Rereading New Moon – Chapters 1-3

newmooncoverDear LTT-ers,

To prepare for the November 20th release of New Moon I begin rereading the book this week to refresh my memory on the details and such. I mean it’s been since like summer when I read New Moon last and it was time to reach for one of my favorite books in the saga! It’s funny, if you asked my this time last year what was the order of my favorite Twilight books, I definitely wouldn’t have listed New Moon near the top but as with all relationships your tastes and ideas grow and mature with time like some fine Vampire wine (no, seriously there really is Vampire wine. Hot Topic is pissed they didn’t think of it first).

Currently, I’ve read chapters 1-3 (yea super far, I know!) but I’m currently in the chapter “The End” can you blame me?! I HATE this chapter. Stupid Edward… stupid Bella for not chasing his dumb ass. Stupid me for talking to characters in a book.


Here let me examine you with my mouth...

Last night I read chapter 2 “Stitches” aka “Happy Birthday, Jasper’s hungry!” wherein the well meaning Cullen’s throw an ungrateful Bella a birthday party. Even if you hate attention, really what can you complain about? Your boyfriends awesome family LOVES you, throws you an amazing little bash at their “palatial pad” in the forest, buy you gifts, have a cake and multiple plates (even when they don’t eat food) and all for Bella to be surly about. I seriously, don’t GET it. But anyway, we have the infamous papercut moment, Jasper nom nom nom-ing on Bella and then we come to the scene where Carlisle stitches Bella up and gives her some much needed back story on the Volturi and about his decision to change Edward. While he’s stitching her up, Bella comments about how blood doesn’t bother him and how he helps so many people by being a doctor which got me to thinking…. Sure Carlisle may be able to resist the scent of blood after all these years, but patients would most certainly notice his ICE COLD hands! Think about it, when Bella touches Edward’s hand in the car in Twilight it’s one of the major deciding points for her that he’s a Vampire (besides that super helpful book she bought in the Port Angeles bookstore) AND while he’s stitching her up she even notes how cold his hands are. Now imagine if it’s time for your favorite yearly check up and the doctor used his ice cold hands (even IN gloves) to examine you? Now tell me you wouldn’t wonder why was using icicles to check for a hernia and swollen glands?


Dr. McIcy hands at your service!

And now on to the god awful, gut wrenching “The End” chapter.

Somebody hold me!

So are you rereading New Moon to get your in the mood? Or are you refraining in hopes to enjoy it even more and not nit pick? Anyone had a doctor with ice cold hands? Was it Carlisle?

PS tomorrow I’ll be seeing a pre screening of Rob’s movie Remember Me!!! You know the one that’s not due out till next March? Yup, I’ll be seeing it and reporting back here on what I thought, watch our Twitter for details too! (Spoiler free details). I guess I finally know wtf that movie’s about after all!

PPS My good pal Katelin aka the rad girl who let me borrow her copy of Twilight over a year ago attended the press junket in LA this weekend. Read her account of meeting, well, um EVERYONE at her blog: Goregous Footsteps and thank her because without her insistance we wouldn’t all be reading this crap every day! πŸ˜‰

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  • Doffie

    You seriously have a friend that has interviewed the entire cast of New Moon?! Seriously!
    What is going ON? That is AMAZING!
    I am SO jealous πŸ˜€
    Please tell her to never wash her hands.. I don’t care how disgusting that is – they have touched Rob!
    Jesus christ πŸ™‚

  • x.rosa.lie

    I started re-reading New Moon last week to get in the mood!
    New Moon was always my least favourite book; when I first read it I didn’t much attention to the whole Jacob middle section because I was desperate for Edward to come back but now I loveeeee it knowing the faster I read the faster we get to Italy :’).. but yeah, I love reading all about Embry and Jared etc ;D. 8 days arggggggh.

  • kitkat

    I’m re-reading a chapter a day, cause otherwise I would blow through it in about twenty-four hours. I also get in a bit of twilosophy because I pick one quote to share with the world via the whiteboard on my door. This is, of course, next to my countdown that currently reads SEVEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!

  • TeamSeth

    300th comment!

    • Ang

      Makes me sad Cyndi isn’t here. She likes when we have big comment days. πŸ™

  • Jamie

    Im sure the fact that Carlisle is utterly gorgeous it would distract one from how cold his hands are. Mmm…Carlisle. Defs my fave vampire.
    Oh and New Moon has to be the WORST book in the series…

  • I wonder if Bunny and/or Moonie get aggravated or annoyed by our inability to stay focused on the topic at hand.

    Sorry. πŸ™

    I think it just means that we really, really <3 your bloggy! πŸ˜€

    • illegalwolflover

      It makes for good reading…lets see how many things we can connect to Twilight….
      Thanks for being awesome rantees Uc & Moon <3

  • JellybeanRainbow

    I wanted to read New Moon again but I couldn’t find time to do it. Because Twilight saga isn’t something I read waiting at hair salon or dentist, I read it lying in bed when I’m in no rush to go somewhere.
    I guess I’ll read it after I see the movie. It’s my favourite Twi book since forever.

  • cledbo

    Comment 321!

    Sorry had to be done


  • I have decided to hold off re reading New Moon, I found after reading Twilight I found the holes in the movie and that sucked as I didn’t enjoy it as much as I shoudl have. I will re read after I see it first time and between seeing it again I think.

    I wouldn’t complain if my doc hand cold hands if he was as hot as Carlisle!!

  • Sigh. I’m rereading New Moon right now and I just got to Ch. 3 and I had to share my depression. Oh Edward, why must you do this to us? I think it might have been a mistake rereading Midnight Sun first, because now I’m all tuned in to his insanely sad vampire thoughts and it’s kinda breaking my heart a little. (Ok, a lot.)

    Well, guess I better get it over with…like ripping off a bandaid. *tear*

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  • Lilly

    There are many things in the book that don’t make sense. Carlisle working as a doctor is just one of them. But I still LOVE the book.

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