A healthy debate: Kristen Stewart's Acting

Throughout this letter I’m going to use something called sarcasm. Unfamiliar? Read this. Many people hate Kristen Stewart because they are sadface that she is (apparently) with Robert Pattinson. I am one of them. I cannot judge Kristen Stewart fairly without thinking of her with Robert Pattinson. She does a commercial for cat litter and surrounds herself with 18 little white kittens? I hate it because all I can think about is how she gets to do Rob Pattinson after she gets to play with all those adorable kittens. In Adventureland she does a sex scene with a douche-bag married to a Woody Allen darling? She is an automatic awful fake movie sexer because she’s having the real sex with Rob Pattinson. Remember, Read this if you have any questions.

Dear Twilosophy Debate Class 101,

Today we’re going to have a healthy debate. Any questions?

Why are you opening THIS can of worms when we have had peace on LTT for awhile and Robsteners/Nonsteners/Swiftners/Non-Swiftnerers (Wait a second- WHO could be a Non-Swiftnerer? Seriously? Have you seen these two? So freakin’ adorable) have been getting along?

Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic and when I think of stuff I like to share it with the LTT community. Also KStew411 tweeted this amazing video and I really needed a reason to post it

The beginning

Kristen and I had a rocky beginning. First of all she kissed Adam Brody in In the Land of Women, and that’s when I knew I would hate her for eternity. Plus that movie sucked and that pains me to say because I heart Adam Brody something fierce. I remember being very underwhelmed by all the performances in that movie, not just Kristen’s.  I’ll have to break it out again to decide for sure what I think of her specifically, but I’d rather die than do that. So let’s just leave it at that.


Bitch! Seriously, I'll facepunch you so hard....

And then came Twilight. I walked away consumed with the desire to FACE PUNCH her except I didn’t know it was that desire since FACE PUNCH doesn’t get referenced until New Moon. “SHE gets to DO Rob Pattinson!?” I thought. (Except I didn’t think that since I didn’t think they were DOING it then since I was underwhelmed by their on-screen chemistry and knew nothing of the off screen rumors.) I was confused. I thought her casting was SPOT ON for the character of Bella. But her portrayal of Bella….? Well, it took me awhile to put it into words, but let’s just leave it at- I wasn’t so crazy about it. (Refer to the above video for many of the reasons why)

New Moon

I feared a Twilight repeat. I did. So much of that movie hinged on Kristen’s ability to make us believe in her pain. I came away from that midnight showing really happy with what I saw! I believed her! I felt her loss. I even shed a tear or two even though I knew that Edward would eventually come back and then they’d have some awesome make-out scenes complete with an EPIC Leg Hitch (Don’t do it and DIE, David Slade) and would eventually skinny-dip in the ocean after which they’d do it in probably the most talked about fade-to-black scene ever written, finally resulting in the birth of a half-human, half-vampire genius-child who would be imprinted upon by a werewolf. I cried even though I knew that would happen. (Actually, that’s probably why I cried. Couldn’t he just STAY and give her amazing birthday sex?) Also I didn’t cry until Lykke Li’s “Possibility” came on because I feel emotions through music. Plus, Kristen had my FAVORITE line in all of New Moon. Listen for it here in this clip, courtesy of Brookelockart’s pirated copy of the movie:

Click for awesomeness

So… why the sudden change of heart towards Kristen? Were my expectations SO low for the movie that surpassing them wasn’t that hard to do (That’s actually possible) Did she REALLY step it up a notch this movie? Was Chris Weitz a better director for her? Clearly I just forgot that she was banging Rob with his absence. Instead I thought about flowers, kittens and Swiftner. Or maybe Stewner- yes… that’s right! While watching the movie I invented, in my mind, a real relationship between Kristen & Taylor. She makes him homemade protein shakes while he improves his pectoral muscles. It’s a beautiful relationship. And an obvious one. How else would she know that Taylor carries around little baggies of meat patties? You know, I bet Kristen even bags Tay’s meat patties for him in NAME-BRAND baggies. She loves him that much. Best of all Rob is single & Taylor Swift writes an amazing break-up song that brings me to tears until the end when a wolf is mauled to death by a bear (because afterall, Kristen let us in on a little secret- “They’re Not Bears“)

I heart blonde Kristen

I heart blonde Kristen

My 4th Time

Something was different after my 4th viewing. Maybe it was because it was the first time EVER I didn’t polish off a entire popcorn by myself. I was too stuffed from dinner. And I’m never too stuffed for popcorn. All I know is that I came home after my 4th viewing of New Moon and drafted a letter for LTT that has the following brilliantly penned sentence:

kristen’s acting is starting to bother me

Before you run your mouth and tell me it’s probably because that was the night Taylor was on SNL and blew that kiss to Taylor Swift that had me all worried about the state of Stewner’s relationship…. well, you’re right.. it was that night, but that’s not the reason I started that post. There was just something that struck me on my 4th viewing that I didn’t realize on viewings 1-3. I think the newness of the movie is finally wearing off and I’m seeing things with normal person (aka non-Twilight-crazy person) eyes for the first time. I don’t think Bella would get all boo-hooey, weepy… and I don’t think Kristen should have. I think her staring blankly off into the distance… at nothing… was spot-on. I think it’s when Edward is telling her he’s leaving her that I have an issue. Her face is literally… expressionless. There is just a minute change, even when she realizes fully what he is telling her. I think the depth of that realization is lost and nowhere to be found in her expression….. I think Chris Weitz should’ve pulled her aside and said, “Kristen? I know last night you packed 300 baggies of meat patties for Taylor. What if after all your hard work and dedication to the beautifulness of your relationship, he left you? What if he left because instead of using Ziplock baggies you chose Glad baggies because you had a coupon? Think about that during this scene.” I think it could’ve made all the difference….

I'm gonna facepunch the big giant panda


You know what’s awesome about Blockbuster closing 960 stores in the US? I get to by lots of movies for under $5.00. I bought Adventureland this weekend and watched it while I wrapped presents. It was….okay.  A nice little coming of age story. Had some funny parts. Not the first time that’s been done.. and it won’t be the last. My favorite coming of age movie is still Gardenstate. Yes, after all these years. Zach Braff like, made, The Shins.

Kristen was….. the same character she always is! I discussed it with my husband, who has seen more of her movies than I have and likes her better than I do because he doesn’t care that she is banging Rob, obviously, said to me, “So what if she’s playing the same character? It’s what her character NEEDS. She doesn’t need to be any different than that. No one faults Owen Wilson or Will Ferrell for playing the same characters over and over again. It’s what they do.” He’s probably right. I remember once someone said, “I f*cking hate Kristen Stewart. She’s like the female Michael Cera” which cracked me up. Obviously her argument was that Michael Cera plays the same guy every time. I think it’s a valid argument…. Kristen has played characters that mostly (not always) require her to act one way…. I think seeing her in The Runaways will be very telling. Stay tuned for part 2 of the debate!

Currently “Into the Wild” is staring at me from on top of the DVD stack. I haven’t watched it yet. I have no idea why. Is it a movie about Bears? Or….say it Kristen

In conclusion

In conclusion….. I don’t have one. That wasn’t the point of this letter. That’s where the “healthy debate” comes in. I laid out some options- hate Kristen because she kisses the boys we all want to kiss, love her because Stewner has beautifulness, hate her performance in Twilight, love her performance in New Moon then take it back 4 views later, talk about if They Are or ARE NOT bears in Into the Wild, Speculate about Kristen and Michael Cera being the new hot Hollywood couple? Whatever…. the options are endless…… I will end with this: Kristen DID kick it up a notch for New Moon. Seriously. I don’t know if there was a blinking or stuttering that seemed out of place even ONCE. However…….. Brookelockart, my provider of black-market New Moon clips from her pirated copy, did remind me that the movie DOES end on famous Kristen Stewart heavy breathing. Don’t believe me?

Click for awesomeness

Told ya.
Stewner Lives,

Ready, Set….DEBATE!

Rules of the Debate: Keep your TammyO-isms at home. If you, like me, only judge Kristen as someone who is banging Rob when you are not, make sure you let people know so that TammyO and her lynch mob can discount everything you say.

We’re E-bffs with some major KStew lovers. Here are two of the biggest and who have the LTT stamp of approval: @CalliopeBlabs @KStew411. But seriously, they’ll FACEPUNCH you if you’re mean to the Stew. Seriously. Once KStew411 “shunned” Moon & I’m pretty sure Calliope spit in my pizza last time we had lunch and she thought I wasn’t looking. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

One Year later and our internet game is still ridiculous (and our Kung Fu is STILL strong): The Forum, LTR, Twitter

  • Luiza

    Ok, first, I don’t get it. what’s wrong with kstew’s acting? with all that blinking and stutterning, she’s still great. she was wonderful in New Moon (not Twilight though) and i friggin love her. Btw, today I saw Adventureland<3 one more time i just had to see it again hehe:)
    joan jett isn't supposed to blink and run her hands through her hair all the time right? so there you go, I think her acting will finally be different in The Runaways
    And I agree, she does have great potential and I will not be surprised if she scores some oscars, golden globes etc nominations.

  • absolutelyvlc

    HEY TEAMSETH ARE YA OUT THERE??? A while back we had a discussion about awkward love-to-hate-hair-behind-ear moments in Twilight….you were talking about a specific scene (baseball cap) and I said I was talking about something else altogether. The video above of “breathing” captures what I failed so bigtime was trying to express between 1:07 and 1:33. And now you know.

    • TeamSeth

      haha, thanks for that extreme explanation that I reread 5 times and still didn’t really understand. 😐

      I will attempt to figure it out now by watching the video and remembering that you didn’t read my slashfic so it doesn’t have to do with that.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Much of what I was going to say has been said so I just have alittle to add.
    Kristen is only 19…how cool/comfortable/emotionally stable were you/me at that age and we were not “in the spotlight?” She was pretty young when she started filming Twilight and she went into it faced with the huge expectations everyone had of seeing “their beloved Bella” come to life on the big screen! Certainly a risk especially with C Hardwicke..now, throw in the strict guidelines of filming with a minor, and it was bound to take a toll on her performance (its kinda hard to “be in the moment” when the person your supposed to be there with, is not actually there.) Specially when that someone is RPatz!..Come on, be fair, most of us would be totally speechless, never mind stuttering if we actually had him trying to kiss/hold/ummm whatever HIM over and over especially at that age..
    Anyway, for me, a good reference of her potential talent showed clearly in Panic Room, making me wonder if she has what it takes naturally or she requires a strong director who knows how to “draw it out of her” ? Countless times I’ve seen really good actors that have crashed and burned in movies and also the opposite, where horrid actors surpised everyone with winning performances….my opinion..for what its worth (not much) is that is the responsibility of the directors/writers/editors that “make the movie”. It sort of frustrates me that for the most part the actors get all the shitz or credit when the fault often lies in the hands of the people behind the camera. Case in point. C.Hardwicke…if she had been the “right” director for Twilight, she would not have stood for sub par performances. A great director can take a kid off the street and have him/her kick ass on the screen, that is why its called directing.., So, better director, somewhat better performance in NM! To me, Kstew is getting alittle more seasoned/older/wiser and finding herself while still in the process of developing her acting abilities. She’s still a kid and growing pains are just that, pains! Although most of us might forget (or prefer to) what its like to be 19 imagine for a moment going through that in front of millions of people judging every and I mean everything you do in your public/private life? Not alot of fun! Yes, she chose acting, but do we ever really know what we are in for when we choose our career paths? Even as adults in “normal” jobs, the constant pressure of the job/coworkers/boss and the desire to be the best as what we do effects us in so many ways… all while trying to juggle hubs/kids/BF/GF etc., It ain’t easy folks…that’s all I’m saying…
    (Sorry got carried away)

    • Ang

      MidCyn – So glad you are here! Just sent you an e-mail to check on you.

      I agree with your thought that director/writing/etc. matters a lot. Even the best, award-winning actors have been known to have a stinker performance or two in their film history. It happens.

    • fangbanger

      I <3 you, Cyn.

      You always stick up for others. Perfect.


    • Shleeeigh

      “be fair, most of us would be totally speechless, never mind stuttering if we actually had him trying to kiss/hold/ummm whatever HIM”

      TRUTH – with that sentance I just realised how tough KStew’s job actualy is!!

    • southernbelle

      Cyndi how are you? I’m back!

    • TeamSeth

      Spot on, Cyn.

  • gemmajean

    UC you defnitely should watch Into the Wild…it took me a long time to watch it -sad movies when I know how they end…I have to be in the mood (first time was about 2 months ago) but I believe the soundtrack makes the movie (I heart Eddie Vedder big time) so enjoy.

    I agree with Dilia and Confessor…she is definitely not a bad actress but has room to grow.

  • Kneedshelp

    I started off not getting Stewie. All I ever saw from her was bad attitude in interviews and being all blinky and spasticy. I really did not care for her. She was just…weird.

    Then, when it became apparent that one sparkly, beautiful boy really liked her, I had to step back.

    Who am I to judge Stewie? I am happily married, have a great job, I don’t really care what she does, even if it is The Precious.

    I am still not the Stew’s #1 fan. I don’t think I will ever be. It could be worse. He could be with Paris Hilton or Miley Cirus. *shivers and pukes* It appears the Stewie makes Rob happy so I’m happy.

  • ruby

    I love Rob and I love Kristen- They seem like cool people from their interviews…very bohemian, artistic types who are struggling with the fake hollywood bs they have to put up with being a part of this franchise. He’s hot, she’s hot. Thats why I like them.


    They BOTH SUCK as actors. I have seen almost ALL of their movies because I am a fan and I wanted to see a performance from them that would prove that they are good actors so I could justify liking them.

    I havent.

    Now, Daniel Gale and Art did make me chuckle. Dali made me cringe at times..as did Cedric..sorry!

    Kstew is just…THE EFFING SAME CHARACTER every time. I did like her as Tracy and I did like her as Georgia but thats cause her natural self worked to bring those characters to life. But she plays the same character…a girl who wants to get laid. And maybe thats her in real life. IDK

    About Robsten- good for them if theyre effing. Someone has to eff Rob- he’s hot. Might as well be her- at least she isnt a diseased whore. And she seems shy and awkward so if he hit on her and she reciprocated that seems like a miracle in and of itself. Good for them.

  • Luludee

    I didn’t care for the Stew for a quite some time, but then had a change of heart with New Moon. The only other thing I’ve seen her in is Zathura, lol.
    Oh wait, I have seen Into The Wild, which I liked a lot. However, I heard a lot of people say that “she was so great in that movie”, so I was really curious about seeing her performance. Somehow, this led me to believe that she was either a major character or would blow me away even in a small part. Neither is true. She’s in it for like 5 minutes total screen time and she hardly has any lines. There was nothing stand-out about her performance at all. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what it was made out to be either.

    I’ll have to reserve judgment on her acting abilities until I’ve seen more of her movies.

    I will say though, that I was never happy with her in the break-up scene of NM: “Please….don’t” make me cringe in Eclipse, Kristin!

  • reddevil

    re: Rob/KStew and E/B chemistry

    It doesn’t help that Bella and Edward characters are so poorly written in the books, and even worse in the scripts. You can only work with what you’re given and if it’s cr*p, it’s hard to turn it into something else.

    But I’m not surprised seeing as the scripts/the books are written by two Jacob lovers. Their bias often shows.
    Both of them have killed the romance between E/B, especially Rosenberg.

    Example: The Shakespeare scene, it had potential to be a really romantic one, instead Rosencrap took it to a classroom and killed the magic of that intimate scene.

    The E/B scenes were rushed and shallow, there was no depth to their characters and their dialogue.
    The script was basically shi*t. And only few actors had good lines to work with, Rob/Kristen weren’t one of them.
    It’s actually sad to they have to deliver Rosencrap’s lines.
    No actor should be forced to go through that.

  • 3hboyshouse

    I don’t love the KStew acting style, but I do the love the fact that in real life stewie makes me forget she is only 19. She seems like a much older woman.

    UC – In To the Wild Sucks rotten eggs. I hate when people are trying to find themselves. I mean come on, buck up and be a man already and who goes to Alaska without proper supplies! I grew up with a mountain man father and he would kick our asses if we didn’t have proper food, water, and clothing to be out in the wilderness.

    • SingleStrand

      Dear 3hboyshouse,
      I <3 u. That is all.

  • NatalieLovesTwilight

    Into the Wild was horrible. You were waiting forever for something to happen and then nothing happened. I couldnt stand the movie, but KStew played the same character she always plays and she was in the movie for an entire 10 minutes. You can pretty much fast forward till you see her and then stop the DVD when she’s out because the rest of the movie was a total bore. I was surprised I was able to stay awake watching it. I guess I was waiting for that “something” to happen that never came, but I still love Emile for trying to do something different. I’ll always love him for his role in The Girl Next Door 🙂

    • but no one is answering my questions…. Are there BEARS!?

      • gemmajean

        hmmm there are a bunch of scenes in the wilderness but I don’t recall BEARS…there is a moose though.

      • mountainlion

        There is one giant bear. Do you feel better now?

      • JodieO

        They’re NOT bears!

    • mountainlion

      I’m not gonna give you the thumbs down because you are so entitled to your opinion, but I can’t agree with you.

      I loved watching Emile’s character (sorry…too lazy to imdb it) search for a meaningful life outside of the chaos and materialism his parents created. Vince Vaughn was great, as was Catherine Keener.

      I’d never seen Kristen before this movie and thought she did a great job. I even said to my husband, “who is that?” She was lovely and sexy in her understated, young, milky-white-skin (ok, now I’m creepng myself out) Kristen-way.

      A friend who saw the movie at the Telluride Film Festival told me that “Into The Wild” played at an outdoor venue and near the end, it poured rain, and not one person moved from their seat.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Natalie.

  • Buff82

    KStew is the actress I want to love, but find myself cringing at her awkwardness. I had only seen her in Panic Room prior to the Twilight movies, and I read the novels with her in my head as Bella. She did vastly disappoint in my eyes, and I hate to admit it.
    She did do a much better job in NM, but everything else I’ve seen her in since always seems hard to watch. I think it’s because I wanted to like her so much that it’s like watching a relative bomb on stage – there is a level of embarrassment for them.
    Even her part in Zathura, she acted the same she always does. I don’t believe she needed to; it’s just how she acts.
    I have not given up on her though; I still want to believe she’s got it in her somewhere to knock everyone’s socks off.

  • The problem I have now is that I cannot imagine anyone else playing Bella! So that makes it harder to be impartial. I honestly like KStew in everything else I’ve ever seen her in. Her “normal behaviors” seem right in Adventureland, Into the Wild, and whatever else I’ve seen her in. But her “normal behaviors” just aren’t right for Bella. (Or maybe they are. I think we are all too wrapped up in Twilight to really judge anymore.)

  • natalie_MKH

    KStew…not my fav. But as long as there is never a repeat performance from Twilight i’ll totes pretend we are homies. Like I said on FB, loved her in NM with anybody other than Rob in a scene. Maybe it’s all the tweed or maybe it’s because he really knows what’s goin on under that wig but it was painful watching those two together.

  • Jamie

    I actually couldn’t stand Kristen before I discovered Rob, lol. Does that still put me in the “Hate her BC she’s probably doing him” catogory?

    Here’s my issue with Kstew.
    Every character she plays is awkward. But not good awkward.
    Rob in How To Be was good awkward. The kid from I Love You Beth Cooper was incredible awkward! She is awkward in a way that’s makes me wonder if she just forgot her lines. “Uh but… What? No! I forgot my script! You can’t leave!”
    And its the same in every damn movie.

    I totally understand actors who play the same character over and over again (Like my other celeb. crush, John Cusack) but they do it well!

    And truthfully, as much as I love the Twilight series, I’ve never liked the character of Bella in the books because she is so damn whiney and over emotional. Kristens Bella showed absolutely no emotion whatsoever. I feel like there should have been some kind of happy medium between the two

    Anyways that’s my two cents! 🙂

    – Jamie.

  • TeamSeth

    Her breathing is the only thing that has consistently bothered me about her.

    That said, my negative feelings about KStew have subsided almost completely (even after 4th viewing). And she most likely won’t be kissing any of the boys I want to be kissing, since one is married with a kid (who has red hair w/2 brunette parents? Awkward…), one lives in Vancouver, and the other seems a bit like a flirtacious slag (I mean, with this look, how could he not be an upcoming Ashley Greene-different-dates-every-day-of-the-week [onwards AND sideways…LML]?).

    The way KStew says “wolves” turns me on. I say it all the time now. Huge wolves. That’s normal, right?

    ps-I couldn’t listen to any of the clips! All were blocked by my work. :'(
    pps-TuesdayMidnight, I hope you enjoyed that crapton of Bewley porn. I did it all for you! (um, maybe a little for me too) (And for all the lurking Bewley lovers…there’s no shame girls and guys, ‘cuz according to his twitter, he wants to “go everywhere, do everything… indiscriminately – FYeyes.” I think we’re all included in “everything”, but maybe I’ve misread?)

    • tuesdaymidnight

      Aw, thanks for the pics!! I’m totally going to paste my face over Ashley’s in that pic… even though I tend not to wear such a low decolletage.

      Sigh… damn that boy is pretty. I’m completely willing to lump myself into “everything.”

      • TeamSeth

        Well, I fear you and I are going to be sharing ourselves w/ each other indirectly no matter what. Unless I just hang onto Dan, which seems okay to me since the NHL is giving him free Canucks tickets. Why do rich/famous people always get free stuff? They don’t need to get free stuff, they are rich, they can afford $120 game tickets to the Canucks/Capitals game! So unfair.

    • mountainlion

      Team Seth, Thanks so much for the Billy Burke photo!

      • TeamSeth

        My pleasure. I have soooo many more where that came from.
        I actually had my first billy burke dream last night! It was pretty pure–too pure. He was fully facial haired and in jeans and loose white hanes tshirt. We were in my good friend from college’s old house hiding out from the party in the backyard. The whole thing was awkward, like we were waiting for someone else to show up so he could leave. And he kissed me a couple times and fondled my left breast. I didn’t know what to do. I felt so awkward and panicky, like I was doing something terribly wrong. I kept looking around, like we were going to get caught. Hm, maybe this dream had some other meaning… Anyway, finally I just said it: “I can’t do this. Sorry, but I just can’t. Even if it’s only right now this time alone. Sorry.” and he kissed me again and laughed, “No big deal.” Then I just held onto him and his baggy white tshirt (yeah, TURN OFF). I’m such a disappointment in my dreams.

    • TS! Where are you? Is Hound keeping you busy? or did the twitstalking finally take it’s toll? lol

      • TeamSeth

        Sigh. I was going to email all of you guys to talk about this. I feel so removed from everything right now and very stressed out about some things.

        Twitstalking take its toll? Meaning that I have a date set up to grab a pint for the second week in February? Um…yeah.

    • Shleeeigh

      Oh you KNOW Charlie Bewley is the biggest flirt on the planet!! I heart me some campvamp.

      • TeamSeth

        That’s all I’m saying. No one has a smirk like that and doesn’t thrive on the chase and dancing with strangers. I have that smirk, I know the truth.

        Also, can we please note how much purple is in this photo! Hooray twi-hards for getting an earful, so I can be pleasantly 2nd–not 1st–hand embarrassed.

  • I def don’t hate on the Stew. She’s #coo. I don’t care if she plays similar characters in most movies she’s done….I mean so does Jack effing Nickolson. But whateves…..

    I do think as she gets older and wiser she will probably only get better. I do secretly hope she gets real fat as she gets older though. Bitch makes me feel even more fat.

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  • AL

    I like Kristen’s subtle acting style, there’s nothing in the world I hate more than over acting. There’s a reason why critics, directors and many great actors and actresses say such great things about her. I think she brings a realness to each character. I feel like she has room to grow, like Rob. People forget she’s younger, she has only been acting a couple more years more than Rob, and they’ve done the same amount of roles. But they say he’s growing and is “new”. I think it’s a bit of a double standard.

  • PG11

    I fell in love with her when she dropped her MTV Award, she is a dork, just like her boyf 🙂

    • PG11

      Wait! What?

      Was I supposed to comment on her acting?


  • Freya

    I think it’s interesting how Kristen described acting as being “like breathing”. I think that’s what it is. You know what you’re getting when you hire Kristen Stewart–it will be Kristen Stewart playing the Kristen Stewart character. I hope that Joan Jett does push Kristen–if I recall, one rumor from the set said that JJ made KStew cry at one point, which I actually think could be good for her acting. I see her as an actress who will say “You don’t think it’s good enough? Fuck you! It WILL be good enough.” And then she’ll up her game.

    A lot of what bothered me about Twilight was the blinking and stuttering, but I had the feeling that was Cougar Cathy’s doing. I urged hope for New Moon. And she delivered a much richer performance. She is still growing as an actress. I don’t think she’s brilliant as it stands, but hopefully she’s open to growth and can move beyond “Kristen Stewart plays Kristen Stewart.”

    Wow, that was rational and serious. Damn. I think I just wasted my comment on logical evaluation. To redeem myself maybe I should say “FUCK YOU, Kristen Stewart! I’m a jealous bitter harpy who hates you for having sex with Robert Pattinson!” Then I’ll burst into tears and run away.

  • Rachael

    This beginning of this post was so cruel I didn’t bother to read the whole thing. I love KStew. And if she *is* banging Rob, then it’s because she a good person and deserves it.

    • Tigerkitten36

      Hey Rachael!!

      Im a good person….. Dont I deserve it too?

    • mountainlion

      Please don’t take it too seriously. A lot of us love Kristen, too and need an outlet where we can say whatevah we want about the people we obsess over.

      very good and deserving person,

      p.s. it was not my intention to speak for all you who post here.

      • Tigerkitten36

        I would gander to say the most of us here at LTT (and LTR ) are “good and deserving” people. Even Bobbygee. *wink*

        Kristen on Jimmy Kimmel was Hawt. Throwing a football while in heels. I was debating teams that night.

        • mountainlion

          She had my complete respect when she was on Jimmy Kimmel!

        • southernbelle

          She looked great in that talk show :-). Love the dress!

  • OutOfMyElement

    Bottom line of all of this is she is stuttering, lip biting and stammering all the way to the bank! Must be nice to be making some serious cash doing all of that. THAT’S the part I’m jealous of……….

  • 2 things…

    1)Dont face punch panda…panda get sad…

    2)Stewner? First Swift now Stewart? Gah! BFF does NOT approve…no matter how beautiful they may be…I just cant compete with a frikin’ eclipse (There K Stew I complimented you) teehee

    muah everybody!

  • mania

    I think Kristen is quite onedimensional as an actress – but I still love her: she is not the typical Hollywood teen, she dresses as she like, she goes out without makeup, she doesn´t try to please everyone, you will never see her on the cover of maxime or any other shitty magazine, she tries to answer truthfully in interviews, she takes her job seriously.
    AND – when I saw her on Jimmy Fallon I went completely fake lesbian on her:

    • Oh my god! I loved this bit with Jimmy too! But again…..damn skinny bitch in hot ass clothes!

  • Kat

    As someone who owns In the Land of Woman proudly, worked in a video store for over a year (around the time when Into the Wild came out) and now has been working at a movie theatre for a year and some change I can safely say… I CANNOT STAND KSTEWS ACTING!!! With or without Rob. End.Of.Story.

    Rob was on my radar WAY before Twilight. KStew was on my radar starting with *wince* Zathura (since to this day I have never wanted to make my TV commit suicide with Panic Room). I rented (for free when I worked at the video store) Into The Wild and couldn’t even finish the DVD… That.Never.Happens.To.Me.

    And when even Twilight came out, I didn’t have the nonsten passion I have now.

    Shortly? after came Adventureland… When Adventureland posters started popping up around work because I get breathy around Ryan Reynolds myself, I was really excited to see it… Let me remind you I work at the movie theatre (I see movies for free)… Ugh. I walked out wanting 2hrs of my life back. I saw it with my favorite lesbian and even SHE said she hardly lusted over Kstew while I lusted over Ryan, and she is into Kstew. Em=Bella. aka. Kstew couldn’t act… (to be fair: Rob’s Spanish Dalí is very similar to an American Edward.. but Little Ashes was also epically better)

    New Moon was a smidgen more tolerable because post-breakup she didn’t have to act. She was blah with rare wonderful moments of life and then back to whiney… aka she didn’t have to act. =/ And she didn’t BRING IT with a heartbreak at the break up scene… The reason I cry everytime is because I have been there and I remember how I felt reading the book. I usually have tears by this scene and don’t have to worry about actually looking at her until that wonderful bare chest and beer belly show up…

    I love Dakota Fanning. I love what Joan Jett did for females in the music industry… so let me just say THANK ROBWARD that I won’t have to spend my own money on it.

    Final verdict: As long as I don’t have to spend my own money on it, I will continue to give Kstews MOVIES a chance. And she’ll probably let me down until it hits her that she isn’t 14 anymore and should probably Work at the craft. As far as KSTEW herself: Bloody hell woman take a shower and get off the man I have wet dreams about!

    • Kat

      ps. you are welcome for the Novel. ha

  • undecidedsten

    hi everyone!
    how glad am i to have found this site a few weeks ago (cos ii was running out of rob videos to watch on you tube) i actually thought i was the weirdest 25 yr old professional female in the world with my secret robert p obsession. i read every letter to twilight and rob in the archives in a weekend, cos i’d finished breaking dawn second time round and my friends would have staged an intervention if they saw me reading the first one again!

    anyway i dedided to finally post cos i’m so totally torn over kstew (and robsten for that matter but thats a whole other rant!) i saw adventureland before twilgiht (i was late onto this, i was leading a run of the mill existence until about 3 months ago my friend said you have to watch twilight its brillliant …que downward spiral! at least i only had to wait a few weeks for new moon don’t know how you’ve all been doing it since last november!)

    anyway i think she basically does play the same character in every film – i.e. herself. in adventureland i thought she was annoying and looked as if she was bored the whole time, i thought maybe thats what the script said. but then i saw twilgiht and it was more or less the same thing. i read the books after the film so i can’t really see anyone else playing bella and i kind of like that she isn’t doing a lindsay/mischa on it but i really couldn’t understand why people thought she was a good actress. I have to admit in new moon she won me over big time, she portrayed the scene where the months go by just as i imagined it when she read the book, and yes I did cry when i saw it and instantly remembered how i felt when i broke up with my last boyfriend.

    maybe she’s the same person in every film cos the characters have happened to be similar. maybe a real test of her acting would be ot have her out of her comfort zone in a role that kate hudosn or someone would normally play?

    i definately agree that she is better in the scenes with charlie and jacob and i thought kristen and robert had zero chemisry in new moon compared to twilgiht (how many times did everyone rewind that kiss scene first time they watched the dvd?!) as much as i hate to say it i think that was totally due to rob not kristen! i know i can’t believe i’m saying this cos i actually think he’s perfect in every way. but he wasn’t great at all in new moon

    edward was flat and boring, not at all charming and almost arogant like twilight.( I’m breaking all the rules now anyway…) and i won’t even to into the make up and wardrobe (tweed really?) if rob and summit were hoping to make taylor the star of this they did a really good job. unlike the book where i thought edward would never come back into it, watching the film i didn’t think like that at all.

    i think you guys are right that said rob overthought it, even watching how he talks about it in inverviews i think he really wanted to have edward taken seriously in new moon and not be the sparkly vampire. treacherous as this sounds, watching new moon i couldn’t remember why everyone was so in love with edward cullen in the first place. (the vanity fair photoshoot fixed that moment of madness fairly quickly!)

    anyway thats my two cents and now that i’ve lost my commenting v card i might not be able to shut up!!

    • congrats on that vcard loss!

      • natalie1508

        I have to agree with all of that! I just don’t like typing that much! By the way, this whole downward spiral thing..LLT/LLR only makes it worse. Thank Rob it’s ‘normal’ ’round these parts though!

        • undecidedsten

          i was kind of embarrassed when i pressed submit post and i saw how much i actually wrote!! it would take days to com up with amount of thoughts for a work project.
          saw this on perez (i’m giving up reading it as a new years resolution i promise) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axMN-EEgZgw
          bella with a weird accent

  • trixi

    i wish i had the time to read all of this today but stupid holiday shoppers are keeping my from wasting time at work. boo on you late shoppers!

  • AmyAlmost

    I had to read a line a few times and then click on the link to explain sarcasm – to realise you were using sarcasm ‘Zach Braff made the Shins’.

    I like the Stew and although I didn’t want to – I liked Into The Wild which I thought was a movie about that bear guy in Alaska which I watched because that’s where my husband is from even though I knew it was shot in Portland.

  • southernbelle

    I’ve always liked Kristen. I know she’s not the best actress but I still like her, even if she was indeed banging Rob. 🙂

    I’ve watched a lot of her movies and I sorta agree with you about the character kind of being the same. Same mannerisms and such.

  • Stupid Lamb

    I like Kristen Stewart a lot more in New Moon than Twilight…. maybe because without Edward she had to actually act (i.e. not look in awe all the time)

    The chemistry in Twilight was lacking, i agree. In New Moon, her and Taylor’s chemistry was great! I almost switched to Team Jacob =)

    All in all, they all need to learn from the pros and watch Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen in Pride and Prejudice. That is a love story with amazing acting and real chemistry!!!

  • Elise

    “Also I didn’t cry until Lykke Li’s “Possibility” came on because I feel emotions through music.”

    I haven’t finished reading the entire post yet, but I just wanted to say WORD to this. That was the only time my eyes ever even misted up…okay that and the last scene when Jake leaves. The score is beautiful there! Okay, back to reading.

  • obava

    First, I should note that I’m a “Don’tGiveaFucksten,” so none of my opinion is based on whether she’s actually/possibly doing my (pretend) boyfriend.

    I think she’s a boring actress and a one trick pony. Her mannerisms- the slack mouth, blinking and stuttering, messing with her hair (LOVE the Acting School video!)- are irritating. Hell, her breathing bothers me. I’ve seen her in 5 or 6 movies and she’s always the same.

    And that dude in “Adventureland” did a piss-poor job of trying to be exactly like Michael Cera.

    Can we talk about Rob’s acting skills yet? Please?!?

  • Carrie

    I will agree with one thing (and not say anything else cos I’m scared I’ll get punched) but I have to agree that the New Moon break up scene was some crappy acting by KStew. Maybe she just didn’t interpret it the way we did? But whatever the reason was, I didn’t feel that scene at all, and I blame it entirely on her. (Cos Rob is perfect and can do no wrong, OBVIOUSLY).

  • Dawn

    DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT watch Into the Wild. It may be staring you down from the top of the DVD rack, but you will regret it. It’s depressing as hell! DixieRae’s words not mine. But she’s internetless (I think I’ve created a new word in my quest to help her while she is internet-deprived!)!!

    As for Kristen…I have to say, although I think she sucked as Bella in Twilight – I blame Cathy- I loved her in NM! I love Kristen as an actress and have loved her in some of her other roles (totally agree that Land of Women was a fail for the whole cast!)! She has great potential.

  • Elise

    Okay I finally read the whole post, and *most* of the comments lol. I can’t really add much except to say that I’m not really sold on KStew’s acting. Other than the Twilight movies I’ve seen Panic Room (which doesn’t really count since she’s mostly wheezing the whole time), Adventureland, and The Messengers. Um she was the same person each time. And I don’t really think she’s the “female Michale Cera” because at least in his defense the characters are all written for him to be like that. Her characters have all been somewhat different, and yet she plays them the same. I dunno, I mean I don’t HATE her by any means…I just think that her Bella could be a little less flat. The breakup scene did nothing for me, and like I said before, the only time I remotely teared up was during the “Possibility” part and that was mostly because of the music. I guess I should also mention that I’m mostly Nonsten with a slight lean toward Don’t Give a Crapsten.

  • cedvanhalen

    OK, so I’m getting in on this really late but I had to leave a comment about this.

    I love Kristen Stewart. Sure, in Twilight she got a little too blinky and stuttery. But I remember leaving Twilight and thinking to myself, “That girl is going to be awesome in New Moon.” I had faith in her. And she did not let me down. I think she was fantastic.

    After I saw Twilight I went out and rented a couple more of her movies. I saw Adventureland, and thought it was a good, funny movie. I saw Into the Wild. She’s not in it much, but I did like the movie. I rented The Cake Eaters too. I don’t really remember much about that one…

    So, yeah. I like KStew. Even if she is shagging Rob. Who I also love. In a different way, obviously.

  • ksbell

    I have to agree with the writer about a lot of points. I’m no film critic or acting coach… but I was expecting more from her performance of the breakup scene. I went into the theater kind of dreading that part, knowing I would drown myself into a deep depression from that part of the movie… and I felt nothing. I didn’t feel any reaction from her, it’s like she stood there, looked down, walked around, fell down to her knees, laid on the ground… oh wait, that is what she did. IN ALL FAIRNESS… we don’t know what part of her portrayal of that scene is laying on the cutting room floor.

    BUT… when she was sitting in her room, staring out the window and “Possibilities” was playing… tears were rolling down my cheeks! I’ve been where Bella was, felt the emptiness… I felt it all again. OUTSTANDING JOB OF EXPRESSING THE PAIN WITHOUT SAYING A WORD. Her eyes were perfectly empty.

    The rest of her time with Jacob felt phony to me. I wanted to see more of her “holding herself in”… again, we have no idea how much of that part is on the editing floor. There’s only so much they can put in the movie.

    I didn’t feel the connection from Kristen to Bella in a lot of places. I felt like she was rushing thru parts of the movie to get to the next, and to get to the end… I don’t know how to describe it.

    I’ve only seen the movie once, on opening night at midnight. I loved it overall, and will go see it again. I may have been too tired to really appreciate her job in the film. I will concede that point.

    Again, I’m no expert critic… just someone who devours the books and wants to see them brought to life!

    Nice debate… still love her, still love the movies.

  • A True Fan

    What a great question based on the audience you have. Very predictable answer to the question. At least UC can admit that she’s not objective about Kstew because Kstew (and not UC) is banging Rob. Kstew’s breakup scene with Taylor was the only scene in the movie that brought me to tears. I felt her pain, she had given everything she had to give. That was also Rob’s favorite scene. Just remember if you really want to respect Rob, respect his choices. Do you usually have this many comments? All the jealous size 16 nutters were salivating over this question. Moon & UC you guys really love to hear yourselves talk. It’s really not going to change anything btw.

  • I haven’t seen NM yet, so I can’t say anything about that, but I really wasn’t convinced by her in Twilight. I couldn’t see why she couldn’t live without him or understand really that she was in love with him. I partly put it down to the adaptation, though.

  • Kimbaquarie

    Have to say Im so with you on her acting… I love her as the character, they chose well for her look, though Im not impressed with everything she does. I have seen some of her other movies and she doesnt change much… though she does what she does well! I just hope she isnt like that in real life and is able to really be herself. As for her banging Rob… Im jealous as hell but good on her! If she hurts him… Well Thats another story all together!!! hahahaha

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  • Jessica

    I think people need to remember the girl is only 19. Look at the Harry Potter kids. Only now are Daniel and Rupert finally getting good at acting. Emma was pretty much good from the first movie, but remember how painful it was to watch the first few Harry Potters- the acting was not good, but they were just kids!

    I think KStew has been able to slide into the same characters in so many movies because there wasn’t much acting involved- they were a lot like her and she was able to use her same mannerisms and not delve into the character much more than simply being herself..

    But she has said that with Twilight, she really gets to explore a character for the first time, and I think that is evident with her much improved performance in New Moon.

    I think she is still young- still figuring this acting thing out- but most of all- she’s only 19! No way I could deal with all ofthis with the maturity and insight and intellect that she has. I admire the girl, I think she will go on to do great things in Hollywood- without taking her clothes off (which really, its about time someone got famous for NOT being caught flashing her lady bits or with a sex tape *ahem- ashley greene)

  • mannni

    I love the way she acts. It’s so different from most girl of her age. She has personality and and good individuality. I have seen Twilight first, The Cake Eater where she did remarkable job, I didn’t like movie In the Land of woman mostly because inconclusive Brody.
    Her acting in New moon was strickt by the book. I have read the book so nobody can tell me she did bad acting. Of course everyone has opinion but to say all this low comments only tell facts about you. For me perfect Bella. 🙂
    Btw all this comments I have read about her lips, I didn’t realized that until you have pointed It so many times. This comments are probably form same frustrate people who never see bigger picture.

  • mannni

    and she is not the same, she has her way to express the story, you like it or not. She finds me in every movie so I like her very much

  • Melissa

    You are HYSTERICAL. I literally cried because I was laughing so hard at your comment about what Chris Weitz should have said the scene where Edward leaves Bella. I don’t really like Kristen Stewart, but I can’t really think of a reason not to like her other that the ones you listed so keep on doing what you’re doing. You’re a riot! 🙂

  • Ella


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