tomorrow….and you????

        BTW…love the pillow story…gotta get one of those!!!

        • southernbelle

          Eh, nothing much. My DD was sick yesterday, high fever and throwing up. I was up a lot last night as exhausted as I am, I’m still up! I really can’t think of anything for that contest…LOL. I have some kind of a brain fog, ever have one of those? Gonna ask DH if he can think of something.

          Hang in there! Your posts always make me smile :-).


  • trixi

    WOOF WOOF wolf pack. i can’t wait to see them. yum. and yes i totally want my doc martens back. i have no idea where they got to after all my moves.

  • TeamSeth

    It’s so refreshing that Summit answers your letters! Just like the Vampire vineyards offering me free wine…(except not as creepy)

    I think the best part of that USB drive is that you get a free copy of the New Moon soundtrack. Major score.

    Okay, back to my Imma Enter entries.

  • Kelly

    I know where I’d like Robward to plug his USB drive into…. just sayin.. 2 gigs… sounds like a good amount to me πŸ™‚

    • MidnightSin

      THUD…hit the floor……….

    • I prefer 8 gigs.

      • Kelly

        Honey please… I’d rather just have the whole hard drive.. but ya know.. a girl takes what she can get!

    • Tasha


  • faerierebel

    OK, seriously, I’m in an LDR (long-distance relationship) with my man (Me: Finland, him: States) and we’re finally meeting again, as in I’m going over there.
    I may have booked the trip so I’m in Houston in plenty of time to see New Moon on Nov. 20th.
    And I may have hinted my man that there’s a slight chance that I’m currently waiting to see New Moon more than him πŸ˜€
    (Best part is that he totally understands that <3)

  • tiffany

    I can neither confirm nor deny owning a couple American apparel body suits.

  • Amyk82

    I concur – there was no need for the wolf boys to be sporting the muscle tees – moobs – awesome – my new favourite word… love it! and come on with the Cosmo Boy pic… now that is not necessary ladies…i already feel like a dirty old perve…now this just confirms it. he’s not even legal in that one….

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