Hey Twilight Saga Unknowns, who ARE you?

Wait, you don't know who I am? I was in the made-for-tv movie "The Linda McCartney Story"

*Recently I received this email from our good friend Lula…*


Today, while reading Sci-Fi magazine (don’t judge, you know my love of the Science Fiction), I discover an enormous, really languorous interview with Kristen Prout.


And then I see all these pics from Eclipse.  WTF?  Oh, OK…she’s playing Lucy. Wait?  Which backstory vampire is Lucy? Then she mentions Jackson (a-ha!  She’s part of Jasper’s past!) and how he’s amazing and super professional and how she loved working with him and that’s when I realized… I have no idea whom this girl is.  Until the article, I’d never heard her name.  She is adorable, but she looks like every Hollywood wannabe, even though she’s Canadian. BUT…
Why did this magazine devote an entire 3 page interview with this girl, who basically said nothing of interest in it?  I’d have rather read about Julia Jones…or freaking Xavier!


Would it be ridiculous to take bets on whether we think Jackson bedded her? OK, yes.  It would.  He loves him some blonde-headed Lucy.  Numerous times.
first Boo-Boo and now Kristen Prout?  Please write a letter…”Dear Unknowns in Eclipse…WHO THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE?”

Alright, Lula… why not?

Who's that girl pushing Ashley out of picture? Why it's majorly important character HEIDI!

Dear Twilight Saga Unknowns (let’s widen the net shall we),

Who the hale are you people? My friend Lula brings up a great point. It’s like you’re the person at the High School reunion that’s talking to everyone yet no one actually knows or remembers you or can even find a picture of you in their old yearbook when they go home that night. Where did this person come from and why are they the life of the party now? This is you guys and we don’t understand.

Remember last summer when the casting of Heidi was made into a HUGE deal?! Yes, who would play the human “fisher” for the Volturi Vampires?” THIS IS not A BIG DEAL! (HIT IT!!) Would it be AnnaLynn McCord, would it be a Canadian unknown cast from Vancouver? Nope, it was a model name Noot Seer who ended up getting the part and then consequently appeared in a Glamour spread with actual above the line actors from the saga. Why? You had ONE LINE in New Moon!

BooBoo and his sister who's apparently attached to his hip at some Cupcake event

Then of course there’s poor BooBoo Stewart who seems to be caught in some sort of weird showbiz mom slash brother and sister “any publicity is good publicity” situation. Anytime I see a tweet from “mamarazzi” I imagine BooBoo’s mom as one of those moms from Toddlers and Tiaras who stands in the back and mouths the words and mimic the choreography their kid is supposed to be doing on stage. Poor, poor BooBoo. This kid’s been peddling his schtick harder than a whore at the end of the mouth trying to make rent. All those events and he didn’t even make it onto the Wolfpack version of the Eclipse movie poster. BURN. But still everywhere I look I see this kid, Bop Magazine’s up-and-coming teen stars, a TwiCon in Fargo, North Dakota, an autograph session in Vancouver (what DID he autograph I ask you!), and he’ll probably cut the ribbon at the grand opening of a Mimi’s Cafe in El Paso, Texas next week. Why not?

Then there’s the lady who will play Sue Clearwater, Jack Hudson as Royce King, a lady named Catalina Sandino Moreno who’s playing Maria, and about a billion others  and of course how can we forget Solomon Trimble? The original “Why the hell are you?” cast member.

NEVER FORGET. Hold on, what is GOldie Hawn doing with Sol Trimble? Was this an "Overboard" fan event?

Now I understand that being cast in a Twilight movie is sorta a big deal, but do you really need to hit the Twicon tours before the movie you’re in is actually out? Or do we need to hear your take on David Slade’s directing style or that 5 seconds you saw Rob in the catering tent and your resulting miscalculations of his personality as he made a PB&J sammy? No. As Peter Fachinelli wanted to tell the nomad vamps in Twilight: “slow your roll.” For serious.  However, if the Amazon Coven shows up at the opening of my mall’s Yankee Candle store, I’m gonna have more than words with someone and definitely a bunch of delicious candles.

Off to read that interview with the dude who is yet to be cast as Nahuel,

PS Ridiculous, Lula? Never. They defs got it on at least once, after a 100 Monkeys show when her ears were bleeding so bad she couldn’t understand whether he was asking her to go home with him or to the hospital. Needless to say Jackson’s hotel room does NOT have emergency medical equipment in it.

What do you think of all these random’s jumping on the bandwagon? Do you really want to read something about Jack Hudson or watch a video with Solomon Trimble? Ok, bad example I want to see EVERYTHING Solomon is in.

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  • thischickrunswithvampires

    Sorry, I really have nothing to add, but I didn’t get today’s post in my email (maybe because of the big site switch?), and that’s my safe way of reading it at work without getting busted going to the actual LTT site!

    Hoping this post will do the trick! Cool new design.

    • yes- since we switched those email subscribers are no longer- but I’m working on getting a new list together…!

  • kitkat

    Just want to say I’m glad the “awesome blossom” is back. I know it was “rate up” for the first day, but I like saying awesome blossom a lot better! 🙂

    • lilmisscan’tbewrong

      Me too! But I would also like it if it said “Purple”. Cuz that’s cool.

  • unlikelyfangirl

    Can I just say how ridiculously excited I was to discover my quote on the “Press” page!?. I totally wanted to tell all of my friends and family about it. But that would require a whole lot of explaining and enduring those “that’s not normal” looks. It is sad living this double fangirl life sometimes.

    • DJTanner&theFullHouse

      I totally understand – sometimes I come across something so hilarious, but all the time it would take to explain to “non-normal” people about why it’s so funny would totally negate the humor. So then I just don’t say anything. Unless of course I know they are “normal” like me, in which case, they probably already knew what I was going to say!

    • TeamJacobEdward

      I too understand! When UC told me she was going to post my BD letter I wanted to tell everyone because I was insanely excited and felt so cool. As it was I told no one for the same reasons you and DJTanner said and kept my giddy excitement to myself.

  • twiprof

    poor Solomon…..
    at least he got to sleep
    on Cathy the Cougar’s couch….
    hmmmm, or did he?

  • Suzin

    Wait… BooBoo made an appearance at a TwiCon in Fargo, North Dakota?!?!?!?!!?! That’s where I live 3/4 of the year! How did I miss this???? 😛

    I will now go cry in my room all night because I missed meeting this random nobody. My life is RUINED. Who does he play again?

  • persephone

    I am so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t know any of these actors, or who Lucy was in the book was for that matter. I was watching ET the other night and they were talking about this girl playing Lucy in the new Twilight Saga movie, and all I could think was, who the hell’s Lucy? Why don’t I remember a Lucy? Defs have to start rereading Eclipse super soon.

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