The music Stephenie Meyer REALLY listened to when writing Twilight

You know when you’re PMSing and everything is going wrong? Your thighs feel huge (might be the Ben & Jerry’s you finished off in 2 nights), your face breaks out like you’re in 7th grade, you cry when you can’t get your spreadsheet to look right at work and you’re suddenly overwhelmed with the realization that your life hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would back when you were growing up. And all you want to do is listen to music that reminds you of a simpler time? And cry? And eat more Ben & Jerry’s? Well, this explains posting the following fan letter* PS: I had no intention of finding Twilight-related videos to go along with it, I was going to post the original videos, but turns out Twilight fans have put Bella & Edward images & video to EVERY SONG ON THE PLANET:

Dear Stephenie,

Hi. I wanna just talk a little bit about your playlists on your website. They are filled with this awesome, rock-out music. (well…except for that Right Said Fred you have thrown in. That was a nice addition.) But, you see, I think you’re just trying to trick us. Because I think of totally other songs when I think about Twilight. I now present you with what I think you were actually listening to when you wrote this lovely series:

1) “Oops I Did It Again” by Britney Spears.

This is obviously the song you were listening to when you wrote that drama between Jacob and Bella. Bella was playing with his heart the whole time. She got lost in the game. She made them believe they’re more than just friends. Oops, he thinks she’s in love. That she’s sent from aboooooooooove. Well, she’s not that innocent. (ok, I might have went too far there..)

2) “The Hardest Thing” by 98 Degrees.

This goes where Ed makes that bad call and leaves in New Moon. Because the WHOLE refrain of this song is about how the dude has to leave the chick and how he has to lie and tell her he doesn’t love her. Well, hello, that dude is Edward Cullen. And the chick is Bella Swan. Plus, he really is “the hardest thing” (that’s what she said…)

3) “The One” by The Backstreet Boys.

This one is for Jake. Because, while Bella may be playin with his heart and all, Jake was still willing to be the one who will make all her sorrows undone. The light when she feels like there’s nowhere to run.

4) “As Long As You Love Me” by The Backstreet Boys.

This song is for Bella’s craziness. She didn’t care who he was, what he did, where he’s from, as long as he loved her.

Last, but not least,

5) “All I Have to Give” by The Backstreet Boys.

I feel like if Twilight was a musical, this would be the song Jake sings to try to win Bella’s heart. Because he doesn’t know what Ed did to break her heart, but he’ll be there to make her smile. And he might not have a fancy car (like someone else we know…) but to get to her, he’d walk a thousand miles.

So there you go Stephenie. There’s what I really think you were jamming out to when you were writing. Don’t lie.

BSB still “rox my sox”,

After the jump, hear the song I danced to the night of my first open-mouthed, wet tongue, nasty kiss on the steps in front of my school IN PUBLIC:

Okay we talk a TON about great music cuz Moon & I are WAY into killer tunes, but everyone likes to kick back to a lil’ 98 degrees & LFO once in awhile, don’t they? So what totally not cool, but radically awesome song reminds YOU of Twilight?

Then keep the convo going on The Forum
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The CONTEST is OVER! Winners will be announced tomorrow!

*NOOOO….I’m of course not talking about myself here.. I’m talking about… a friend

  • southernbelle

    Oh my, I am way late again! I’ll skim through over 200 posts.

    I can’t think of any song but another cheesy one that I really like, “My heart will go on.” I don’t know why it reminds me of Twilight but it just does. Also another Celine Dion song called, “Because you loved me.” I think it’s perfect for Edward and Bella’s love. In essence they couldn’t literally live without each other.

    • MidnightSin

      Oh I am so with you!! Celine Dion is so my favorite forever…I actually got to meet her backstage and what did this moron do…I cried!! Yup the whole time….”our pictures”….Celine trying to comfort me looking gorgeous and me with mascara running down my face….and that was BEFORE my accident!! (I did have a legit reason for crying tho) Still an awesome experience…

      • This is one of my favorites and it makes me think of Bella…

        • oops…ok how do add a you tube thing?

          • cledbo

            you copy the link from the ‘URL’ bit on the right of the YouTube video, and put it in your comment with an empty line above and below – WordPress then embeds it. Hope this helps!

      • southernbelle

        Hey Cyndi! I love Celine! I haven’t met her in person, lucky you! I probably would have cried too. “My Heart will go on” was a song sung at my wedding during the ceremony….I sang it while my groom cried. Funny, everyone cried (even the men in the church) except me!

        I hope I can meet Celine Dion someday, will be like a dream come true. I heard she’s pregnant right now, did you know that?

        • Yes she is…SHE was incredible. So nice and we talked (I cried she talked) for quite a while..I spent three days at Caesars in Las Vegas..had great seats at her concert and got all kinds of goodies from her. I have a coat that was made for me and all kinds of posters etc., they gave me a whole bunch of stuff and the royal treatment….truly a once in a lifetime experience…so glad I didin’t lose those memories!
          I hope your dream comes true….never give up on them!

          • southernbelle

            Let’s hope Celine Dion reads this blog and grants me my dream :-). Or maybe I could ask Oprah for help.

          • @southernbelle…Hey good idea!! Or go to Celine’s website and write her…she has a myspace too… hey its worth a try…I still hope that I get to tell Stephenie Myers thank you in person….I’m not giving up…so don’t you either!!! πŸ™‚

    • Ang

      Cheese is good! Actually, My Heart Will Go On is so perfect for Twilight. I forget which book it is, but there is a time when Edward leaves Bella that note saying that he has left his heart with her. So sweet! BD maybe?

      • southernbelle

        @Ang, oh yes that was so sweet when he did that. I think that’s Eclipse? Oh I don’t know, I can’t remember. Now that will drive me insane til I find it!

        • Ang

          I’m actually reading Eclipse now. I haven’t got to it yet, but it might be coming up. I remember he leaves it for her while he goes to hunt, but I can’t remember when. Now I have to speed read because it will drive me insane too!

          • southernbelle

            I have been re-reading it too, skipping thru parts :-). I still haven’t found that line.

          • Ang

            It feels like an Eclipse line! But then I was thinking he might have left her note while she was sleeping on the honeymoon. I’m going to have to look that up!

            Are you really from the south or just like the name southern belle? Just curious. I’m in the south – Tennessee.

          • southernbelle

            @Ang I’m really from the south. I live in Louisville, KY :-). We’re practically neighbors, we should meet up sometime!

          • Ang

            That would be cool! I’m in Memphis, so I’m in the bottom of the state. But I smell a road trip!

            Now, maybe I’m admitting some technology challenges here, but how can we connect outside of LTT – without posting personal info on a public Web site!

        • TeamSeth

          It’s in Eclipse. It’s when he goes to Cali w/ the boys and makes Bella stay with Alice. That section always pissed me off. He’s so controlling. “Oh, it’s for your best interest. I love you so much baby. Do it for me.” gag.

      • southernbelle

        For sure! You want to PM me in the forum and I can give you my actual email address from there?. I don’t know how to PM someone if they don’t have a post I can click on(does that make sense?).

        I just don’t want to post my email here for everyone to see :-). I’m on googlechat too. Do you go to the forum? Anyway, that would be great if we can communicate.

        • Ang

          I haven’t been on the forums – mainly because I’m trying to not spend my ENTIRE time at work on this site. Seems like when I’m at home at night and on weekends, there’s not as much activity on the site.

          But this weekend I will check out the forums and get connected there!

          • southernbelle

            Ang – I also don’t go to the forums that much. πŸ™‚ Anyway, okay I guess I’ll hear from you there! You have a nice day! It’s raining here, been raining for a week. Reminds me of Forks. We’ve had a very wet summer/fall this year in Lville.

          • Ang

            It’s rather Forks-like today in Memphis too. Of course, I’m ok with “cold, wet” things! Ha!

  • cledbo

    Ahhhh I love this post. Can’t see the vids at work, but I’m so going to indulge in an afternoon delight at home before the hubs comes back! Heehee

    My picks! You know you love them….
    (btw, the lyrics are what comes out of my memory, so they’re not going to necessarily be correct or in the right order!)

    1. Jacob, pining for Bella in BD, when he wants to let her go but can’t: Maroon 5 – She will be loved

    Beauty queen of only 18,
    she had some trouble with herself
    He was always there to help her,
    she always belonged to someone else…

    I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door,
    I’ve held you so many times but somehow I want more.

    I don’t mind spending every day
    out on your corner in the pouring rain
    Look for the girl with the broken smile
    Ask her if she wants to stay awhile

    And she wiiiiillll be loved, and she wiiiillll be loved

    I know that goodbye means nothing at all,
    Comes back and makes me catch her everytime she falls

    2. Bella about Edward, probably in NM ish: You, by VAST
    (heh change guy’s voice to a girls voice of course)

    Your dress (shirt?) looks good on you my love
    And your house looks like its heaven
    Why are there so many people outside of it?
    Everything you have will be…

    Oh you can’t take anything with you
    Except the love, the love I have for you

    Your eyes look like they’re from God
    and your face looks like its from God
    Why are you
    Going to be
    Outside eternity?
    Everything we know will be…

    Oh you can’t take anything with you
    Except the love, the love I have for you..
    I kow you want to

    (This is such a slow, sad and mournful song – I think it’s about someone dying, but I’m not even sure. Gives me the shivers every time!)

    3. Bella in NM if she had some balls and got angry instead of just being sad: Piece of my heart – Joni Mitchell
    (isn’t it funny how even songs that *arent* about Twilight still remind you of it? *shakes head* Also this is my PMS song, even though no man has ever left me
    it is still fun to belt out)

    Didn’t I make you feel like you were the only man?
    And didn’t I give you everything that a woman possibly can?
    Each time I tell myself I think I’ve had enough
    Well, I’m gonna show you baby that a woman can be tough
    So, come on, come on, come on and…

    TAKE IT!
    Take another little piece of my heart now baby
    Break another little bit of my heart now darling yeah
    Cause you know you got it if it makes you feel good

    4. For hilarious purposes only, Bella to Edward in the meadow in NM: If you leave me, can I come to? – Mental as Anything
    (this song is just awesome anyway, classic Aussie band)

    Words were exchanged last night
    You could call it a fight
    Its such a shame
    I never thought we would
    Wouldn’t be so bad
    If it weren’t so good

    If you leave me, can I come too?
    We can always stay
    If you leave me can I come too?
    And if you go, can I come too-oo-oo-oo-oo?


  • luvnroballday

    These guys look scary, but this song is beautiful and it totes reminds me of the Twilight Saga every time I hear it. I think these lyrics would be PERFECT…
    Here are the lyrics…

    Bury all your secrets in my skin.
    Come away with innocence, and leave me with my sins.
    The air around me still feels like a cage
    And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again…

    So if you love me, let me go.
    And run away before I know.
    My heart is just too dark to care.
    I can’t destroy what isn’t there.

    Deliver me into my fate –
    If I’m alone I cannot hate
    I don’t deserve to have you…
    Ooh, my smile was taken long ago,
    If I can change I hope I never know.

    I still press your letters to my lips
    And cherish them in parts of me that savor every kiss.
    I couldn’t face a life without your light,
    But all of that was ripped apart, when you refused to fight.

    So save your breath, I will not care.
    I think I made it very clear.
    You couldn’t hate enough to love.
    Is that supposed to be enough?

    I only wish you weren’t my friend.
    Then I could hurt you in the end.
    I never claimed to be a Saint…
    Ooh, my own was banished long ago,
    It took the Death of Hope to let you go

    So break yourself against my stones
    And spit your pity in my soul.
    You never needed any help…
    You sold me out to save yourself…

    And I won’t listen to your shame.
    You ran away, you’re all the same.
    Angels lie to keep control…
    Ooh, my love was punished long ago,
    If you still care, don’t ever let me know…
    If you still care, don’t ever let me know…

    Soooo…whatcha’ think?? πŸ™‚

    • lovemesomecullens

      I agree, the lyrics are fitting in this song.

      I couldn’t watch it tho. My hubs is into Slipknot, and I am afraid to look. They, and Rob Zombie give me nightmares.

      Embarrassing, but true!

      • luvnroballday

        LOL! The vid just stays on that 1 pic…it doesn’t show them…they scare me too!! πŸ˜‰

  • TeamSeth

    Just remembered this song!

    “Start to Melt” by Peter Bjorn and John
    So Bella and Edward Twilight whenever he’s in her bedroom and flips out and she’s like, “Hey don’t go.” (I don’t think this is actually in the book, but something similar is)

  • MidnightSin

    Can I just go of topic for a minute…(I think I might do this alot…sorry) anyway…just wanted to note 2 things..First and to me anyway, most important…The hubs came in a little while ago and was like “Wow you MUST be feeling better cause everytime I have checked on you today you have been laughing or smiling…I’ve missed that” I just smiled and said yup..getting back to feeling good…didn’t tell him why…CAUSE I AM HERE AGAIN!!! SO THANKS EVERYONE!! it me (I am sure it is) but is everyone writing alot of great stuff today?? Have I been missing this the past few days?…like the posts are way long and some really deep…I’m lovin it… <3!
    like everyone is putting …oh I can't find the words…ahhh ..trying to say that people are sharing themselves more…probably not right…hope you get what I am trying to say…. πŸ™‚

    • TeamSeth

      MS: I think it was Tuesday’s Twilosophy that got everyone’s sharing abilities into gear. ‘Cuz the average comment count is like 100-150 and the past 3 days it’s been hitting 200+ each day.

      I’m actually worried that when I finally get a job I’m going to fall behind on the comments! :'( I love comments, esp. here.

      Also, I need to put this somewhere. I was at the coffeeshop today, just gettin’ out of the house, and these two people were talking and all the sudden she said, “Yeah, but I was living in Forks then.” and I was like “WHAAAAAT?!!!!” and tried not to swerve my head around too quickly to see what she looked like. I had a major inner squeal and thought of all my LTT people.

      • southernbelle

        @teamseth – Hey! I would have a hard time not butting in that conversation if I heard Forks! Haha! Isn’t that so weird that we are all somewhat feeling connected?

        Yeah I notice there’s been so many comments! That’s great though, that means more traffic in this blog! I really need to get here earlier so I don’t fall back on having to read 200 plus comments :-).

        Time for chilling out….child asleep.


        • TeamSeth

          I didn’t butt in, they were engrossed in a way where it could only have been taken as extremely rude and pathetically fangirl-like. I try to keep an outside of LTT persona you know. Only my sister and SO and friend here know about my Twi-session. πŸ˜‰

          I am west coast, so when I wake up it’s like comment overload already.

          • southernbelle

            Ah, I’m on Eastern standard time(Louisville, KY) and I still can’t get on here early enough. You’re faring much better than me :-).

            DH and I were shopping at Crazy 8(a children’s clothing store) with our toddler and I saw the cashier had this name tag and under her name it said “Twilight.” Like it was just screaming “ask me about Twilight” KWIM? So I did and we ended up chatting, feeling like we’re old friends…LMAO. My husband was rolling his eyes the whole time I thought he has gone mad, like exorcist. Haha. Then he started going “blah, blah, blah.” Jerk :-).

            Hey good luck on job hunting btw :-).

          • TeamSeth

            I was just telling my one female friend out here how pretty Louisville is. She lived in some small town in KY for a few years and was keen to agree. I was taking a road trip to visit my friend in STL at WashU and went the wrong way out of Nashville. By the time I realized that, it was shorter for me to keep going north than to turn around and go back. So, I got to see Louisville! πŸ™‚

            Thanks on the job hunting.
            Here’s my pimp myself out plug:
            I do freelance writing and editing, so if you know of any editing or writing jobs that need to get done (preferably telecommute), send ’em my way. I have writing samples and rates. Past work includes: articles, newsletters, web copy, technical writing, proposals, and marketing materials.

        • southernbelle

          @Teamseth -I’ll keep my eyes open for you. I used to do freelance writing too, before I changed careers and went into the medical field.


      • LMAO…I can so picture your reaction…oh to be a fly on the wall!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Don’t worry…you’ll be back to work and I know for a fact that you can multi-task very well…you will keep up just fine!!! If you need..I’ll start a journal just to make notes for you….I’ll call it my Team Seth LTT journal!!! But I know you won’t need it and to be honest…I can hardly ever understand my own notes…LOL…so it will probably wouldn’t be much help!

        • TeamSeth

          My NM thing is called “New Moon: A Guide Prepared Especially for MidnightSin by TeamSeth”

          • I SO HEART YOU!!! ..I JUST KNOW your gonna be back at work before ya know it….and in the can entertain us here…then we’ll be teasing you about sneaking onto LTT while at work…

          • TeamSeth

            I’m applying for an admin job at my church. So…I’m not sure if I can be visiting sites that use terms like “cock blocking” πŸ˜‰

          • Ang

            “I’m applying for an admin job at my church. So…I’m not sure if I can be visiting sites that use terms like β€œcock blocking”

            OK – I’m glad I didn’t have any liquid in my mouth when I read that because I totally would have spewed!

      • Ang

        Definitely it was Tuesday’s Twilosophy that got me going. I’ve only commented here and there in the past, but got carried away this week!

        I was without a job for several months this year. I WISH I’d known about LTT during that time. I would have been crazy commenting. Working has cut into my Twilight obsession. Ha!

        But having a paycheck is better, right? Good luck on your job search!

        • TeamSeth

          I’m glad you got carried away, Ang. You have good comments.

          Thanks on the job search. I won’t double pimp myself out, but I do writing/editing and live in Portland, OR, but am happy to telecommute!. You know, just in case you know of anything πŸ˜‰

          • Ang

            @TeamSeth – Thanks! I felt bad because late in day Tuesday I received quite a few thumbs down. I was thinking I shouldn’t comment on days when I can’t let my Edward flag fly so strongly! Ha!

            I’m actually in PR/communications at a hospital, so I know a lot of people who write/edit. Unfortunately I am in Tennessee – which would be quite a telecommute! There are a lot of freelancers in this area, and not really enough work to go around.

    • Ang

      It’s cool to go off topic!

  • When they are reunited at the end of new moon I think of this song. [youtube=]

  • First of all, I’m so pissed my work was super busy today because i’m just getting to this entry right now and it’s genius!

    The 24 year old in me is laughing at the mockery, but the 12 year old in me is squeeing because of the three BSB songs on the list. KTBSPA! You all totally know that acronym, don’t pretend you don’t, you are just as nerdy as I am.

    I always think of Twilight when David Gray’s Please Forgive Me comes on. And whenever I hear Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran, I think of Jacob. True story.

  • Amy

    The Backstreet Boys were my life from age 11 to 14, so this post speaks to me on many levels. Here’s a Nick Carter solo for those who would like to reminisce.


  • SarahBella Cullinson

    I think a great song for New Moon is “No Place That Far” by Sarah Evans. After all, Bella did travel all the way from Forks to Italy for Edward!

  • the one song that makes me think of new moon more than any other is Forever by Papa Roach. mostly cause he talks about how much he loves the girl and he has to leave… I was too shy to post this before i read through the comments of all the pop songs till i found Closer by NIN πŸ˜€ (awesome song) anyway here’s a you tube link:

    • ashwood902

      I love this song and also had it ony my playlist while reading so I automatically associate the two…but they really work well together.

  • LadyN

    I HAVE to go with Beyonce’s Smash into You for NEW MOON:


    when she runs to save Edward. *Sighhhhh*

    • LadyN

      Ps. STAY NSYNC! πŸ˜‰

      • LadyN

        pps. (or rather) STAY *//\\//SYNC

        LOL aww the good ol days when I was innocent and not brain fried with by TwFanfic.

  • notacloudinthesky

    Awesome to find this blog for fellow Twilight lovers who aren’t teenyboppers! I always think of these two songs when I imagine of what SMeyer was thinking of when writing the series:

    Cold as Ice – by Foreigner (totally cheesy but appropriate)
    (Youre as cold as ice, youre willing to sacrifice our love
    You never take advice, someday youll pay the price, I know
    Ive seen it before, it happens all the time
    Youre closing the door, you leave the world behind
    Youre digging for gold, youre throwing away
    A fortune in feelings, but someday youll pay)

    Catch – by the Cure
    Yes I know who you remind me of
    A girl I think I used to know
    Yes I’d see her when the day got colder
    On those days when it felt like snow

    You know I even think that she stared like you
    She used to just stand there and stare
    And roll her eyes right up to heaven
    And make like I just wasn’t there

    And she used to fall down a lot
    That girl was always falling
    Again and again
    And I used to sometimes try to catch her
    But I never even caught her name

    And sometimes we would spend the night
    Just rolling about on a floor
    And I remember
    Even though it felt soft at the time
    I always used to wake up sore

    You know I even think that she smiled like you
    She used to just stand there and smile
    And her eyes would go all sort of far away
    And stay like that for quite a while

    This one seems so fitting (Bella being so clumsy and Edward being made of stone and bruising her…as well as real life KStew’s eyerolls) too funny.

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