Losing our Twilight (movie) virginity

Remember seeing this everywhere? (With the old release date!)

Remember seeing this everywhere? (With the old release date!)

Dear Twilight,

There’s nothing like your first time. The nerves, the jitters, the excitement, that nauseous feeling in the pit of your stomach. And then it’s over and suddenly you know what everyone has been talking about. You are no longer a virgin. A Twilight Movie virgin, that is! What did you think I was talking about?

We’ve talked about our first everything’s on here… first time reading the books, first time seeing the NM trailer, first time seeing each other in years, there’s a first time for everything BUT we’ve never talked about the first time we saw the movie in the theater. And it just so happens the other day UC and I were having a conversation about just this subject and here’s what we had to say…

UC: In August after I finished the books I found out it was going to be made into a movie and i was PISSED that it was being made into a movie b/c i knew it would suck. I saw ‘that girl from that movie with adam brody’ and then Cedric as Edward and was like “what the?” i will NOT watch this.” but duh.. time went on
Moon: Hmmm Adam Brody… how about when you went and saw it?
UC: I found 4 random people to see the movie with and then had drinks at pf changs after and stayed quiet while they talked about how Edward was NOT cute enough and how cheesy it was and i just had this FEELING
Moon: (like the black eyed peas?)
UC: (yup, like that)

Follow the cut to read the rest of our first time

And this one... with the new date

And this one... with the new date

UC: and was like.. i need to see that again. So I did 2 days later and then the next day at work, i believe i did nothing but watch videos of Rob. It was like meeting a new boy in high school
UC: i seriously had that feeling in my belly.
Moon: Oh I know that feeling, I think I googled Rob while IN the theater and my life has never been the same since that feeling!
UC: You know that feeling? It’s like I wanna DO stefan from vamp diaries. cuz he’s hot.. but i dont’ have the feeling
Moon: seriously, do-able but no where near THE FEELING you get from Twi or Edward
UC: What about you?
Moon: Yea, I didnt make it till Thanksgiving when I was originally going to see it with my Mom and cousin. (Well, they didn’t know they were going to see it, I was going to try to convince them. Didn’t take much as it turns out). I made it ONE DAY after Twilight came out and was dying. So I went and saw it BY MYSELF on Saturday!
UC: you Did NOT! I had no idea!
Moon: YES I DID!! i went at 9 in the morning the next day! And i thought it would be an empty theater cause I was going so early but it was FULL. I sat by myself between some crazy teen twihards and their crazy twimoms in super embarrassing shirts. The movie hadn’t even started and they were flipping out. And I was like wtf is the big deal people?! Calm down! (Oh little did I know) Then finally the “Twilight” screen came on and everyone lost their shit screaming. At 9 in the morning! I was like what have I gotten myself into? I sat there and fell in love with the story all over again by myself in the middle of the theater. Then I wrote about it on a blog I had at the time cause I had no other outlet to post about it on. And then you and I started talking about our mutual OCD for Twi and well the rest is history.

Awww sweet, sweet memories! I can tell you I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be here today while sitting in that theater early on a Saturday morning almost a year ago. But boy, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I do know that seeing New Moon will be a different story altogether. I will not be alone for sure as there is already a group in the double digits I will be seeing New Moon with! I’m so excited to see what this year’s “first time” will be like.

So what about you? What was your first time seeing the Twilight movie like?

Everytime is like the first time!

PS 38 DAYS!!!!!!!

See what UC’s got cooking at Letters to Rob today.
First time in the the forum?

Remember this… creeeepy music beginning! I always smiled when James says “You brought a snack!” Awww, makes me smile now watching this.

  • unlikelyfangirl

    It’s been so long since I’ve watched the movie (3 months, I think). I’ve been inspired to slip it in the DVD this morning and brew some hot cocoa for old times sake. I love how everyone’s stories start with “I cringed, I laughed in all the wrong places” and end with “but I went to the theatre again the next day.” Ah, Twilight, what is this strange power you have over us?

    • therealrobzilla

      I’m brewing a new pot of coffee and about to watch it again too on this cold, rainy day. I haven’t seen it in at least 3 months either. Fun times kiddos!

  • Ok, so first time: dragged my husband (I’m not a twimom, I swear) on the first Friday it was out. Waited in a very long line, but in said line made friends with a group of 15 year olds (I’m 26) felt kind of embarrassed afterword, but whatever. They shared sour patch kids.

    Tried to find seats amongst other adults, but avoiding the tweens was impossible. I sat next to a creepy twimom, nudged her and jovially said “hey, can we agree that this is a scream-free-zone? Pass it on!” She scowled at me with the look of death and said “NO PROMISES!” Yeah…
    So that first time was pretty terrible, considering the screams over EVERY time Edward was on screen, so I totally snuck into a matinee BY MYSELF (Yeah MOON!) on Sunday which was way better because I avoided the multiplex in favor of a smaller local theater, which was eerily empty. Oh and there may have been that time I snuck out of work early for a “dentist appointment” and saw it again in December… anyway…

  • therealrobzilla

    I will confess to seeing this crapfest of a movie 9 times in the theaters. The best viewing, by far, was when I went alone and drunk.
    I just had happy hour with a friend who was supposed to go with me but she decided to go get laid instead. Priorities friend!
    Anywho, there were two ladies sitting in front of me. They had deep southern accents. One was seeing it for the first time and the other had already seen it and hated it. She proceeded to poke or slap her friend at every corny moment and make kissy noises during the meadow scene.
    The virgin turned to her and said, “Iyuf yuu poke me wun moruh tyme, Imma gonna tayke yuu ouyawtsyde ayund whup yoruh ayuss. Thayut bowee is fyne ayund yuu ain’t.” (that took me 5 mins to write out the phonetic version.)
    It was hilarious because I was three sheets to the wind. Thank goodness the movie was long so I could sober up and drive home.

    P.S. friend didn’t get laid. HA!

    • TeamSeth

      The best time I saw it was when I was drunk!!!! YAY! Just last month that was.

      I’m glad your friend didn’t laid, serves her right.

  • faerierebel

    When I first found out about the movie being made and LOL Cedric Diggory being cast as Edward, none of my friends had even heard about Twilight, so I had no one to discuss it with.
    Truthfully, I was so scared about the outcome. In the past years I had seen NOTHING but bad book to movie-adaptations and inside I just KNEW it would be horrible and destroy the book totally.

    But then I went to see it with a friend, who wasn’t exactly a twilighter, but had a crush on Carlisle.
    And to my ultimate surprise, I found myself liking it. Sure, it wasn’t exactly perfect, but the story was recognisable and not altered too much, like in most cases. I liked the casting a lot and hey, even Cedric pulled it off. Plus, there was a huge audible *GASP* from the audience when Carlisle first appeared on screen.

    After a week, I went to see it again, because I JUST HAD TO.

    I admit to liking this movie, because I like the adaptation. It doesn’t suck as much as Stardust (still waiting for a refund from seeing that POS) or The Spiderwick Chronicles.

    But hands down: New Moon will be the best Saga-movie EVER.

  • Ashley Frag (Alice)

    I JUST got goosebumps watching that trailer.

    The weather today is reminiscent of those first initial days of seeing Twilight. A chill in the air. and I had NO idea what I was getting myself into.

    I hadn’t read the books. I’ll admit that.
    My friend wanted to go to a movie. It was either Hotel for Dogs (or something) or Twilight.
    We chose Twilight.

    My life hasn’t been the same. It’s kind of insane.

    Just like you guys, I started googling Robert Pattinson and watching videos of him just like I was in high school all over again and there’s a cute new boy…except he sparkled in the sunlight and was a vampire. Robert Pattinson had been in Harry Potter? I hadn’t realized that. So I watched Cedric in HP again and fell in love! For serious.

    My name is Ashley and I’m a Twilight-o-holic.


    ICANTWAITFORNEWMOON to have that same feeling all over again!!!

  • Jamie

    When I heard this movie was coming out, I imediately thought: “Here’s another franchise”. Like Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Lord of the Rings this will probably be carried out for a while. And with Harry Potter and LOTR, I never read the books or seen all the movies. I decided I would buy all the twilight books and get ahead. I suddenly became absolutely STOKED for this movie. I kept denying that it looked cheesey. I bought prescreen tickets, waited in like for 2.5 hours and saw the movie at 10pm on a Thursday the day before it came out. I plan on doing this again for New Moon.

  • kef113003

    I was very…and I mean very against the whole Twilight world! But I appeased my bestie and went with her to go see it. I hated the entire experience…now people don’t start throwing the pitch forks yet! I was in packed theatre on a Friday night at 7:30 so of course it was FILLED with little teen twihards. There was an incessant murmur of laughing and talking throughout the entire movie which in turn made me hate the movie even more…however there was this tug in my stomach that thought it was a good plot…just the circumstances sucked. So I gave it another chance when it came out on video. I rented it and was hooked from there on. I literally went to the bookstore and picked up Twilight. The girl at the counter said, “oh you’ll be back later tonight to pick up New Moon” and I just laughed thinking “Yeah, right” and sure enough it has turned into a full blown obsession. The only thing that upsets me is I am a bandwaggon Twilighter…oh well, I am smitten!! 🙂

    • Pinky

      I’m right on the bandwagon with you and I have no shame…proud of it!

      Some Twilight Purist (see: read the books hot off the presses and smirk in disdain at anyone who saw the movie first) are real creepers. I’m sure Stephanie, Rob, Kristen and their bank accounts, appreciate all of us late bloomers.

  • Dixie Rae

    Hi. My name is “Dixie” and I’m a Twi-aholic….

    After reading all four books in a week and a half about a month before the movie, I was determined to see it….even if it sucked because I was so dying for anything that would enable me to hang on to the story. I went to the midnight showing….by myself…with my hood on my head to try to blend in. Besides the parents that were there taking their kids (because they were too young to drive) I felt like I had to be one of the oldest people there. I didn’t love the movie the first time, but loved *the feeling* watching it. I loved that the crowd audibly gasped in unison when Rob/Edward walked in the cafeteria…. The movie grew on me the more I watched it and now I’m addicted to the movie franchise also…. I am officially a closet Twi-dork and I love every minute of it….
    Good news though! I will not be seeing New Moon alone. My one and only Twi-dork friend (that lives across the country) conviently planned a visit right around the opening! Yay!!!!

  • I’m glad I didn’t see the trailer, or I wouldn’t have let my daughter talk me into seeing the movie. As it was, I took a blanket it with me so that I could nap. NAP, people. So I was huddled under my blanket, weighing my options for what I should bring to Thanksgiving dinner the next week, when the movie hit 9:45. Robward strutted into cafeteria. I was captivated. I literally had hot flashes when Bella fantasized about Edward “biting” her on the red velvet sofa. I thought Carlisle Cullen was being played by Noah Wylie. I wanted Rosalie’s Vince Camutos BAD. I held my breath and made tiny squeaky noises during the “I just wanna try one thing” scene. I cried during the gazebo scene at the end.

    I missed the cafeteria/apple/what if I’m the bad guy scene because an old man VOMITED in the theater, causing quite a distraction. I thought maybe he was ill, but now I realize he just had an allergic reaction to poor acting and direction.

    I myself didn’t realize it was a bad movie until the third (!) time I saw it and noticed that during certain scenes *cough*HellomynameisEdwardCullen*cough* I had to look away from the screen because it was so terrible. I still watch, I still look away. It’s like falling in love with an ugly guy: you find what you love about him and focus on it, and try not to see that horrifying wart on the bridge of his nose.

    • Pinky

      Love the ugly guy analogy!

  • I too was upset that this “Twilight movie” was opening instead of my beloved Harry Potter. My cousin (who has similar taste in books and movies) told me I was going to see the movie with her opening day, but that I had to read the books first. So I grumbled about having to read some dumb YA vampire book. I picked Twilight up after work and finished it that night. I read all 4 books in 3 days. Yep, I was hooked. Then we went to the movie the day it opened. I told my boss I had a dr’s apt and took off to a showing at noon! I giggled my way through it, but wasn’t too impressed that first time. Bella could have been MUCH better…and WTF was with her nasal oxygen tubes at the hospital, that bothered me sooo much! I bought the DVD when it came out, and now have it on my iPhone. I love watching it with the comentary on. Can’t wait to see NM!

  • Kim

    So, I never saw Twilight in the theaters. I was a Twilight virgin until two months ago. I first watched the DVD with my mom, and me sisters. They had already seen it so they kept talking. #1 on my movie don’ts, don’t talk or I will say something mean, probably.
    So, after the first time I was disappointed, but I couldn’t stop watching it. There was a time that I watched it every day. I’m better now, I only watch it occasionally. Hello, my name is Kim, I have been Twilight sober for two weeks now. Thank you everyone.

  • ChinNubbin

    It was only a little over a month ago. Crazy me didn’t know a thing about the books or the movie, and loved it anyway.

    It’s so fresh, it’s still like one, long, never ending, orgasm. In other words, nothing like losing your virginity.

  • same

    First, let me say I love you guys-Moon, UC, and all you posters! you bring so much to my life..the vocab alone!! Panty-sweats! Anyway, my first time was opening night. In the middle of October, I had been steadfastly and snobbishly avoiding all things Twilight for whatever reason when I got stuck in the Denver airport. Out of boredom, I bought Twilight and was just completely undone. I loved the story so much that I could not wait for the movie and braved the midnight showing solo, squeeing teens and all. I loved it. Yes, there were parts I winced over, even that first time, but there were other moments that gave me the same rush the book did. As those above, when Edward walks into the caf was a big one, but I actually liked the awkward ride with Charlie, the way the movie introduced Billy Black, the way the movie introduced Newton, the rifle-cleaning, the pepper spray (Charlie was a better developed character in the movie IMHO) …OME Edward playing the piano and the gazebo scene at the prom. For these small things, I can overlook the structural and mechanical problems with the movie, just as with the book. Thank you all again for sharing – because this obsession is normal, right!?

    • TeamSeth

      You’re so right about Charlie being a more developed character in the movie. He’s my SO’s fave character. He loves that there’s this development between him and Bella…it’s so fascinating to him. Which is great. And Billy Burke is smoking hot, so I really love those scenes…

      • egregiousgirl

        agreed. would ride that mustache.

  • i went to see it alone too Moon, during the day, because i was kind of embarrassed and i figured no one would be there and i walked into the theater and it was mass pandemonium.

    It was like a party and i was relieved to see that i wasn’t anywhere near (ok maybe by like five years or so) the oldest person in the theater! i did realize almost right away that i was just about the only one in the theater that hadn’t seen it yet…
    so i sat in the middle of one group – all ages – and they were all telling me how many times they had seen it. And they were all silly and giddy and excited – it was so cute!
    And one college age girl was telling me how she had just seen Robward in person at King of Prussia mall – how she waited 6 hours outside to see him for about 15 minutes…(i remember thinking “6 hours?? that’s a bit insane” and now – almost a year later – imagine myself 20 again and thinking that waiting outside for a week in a pup tent would almost be “normal”)

    i wish i could go back to that first “feeling” – and i still vividly remember the collective sigh that occurred when Robward walked into the cafeteria for the first time…thanks UC and Moon for reminding us of the good ol’ days again!

  • justagirl1237

    I had not heard of Twilight (can’t believe I don’t recall seeing one trailor for the movie?). My hubby and I took my cousin and her little friends to the movies. They went to Twilight and I don’t remember anymore what we went to see. Our movie got out way before theirs so we decided to go in and watch the last 1/2 hour of it. It was kind of cheesy, but I like cheesy and thought it was still really sweet. When we left, I told my hubby – when the DVD comes out I want to buy it and see the rest of the movie. I guess since I didn’t see the whole movie, I didn’t lose my Twilight virginity all at once…mine was just a little foreplay 🙂 🙂 A couple days later I was talking to a friend about the movie. She said her daughter read the books and said they were so much better than the movie. I went and bought Twilight and by that same night was on my way to the store for the other 3. I did not move all weekend. I was officially hooked. My husband thinks I am completely insane. I didn’t get like this over movies or movie stars as a teen so I have no idea why I’ve become so addicted to this in my 30’s! Anyway…I have now read the books and watch Twilight (too) many times to count and while Twilight probably isn’t the best movie out there – I still love it. There is definately something about the books and the movies that have brought together thousands of people around the world and that’s a pretty amazing thing. Sadly, I was a pretty closeted fan until very recently – preferring to read what was online, etc. and not tell my friends and family what a nut case I had become – but my husband and I were in a bookstore not long ago and I was casually trying to look (and not appear to be looking) at the Rob/Twilight mentions in magazines. He finally laughed at me and said “god, if you are going to be so into it, just own it”. So I’m owning it !! Love Letters to Twilight and reading all of the comments from the other Twilight fans out there!

    • ambushed by twilight

      AWW! consider yourself hugged for that twi-fession!

      i’ve been in the same boat as you!

      Ah, a kindred-spirit!

    • Pinky

      Love this! I too have just started “owning it”. Just this Sunday I slapped my People Special Edition ‘New Moon’ exclusive mag on the bookstore counter, while looking the cashier right in the eyes. Nevermind the fact that only moments ago I was clasping my hand over my daughter’s mouth because she kept screaming, “Mommy look it’s your favorite movie!” Baby steps…baby steps.

      • TeamSeth

        Tear. I’m so proud. I mean, I can’t even walk by Hot Topic without my ears growing hot. And when I asked for Little Ashes I was so embarrassed that the guy said, “Oh the Twilight guy?” as if I only wanted to see it ‘cuz Rob was in it. (I actually do really love Dali and Bunuel, so it was super duper amazing that this movie was being made…Dali was such a queer fellow. I’ve been to both the largest Dali museums, the one in St Pete, FL and the one in Figueres, Spain which is where he is from). I could never buy a mag w/ Rob’s face on the front. I’m embarrassed enough to be reading New Moon at B&N, but I just remember that I’m doing it for Cyndi.

        • egregiousgirl

          hot topic makes my ears hot too? and at borders tonight i got all flustered and refused to make eye contact with a huge twilight merch display even though i really wanted to! i saw my husband looking at me funny – i bet he could tell.

          • TeamSeth

            I’m glad you understand egregious…every time i read your avatar name I think it says gregarious.

  • GayAnn

    I had read the books and was already “in love” with Edward and was very wary of RTP playing the lead. I went the first weekend with my hubby, he was a good sport. He felt out of place in a packed theater and one of only a handful of men – I actually think he really liked being surrounded by all these lusty females. I felt Kristen and Rob nailed the feelings from the book, but there was a lot of other weird stuff like the tree climbing and buttcrack santa, I really was disappointed in the lack of a legitimate meadow scene too. Otherwise enjoyed it and went again two days later with my twin sister – we are identical and now have one more common trait – in love with all things Twilight!

    • TeamSeth

      Here here to the meadow scene issue!

  • Suzin

    I’m surprised to see that not many people went to the midnight showing! I definitely did… Went and got my tickets as soon as I heard they were on sale, and bought tickets for about 15 of my friends too! The week before, most of us went to Hot Topic and bought t-shirts for the big event. Then on the big night, we all put our shirts on and took pictures in our dorms, the elevator, the car, waiting in line, and in the theater! haha. There were so many of us that we didn’t even get to sit next to each other in the theater because it was so full, and there were 4 other theaters full of people too.

    I remember thinking the movie wasn’t that great, but that I was gonna say that I loved it because I wanted all of my friends to like it. I ended up going at least once more that weekend, 8 times in total! I even paid for my mom to go because she didn’t really want to see it.

    Now I’ve got midnight showing tickets for New Moon safely tucked away in my wallet! 😀

  • cedvanhalen

    Aww I have so many fun memories of my first time with Twilight. I knew one of my friends who was really into the books in high school was going to drag me to the movie, so I went ahead and read the books a month before the movie. (It also helped that I was still mad at WB for changing the date of the Harry Potter movie, so I needed something to unlease the built up excitement I had for HP on..) And then I was hooked. It didn’t hurt that Rob was in it. Cause I have to admit, I had a thing for Cedric Diggory when Goblet of Fire came out. Heck, I still have a thing for Cedric….

    Anyways, I went and saw the movie with 4 of my friends. When we got sat down in the theatre I told one of my friends to ask the people she was sitting by if they were going to squeal when Edward came up, cause I wasn’t having any of that. Needless to say, I may or may not have squealed a little myself. I really don’t remember.

    I do remember that there were people dressed up as vampires at the showing we went to. They had fangs and capes and everything. I remember thinking “umm have you not read this?? These vamps don’t have fangs or capes.” But one of the chicks had obviously read it because I ran into her in the bathroom and we started talking about our favorite parts in the books.

    The next day, one of my friends who was totally against Twilight called and told me that she went and saw it. And loved it. So we went and saw it again together on that Sunday.

    And now I have all my other friends excited for New Moon. Including my boyfriend. Who, for some reason, thinks Edward dies. I guess that’s what he got from the trailer. I still haven’t revealed the truth.

    • lovebeingme

      Don’t reveal the truth! That it too funny.

      My Husband might want to see it too if he thought Edward died at the end. He’d be thinking “serves him right, stealing my wife’s affections for all these months”.

      If I were you, I’d laugh in his face at the end.

      • cedvanhalen

        oh I have no intention of telling him. If I told him, he wouldn’t go see it with me. lol

        I’m actually surprised I haven’t already mentioned it. I’m really bad at giving away spoilers.

  • southernbelle

    Wow I’m just getting on here and 2 pages already!!!

    Well I didn’t see it in the theater. I saw the previews and I was like “I’ll never see that teen movie ever.” Oh and I said Rob was hideous, can you believe that? Blasphemy! I took everyback back later on of course! Now I think he’s the hottest man on the planet!

    DH came home one evening in March and he had that Twilight DVD. He said, oh hey let’s watch this vampire movie. I think he thought it would be a typical vampire movie! LOL. I was like fine, whatever. Gosh I’m so glad I watched it! I was captivated by Rob, I mean Edward, I mean Robward! His face, his jaw, chin, eyes, hair!!! Aww, I was melting on the couch but trying not to be so obvious next to my husband eating popcorn.

    After that time, I started googling him, watching interviews and looking at pictures online. Of course I was doing this while DH was off to work because I was embarrassed about my new found obsession. Then I bought the books, read them sometime in March. I read them I think in about a week, I stretched out Breaking Dawn because I didn’t want it to end! After BD I was seriously lacking in stuff to read. :-(. So I found this site but I was just a lurker for months and months on end.

    But I remember how it felt, that excitement. It’s like you’re meeting someone new, a new guy. Like it’s going out on a date. It was just so sweet and I love the movie despite the flaws. I still think the books are better but still, having to see Rob was worth it and he is always going to be my perfect Edward. 🙂

    • TeamSeth

      Southernbelle *waves*…so at the risk of sounding ignorant, what on earth does the D in DH stand for?

      • southernbelle

        @ TeamSeth – Hi, *waves*! Where you been today? 🙂

        DH means dear husband. If hubby is not being a dear, I just say H!

        • TeamSeth

          I was gonna go with “Darling”, but thought that it could also be “Daft” or “Dumb” or “Damn”…or in Billy Burke’s case, “Debonair” 😉

          • southernbelle

            Oh darling is okay too! I guess it’s either dear or darling.


  • amanda

    UC do you live in edgewater…
    just asking cus our theater is next to a pf changs
    anyway i went at midnight.. and i had to go to boston the next day with my school trip…so i had to sleep on the bus and then our bus broke down and its just a huge story lmfao.

    • no! this was in plymouth meeting, PA!

      • unlikelyfangirl

        I feel so special. I’ve actually been to that theatre. (relatives in Flourtown)

  • Irreversibly Altered

    I believe my reaction to seeing ‘Twilight’ for the first time went something like ‘What the Eff was that??? That has to be one of the most poorly made movies I’ve ever seen!! It’s almost as bad as the book, but not quite…’

    Chillax- there is a happy ending here~ *that’s what she said*

    I read ‘Twilight’ in June of this year, long after everyone else on the planet had already fallen in love. My neighbor loaned it to me, warning me of the impending addiction. I wasn’t too thrilled about reading a book written for Teens, but I like vampires and wanted to see what all the hype was about. So I read it. Aaaaannd…. I really didn’t like it at all. I watched Twilight On Demand the night that I finished the book, hoping that maybe, hopefully, the movie was what made everyone love the book so much. Sooooo many parts of that movie made me throw up in my mouth a little- Without making a grocery list of all the things I couldn’t stand, I will tell you the most important that will make you want to permanantly ban me from LTT/LTR- I didn’t like Rob AT ALL. Thought he was way too ‘metrosexual’ for my taste and not all that good looking.

    Fast forward a few days after….

    I reported back to the Book-Loaning-Neighbor that I wasn’t-liking-the-Twilight-girrrrrrllll. She loaned me ‘New Moon’ and told me to stick with it. I reluctantly agreed. And then, halfway through ‘New Moon’ I became irreversibly altered. I read the next 2 books in about 3 days- no small feat since I have a toddler at home. I am now a full blown Twihard. Bought the DVD and have watched it at least 5 times, including the Director’s Cut. I am now on my fourth reading of the series. And most of all, my view of Rob has transformed. I deem him most Eff-alicious now, and am sad that there just doesn’t seem to be enough RobPorn these days, now that David Slade has him on lockdown.

    As for the Twilight movie, something so bad has me feeling oh so good these days~

  • lovebeingme

    What exactly is that “feeling”?!?!/

    It’s frustrating to me that I don’t understand what exactly happened to me when I saw the movie for the first time.

    It wasn’t until it was out on DVD, and I was surrounded by jerks, mocking it and laughing at it, but I just had this “feeling” in my gut. I just knew there was something about this story that was going to completely take over my life. *sigh* (sings) Memories…. lol

    Anyway, watched it a gazillion times, read the books, wore out the soundtrack, Youtubed everything Rob, and here I am 6 months later, just as obsessed.

    Will I ever be normal again?
    Does it eventually fade?

    • ambushed by twilight

      q: does it fade?

      a: doesn’t look like it… no.

    • TeamSeth

      Your human memories will become hazy I’m sure.

  • jazzled

    Oh man, my Twilight movie virginity, eh?

    Well I held my own for a damn long time (months that seemed like years) under the pressure of my internet friends from another community and didn’t even start reading the series until AFTER the movie had come out in theaters, my reasoning being that even though I was really starting to give in to the hype surrounding the movie and wanted to go see it, I didnt want to see it before I’d read the book. Also, I had no one IRL to go with, and I positively refused to be that shady person skulking around to see it alone. I think I was slightly ashamed of myself then over the whole ordeal.

    So I got myself Twilight and started reading it, and even though its not a particularly long read, I was so busy between my two jobs I had to do it in small sections. I was really getting antsy about it because it was taking me longer to read than I wanted it to, and the more I read, the more I really really wanted to see the movie while it was still in the theaters. So when the opportunity came up that I was visiting a friend back home who was strung out from her husband and kids, I seized on it even though I still wasnt done reading the book- I left the DH with her DH and the kids and we went to see Twilight, which I of course totally played down the whole time, like “Ok, I really wanna know what the big effing deal about all this is…”

    When all of my friends had been arguing over Team Edward or Team Jacob, I felt slightly left out because while I wanted to be Team Edward, he just wasn’t really doing it for me. However, I’d really latched onto Jasper in the books; I thought he was like the most intriguing character ever for some reason. And then, when I saw this in the movie…

    coupled with Muse, it was love at first sight. I had never seen Jackson Rathbone before, and here he was in all of his sexy glory playing my favorite character. My jaw literally dropped open. An obsession was born.

    • TeamSeth

      Awesome on the Jacksper! My sister really likes Jasper’s character as well. She was an American history teacher and loves the Civil War in particular.

    • TeamSeth

      I always thought that song was Linkin Park?

      • jazzled

        nope, Supermassive Black Hole is Muse. There is a Linkin Park song on the soundtrack though, although I dont remember hearing it at all during the movie. It might have been in the credits.

      • Ang

        Leave Out All The Rest is the Linkin Park song. It’s on the credits. I really like that song, but it would have been better on New Moon. The lyrics fit better with New Moon.

        • jazzled

          I thought I remembered hearing it in the credits. And I totally agree with your assessment of the song. Not that I’ve heard any of the NM soundtrack yet, LOL.

  • Lime810

    Okay, I have been lurking around here for nearly a month, and it is time to post. Sorry ladies. BTW, you totally make my day nearly every morning with your wit and sarcasm. It makes the mundane job more tolerable.

    Ironically, my first Twi Movie experience was sort of a combination of UC and Moon. I finished the books last August as well, and saw that the movie was being made. Could not help thinking that it would be total crap like most movies made into books. Dismissed it as something for one of those crazy Twi-fan types. Wasn’t impressed with the actor selections at all.

    Fast forward to last November, and I start hearing a few friends and my sister in law talking about how great the movie ways. I have not even shared the fact that I had read the books at this point…I was just too embarrassed to be reading “teen” books. I finally broke down in late December and went to see it on a sick day from work. (Not something I do often, but sometimes needed.) The theater was half full of ‘tweens with their moms, one of which started giving me the play by play even before the movie started. I almost got up and left but didn’t want to waste my $9.00. By the time I reached the Biology scene was hooked all over again and have been obbessed (still covertly to most) ever since. I even drug my husband on a side trip to Forks while visiting friends in Seattle in May. (Totally worth the trip to the National Park by the way!).

    Now I lurk websites and Twitter like some kind of half crazy junkie. My other sister in law finally discovered the books last month (was she living under a rock?), so it has been fun to watch her loose her Twi-viriginity as well. I have referred her to LTR because she is now obsessed with Rob. While Team Edward, all the way, I remain wary of the whole dirty bum thing he seems to have going on. (I lurk at LTR sometimes too)

    I must agree with you, UC, Stefan from Vampire Diaries is definately doable. The show rather sucks, but I am still watching due to him. Just not a Rob-bum fan.

  • Melissa

    I was actually at the theater the day Twilight came out but saw “Bolt” with my kids instead. At that time I hadn’t read the books and had no idea what the hell “Twilight” was. There was a huge long line to get into the movie and I almost threw down with a beotch because she thought I had cut in line in front of her – I didn’t – they were letting in my movie before they Twilight people in.
    Anyway, my niece gave me the books in February and after I finished them, I was online looking up S. Meyer and Midnight Sun. Then I found Robert Pattinson – HOLY HOTNESS BATMAN!!! Then I found you guys and I’m still obsessing!

  • MidnightSin

    Wow, I love reading all these posts and hearing how different everyone’s introduction and experience to the movie, books, cast etc. was/is! What is the most interesting to me tho is at the end of the day the results are the same, we all love Twilight for the way it makes us FEEL…I am probably the oldest one here and have seen some pretty incredible movies, read tons of really great book etc., but for some reason, inspite of all the flaws, bad casting, poor dialoge and really bad directing ..this movie/series of books has become a phenomenon because none of that matters. It is a representation of what we are all living for…to love and be loved. To overcome the odds and fall…fall so hard for that one person that you would die for them..and as silly as it may seem for some reason the Twilight saga is able to remind us of this. I know that is how it is for me and I could totally be off base, (cause I am braindamaged an all) but life sure can throw us some really strange curve balls, money comes and goes, friends do the same…but in the end if we are blessed enough to find that one person to share our lives with then thats all that matters. That is why I/we shiver to the words “You are my life now”. Cause at the end of the day, that IS all that really matters! OK and Robward is gorgeous!

    • that is so true! that brought tears to my eyes! so sweet!!

    • Ang

      MidSin – Goose bumps here. I couldn’t agree more. Love you!

      • MidnightSin

        @Ang..right back at ya! You know that tho!! <3

      • southernbelle

        @Ang – LOL, are you getting work done today? Haha!

        • Ang

          southernbelle – I’m not getting much work done today! How could I when I’m reliving losing my Twilight virginity? True story – earlier this afternoon someone sent me an e-mail with a policy about social networking sites. I was freaking out for a moment when I saw the subject line. Then I realized I was just one of many who had been asked to review a policy they want to put in place. Me? A person who spends half the day reading a vampire blog? Let’s hope that little secret doesn’t get out.

          • southernbelle

            @Ang – Haha, I bet that drained all the blood fr your face when you saw the subject line!

            Well I think I did good because I was able to post/comment earlier than normal. Usually I get here and it’s pretty late.

    • southernbelle

      “we are the Rob, we are the fandom…”

      Let’s all hold hands and sing it!

      MS – I read about your tooth! Ouch,please get it fixed!

  • ambushed by twilight

    i must say, i have totally been lovign all these experiences… i an environment where someone my age is typically alienated it’s lovely to run twi-sisters like y’all!

    *sigh* where-o-where is Team Seth?

    We are missing her twi-xperience today… and i am missing her wit!

    • MidnightSin


      • TeamSeth

        AWWW! Sorry, there was so much going on this morning…like finally doing a photoshoot with my SO for my website’s pictures of me (seems lame, but it’s necessary, and I got some great shots!) So my website should be up by Friday!!!! I will obviously post it here (like every time I post a la bobbygee style). I also have gotten back up to date on my 50 Words a Day blog. It’s a creative writing project that I started back in March and had fallen off the train right around when we moved up until 3 days ago. 🙂
        I posted my twi-cherry pop below.

        • MidnightSin

          TS….I was worried about you…you are always here….so plz..just slip in in put TS is here! Then you can comment later when your free… 🙂 Now I can relax and watch Twilight without worry!! LOL!!!

  • C4EverDazzled

    ok so I hadn’t really heard of twilight until the movie came out and I heard some people talking about how it was a book turned into a movie so I figured I wouldn’t enjoy it since I’m not into the books, but after it hit DVD, I’m ashamed to admit that it was awhile after, I rented it and watched most of it but missed a couple parts cause the disc was scratched and was skipping, anyways I liked it enough to start reading the book which says alot since I really was never a reader.
    I read the 1st book in one weekend and didn’t do much else, then I decided to wait to read New Moon until I had another uninterrupted weekend. when I finally sat down to read it, I read all the last 3 books in one week, everyone was yellin’ at me cause that was all that I was doing 🙂
    After that I have since hooked at least 5 people on the series and I can’t get enough, I’ve read the series at least 3 times and then jumped to the Vampire Diaries to try and quit but it didn’t feel the void so I turned to Fanfiction and blogs like these, I am truly addicted.
    I’ve had my New Moon tickets since well when I bought them it was like 90 something days until the premiere so ya but I just found out that the theater we’re going to is also playing Twilight at 9pm so I will actually be able to see it in the theater!! Yay!! 9pm Twilight and 12:01 New Moon, who could ask for more?!

  • Raven

    Ah, my first time. I have to admit, I could have cared less when the movie was in the theatres. I thought, meh, silly teenage vampire stories, horrible soundtrack, forget it!

    Fast forward four months. After many, and I mean many attempts by my neighbor to thrust these books in my face, she finally just said “Here, you have to watch this movie”. It had just came out on dvd, and I had thought she was a little crazy for running out and buying it at midnight the week before. Anyway, I told her I would read the book first, and then watch the movie, ’cause that’s the way I roll. So, I read the book in two days. Upon finishing, I bolted next door to get New Moon and said movie like some kind of junkie. I was still not interested in the movie, the book rocked (somehow, I still don’t understand this) and knew it wouldn’t compare. It sat on top of my refrigerator for almost two days, mainly because I was completely wrapped up in New Moon (also because I was hiding it from my husband, who can be merciless). So finally, after getting into the whole Jacob madness of the next book, and feeling like I was completely abandoned by my fake hot boyfriend (When is he coming back? He IS coming back, right?) I decided to watch the movie.

    What can I say. Mortifying doesn’t even begin to describe it. The stupid little cactus? Purple’s cool? I’m down with the kids? Buttcrack Santa? Are you fucking kidding me with this? And then it happened. The cafeteria. It was the little smile. You know which one I mean. Let’s all collectively sigh for a moment… Yeah, I’m all goofy just thinking about it.

  • TeamSeth

    I remember that when I saw the final trailer I thought that it was going to be the dark-haired guy (Edward) vs. the blond-haired guy (James) fighting for the girl (Bella). I also remember thinking that James had short hair, like he does in real life, and was excessively hotter than he is in the movie (like he is in RL).
    On Thanksgiving day my family was driving to go have dinner with my aunt in Jacksonville (ironic, huh? I remember when she says the line, “Oh honey, you’re gonna love Jacksonville.” I was like, “NOT!!!!”) and my sister had brought along a copy of Twilight that she borrowed from one of her students (she taught high school). This was after she pitched a fit that Twilight had been moved up to the date HP6 was intended to come out (she’s a HP-hard…er, not the same ring as Twi-hard). I mean she was so pissed she swore she’d have absolutely nothing to do with Twilight ever. So, I started reading over her shoulder the scene when Edward Cullen walks into the cafeteria and loved the line when Bella thinks she sees his mouth pull into a smile when Jessica says that no one is hot enough for him. I couldn’t read much longer because I get car sick and after 2 bottles of wine, I’d forgotten about Twilight entirely. On Tuesday she begged me to go with her to see it. Fine. I was intrigued and thought my SO would like it. So he and I went to see it, SOLD OUT! On a weekday! We went to another theater and got in. He was “eh” on it. I borrowed the book from my sis and then read Midnight Sun (not New Moon, seriously). She guilted me into going with her again, and so I did. And then I was like, “Where the hell is this and that scene?” It was so disappointing the third time. Sigh. Now it’s sort of a comedic thing. I think the New Moon trailer alone is better than the entire Twilight movie. Cannot wait to see it. 🙂

    • TeamSeth

      I must also add that the first time I saw it, I thought the absolute best delivered line was when they’re in Oxbow Park, er, I mean Forks forest, and Edward asks Bella if she’s afraid and she turns around and in this really sincere, firm voice says, “No.” I was like, “Wow. She nailed that.” I know it sounds silly since it was one line, but it really captivates the emotional debate she had with herself in the book in the forest by the ferns (while jasper’s vampy meat eater friends are in town) and she decides that it doesn’t matter. (That line, “It doesn’t matter” was HORRIBLY delivered!)

      • MidnightSin

        TS…I so agree..I was watching Twilight earlier today and I was thinking that same thing..she nailed that…emotion and all..watching her face while she contemplates her answer and then the WAY she delivers it is right on….I wish I could keep more of the book but I can’t so I am referring to the movie when I say it really irritates me when he flys up the mountain with her and as if that scene wasn’t bad enough but the way he kinda dumps her and she doesn’t even react to the what just happened, she doesn’t even look windblown/shocked etc., she just kind stands there..pisses me…some guy admits he’s a vampire scoops me up and practically flys up a huge mountain, I’m gonna have some kind of shocked expression/reaction, like falling on my ass etc., and then the sparkle…again fail…some guy takes his shirt off and sparkles..I think I am NOT going to stutter..Your beautiful…I friggin gonna fall off the mountain..(just to see if he can catch me in time) THEN I am going to say damn Edward…your gorgeous, rip off the rest of his clothes and see if everything is sparkly…. It was a major fail for me….

        • Ang

          MidSin-that criticism is like you are keeping the book in your mind. I’m sorry to keeping being “that person” who says “well, in the book they…” But, in the book, the moments after running fast Bella is really affected! But the whole getting to know you/spending time in the woods/meadow scenes are very different in the book than the movie. In the book, before she goes to the woods with him, they’ve already established what he is. And she’s actually wanting to see him in the sun because he’s already told her that they have to stay out the sun for a reason. Just doesn’t come across right to me in the movie.

        • Ang

          Oh, and I agree that line was nailed!

          • MidnightSin

            Ang…please continue to BE THAT PERSON..I can’t remember much of the book at all….very frustrating…so I am glad when you tell me things from it…It’s good to know that the book plays out that scene differently because to me the movie definately does NOT…in a matter of moments she finds out for sure that he is a vampire and then he just whisks her away and sparkles etc., it doesn’t work…and the emotion isn’t there…I can’t remember if I read any yesterday or not..so I will hopefully read some tomorrow and will try and remember to go to the meadow scene or I may just skim through my journals…but please feel free to mention the book any time… 🙂 it helps alot!

          • Ang

            MidSin – Awww, thanks! You make me feel so good that my obession is helpful! Yeah, one of my “problems” with the movie was how quickly things seem to progress. In the book, there were a couple of months that led up to the meadow scene. In fact, they were already in a semi-relationship before going into the woods that day. They even had long discussions about whether or not it was the right thing to do because Edward was afraid he couldn’t control himself – maybe it wasn’t safe for Bella for them to be alone together. In the movie, it seems like several weeks is crammed into days! It’s like: they meet, he saves her from the van, they go to the woods, you’re a vampire, let’s profess feelings for each other, let’s lay together in meadow…now we’re in love. In the book, there is so much more time and thoughtfulness and tenderness present!

            Going to bed shortly! Have a good night!

          • MidnightSin

            @Ang…Everything you said…exactly…all happened way too fast in the movie…
            Gonna settle down..(hopefully) and watch Twilight…..have a good sleep…nice “chatting” with you as always…see ya in the a.m.

            Was just thinking it would be so awesome if somehow UC/Moon could add a Twi-IM so that we could stay on site but go to a chat if we want to discuss something further with a person….hmmm

  • JGroIsMyEdward

    me and a friend @ thurs midnite; (still thinking about the fri 3am…); 25 people on fri afternoon; (still thinking about fri evening by myself if have to, but tix might be sold out); 20 people on sat afternoon; another group next fri and sat…myself throughout the first 2 weeks prob… is this overdoing it? (p.s.- i paid for all the tixs…good cause, right?) :/

  • My first time was at home, on a lazy saturday evening … laaaaame, I know!!!

    But the truth is: I knew absolutely nothing about Twilight until april this year. Crazy, I know…

    Here’s the whole story (in a very lame english, sorry about that, I’m from Brazil, and even though I read english effortlessly, I always struggle when writting)

    At the time I worked at a science museum and there’s this silly event called “fan day”, were they have all crazy fans of lots of different thing coming and doing crazy fan stuff like a round table about the science in star trek, a cosplay contest etc… Well anyway, there I was, “working”, in my great Scully (X-Files) outfit, surrounded by star trek troupers and strange pale teens that probably didn’t even know what X-Files was… All these teens seemed to talk, think, dream about was this “crepusculo” (portuguese for twilight), and the vampires they were dressed of…

    Since I kinda like vampires, I got curious and `googled` it…

    I confess, I was very judgmental at the time, `cause everything I read about Twilight said how the books were just for teens, and how there was this horde of crazy screaming teen girls obsessing about it and, please, I am a 26 grad student, tottaly immersed at my grad school serious reading and studying… Very snob, I know…

    Then I saw this review for the movie and found out that the leading was CEDRIC from Harry Potter, and THAT made me want to watch the movie (since Harry Potter is a acceptable and sensible obsession… as X-Files, Chuck, Lost… )

    Anyway… I borrowed the DVD my brother had borrowed from a friend who said it was a lame teen movie…

    Even with all the prejudice I persisted, it’s not that I wouldn’t enjoy it a little bit, I mean, curiosity is heathy and I really wanted to see Cedric again (even tought I wasn’t really a fan of Cedric nor Rob… Thinking back, I don’t know what the hell was wrong with me, seriously, I didn’t even feel like watching Daniel Radcliffe other stuff, and he was the damn Harry Potter, but I digress)

    Needless to say that after I watched it and saw a few interviews of Rob being his adorkable self I abandoned all my pride (secretly at least) bought the books and became devoted to my new fake boyfriend ROB lol.

  • marie

    Am coming into the party too late but don’t want to miss out on this ‘once in a life time’ chance to reveal my loss of Twi virginity.

    Mine started with a promise – very simple promise
    My niece had a birthday, which I did not attend ‘cause I was busy partying elsewhere so I made a promise to take her to a film.
    It turned out we were too late for the movie we intended to watch.
    So Twilight was the earliest available film – Twilight! I had no idea what it was all about plus it was 12+ film and my niece was only 9yrs. The lady at the Till described it as a vampire movie, to which my niece refused to watch.
    Didn’t think much about it – I don’t like watching movies with unknown directors and actors – give me Tarantino any time.

    Time passed by
    Some time in April I overheard someone mention the word Twilight at my work place and it rang a bell (don’t ask me why) but at that moment I was less busy at my desk and decided to Google that word just so to be reminded of where familiarity stroke.
    Curiosity won and I ended up buying DVD – I watched it with the company of a critic (my mistake) – It was like being caught having sex just when you are about to explode and having to postpone it. Lust for an uninterrupted a lone time, at the same time feeling ashamed and embarrassed to do a repeat of the dirty. I needed to watch it on my own – I have no idea why.
    I finally got the chance and found it a bit odd for a vampire story – where were the vampires? But I watched it the third time. Must say there was something special about Edward – Remember I hadn’t read the books plus where I am it was not such a phenomenon or I just wasn’t aware.
    Finally found out about the books and bought them innocently at my locale BK shop. (Now I wouldn’t without utter 2nd hand embarrassment).
    Tell you what – I didn’t like the books – they are not my kind
    Most part of the movie is cringe worthy
    I did not find Edward good looking/or actor – but he had something special
    I thought Bella was the real deal until I watched Kristens other films and found out she wasn’t employing a skill – this was her naturally in real life. (wish I could be casted as me)
    Poor directory but best casting – Twilight owes Catherine a thank you though even just for inventing Butcracksanta.
    And Robward oh Robward was the sweet part of losing virginity. Hopefully that special something explodes in his other films.

  • Robin’s Nest

    You Ladies of LTT having finally done the impossible: pulled me out of lurkdom. I also am late to the party, only reading Twilight in June of this year. My 17yr old niece gave me the book to read on my plane flight, adding the fateful words “You should also see the movie, the guy playing Edward reminds me of Andrew” (my 21 yr old son). I read the whole book on the plane, freaked out because it was too late to go buy New Moon. So of course I reread Twilight that night. Next day went to B&N bought all 3 books and “whatthehell” the DVD also. Read all 3 books in 3 days and THEN put that DVD in my laptop – aahh, my own personal brand of heroin. But, I saw no resemblance to my messy-haired, twitchy, finger running through hair, beanie-wearing, self-deprecating son! So I got on You Tub after viewing the movie with the commentary on to find out more about that intriguing Brit Boy. There he was in all his glory! My excuse that he reminds me of my son has gone out the window! The rest is history: RAoR, LTT, LTR, all the interview, fanfic. So now all roads lead to Rob . . .

  • JellybeanRainbow

    I think I first heard of Twilight when I read a book review and it was described as Harry Potter for girls. Not for me, I thought, since I love Harry Potter books and nothing can beat the fantasy world JK Rowling created, right? Oh, was I wrong!
    Of course I still love Harry, but I also love Twilight.

    When I was in US in november 08 I read about hot young guys in a new vampire movie in People magazine, and I saw a book with movie poster cover and because I like to watch vampire movies I bought it. It was instant love. By the time I read the saga, the movie has already premiered, but not in my part of the world.
    I started to watch YouTube videos and I hated this guy, Rob, I hated his messy ugly hair, his lack of “any sense of style or personal hygiene”, because he was different from Edward I imagined, Edward that was on the cover on my book, Edward that was gentle and cute and romantic looking. This guy had huge chin and day old beard and mushy face and chest hair. But I liked the book so much I wanted to see it.
    I had to wait until the end of february to see the movie playing in a theatre in my city.
    I went alone, it was early afternoon, there were maybe 10 people there: no screaming, no fangirls, it was perfect.

    Then Edward came into cafeteria and smiled. That was it. Suddenly I liked the guy. I was probably so smitten by him that I liked the movie too. I saw it only twice (both times alone) in cinemas and only four times on my DVD ( I bought my own copy in march) and I still like it. I take it for what it is, a movie based upon a great book, and I don’t search for flaws. I watch and enjoy. And I don’t watch it often, because I take it as a treat.

    And if I weren’t going to see New Moon with you, LTR/LTT girls, I would probably watch it in movie theatre alone, again. Apart from one friend, who just recently converted into Twilight, there is no one I want to share this experience with.

  • Katrina

    It’s been so long now since I have seen that trailer and I was so happy to rewatch it. However, since the New Moon trailers have come out, I am hyperaware at how lame Twilight the movie was.

    I saw the movie on a whim before I knew anything about the books and I wasn’t that impressed, but I quickly went out, bought, and obsessively read the books and have been in total love ever since.

    I do think that my discovery and love of fanfic though has skewed my internal version of Edward forever. I need to go back and read the first two books before I go see New Moon of I ‘ll be wondering why he isn’t cursing more and molesting Bella behind the bleachers..

  • Karianne (;

    I didn’t my first time to be as magical as it was… (: I had gone to a concert the night before in Portland concerts out at 1 am and Portland being Portland it took me foreverz to get home then the next day on December 5 my friends calls and WAKES ME UP from my nap (I had to be up at 5:30 for work that morning) and says wanna see Twilight? I was like okay so we went to a 7:00 showing and I was in love. I called my boyfriend telling him he a as replaced with rob. Then she dumps on me that Twilight was filmed in Portland and me of course “THIS SEXY ASS MAN WAS HER LE AND I DIDNT GET THE CHANCE TO SEE HIM? I’M THE BIGGEST FAILURE OUT OF ROBS MILLIONS OF WIVES/FIANCEES/AND GIRLFRIENDS!” 🙂 I’m a bit insane apparently

  • Karianne (;

    Oh and me and her were giggling like schools girls when robward was in screen and people kept looking at us like were crazy 🙂

  • 230 posts. No one will even notice I dropped by! Anyway…

    My first time. Like UC I read Twilight over the summer and then found out it was being made into a movie (and had That Feeling).

    Actually I’d seen the preview months earlier and completely forgot about it. LOL I assumed that because they were in the woods a lot, Edward was super fast and super strong, and there was daylight that it was going to be some cheesy werewolf movie. I laughed when they said it was based on Best Seller. And Stephenie Meyer? Who’s ever heard of her. I’m sure there was some 13 year old SQUEE Girl nearby ready to kill me if I uttered another word. I would have been well-deserved. Even if it did turn out to be some cheesy vampire movie.

    My reaction to the movie is well documented. I was quite vocal about my hatred of it, even during the midnight show where I displayed uncharacteristically poor behavior. I hated the music. I hated the lighting. I hated that the interior of every building in Forks was blue. I hated that even though Forks is not at a pole, it seemed to always be twilight there. I hated the music some more. I hated that instead of using the awesome chemistry between Rob and Kristen, they shot them separately. I hated all the close ups on the eyes; it reminded me of a corny scene in The Burbs. I hated that everyone laughed during the parts that should have made them cry.

    And then I saw it 7 more times.

  • MidnightSin

    I noticed you dropped by and glad you did! 🙂 Although I recommend you watch the movie at least 153 more times to get the full effect….just a thought.. 🙂

  • KinkyKiss3

    Ok ok… i was the one who said
    “I’ll never read that stupid twilight junk! It’s lame and i
    actually have a life AND I’m NOT conforming with every other twilight junkie…” Sad but true…

    But then my sister was told to read it because
    it was Really good from her Twilight obsessed friend…
    So I got mad and told her NOOO! I’ll disown you!

    She did it anyway fulling knowing the consequences…
    Couldnt put the book down, so i wanted to see for myself
    what the big deal was about…

    The rest is DEFIANTLY HiSTORY :]

  • Antonia Cullen

    I saw the trailer on TV and it vaguely caught my attention (I’m serious) and thought “that guy (meaning Robert Pattinson) is kind of cute”. So it was the day after the movie came out, it was a Saturday and I was bored so I asked my mom if she wanted to go to the theaters with me. We went and I ended buying a ticket for Twilight because I saw there was nothing else good playing. My mom said she’d wait for me, she didn’t mind (love her) because she’s not into movies. When I went into the showing room, it was packed and I sat down and waited for the movie to start. So the movie started and it caught my attention like any other movie, but when Robert P. came into view in the cafeteria scene a lot of girls/ladies screamed and I remember thinking why did I miss? Why are they screaming? Then they screamed when Stephanie Meyer(a.k.a.the goddess) came into view and I started to get annoyed because I was such a Twilight Virgin.Then I really got into the movie and started thinking “this is a good movie” and “that guy is even hotter than I thought”(lol i know). And when the movie ended I was so mesmerized that (I hate to admit it) I walked out with a stupid smile on my face and told my mom that I wanted to see another movie(yeah I lied to her). And what’s even worse is that I sneaked in the second time I saw it because I didn’t want to pay again. So I saw it again(front row) and decided that I loved the movie and tried to see what what the hot actor’s name. When I walked out to leave with my mom I confessed to her that I saw the same movie and she laughed(little did she know that this was the beginning of my Twilight obsession, well really My Edward Cullen Obsession). So I started talking to her about the movie on the way home and when we got there I started talking to my younger sister about the movie and keep telling her to go see the movie and to see (literally this is what I said) “THE HOTTEST GUY EVER”. So we went to see it a week after and she said it was an OK movie. Phase Two: The Twilight Saga: So I was in school using the internet and Googled the movie because I wanted to see it again and found out they were actually BOOKS. I was ecstatic an read on Wikipedia that they were in fact four books and read the summaries for each book. I wanted to get my hands on them ASAP. I didn’t read them in order: I read Breaking Dawn, Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon, and Midnight Sun(in that exact order) not because I didn’t know what order they went in to, but because it was hard for me to get the books so I read the first book I got then the next….. (you know what I mean). I remember I read them over my Christmas break and when i finished them I read them in order the second time and was convinced I LOVED Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. Then I recommended the books to my sister(the same one I saw Twilight with the 3rd time) and she read them and loved them too. I have read the books and seen the movie so many times now(and proud of it) and the rest is history…………Oh wait I also have a celebrity crush on R.P. So that makes me TEAM ROBWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    p.s. I’m 16 years old. ;P

  • Antonia Cullen

    It felt really good getting that out in the open. 🙂 Team Edward 4 life. XOXOXOXO

  • Lorina

    Before I watched the movie, I could care less for the whole Twilight hysteria. I actually didn’t realize how batcrap crazy the TwiHysteria was UNTIL I became a fan. But before watching the DVD, the saga just wasn’t in my sphere of attention.

    After it came out on DVD, I decided to put it at the top of my Netflix queue (the first time, I accidentally typed “Twilight queue” hahaha) because I was curious to see CD (Cedric Diggory, obviously) in a non-wizarding role. I thought the movie was so cheesy but VERY addicting anyway. I bought the first book on eBay, and read it a few weeks after receiving it. Then I decided to hold off on reading the rest of the series for some reason. As soon as I saw the New Moon trailer, I decided to finish the series. I re-read the first book and then followed through with the rest of the books, and I have been a full-fledged Twilighter for just a few weeks now. :]

  • NoodleWolf

    I’m of the Twilight old school crowd (old school as in back when only 40 people showed up at SM book signings in 2006). I bought Twilight (the book) because I thought the cover was kind of pretty and I had just finished reading The Lovely Bones, so I needed some “fluff” reading. As a 30 year old woman, it has also lead me down a yellow brick road of YA lit that I did not know existed (hooray for House of Night, Golden Compass, Max Ride, etc.!). Thank goodness New Moon came out not too long after I read Twilight because I was on SM’s website every day reading everything I could get my hands on! I was SO excited when Twilight started production because SM had written a lot on her site about the film being optioned and how excited she was, but nothing really happened for a couple of years… and then Voila! the Twi-movement started! I found a few small blogs posted by folks who were on-set back in Spring 2008 (for GREAT coverage check out Maggie’s stuff from April 08: http://imstillwandering.blogspot.com/) Still, imagine my shock when I showed up on opening night with my spouse (who was the oldest male in the crowd by 10 years) to a sea of screaming teens. Until then, the only ever Twi-fans I had encountered were in their 20’s and 30’s! I honestly think that if the movies had never been made, that the fan base for this series would average more in the 25 year old range than in the 15 year old range, since many kids/teens are inspired to read through movies these days (see Harry Potter phenom). I came out of the theatre disappointed because I was reeling over the screaming teens and not overly impressed with the scoring of the film, etc. The film was a bit fluffy and when I read Twilight, it was much darker and scarier (in my mind) than it was portrayed on film. (Side note: extremely excited that David Slade is on deck with Eclipse, since I love his horror stuff!) I saw it once more in the theatre and bought the DVD when it came out, which I have watched several times since. I like it better now, than I did the first time I saw it. Which is definitely influenced by finding the LTT gals, so that I can share my love of all things Twi, and feel “normal” about loving a series that kids almost 2 decades younger than me are obsessed with. I think now I am prepared for New Moon to not rock my socks off, so maybe, just maybe… it will.

  • AmyAlmost

    I love thinking back to my first time. I saw it with my sister who is my partner in teen film love. We went to a showing late into the season, an independent cinema took over the Imax screen here in Brisbane so you get to see movies really large there. It was a packed session and there were a LOT of men/boys there. And they weren’t just boyfriends. They were in man-groups. The cinema was a half-half. My sister and I refused to read the books beforehand, but were happy to waste time seeing the movie. All those that read the books beforehand, I almost feel bad because that movie was geared to make you go buy those books and read more about the mysterious Cullen guy. If you read the book and watched the movie it would have just been annoying with the gaps and cheese.

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  • Tiffyness

    My best friend recommended I see the movie,, so my brother and I went to the movie theatures at the twilight showing, and my brother saw a different movie than me, I went to see the movie by myself and I sat in the back, my favorite spot and it was FILLED with ppl but I didnt really knw what was the big deal, but I got a little excited,,, I watched the movie not knowing what to expect,, I thought Bella was going to be teased when she arrives to school with the truck, then Edward came through the door and EVERYONE was whistling and i was like.. O M G.. he is SO HOT!!! I met Jacob and thought his long hair was very ugly,. The part where Mike asks bella to the dance I thought she was going to say yes. When Erik and everyone was asking bella to come to the beach I thought those cheerleaders were going to come to the table and talk about them in a bad way because it looked like a huge group of nerds. when Bella and Edward started laying down in the meadow slowly i thought they had sex. and I just was so so clueless, the kiss scene in the bedroom threw me through the roof, i was dying and probably soaking down there.. *i couldnt breathe the tension was amazing* the rest of the movie was amazing and I fell in love!! The songs were incredible and I waited to the end of the credits writing down the songs in my cell phone, the song decode was so amazing!! After I saw it I met up with my brother and was jumping up and down the Rush was so so so so so incredible!! I called up my best friend and was freaking!! I had to see it again!!! So i ponyed up the dough, watching it the second time pissed me off, stupid Idea it was so so packed and i got a bad seat and i lost the feeling.. 🙁 and saw up to the part where Bella and Edward were in the jeep driving away because James wanted Bella,, and my parents called and forced me to leave,.. :PP that was my experience,, haha now I am a twifreak who has read all the books who owns Rob posters who owns the 3-DVD set who thinks about Edward all the time and>>>> AHHH i love life! but man did it mess up my thoughts about love..

  • Nicolette

    My first time? I thought it would hurt, but it wasn’t so bad.

    My bff and I went on opening night, at midnight, and on our way to the theater we decided to snag a cocktail, and wound up stopping at 3 bars looking for liquor in an attempt to neutralize the screaming we knew we were facing, and sadly because it was late and a weeknight, the few bars we found along the way only served beer. So, we had our drink (Heine! What!)- completely missed the line (thank God) and had to sit in the second row because we got there so late. Edward. Twenty foot screen. Not bad. Not baaaaad at all.

    And because she’s one of THOSE friends, you know, the ones who never get around to finishing the first book, I basically explained to her the whole story, emphasizing that in the books there’s obviously not a wealth of loaded panting (well, not in print) and that Bella is MUCH cooler in fiction. When she looks like me.

    For New Moon, I’m taking my fiance… who thinks “vampires are alright” (I forced him to watch True Blood season one and two as terms of our engagement….. imeanwhat?)

  • Kim Monteleone

    I’ve never experienced this kind of affection for an actor. I sometimes think I should get a handle on my Rob addiction, but why? It brings me so much joy.

    I didn’t see Twilight until August, 2009. Husband was out of town and thought maybe I’d like it. After watching the movie, I watched all the deleted scenes, etc…and re-watched the movie. Next day, went for a hike and was on auto-pilot because without even thinking about it, put the movie back in the DVD player (in the middle of a perfect day) and watched it again. Next day began reading the books and searching madly for more of Rob. I don’t have any friends my age (gulp 50) that are interested, so when I found your site on 10/20/9, I was thrilled to hear intelligent conversation about all things Rob, especially discussions about literature, etc….

    Am curious about how many times people have seen the movie, read the books and how many hours each day are devoted to seeking out info and photos of Rob.

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