Breaking down my Twilight memories

Dear Twilight,

Wow… you have really changed my life. I’ve been doing a lot of self reflecting this week since it’s our anniversary week, and I’ve been thinking back to a year ago at the start of it all. Moon & I are extremely bummed that we can’t locate that very first chat we had on 12/8/08 when we decided to start the blogs, but in my searching for that first conversation, I’ve come across a gem. Way back on 11/25/2008, Moon was going through her first read of the Twilight saga, and I was SO excited to finally have a friend to discuss the series with! I laughed re-reading this conversation, realizing how far we’ve come, how much we’ve changed and yet, how little has really changed! I’m gonna stop talking about it and instead, I’m gonna break down one of the first conversations Moon & I ever had about Twilight… vanity fair style!

My “Break down” is italicized between the lines of conversation and it’s green. Green is (what?) GOOD

Someday will cover our faces with that ribbon...

Losing Moon’s virginity

UC: oh miss Moon HI! did you read my blog yet? My review on Twilight the movie? because I forgot you didn’t finish book 3… *spoiler alert*
Book 3? Really UC? No one calls it that. It’s Eclipse
Moon: Thats where I just clicked on! About to read it!
UC: NOOO Stop! Until you finish the series…. I don’t want to give it away!!!
Moon: But I’m halfway through Eclipse? Don’t read it?
UC: Don’t- just because I give away my favorite part!! A part you’ll love
It involves the guy who runs around in jorts warming up the heart-breaker in a tent while the cold one looks on!
Moon: Oh man! I can’t wait. I didn’t read any last nite because I wanted to save it for the plane tonight!!
What? Moon? Is that you? The one who has been tempted to read my blog posts before they post in the morning and has been known to sneak in fanfic at opportune times- like during work or while at church? You WAITED for Eclipse!?
UC: oh yay! Good Idea
You sound 12, UC, saying “Yay” like that. Plus that’s not a good idea
UC: I forgot how good Eclipse was! I think I might read the last 1/2 again before I start Breaking Dawn 🙂 I’m such a loser/really awesome
The phrase you’re looking for is “That’s Normal”
Moon: TOTALLY awesome.
Welcome to the 80s
Moon: yea I’m LOVING Eclipse- might be favorite
It stays your favorite
Moon: Then I’ll probably get Breaking Dawn this week sometime
You’ll try, but every store will be out of it. So you’ll look hopelessly for a week

The one where we prophecize

UC: How long will you be at home with your parents? Until Sunday?
Moon: Monday I come back- decided to make a vacay out of it
UC: nice!!
Moon: stalk stephenie meyer
UC: Oh yay! She lives there, I forgot!
Oh UC… next thing you’ll tell me you don’t know Rob Pattinson’s middle name.
Moon: It’s so sad but I’m so hoping for some odd reason I see her
That hope never dies
Moon: I’ve regressed to age 14 and I’m ok with it
That’s (still) Normal
UC: haha I would want to see her too! And I know what you mean I’m seriously going crazy. I’m only listening to the soundtrack and I keep repeating songs
You’ll do that for another 6 months. You’ll never play that Perry Ferrell song you thought you’d learn to like ever again
Moon: Dude the soundtrack is killing me
Dude- Just wait until New Moon’s soundtrack. You’ll wanna kill yourself
UC: So my review of the movie is VERY similar to yours (I didn’t read yours until after I wrote mine) Except.. I added my opinions of seeing it a 2nd time which was PERFECT because I loved it even more
Moon: yea I’m thinking I need to see it again away from little girls
UC: Yes. it was SO different
Moon: I think I’ll be able to focus on it and not wonder what’s next and stop worrying about the cheesy special FX and enjoy
You won’t stop worrying about the cheesy FX because they don’t stop being cheesy
UC: right- I def. wasn’t focused first time around. [My husband] Mr. Choice didn’t think it was cheesy at all (the diamonds)
The what? Diamonds? Do you mean the sparkles? Oh UC….
UC: he said if it was anything more, he thinks it would’ve been cheesy.
He’s wrong. It was cheesy
UC: I could’ve used some more sparkle myself. Spoiler alert for my review. He LOVED it
Moon: Every dude or person who didn’t read the books really liked it
Is every ‘dude or person” you know a family member of Catherine Hardwicke? [side note: this was during the phase when Moon called every guy a dude]
UC: I know!
Moon: so I think it’s just the diehards who are trying to reconcile the whole thing to whatever they imagined
UC: He said it’s a shame it’s the teen demographic because it’s not going to get the credit and attention it deserves for being a really kick-a movie
Hahahaha UC print that out and remind Mr. Choice DAILY that he once said that. He won’t believe you….
Moon: EXACTLY! So many people are like that’s a YA novel. I’m like SO WHAT?!
Preach it
Moon: If they got a different director and some kick ass CGI/FX this could contend with the summer blockbusters- it’s supernatural
Preeeacch it!
UC: and the actors were soo good!
Uh… who do you mean? Jessica and Mike? And sometimes Rob?
Moon: It could be put it in there with Batman and stuff
Uh, what?

The one where we mention “him” (and her…)

That Pattison guy & Hayley

UC: I think the whole Cullen fam was spot-on. I wasn’t sure at first, but I am quite obsessed with Rob Pattison now
There it is Ladies & Gentlemen. UC becomes obsessed with Rob Pattison
Moon: I really thought the actors were good too and felt like they were being held back
One too many pina coladas at happy hour for Hardi
UC: Did you see his “sexiest man” pic from PEOPLE?
You mean the one under my pillow?
Moon: Rob IS Edward
Moon is sold. and Yes. He really does has that rico suave thing going on that Edward has down pat. It’s all the hot pockets and not showering…
UC: I KNOW- completely
Moon: the actors totally worked for me. and I had to remind myself that the first book isn’t about everyone else and that we’ll get to see more of them later I totally loved Jasper, Alice and can’t wait to see what they do with Jacob cause HELLO next movie is like ALL him
UC: I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh. I hate that. I will be sad. 🙁
You get over it. There are jorts to count
UC: Love rob’s voice btw
Moon: It’s totes good. and the smile!!! oh man. Him and Haley on that artist to artist thing on myspace was GREAT!
We called Haley from Paramore by her first name back then…
Moon: he actually seemed really normal and not all awkward
UC: I know! I hear he’s so awkward, but he seemed great…
Moon: He is awkward in like half the other interviews i’d seen. Oh- and you know who else? ESPECIALLY Kristen Stewart
What? You used to think Kristen Stewart was AWKWARD? Oh wait… nothing has changed there…
UC: I haven’t spent too much time watching interviews yet- I need to. I started today but then got too distracted.


UC: Sigh…this iron and wine song makes me want to cry
It’s got that that whole “it’s playing during a scene you’ll replay in your mind over and over again and instead of see the awkward girl you’ll replace your face” thing about it…
Moon: oh man. It’s SO great . The chick who used to do all the music for the OC did twilight. I was like OF COURSE when I saw her name
UC: I LOVE her! Plus there were 3 ppl who have been on the OC.. so I’m wondering if the casting director was the same!
Moon: Wasn’t James the guy who killed Marissa? and I think one of the girls was on there….
UC: and Rosalie was Sadie, who dated Ryan, and then Jasper was on it- but I can’t remember him
We’re so cute. James? Rosalie? Jasper? Awww we don’t know their real names!

I thought Chris Hansen first found us because of Taylor, but it may have been this pic of Jackson when he was 14...

Moon: OHHHH yea!! I knew Jasper looked familiar
UC: when was he on? His name was Justin IMDB said… I can’t remember…
Did anyone at one point in the show have a really bad wig? That was probably him…
Moon: I’m looking it up! PS his hair is TERRIBLE in the movie
HA! Just you wait. It’s possible for it to get worse….
UC: I know! He’s so cute in real life
Moon: right!! oh man he was on in the last season. This will be hard
You wish you had a twitter account with 5,000 followers to ask, huh?
UC: I know.. and I JUST watched that
Moon: OHHH he was in school with Katelin?!
I had a”OC orgasm” apparently
UC: The awkward guy from the ice cream shop!!!
Moon: Here he is!
UC: oh no. you’re right. I remember him. That was season 3
Moon: “Katelin’s DRUG DEALING boyfriend!”
UC: he dealt drugs?
Moon: thats what it says in the episode summary
Jackson!? What does Kellan’s mom think? Are you not allowed to go to church with him?
UC: he was older.. she went to a frat party and stole $$
Moon: omg how cute is he…

The one where we already criticize her…

UC: Now I’m going through all 159 twilight photos on imdb
Only 159? That’s it? That’s barely Normal
Moon: wow I gotta get off the imdb pics HAHAHAHA
UC: you too huh!
Moon: wow we should have been teenagers together
Yeah, we know, we know. Why don’t you start a blog?
UC: I know! I wrote that on your blog today
Moon: Dude can we talk kristen stwearts HAIR?!
UC: YES! I want it!! It’s so pretty. SHE’s so pretty!
Moon: I think it’s atrocious
UC: Really!?
Moon: in real life
UC: in the movie? Oh!! I love it in the movie
Moon: Yes in the movie her hair is great
UC: Because I have curly ass awful hair and hers is silky smooth! What pic of her is bad?
Oh this could take awhile….
Moon: Which shall I choose…

UC: Ew so gross. She totally looked drugged up. I don’t think she cares
This is where we prove we don’t say these things about Kristen to be cool or different… we’ve always thought them…Also that 2nd picture is really good compared to some pictures to come….
Moon: I saw her on letterman and was WAY unimpressed. Yea I think it’s a combination of being 18 and thinking you’re really cool and since you’re an actor you shouldn’t care
UC: You think she’s faking it? I haven’t seen interviews. I just thought she didn’t care….
Moon: COME ON. You get to make out with a hot dude and remake an outrageously popular book. You can act HAPPY
UC: Seriously, and I think it’s lame she didn’t read all the books
Moon: I KNOW!!
UC: you’re going to MAKE all the books into movies. READ THEM
Moon: I read that and I was like WAIT how can you portray a character and not know what happens?! How do you act?! Don’t you need ‘motivation’?
Uh, have you seen Rob Pattinson? He’s motivation enough
UC: I know! Rob even read “Midnight Sun,” Stephanie’s draft of Twilight from Edward’s perspective. Come on girl!!
UC: Wtf is Lance Bass doing at the Twilight premiere? I want to be there
Next year..
Moon: I can’t wait to read Midnight Sun

Rob, uh, PattiNson

UC: So did you see Rob’s pic in people?
Moon: YES!!
Moon: the hot men thing? or whatever?
UC: My heart is fluttering!!! Taylor/Jacob is cute- and he will be a heartthrob for New Moon and Eclipse
Moon: right!! I cant wait to see what they do with him. He needs to buff up a lot. And grow
I’m now convinced the cast broke into my computer and read this conversation.
Moon: He’s like really 16. Weird…
UC: I know! I hate his long hair. But short it’s cute (and it’s short/mid-length after becoming a dog, right?)
Moon: well right when he becomes werewolf it’s shaved which could be hot
This is the day Chris Hansen’s stalker alerts he has set up across the interwebs went off and we were written in his book of “Ladies I’ll need to visit in the future”
UC: okay I need to stop obsessing and get back to work although I want to die and not do that
Don’t worry. Soon you’ll start a blog and not work for 367 days…
Moon: Right. I need to do some work. but I don’t want to. I want to look at pictures
UC: haha me tooooooo!!!!! Okay. I wish you lived closer. DAMNIT
Moon: Right. We could have geeked out together
You will… just you wait…

Bonus Feature

And as a little bonus… On 12/8/2008, after our first post on LTT and our first post on LTR, I broke the news to my husband…

Mr. Choice: wayd
that’s my cute husband’s speak for “what are you doing.” It’s pronounced “Wade”
UC: ummmm I started a hobby with Moon. I will tell you about it at home:)
He always complained I didn’t have any hobbies…
Mr. Choice: oh boy…did you leave work yet?
UC: no.. I got here late. I’ll leave in 15-20
Didn’t you hear me? I started a hobby. That means I didn’t work all day. In fact from here on out, I’m no longer going to work
Mr. Choice: No hurry…I haven’t started cleaning yet
UC: Hunny!!!!! What have you been doing? One of your many hobbies?
Mr. Choice: yes
UC: I have a hobby now!!!
Mr. Choice: I’m afraid to ask
UC: I’m so excited about it, so don’t hate k?
Mr. Choice: Is it a hobby that’s going to better you or waste your time?
UC: Umm… it will take advantage of time I already waste. Plus it will give me something to lighten my spirits with laughter and look forward to doing! AND using my creative writing skills!!! Maybe it’s not what YOU’D write about.. but……:)
Mr. Choice: hmmm? k We’ll talk about it..
UC: No. It’s decided. Loves!
And I never looked back….


I know, I know! We just did a give-away on Tuesday. But we’re CELEBRATING this week! So we’re doing another one.

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Giveaway rules: Easy! Leave a comment. Seriously that’s all. We’ll pick someone randomly through the powers of a random winner picker thinger. Oh, also Moon you can’t win. Neither can the other contest winners from the last few contests. That’s not fair. But everyone else is game! (Even YOU TammyO!

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  • Luludee

    I’d love to win that ornament, but I’m not gonna lie. It would probably be packed away for future use, as I would be too embarrassed to actually hang it on the tree where others could see it and ask about it.

    • TeamSeth

      Just hang it in the back side that doesn’t really show.

    • Midnight_Cyn

      I’d replace the angel on the tree top with a Twilight ornament anyday…I can get away with things like this cause I am well you know kinda crazy! You don’t want to get me upset =trust

  • StotheP

    “Wayd.” Love it, and will be incorporating that into my secret dialogue asap. Along with “purple,” “green,” “how you likin’ . . ,” “lllllaaaaadies” (from Rifftrax), “sparklepeen,” “fursplode,” have some plaid (again from Rifftrax but I always think of TS instead), “I know, right,” and an increased usage of “that’s what she said.”

    Wow. I know I’ve left out a LOT of expressions that have wormed their way into my language bank, and I’m now a little chagrined (ahem) at how fangirl I’ve become over the last six months or so. I’m not gonna go changing, though. I’ve NEVER laughed as hard or as much as I have since finding LTT/LTR and all you wonderful, NORMAL people.

    • TeamSeth

      My fave new one is “[page] 345” from last night’s skype discussion. “Did she 345 or 112?!” OMG I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH.

      I’m glad that because i put those words across my breasts on a WalMart cami, you think about me and that line.

      • Midnight_Cyn

        TS…what is skype??

    • operarose

      Love how you used chagrined in the past tense! Another vocab word.

  • NICE! –> My comment.

    PS I loved your innocent Twi-talk. AHh the memories of my first discussions with my friends who soon told me to shut up about it.

  • Pattilicious

    Trying to keep from laughing…I’m at school…but that was just too funny!
    @Mr. Choice: I love the “wayd”…do you mind if I use it from now on?

  • i think matt would kill me if we had a twilight ornament but i really don’t care, i want one anyways.

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  • Well I truly enjoyed reading about how this all began. Who could have known it would turn into all this?

    And UC, “No. It’s decided.” Way to pick yourself up! I love reading your breakdown of the old conversation, but those words really stand out for me. Much respect to you.

  • Your blog gives me the giggles every time!

    Thank you!

    • Midnight_Cyn

      Makes me want to invest in depends…!

  • So excited about making ornaments. Thanks for the link! It will make hubby crazy-mad! ::insert evil laugh::


  • The Old One

    UC and Moon, how is that you have Alice’s gift of seeing the future? You totally called so many elements of New Moon before they were even a twinkle in CW’s eye: Buffing up Taylor, and the CGI, and big like Batman–Wow, you’re good. You’re very good.

  • MariaS

    lol you guys are great. you make me laugh every day.

  • Alejandra

    reading the conversations made me remember when I was barely getting into Twilight. thanks ladies, it really made me giggle. =]

  • operarose

    I believe that chat will one day go to the Smithsonian.

    (Not being sarcastic.)

    It’s amazing how far you’ve come in one year! (thatswhatshesaid.)

  • I’m totally fail today…showed up to read, but I’m so sleepy I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open. So I’m commenting to enter the contest…LOL.

    I’ll be back later to read.

    • ambushed by twilight

      love your “name”

      • Midnight_Cyn

        Ambushed..I just realized how much your avatar looks like me in RL..especially when I wear purple..I like to be cool!

  • Suzin

    This is just what I needed after taking a 2 hour math final!!

    I love the conversations… I can’t believe I used to be like that too! 😛

  • Jessica

    My ornament would be the dialogue from the movie “Face Punch”

  • SarahG

    I have nothing witty to say today…I love looking at old coversations to see how much you’ve changed!

    I want that ornament!!!! 🙂

  • Jamie

    I so want one of those for my Hannukah Bush! I’m gonna have to see if they have some blue and silver ones 🙂

    – Jamie

  • ^^ new fav bloggy to read. ;]


  • Grace

    this made me laugh so much. PLEASE post more of these =]

  • Kaitlyn

    Oh, I can just imagine the Buttcrack Santa and Facepunch ornament opportunities now.

  • babiesbrown

    Even Tammy O? Come on, girls, we gotta have some standards.
    And I died when I read Robert Pattison!
    I have a Twi-hard (so she says) who still gets confused and says “Edward Pattinson.”
    Oh, the second hand embarrassment.

  • babiesbrown

    The Twi hard is a lady in my office. I don’t keep her in my pocket or anything.
    Just sayin.

  • Bethany

    Enjoyed the Twilight memories. I was sitting on the couch reading them and laughing and my roommate was making fun of me. Oh the persecution we go through for Twilight.

  • southernbelle

    I love your conversation w/ your husband! He sounds like my husband! I also told him one day that I found a new hobby (Rob). LOL. He was like, “whatever as long as it’s not gonna cost me lots of money.” Define lots of money(money I’ve spent on Twilight/NM stuff).

    UC and Moon’s conversation about Rob is so cute! In the beginning, it’s almost like you were treading on sacred ground! 🙂

    • Kmountainlion

      Glad you were here. So much fun…

    • Midnight_Cyn

      Hey SB..where ya been girl???

      • southernbelle

        Cyndi – I’m trying to catch up on RL. I’m usually on LTR more than here, cause you know I’m a Rob-lover!

  • Heather

    Let me just say that I pretty much died of laughter from those two ornament pictures.
    That’s it.

  • Kristin

    I’m really tired of telling you two how much I love you both. I lie, no I’m not!!!

    This is so cool, love the breaking down. Especially, “welcome to the 80’s”..hahaha…TOTALLY.

  • Stefanie

    Fun! Love ya, love the show! And, to “same” above, I’ve found that my die-hard, completely out HP geekery is a good “transition” for explaining why I am so inordinately fond of all things Twilight. This is my first comment too, by the by!

  • undercoverlover

    UC and Moon = AWESOME!!
    I’m new, but I love ya already 🙂

    • Midnight_Cyn

      Your avatar looks like it has to go pee! 🙂

  • Carrie

    Awww. Makes me wish I knew more people (in the same time zone as me) who did nothing at work and wanted to have in depth analytical conversations about all things Twilight related, laugh at Butt Crack Santa, make sly references to dumpsters and possibly discuss what colour underwear Rob prefers on a girl. You know, just in case.
    (One day, Rob my love, one day our day will come)
    Anyway, you girls have totally helped me come to the realisation that it’s TOTALLY normal to cogitate for hours on end about these things. (Bonus points for slipping my ‘word of the day’ into this post!!)

    • TOTALLY 🙂

      • Midnight_Cyn

        Hey UC..whatch doin on here this late?….BTW…did you jinx my post-it’s program on my computer? Just wonderin?

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Hey Ang, ILWL…knock on the screen..waving..anyone home??? I am so lonesome, I have been commenting on random avatars…like THATS normal…

    • I’m here…commenting on random avatars is normal…as is googling teeth porn…LOL…I hope Ang joins for the Trinity…muah!

      • Midnight_Cyn

        YEAH ILWL…..YOUR HERE!!!! Happy FACE!!!!

  • Midnight_Cyn

    ILWL..did you read my disaster of the day comment earlier? So Imma thinkin would you like a bird for xmas??

    • a bird? I am so confused…teehee….maybe cause i’ve slept 6 hours for the past week….lol. I love birds….but would love a Tay Tay under my tree tree…LOL ….

  • Midnight_Cyn

    What are you doing girl? sound like me now…get some sleep….I was talking about my parrot..Maxie..she was almost dinner tonight..its on the other page of comments…besides you live in a tropical climate..betch she would love it and I promise to teach her to say “Taylor loves only Illegal” …
    Now as much as I want to visit with you and I do…please get some sleep so we can really get into some heavy Breaking News..but you have to rest first… <3 X 1 trillion

    • oooh send her over…on second thoughts…dont…wouldnt wante her yelling that at my wedding…unless of course she’s accompanied by Tay…hmmmm….Im up for a while so dont worry…I will sleep…muah!

      • Midnight_Cyn

        You should go to sleep and dream sweet dreams of Tay Tay..and the whole wedding issue wouldn’t be a problem if you were marrying Taylor! Problem solved…otherwize how you gonna explain the whole havin his baby thing???

  • Vogonpoet

    This was cute. I wish I could be part of your circle of friends or even fake lesbian, lol u guys are sooo funny, ltt really brightens my day amd makes me laugh

    • Midnight_Cyn

      Vogonpoet: On behalf of all us normal folks who hang/live here I think I can safely say you are more than welcome into the circle! But I should warn you to be careful what you wish for…lol…you couldn’t find a better group of people to hang with as crazy as it gets here! Welcome!

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Well I think I have done enough damage for one day…calling it a night…
    Theres always tomorrow..(sang in my best/worst voice)
    Yup I need to stop commenting now…

    • Oh noes! Bella mope cat…please be around during the weekend…i miss u…Muah!!!! have a good night!!!! love to Blanket Rob….

  • Melymori

    I’ll kill to read what your husband said when you told him about your new hobby =)

  • Helen

    Happy anniversary!!

  • hola loca(jacob voice)

    i deserve a present, because i dont even speak english and i read your blog hahaha really im 22 year old live in california and im going english class hahaha really!!!!!!!!! and i love LTT is like my second religion, you know which is my first TWLIGHT oh wait!!!! my bad, the first one is Robert P……papito chulo!!!! SECOND TWILIGHT and THIRD you guys ….les mando besos y abrazos estilo big daddy

  • xodrummergurlxo

    I know my username isn’t very Twilighty but I use it for everyhting. Habit! Sorry!!
    Anyroad, UC, Moon:
    I LOVE your blogs! My computer at home won’t let me comment for some reson and I decided to randomly visit while I was at work (Shh! Don’t tell! =]) and comment box works!
    I read your posts every day and I get my other Twilight Obsessed friends to read them also. They make my day =]]
    I, like *same* was a bit scared at first to comment today but what the heck. Why not?
    (Not in the Creeper way. You guys are just completely awesome!)

  • meagaloo

    haha its so funny that you guys didnt even no the actor’s names then

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