Day of Rest – Before we meet the creator of it all: Stephenie… not God

Note to self: Don't bite the Stephenie... unless she likes that sorta thing

Dear LTT-ers,

Instead of our usual post today we will be taking a self imposed day of rest from blogging, which we’ve pretty much never done. We’ve blogged consistently for the past year and a half… ok so maybe what I’m typing right now is considered blogging but let’s not get technical!

ANYWAY! Tomorrow UC and I will be fulfilling our dream (wow, that’s weird to say) and a year old New Year’s Resolution, since we first read the books and started this blog of MEETING STEPHENIE MEYER. I know we’ve talked a lot about it but wouldn’t you? We’re going to finally meet the woman who created all this, the women who conjured up Edward in her dreams one night, the women whom we owe this blog and all the people we’ve met or come to love because of to her.

So for that reason and to get our heads together because UC and I will be reunited like Peaches and Herb we’re taking the day off to contemplate meeting Stephenie and trying furiously to figure out how to hide Depends undergarments under our skinny jeans to prevent any nightmares from happening!

With that in mind what would be your nightmares when meeting Stephenie Meyer?

We’ll start you off…

01. What if the only thing I manage to squeak out to Stephenie on Friday is “Will you sign my copy of “The Host?”” #nightmares

02. Do you and Pancho play “Edward and Bella” at home? #nightmares

Add your nightmares to the comments! We’re also still looking for great (NON MIDNIGHT SUN related) questions to ask Stephenie so feel free to add those as well. We’ll be checking in regularly to approve comments but it may take a little longer!

Trying not to pee my pants!

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  • Melissa


    Im not sure if she answered this question or not But even till this day i think fans are dying to know, We all have our theories but i would love to know the truth. I know in Eclipse Jacob and bella say they love eaco ther but then In Breaking Dawn when Jacobs tells Bella that he imprinted on Renessme she flips, then he tell sher it makes sense because thast why they couldnt bare to be away from each other. What I want to know it does this mean that Bella and Jacob didnt love each other like they thought they did , as in boyfriend-girlfriend, and they just truly loved each other as friends and family . I think that would make alot of sense because than it would explain why they always felt connected. I think they both misunderstood there feelings for eachother because they were young and didnt really think it through..because with edward you can tell she loves him, the way she talks about him, the way she feels when they kiss, when there together.,it was all very romantic and sexual, with jacob it felt more like a family or friend. So I just wanted to know is this waht you were trying to tell us in Breaking Dawn. that Jacob and Bella just truly loved each other as friends and nothing more, it was just a misunderstanding from both of them ?

  • The Old One

    I liked someone else’s idea here of writing in Sharpie on your hand: “DO NOT ASK ABOUT MIDNIGHT SUN.” SM would laugh, I’m sure.

    After you pass the LTT/LTR flask around a couple of times, maybe you could get her to open up about what was, and still is, going on with getting the screenplay written for Breaking Dawn. How many versions have been rejected? How much is it going to change from the book? Where are they breaking the 2 movies? If the first movie is up to the point of the birth/Bella’s vampire transformation, are they worried there is no “action” in that segment to interest the male audience (really: marriage, honeymoon, pregnancy, birth = no male audience!)

    • Goodgirl goneplaid

      Yes! Yes this Sharpie idea is awesome!!

    • “DO NOT ASK ABOUT MIDNIGHT SUN” – totally do that! You know she would laugh.

    • The Old One

      Oh, just realized, of course, if they emphasize a different kind of “action” in the honeymoon scenes, they’ll get that male demographic back. Just sayin’.

      • TeamJacobEdward

        And you’re abso-frickin-lutely right about that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • eatmyjorts

      Why has my Sharpie idea suddenly become more awesome today than when I posted it? I would so do it. Can you get glitter Sharpies?

      • The Old One

        It was you! I wanted to give credit but couldn’t remember who said it. Glitter pens exist for this very purpose, I’m sure!

      • Because when I read it for the first time I just thought of it as a funny joke. When someone pointed out UC and Moon could do it FOR REAL, then it became, as you say, more awesome.
        All props to you for an excellent idea.

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Wearing a huge goofy-assed grin, tugging on my friend’s (or nearest person/victim’s) sleeve, spontaneously lurching at and hugging Stephenie while the only sound I’m able to make is an ear-piercing scream/squeal of a crazed tween who’d just got within touching distance of Rob. #nightmare

  • jennred

    This is not Eclipse related, but if you get the opportunity, please ask Stephenie why, in Twilight, after Bella was bitten by James in the dance studio, didn’t Edward’s eyes turn red when he drank Bells’s blood to clean out the venom? Maybe there is a blog out there that we are unaware of that answered this question, but we would sure like to know…

  • Twi-Mom (not like on “O”)

    Good luck guys!! I know you’ll do great.

    Side note. I might be a bit behind but I just read Tay’s GQ and laughed so hard when they mentioned that they were talking at an Olive Garden. Big Daddy must be so proud.

    I read this site WAY TOO MUCH, but it’s ok because THATS NORMAL!!!

  • lilmisscan’tbewrong

    Good luck, ladies! I just know you will be awesome tomorrow, after all, you are awesome everyday! Why should meeting SMeyer diminish your awesomeness?

    My worst nightmare would actually be reality, because I am actually kinda shy and I’m sure I would be so nervous that I would clam up and say nothing at all. Also, I used to work at Disneyland, and they had it drilled into our heads that whenever you saw/interacted with any sort of celeb you had to act completely normal and NOT ask them any personal questions or for autographs or anything. Old habits are hard to break!

    The one thing I really would like to ask her about is what she has thought about the soundtracks to the movies. What songs has she likes best, and which does she think match up best with the scenes they accompany? I have really enjoyed her playlists on her website, and I would love more details about specific songs on them (particularly the Eclipse one) and how they inspired different scenes. Would she add to or change any of those songs now?

    Also, like someone else already said, what is she listening to now, and what is it inspiring her to write about? Since you are both such savvy girls on the subject of music, I think this is perfect for your discussion! I’m so excited for you!

  • Luludee

    No idea if any of these have already been answered, but:

    – Did she have the “bones” of the whole saga planned out before writing it, or did the end come about through the process? I’ve heard several authors say that they didn’t plan for certain things to happen, but that the characters “took over” and went where they went.

    – Did she always plan on being a writer? What would she be doing if Twilight had never been published? (I’m copying Leno’s question to Rob).

    – Has her success allowed her to meet someone she really admires? If so/if not, who?

    Maybe you ladies should watch some Conan episodes to brush up on interviewing techniques and to calm your nerves ๐Ÿ˜‰ Humor is a great tension diffuser!

    Also, that picture up there of SM getting fake bitten by who is allegedly Seth Green, is giving me the 2nd hand embarrassed creeps.

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Oh! Cyn asked to wish you good luck before your big day, so, “GOOD LUCK” from CYN!

  • UC and Moon, I know you’re going to be awesome and totally rock this whole interview bit, but may I offer some unsolicited advice?

    1) Get enough sleep the night before.
    2) Eat a good breakfast with protein, but nothing greasy (as if you aren’t already worried enough about word vomit, I’m sure REAL vomit would be worse).
    3) Drink a lot of water several hours before, but stop drinking water about an hour before the interview – YOU DON’T WANT TO HAVE TO GET UP TO PEE and miss something!
    4) Have a back up copy of all the amazingly clever and insightful (you know they will be) questions you want to ask. Because WHAT IF something happened to the ONE COPY you guys brought – you don’t want to go there.
    5) ROCK IT and REPRESENT the normal ones out here.

    p.s. Sorry for going all maternal on you…just trying to think of what I would do if I was in your lucky, lucky shoes.

  • The Old One

    Tell Stephenie for me that I love her and love her work, but she’s ruined my life! I didn’t used to spend every waking moment thinking about hot vampires and teenage love and reading blogs about them and reading fanfic because the 4 (1/2) books weren’t enough and searching the internet for photos and interviews of the actors who portray her characters. Thanks. A lot.

  • cyndibear

    Moon & UC,

    Best wishes and good luck.. and have a wonderful time tomorrow with Stephenie. Just breathe.. go with the flow.. you two will be absolutely fabulous and brilliant! And have fun with it!


    PS: Love your blog. Found y’all a few months ago when reading Stephenie’s posts on her site. First time posting.

  • Find out what at the 8th color of the rainbow looks like because this has totally bothered me since reading Breaking Dawn.

    • Bea

      Ooh, brilliant!

    • TeamJorts


  • eatmyjorts

    Hello Awesome Bloggers/ Interviewers,

    I would ask Stephenie what her plans are with continuing The Host and what she wants from that movie. And if she has an Edwad body pillow.

    • eatmyjorts

      Ahem! This is not me….hmmm, is someone using my computer? *scratches head…can dogs type?*

  • RockSugarV

    I have a question that I would loooove to finally get the answer to!! I hope you have a chance to read this before tomorrow….. So, in the Eclipse book, in the final chapter, after Bella allows Alice to do her wedding, Alice takes Bella to see her dress… It is apparent that Alice ordered it quite ahead, but it is never said “when”… s plz ask when did Alice first see that they would get married??

    Good luck tomorrow!! i know u’ll do great!!! I’ve been reading the blog for about a year now, but I never post (except for the one time I did when u did a survey for international readers a couple of weeks back, but I answered very late on the following day, so I don’t think you read it ๐Ÿ™‚ ), and you girls are awesome!

  • TeamJorts

    OOH exciting!

    I’d be afraid I’d ask something like this:

    So Stephanie what do you do with all the women’s souls that the Twilight Saga has stolen?

    Mostly cause the books stole my soul and I find all other genre of books I used to love dull and boring.

    Have fun meeting the author who caused me to no longer be able to open automatic doors (cause everyone knows people without souls cannot open automatic anything)!

  • Robjunkie

    I’m jumping up and down in my chair with excitement. Aargh, cannot wait for the report back. Rock the Meyer girls! And big props to Stephenie Meyer for doing this with the bloggers, so thoughtful.

  • Owning It

    My interview nightmare- that I would be waaaaaay more into Twilight than SMeyer is at this point.

    Poss questions- anything about ‘her’ personally. She has a husband, 3 little boys, and a series of books and movies that are probably all swallowing her whole. Ask her something that pertains to only her- what did she dream of being when she was growing up? what’s her favorite way to relax? does she actually have any time to relax?? Anything you smart and witty gals can think of to let her know that SHE is important to us and we care.

    Best of luck you two! You are awesome sauce!!

  • StefaniSQUARED

    I always wondered if Edward would still end up with Bella if he COULD read her mind..
    wouldn’t it be kind of annoying? and he would never notice her anyway, because she would be just another human for him, so he would NOT be interested at all towards her.. :p
    You should think about asking that, cz i think we deserve 2 know ๐Ÿ˜‰ thnx

  • teamjacobsfatherinlaw

    I would ask s’meyer: when she dreamt this all up on June 2, 2003, was she actually the girl in the dream? I never dream in 3rd person.

  • Jan

    1. JK Rowling revealed that in her mind, she’d always thought of Dumbledore as gay. Are any of your characters “in the closet” and if so, who?

    2. You don’t have any daughters but if you did, what age would you consider The Twilight Saga an appropriate read?

    3. Christopher Paolini wrote Eragon because it was the sort of book he would enjoy reading. In my mind, the Twilight books are fantasy novels for women. Do you agree? Is Forks Middle Earth for women?

    4. What are the most intense reactions to your books have you received from religious people in your life?

    5. Who inspired the names you used in the Bree Tanner book? How did the words “cheeseburger of pain” make it through the final edit?

    6. Kristen Stewart’s Bella is described as stronger than the Bella portrayed on the page who is “more of a damsel” (in the words of Robert Pattinson). How intentional was the undeveloped nature of Bella’s character? If so, how tested is this method of character development?

    These might be redundant or lame but I imagine I’d ask something of the sort if I had the chance to interview her myself. Good luck ladies! Super excited for you! Can’t wait to hear how it goes and what pants you decided to wear/pee yourself in.

  • Heidi’sMom

    I always wondered about the ‘amazing’ summer Bella had with Edward between junior and senior year. So they were together since March and the first time clumsy Bella accidentally bled was September? She is forever getting scratched, falling down, etc. and it wasn’t a problem for Jasper?

    And how did they spend time that summer? Baseball, coordinating outfits, and what else?

    Does it bother SM (or anyone else) that in the movie Jasper was at school on B’s birthday, but in the book he’s “away at college?”

    Good luck! You’re going to rock.

  • Heidi’sMom

    And really, Bella had no friends, cousins, etc that she missed when she moved to Forks? It’s convenient for the story, but odd.

  • LoveSpelledBackwards

    I always wondered what Stephenie thought when she heard the news that epic writer, Mr. Stephen King, came out as such a hater. What is it like to have such randomness make the news?

    Again, best of luck, you will be amazing.

    I pass on some of my “most best-est” fiction inspired advice… and sadly โ€“ it is not Twi-related. But it is good and has gotten me through many a-scary dentist appointments. (I chant this mentally over and over again in my head, whenever I am sick with nerves.)
    “I must not fear.
    Fear is the mind-killer.
    Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
    I will face my fear.
    I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
    And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
    Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
    Only I will remain.”
    (Frank Herbert)

    • The Old One

      I love that you’re quoting from Dune.
      Oh my, just look at the time, must be going!

  • When I get super nervous (as I would definitely be in the presence of SM!) my left eye goes berserk like a psycho about to take out a cafeteria full of coworkers! I would be horrified that as I was trying to talk to her, she would be fixated on my eye and contemplating if she should call security. #nightmare!!!!!!
    You probably already know, but would she consider a series based on the unique relationship Jacob and Renesme will have? We would still get to see Edward and Bella (as Mom and Pop still gettin’ it on in the woods occasionally!), but I want to see 1/4 vampire, 1/4 human, 1/2 Native American wolfman babies! It’s the American way!

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