One Year. It's been a long time coming! Celebrate our year in the Twilight fandom!

Oh hello outtake of Moon & UC in a disney forest!

Dear UnintendedChoice (I used your full fake name cause I’m serious. I’m also wearing a pair of Tweed jorts),

A year ago today (trust me, I counted) we started this “secret blog” which now a year later isn’t such a secret anymore, not to the thousands of visitors we get or the hundreds of commenters who comment on every post and not even to most people in my real life now. In fact more often than not I’m now introduced to people I don’t know with “Hi X, this is Moon* she runs a “famous” Twilight blog!” Uh, well, wham, bam, thank you ma’m. Not such a secret anymore I dare say!

Remember our very first layout EVER?!

People ask me why I don’t talk more about the blogs in my real life and it would be easy to say it’s embarrassing I write a blog every day about Twilight and Rob but truthfully I can’t be embarrassed anymore about a blog that’s become part of the fandom in a real and lasting way. I can’t be embarrassed that people have met their soul mates and friends and long lost bff’s because we write about Twilight. I can’t be embarrassed that things we’ve created: words, phrases, characters, fake names have become part of the lexicon of the Twilight/Rob fandom.Β  And I definitely can’t be embarrassed that because I write this blog I have found a new lease on life and created a deep and lasting friendship with one of the most wonderful people God ever created. You are a God send UC. Baby Jesus and Rob himself created you just for me in their plaid heaven in the sky.

May the source be with you!

Some people know a little bit of my back story that led up to creating this with you but for those who don’t I worked for an entertainment company for multiple years and worked my way up through the ranks to a position that had all the responsibility of a middle woman and none of the perks of an upper level executive. I regularly contemplated crashing my german made car into the free way underpass on the way to work every morning. Every Sunday night (or really just any day ending in Y) I would wake up with panic attacks that would leave me paralyzed in my bed. I would come home from work and go straight to bed at 7Pm until I had to get up and do it all again the next day. To say all of these things were unhealthy would be an understatement.

And then I found Twilight (cue choir of Angels) or rather it found me.

Follow the cut to read the rest and to see some special shout outs, music, and hear the story of our first post!

The beginning of the end!

One of my sweet sweet coworkers loaned me her copy of Twilight saying I needed to read this. “Just give it a 100 pages,” she said “and then tell me what you think.” I went home that night got right under the covers and started reading I didnt stop till the next morning when I had to go back to work and couldn’t wait to talk to my coworker. And from here you probably know the rest of the story, I scoured the interwebs like a good addict looking for news and pictures and videos and gossip, OH MY. Anything I could get my hands on. Then I started seeing mysterious FB updates with Twilight code language from my old pal UC and since I had NO one besides my (poor poor) coworker to talk to I replied with an equally cryptic message and well the rest is as they say “history.” You and I bonded, we laughed, we made fun of, we watched that damn Vanity Fair video together and broke it down which would later become one of our infamous trademarks. And then one day we decided to write it all down. And Letters to Twilight and Letters to Rob were born.

Kellan, our original inspiration and accountability partner!

As we were both sitting at work probably bored and looking for any excuse to waste time and talk about Twilight we joked about creating a funny Twilight blog where we wrote letters. I can remember it so clearly, it was morning we were chatting and nature called (TMI!) and while I was heeding that call the idea for the very first letter to Kellan came to me. I ran like Robsten at Hotel Cafe back to my desk to tell you and to type it out and hit that sacred “publish” button for the very first time.

Now as I’m writing this letter a year and over

  • 781 posts
  • 131,227 (approved) comments
  • 114 categories
  • 5,548 tags
  • 5,387 Twitter followers
  • 2 blogs
  • countless Friends, concerts, trips, lunches, jokes, saga rereads, tears, DVD watches, trips to the movies, phone calls, texts, IM’s

and a partridge in a pear tree later we have arrived at our anniversary and through all the tough times, the mean comments, the misunderstandings, the writers block, when I wanted to quit, the one constant was YOU.

One year = Perseverance!

I really have no words to say other than to tell you thank you for sticking it out with me. For having my back when I do “controversial” stuff, for sharing Cullen smiles with me, for inspiring me and making me want to write better and funnier. Without you and Twilight I would probably be in bed right now or driving under the overpass still. There’s no one else I could do this with.

To another year of fabulous friendship and side splitting blogs,

PS It’s a celebration! Feel free to share what you want to celebrate in the comments!

Letters Within Letters!

To our dear Readers,
I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention YOU in this anniversary post. You are the reason we continue to blog, you are the reason we are still here a year later. We just bullshit and write stuff down and hope someone reads it and can relate. It’s YOU who decided to stick around and see what nonsense we’d say next. Everytime I sit down to write a post, when I have writer’s block, when I want to go shag Rob instead I think about you all. It’s incredibly humbling and empowering to know people out there read the crap we have to say and sometimes even like it! You continue to amaze and humble me every day with your love, your wit, your snark and your friendship. Thank you all!

To another great year!

To our Forum Mods past and present!
We could seriously NOT do this without you. I’ve never understood the phrase “it takes a village” more than I do after running these blogs and the forum for a year. You’re always there to lend a hand, start a new topic, create some Rob porn, check stuff out, kill spammers or write songs with me (Kristin!) or even on our very luckiest days you create a blog FOR US!!! We couldn’t ask for a better team to work with!

You help make the world go round!

PS Seriously, forums mods and forum regulars created an anniversary blog just for UC and Me! We can’t believe it, it rocks pretty hard. You should visit and comment!

To our super special bitchin’ blogger friends,
You’re always there to commiserate with us! Because you yourselves run SUPER HUGE POPULAR blogs and sites you understand the drama and the politics and the fun of owning one of these things. Thank you for always lending a listening ear, good advice and many laughs! Please NEVER quit! We need you!

What would a celebration be without some tunes?

the turtles – so happy together

the zombies – this will be our year (one of my fave songs and videos EVER)

mandy moore (covering rihanna) – umbrella

and a giveaway?

Remember how we love the Bite Me Edward Notepads? Well, we’re giving one away to celebrate our anniversary! We have one for LTT and one for LTR! All you have to do is comment. We’ll use some random winner generator thinger to pick a random winner! Make sure your email address you use to comment is correct because we’ll email you to get your address!

Still looking for stocking stuffers or gifts for friends? Buy these Bite Me Edward Notepads. They are AMAZING. Seriously, I just lost mine and I’m a major sad panda right now. Actually scratch the give-away idea, I’m gonna keep one for myself (kidding… sorta)

Holiday Shop on Lobotome Now!

*friends in my real life do not call me Moon. Well, most don’t!*

Our ONE YEAR our internet game is still ridiculous: The Forum, LTR, Twitter

  • Ang

    Congrats on your first year – the first of what will hopefully be many! Obviously from the posts on LTT and LTR today, you mean a lot to each other. But please know how much you and all you do on these sites mean to all of us!

    Moon and UC – You Rock! And we are all just happy to come along for the fun!

  • unlikelyfangirl

    What a year! Thanks for all the “cullen smiles” ladies. Never in my life have I been more unproductive and I thank you for that! My son used to constantly ask me why I was laughing at radom, often inappropriate, times of the day–now he just looks at me and says, “Letters to Twilight?” and knows. I said in my very first comment that you two had found your “calling” with these blogs and I still believe it. You make A LOT of people laugh every day. It’s a gift and I’m glad you share it. Congrats on your 1st year.

  • Happy Anniversary! You guys have a truly unique blog and I love reading your ‘letters’. You always bring the funny and make me laugh!

  • faerierebel

    Tim Beasley says it best:

  • Also meant to add that your “outtake” proves my statement true: You are like the supermodels of the twi-bloggy world.

    Yes indeed.

  • Jess W

    Happy Anniversary LTT! I don’t know what I would do without “That’s Normal” so THANK YOU! Love you guys, keep up the fantastic work. πŸ™‚

  • Moon, I am still green with envy over all of your fabulous Rob-sighting experiences. However, I can’t let this day pass without sending big ups and expressing heartfelt thanks for the many laughs you guys have given me over the past 300ish days (have not been here since day 1, but close!). Expect a bill from me in 2010 for all the botox injections I will surely need to tidy up the signs of crows feet I am getting as a result of visiting your sites every day.

    Seriously, love you long time. Happy 1st Birthday!! I cheers-ed you at midnight with the last of my New Moon premiere 6-pack of Heineken and now raise a mug of latte in your general direction.

    Special hugs,

  • Hi UC and Moon!

    It’s the crazy girl peering through your windows again πŸ˜‰ Just kidding…
    Congrats for making it through your first year. I come here every morning to get my daily dose of LTT/LTR laughs and it always makes my day. Don’t know what I would’ve done without you during the long time I hadn’t had anyone to share my twi-love with… Some girl made a comment on our blog comparing you to Spiderman. She might be right if I read through all those comments… UC and Moon, Twi-Superheroes. So get out your LTT/LTR superhero suits and party on! πŸ˜‰
    Happy 1st Anniversary! Have a great day!

    Hugs to both of you


    • ambushed by twilight

      SUIT UP!

  • Lexie

    Congratulations UC and MOON! You never fail to bring a Cullen Smile my way!

  • KerriAnn

    I found LTT/LTR in January. I was going through major Twilight withdrawal. I had read the books, seen the movie (numerous times) and I was just so lost…didn’t know what to do with myself. So, I did what every twihard would do…I “googled it”. πŸ™‚ And that’s when I found the only blog that makes me laugh each and every morning!

    Thank you ladies and Happy Anniversary! My mornings wouldn’t be the same without you!

    Have a fabulous day!

  • theEvilAngel

    Congrats girls! You continue to entertain us daily! We love you!

  • Luludee

    Happy Anniversary, UC and Moon! I have nothing eloquent or funny to say, only a big fat THANK YOU for the daily funnies!

  • MoonMommy


    I posted over on LTR this morning (at least here in California), but wanted to do a shout-out on this site too!

    Love you Ladies πŸ™‚

  • gizmo

    Congratulations girls! And thank you for the laughs and your wit and snark. Wish you many many more hilarious posts all the luck in the future.
    Love you all!

  • Kim

    I just found this website…I read the Twilight series in May, 2009. I am a tax lawyer and everyone who I told about the books thinks I am crazy.

    I thought I was the only one who watched the video of the VF photo shoot, thought Spider Monkey was a stupid line and basically everything UC said about the New Moon movie. I love the glossary.

    Thanks for sharing the obsession.

    • ambushed by twilight

      AWW… (sing it with me now) You are not alone… i (we) will be with youuuuuuuuuuu…

      be sure to keep comin back!

  • TDawn

    Dear UC & Moon,

    Have I told you lately that I love you?
    Have I told you there’s no one else above you?

    Did you ever know that you’re my hero?
    You’re everything I wish I could be.


    Happy One Year!

    • ambushed by twilight

      Wow, Rod Stewart AND “the Divine Miss M” all in one compliment… *high-five*

  • I am so happy to be here and celebrate this day with you guys!

    You’ve brought me to a whole different level of fandom, the best level!

    Thank you!

  • Breaz93

    Dear the Creators and Queens of Letters to Twilight-ania

    I recently realized that my obsession with Twilight and all Twilight related subjects had reached a critical level so i decided to detox. Now my only link with the Vampire World we all know and love is this Blog.

    So a really heart felt thank you for keeping me entertained and giving me my daily fix for a whole year.

    Don’t know how i lasted with out you goddesses!

  • Hello!
    Congrats for the aniversary! I love LTT/LTR and even though I don’t comment as much as I should, I come here everyday!!

    Many, many more years to come… even after the crazy teen fans find another obsession (and that doesn’t take long… I hope), I`ll always love Rob and LTT/LTR!

  • happy birthday!!!!!!

    i love this website and congrats on makin it to the first year!! may next year be another blessed one for you! keep up the great posts πŸ™‚


  • Pattilicious

    God created to crazy, fun, spontaneous, beautiful minds and we all get to read you…so THANK YOU for sticking around and make our days more fun, and “normal”.

  • Pattilicious

    God created tWo crazy, fun, spontaneous, beautiful minds and we all get to read you…so THANK YOU for sticking around and make our days more fun, and “normal”.

  • JenKB

    Congratulations on your anniversary!! I only just recently found your site and look forward to each daily update. Thank you for all of your dedication and smiles from a thankful newbie! I raise my champagne flute and toast to both of you!


  • KC

    Love you guys!! You always bring a smile and a giggle to my day. Keep on keeping on! πŸ™‚

  • zanaxNwine

    Happy Anniversary! My life will never be the same… πŸ™‚

  • I’m sure by the time I comment, it’ll be way past redundant, but you all are AMAZING and I am so grateful you started this blog. I’ve never commented much (I was overwhelmed by the masses and felt lonely since I didn’t know anybody) but I’ve been reading since February. You all were there for me when I needed a safe haven the most, and you didn’t even know it. I read Twilight over christmas break after returning from a semester abroad and needing a good way to veg out–I never expected to become obsessed. I had no one to turn to who understood and so I began scouring the internet in January. I can’t even remember how I found LTT (althought it wasn’t in any of the crazy ways you document in one of my favorite features “This is how you found us?”) but I’m so thankful I did. I use “That’s normal” and “2nd-hand embarassed” a lot in real life now and I only wish someone understood why what I was saying was so funny and incredible.

    Well, I’m rambling, but essentially thank you for helping me realize I wasn’t alone in being a twenty-something educated woman who had this ridiculous interest in vampire books and appreciates loving mockery of them.


    • ambushed by twilight


  • Thank you for existing. And thanks for not making fun of me personally for being a twilight fan. lord knows i get it all the time! you two are seriously the inspiration to my day, and the knowledge that i am not crazy!

  • As I wrote to UC, I haver many things to thank you for, including the laughs, new friends, the awesome trips I get to take with those friends, my purity rings, other purity ring wearors (holla, Lula), my Twitter law suits, my love of drunk Rob, drunken chats with mysterious names that I get to guess, even your Lemon Party (yuck), your ability to always BRING IT!, and the pro bono hours that I haven’t logged from you guys in a while.

    PS there’s more to thank you for but this sappiness is making me need a hug

    • Fuckery, I can’t write anything without typos.

    • Aww, what a great comment. You do seem to find all the fuckery. I thank you for great Friday night chats!

      Janet, you rock.

  • Jenn

    happy anniversary UC & moon! its been an awesome past 6 or 7 months reading your blogs, and i hope for many many more! <3

  • glam777

    Happy Anni!!! It is also my Twiversary. This time-ish last year I began reading the saga, I ignored everything about Christmas until I finished Breaking Dawn, I ignored my family, house duties, work duties, everyhthing, I hid in the bathroom from my kids and husband to read, no sleep for a week, then 8 days later, I came up for air, saw the movie, searched the interwebz for all things Twilight/Rob, fell in love with Rob..its all been down hill since then. I am surprised I am still married a year later after my obsesive Twi-shananagins. This blog makes me laugh my ass off, taught me new vocab, and has me nodding my head in agreement because you ladies sometimes pull an Edward on me and read my mind. Keep up the awseome work!!!

  • TheRugbymom

    Happy Anniversary! Thank you both so much for your daily letters! They are a big WIN for us all. I’m so very grateful that you remind me that I’m NORMAL!

  • Krystle

    What a sweet letter Moon! I love hearing how the saga has built so many friendships especially when sometimes girls can be so nasty to each other. It’s heart-warming to see girls from all over the world come together to love, laugh, swoon, rant and cry over Twilight. I lost my job earlier this year and was down on life and bored out of my mind. A friend told me I must read the saga and I’m so glad I took her advice. After reading and watching Twilight on DVD, I looked to the web for more…(crack?) I soon found, and LTT/LTR. I quickly bookmarked those bad boys because I knew I’d be coming back for more. (<—addict?) Now LTT/LTR is my favorite daily stop. Sometimes I even try to hold off reading it – build the anticipation. I’m a dork. But thank you for giving me a Cullen smile everyday!

    P.S. I thought the controversial photo was going to be The Tuck.
    P.P.S. I love Mandy Moore’s cover of Umbrella. Nice treat πŸ™‚

  • Soledad

    Happy Anniversary!! maay it be the 1st of many
    thank you for making me laugh through wonderful this year

  • meagaloo

    congrats guys, your so funny!

  • Jen

    Thank you for picking me up so many times during this downer of a year!

  • faded_redhead

    Hey, my first comment ever (been an avid reader for months though), that’s probably because I’m too cheap to buy the Bite Me notebook for myself wait (thatswhatshesaid). Anywho, it’s amazing when I come on here in the mornings (hopefully, unless I have “work to do”) and read your posts and damn if I hadn’t been thinking about that same thing recently, strange….. Anyway thanks for keeping the laughs coming and for making my day less hideous. Also it’s nice to know that I am normal πŸ™‚ Good work ladies and Happy Anniversary! PS: the party hats rock.

  • lilnelablack

    I don’t know how I would get through the day without LTT/LTR. It’s like my morning paper. Every morning before I get ready for school, before I even get out of bed, I open up my laptop and read LTT/LTR and then I’m ready to start my day.
    Thank You Moon & UC for all the laughs! : )

  • Melymori

    Happy Birthday LTT =)

    Thank u for making me laugh every day!!!

  • Conssunshine58

    Wow, a whole year? It seems like only yesterday I stumbled across this site and it changed my life (well, sorta….) Now it ‘s the first thing I read in the morning–no joke, it’s my reason to get up at 8AM and teach a class of bored teens.
    Thanks ladies for making my day every day!

  • Katrina

    Hey guys! Yor amazing blog is the first thing I sit down to read when I am ignoring all my super important responsibilities at work and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    I have never snorted incredibly hot coffee out of my nose, laughed like a crazy person in my craptastic office (at a mental health facility, none the less), or have learned so much new vocabulary in my life as I have over the last year!

    Thanks for feeding my Twiobsession and laughing about it!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley Frag (Blonde Alice)

    Sometimes I think I love you more than life…but life includes Rob…and we all love Rob, too. So…

    It’s a toss up.
    I love your faces SO MUCH.
    Mooonie pie–see you soon, darlin. We’ll galavant soon. Where is Rob, btw? Hmmf.

    πŸ™‚ Ash xoxoxoxoxo

  • blvr

    I’m sure I’m merely echoing what others have said today, but I am so happy I found you guys back in April or so (it seems like I’ve always known you now!). I’ve read all the previous posts and I check in everyday even if I don’t comment. Seriously, without this blog and LTR and all the great folks that visit here everyday, I would be alone obsessing over Twilight and we all know if you can find one person to squee over stuff with, then you are so NORMAL! So thanks for everything, bringing me Cullen smiles everyday and sharing all your great stories.

    Sparkle OUT!

  • Grace

    my lord. i have never commented, dispite my many,many months of reading. so finally, i’m commenting (with horrible punctuation and no capitilization and horrible spelling, i know, but i’m much too lazy to fix all that. you could probably tell that by the fact that i’ve never commented before.)

    what am i trying to say?
    i love you guys.
    you make me laugh.
    you make me mad when i see new moon and all i can think of is “she should’ve gotten a better sleep number bed…” (which doesnt even make sense, i know, you just have to change the number.)
    you make me smile.
    you make me happy.

    thank you for writing for so long.
    has it made me a better person? maybe.
    but i know it made me a person with a better sense of twihumor.

    so thank you.
    much love.
    to you guys (UC & moon)
    but also to rob.

    ‘cuz hes the hotness =]

  • cedvanhalen

    Yay!! Happy 1st birthday!! I’m so happy you all started these here blogs and provide me with a laugh every morning. Thank you for bringing the fun!

  • Elisabeth

    Thanks ladies! You gals light up my days πŸ™‚ I love coming home from the hospital everyday and reading your blogs. Makes my day immediately better!

    I think we should get a few mini bottles out and toast the blogs, all the friendships made, all the laughs, and all the fun that’s still to come!

  • Congratulations ladies, I haven’t been around very much because I’m dealing with a lot of shit in my life…like I’m in a very low place right now, but you’re blog still makes me laugh which is a rarity these days. Keep up the greatness, and here’s to another year coming!

  • Ashley C

    Happy Anniversary!! I look forward to reading your posts everyday!

    One question though…… who is Chris Hansen????? I’ve been wondering =)

  • Heather

    Congratulations, ladies! I love coming home everyday to read all the hilarious things you guys have to say and I’ve started using a majority of the terms you’ve created in everyday life! (i.e. unicorn, big daddy lautner, that’s normal, etc.) This is gonna be another great year…

  • Carrie

    *sings off key* memories… like the misty coloured waters of my… something…
    Happy one year anniversary guys. I don’t know what I would do if I hadn’t found your site and if you guys hadn’t found each other (apart from gotten some work done at work, probably gotten a pay rise, and not wasted countless hours of my life reading fan fic.) It’s been a blast. And let’s hope there are many more years to come…

  • agusap

    Happy Anniversary!!! I have absolutely not idea how I found this amazing blog but I’ve been reading it every day since. Once I read one of your post I just couldn’t go back to reading all the other Twi blogs I used to visit, they all seem so lame now.
    THANK YOU so much, UC and Moon! for making me laugh so hard my family thinks I’m insane, for making me smile when I’m having a hard time, for saying exactly what you think cause you know that’s what we are all thinking and for making me realize that my behaviour is completely normal.
    Love you!

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