Moon & UC’s Excellent Adventure Vol. 2: The Stephenie Meyer Interview

Dear LTTers,


4:00 am, somewhere in Pennsylvania, an alarm clock is set to go off.
4:15 am, somewhere in PA, a back-up alarm clock is set to go off
4:30 am, somewhere, a “you’re an idiot if you’re not up by now, but I’ll set this just in case’ alarm clock is set to go off

Never drive faster that your guardian Larry can fly

6:30 am, Mr. Choice awakes to find me still in our bed, panic tears & wailing ensue. I rush, with teeth brushed (not hair) & no make-u applied, to the airport 1 hour away to try to catch a flight that leaves in ½ hour. After being told there are no more LA flights with room, oh wait, we found 1 seat in first class for $1500, oh no- sorry that flight won’t get you in until 7 pm, oh wait, just kidding we found one seat on the next flight to LA, I arrive in LA only 2 hours later than I was supposed to. Crisis Averted! I attribute it to one thing and one thing only- Larry411. The Twitter “celebrity” was on my flight and I feel as thought the universe knew that having me & Larry, two of the most important Twilight people EVER, on the plane was a necessity. (Yeah, it’s going to be awkward next time I run into him in Philly after I tweet him today showing him this picture I took while sitting 2 seats down from him, trying to work up the nerve to say “Hi, I’m UC, I like Twilight” but deciding against it b/c snot was pouring out of my nose due to previous crying spell.)

Moon POV

Being woken up at 5am by about 20 text messages is never a good thing. Unless the person sending them is Robert Pattinson looking for a booty call. This was not the case Thursday morning.

Since UC’s 2390429034 alarms failed and she missed her flight, I spent those extra hours running around doing errands, finding a blasted voice recorder so we could immortalize the interview forever and ever and make Stephenie Meyer saying “2nd hand embarrassed” (oh yes, she did!) our outgoing voice mail message.

After fetching UC from LAX we busted a groove over to Westwood so we could meet up with Twifans and Twilight Series Theories for lunch, which was deeeeeeeeeeeeelicious. And of course we debated what we thought would happen during the interview which was pretty much us saying we weren’t about to stay on topic (ie Bree and Eclipse).

*thinking* holy crap holy crap holy crap what are we gonna ask?!

So the countdown to SM time had begun and we hadn’t pow wow-ed about our potential questions for the NEXT day. So of course we ran down to the pool to get our sun on, which was conveniently behind a building thus making us shiver, and run through questions and potential scenarios. While we pondered what our first question would be: Jorts vs Tweed or Big Daddy vs Dick Pattz, some of the other sites came up to talk about how they thought it would go down and some of their potential questions. And well, you know us, we’re not exactly rules followers or the kind of people who want to know, in detail, what happened in Edward’s mind on page 78 so we got a bit spooked. Ok, we freaked!

It's everywhere!! We can't escape!

UC: You guys really put on the pressure! We knew that if we went in there asking when Fred’s birthday was (May 17, 1984, btw) you’d kill us. And rightfully so. We started having these joint, day-time nightmares of us asking a funny question and Stephenie saying, “I refuse to answer unless you somehow turn that really hilarious joke into a question about the intricacies of Bree’s life.” (If you think for one second I actually know what Fred’s birthday is, you’re fired as an LTT reader)

Moon: So we called an emergency dinner of the Los Angeles branch of the LTT family. We needed to be talked down by The Font and White Yorkie. Over sushi of course. Well, we ate sushi and the Font watched the Lakers and White Yorkie bailed on our asses.


Since this was my first time meeting the guys, I’ll jump in to report that #1 they are huggers, #2 The Font wore some sort of 7 year old boys’ comic book or teenage-mutant ninja turtle t-shirt and #3 White Yorkie has action figure boxes on his bedroom walls. I assumed they were from Action-Figure Edward, but I didn’t ask.

The guys TOTALLY got us pumped up. They made us laugh, they reminded us that we’re not expected to be like any other site but ourselves & threatened to never do another LTT podcast or even SPEAK to us again if we weren’t absolutely cool. Oh, and they told us we better make Stephenie laugh.

Picture of us suitable for hanging next to your family members (that's what the note said!)

Later that night, after ordering a bottle of water from room service & being served Evian like it was Don Perignon, we wrapped our gifts for Stephenie, Moon finished up 2 mixed CDs she made her (Yes- she rules), and I said “I’m so tired I think I’m going to die” about 3,000 times.


Moon: And when we got in bed we got Twilosophical & talked about how we just wanted to be true to ourselves and to the blog. If the interview was going to be lame and controlled, we were still going to TRY to ask the questions we wanted and all the LTTers wanted to have answered!

THE BIG DAY (after the jump!)

Oh heeeeeyyy, just gettin' all prettied up

UC: We primped until we could primp no more, grabbed all 1,200 of our bags and hit the elevator. And when we finally walked into the room where the event was taking place, there she was- Stephenie Meyer.. just hanging out and talking to the girls from Twilight Series Theories. There wasn’t a halo around her head and angels weren’t playing trumpets like we expected! Stephenie was just chatting with the other fansite like they were the dearest friends.

Would it be considered inappropriate if I puked in that gift bag?!

Moon: I don’t know where YOU were, UC, but that’s not the Stephenie I saw. Where I was standing, a light shown down and a choir of angels sang. You know how in kid’s Bibles angels have those halos around their heads and look like glowing neon necklaces from concerts? Well, they’re real and she had one. Who knew Zondervan kids illustrated Bible had it right all along? In all actuality she pretty much looked like one of my girlfriends only with amazing skin and great lips (super insider info: she wears the tinted Burts Bees. I know this because I spied it as we reapplied before the group photos. I had the pomegranate & she had the tinted stick) and we talked about how we’d be washed out if we didn’t put some color on our lips.

UC: Despite being told we could put down our stuff, grab some food and take our seats, Moon & I stood and waited our turn. Since we were still pretty convinced that this was all an elaborate set-up to get us in person to publically embarrass us for making fun of the fandom, we wanted to get that over early so we could maybe hit the pool for a few hours before we had to check out of the hotel.

That wasn’t the plan.

In fact, if there is an opposite of that plan, this is it: As we were hugging hello & introducing ourselves, Stephenie said to us, “I just have to tell you girls- I read your site every day.” We responded with:

“What? Are yo- NO! NO! How, I don’t even know what you’re say- How Ho- Whadya whayda you talking about, yo- want me to go away- I, I, I can’t, I can’t I I can’t just leave – I… (fade out)”

And as if she wanted to prove it because there was NO WAY we believed her, she mentioned how Alice_NaA’s letter about finally understanding Bella’s pain was so great & that Melissa Rosenberg would look great in the pants I wanted to wear so badly to the interview. No seriously, Stephenie reads LTT. Which is cool, but we REALLY would’ve been impressed had she set up a lunch at the Olive Garden with Big Daddy. I mean, come on Steph! You know what we really want.

We sat around with the group chatting for a bit. We were supposed to be eating. I’m pretty sure I ate one of those seeds that are on the skin a strawberry & Moon ate a piece of lettuce. Or maybe it was an ice cube. After about 20 minutes, Stephenie’s assistant (who was awesome, btw, and we’re not just saying that b/c she reads LTT yes we are. We just really liked her ballerina sweater.) said we should officially start. So we pretended to turn on our voice recorder (it was already on) and opened up our notes like real reporters.

But before any questions could be asked, we all breathed a sigh of relief as Stephenie said she wanted to address the huge vampire elephant in the room- Midnight Sun- since she was sure it was the ONLY thing our readers wanted to know about (She was right) Basically, and we have to re-listen to our audio recording in case she actually muttered to Moon (who was sitting next to her) “I have it done I’ll get it to you guys next week,” but she hasn’t completed it, she wants to eventually, but she’s vampired-out. Between editing scripts, dealing with the movies & taking care of Pancho, who recent turned & has been so demanded with wanting her neck from time to time for a snack, she has no creative energy left to give to Midnight Sun what it deserves. It was REALLY GOOD to hear her response. She knows how important that story is to her readers- she REALLY KNOWS- and she said if she wrote it now, it wouldn’t be good, and she doesn’t want to do that. We asked if her mom is still asking her to finish it, and apparently she has stopped. She DID mention reverse psychology works on her. If someone says she can’t do something or shouldn’t do something, she usually wants to do it. We really don’t know why we spent more than 5 minutes talking about Midnight Sun. It’s such a stupid concept & really was the worst 12 chapters we have ever read of anything ever.

After the stupid conversation about that stupid Midnight Sun story, we were up for the FIRST QUESTION. What would we ask? Would we delve into the thematic message of Bree? Would we ask for Rob Pattinson’s phone number? Would we embarrass The Font & White Yorkie so badly that we’d never see their action figure walls or comic book tshirts ever again? Nope, we’d just use a swear word and straight up break the ice by having her make a choice that was soooo LTT. After all: “it all begins with a choice…” But more on that later…

Stephenie has a candor about her that is just so real- she makes you feel like you’ve been friends for forever. She answered questions for four hours without seeming tired, taking a bite of food, getting up to pee 12,000 times like UC did or admitting she was actually Team Jacob. (We tried to make her slip up & confess!) Honestly, we think there wasn’t much Stephenie wouldn’t say. It was like having a famous friend- one who could tell you what Rob looks like at a 5 am call time.

Thank God, that's over!!

We have so much more to tell you- like the time Stephenie said, “Oh yeah- his name is The Font, right?” And when she said “That’s 2nd-hand embarrassing” while looking at us and when she helped us explain to the one guy in the room, Matt from Twilight Source, that he’s called a “Unicorn.” (Has it hit you yet that Stephenie actually reads LTT!!!) Plus we know how she really feels about Twilight tattoos and Fan Fiction, and the title of “Letters to Twilight” in her bookmarks bar. We could just change LTT to “Letters to everyone about our interview with Stephenie Meyer” because we have enough to talk about for at least 7 more years. Oh and WAIT until you see the pictures we took… we may have done the most epic thing ever…. to Stephenie Meyer….

UnintendedChoice & Themoonisdown

So…. while we were SO excited to hear that Stephenie reads LTT, we are not freaked out… It’s not going to make us change who we are or how we write- what it WILL hopefully make us do is write better & funnier. We’re not going to change so you shouldn’t either. So don’t write love letters to her in the comments or feel weird about stuff you say or have said in the past. Be yourselves! We love you & she will too!

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

  • Alice_NaA

    You girls look GORGEOUS! I’m so excited to hear more!!! This week’s LTT is like the most amazing Christmas holidays. The one when Buttcrack santa came down the chimney. Thats NOT what she said. And where you’d kiss Rob under the mistletoe and Dick ‘d wear a reindeer sweater. Fun fun fun!

    P.S. Stephenie Meyer mentioned my letter???
    Why do all the f*ck-awesome things in life always happen to my secret alter ego?! There goes bragging and another great opportunity to star in my company’s newsletter.

    • sassysmart

      Wouldn’t it be more like Hanukkah? Since it will be 8 CRAZY nights (days) of posts?

    • Michelle

      I Squeed on your behalf Alice!!!!! How freakin’ awesome!

    • I DOUBLE DOG DARE you to put that in your co’s newsletter. Bella_NaA… can you get on that?

    • snowwhitedrifted

      I squeeed on your behalf too Alice_NaA!!!

      *I outted my alterego to my RL friends and I have been shamed. So blue*

      • Stacey

        Don’t feel bad! I was called a Twimom today and asked if I have a red carpet in my basement and giant Edward. At least my one friend was nice, but confused, about it!

        Yes, it’s me on Twitter! I tried to write you back, but it wouldn’t let me!

        • TeamSeth

          *gasp* Someone called you a twimom? Sick rosalie on her.

          • Stacey

            I really should! I kind of looked at her and said, “umm no.” Then hid on the other side of the playground!

        • snowwhitedrifted

          Oh nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Not the dreaded T word!
          virtual hugs to you.
          You are not one of *them.


    • Stacey

      Yay Alice_NaA!

    • Xylem108

      You are a freaking rock star! Can I have your autograph. The Twins (moon/uc) probably have security detail by now so I won’t even try them… How ‘Bout it?

      • we hired Dead/Steve right out from under Rob. Poor guy got mobbed trying to get a cheeseburgAH today at lunch. OOPSIES.

      • Alice_NaA

        I have an empty water bottle of mine I can send you for your next birthday. 😉

  • Yay! You girls did amazing! So glad it went so well!

  • Stacey

    What an amazing time! I am soo happy for you both! (Cute outfit choices, too, ladies!)

    Stephenie seems like a super cool lady and fun to hang with! (Promise I’m not kissing up, Stephenie!) I can’t wait to hear more! Also, about The Font and White Yorkie too. I might be developing a little crush. :0)

  • Ooooh, I loved this so.

    UC, you are so very lucky. Moon, you are so very lucky.

    I knew those silly boys would have action figures in their rooms. Please tell me they aren’t over thirty.

    Stephenie sounds great. But seriously, you’re right. No one wants to read Midnight Sun. Ever. I hope she never ever writes it.

    I also never want to read Leah’s story. Or Emmett’s backstory. Never ever. 😉

    • operarose

      and there’s NO WAY I would ever want to read any lousy sequel or prequel or anything like that. ppft, Twilight. So 2008.

    • I would just vomit if I ever had to read the prequel to Edward’s story. His pre-vegetarian vampire days? Or even his pre-vampire, influenza, and consequential angsty vampire days?? SO boring.

      Steph, do not EVER write that! EVER. Never…

      • lilmisscan’tbewrong

        That’s the absolute worst idea I’ve heard all day!

      • Alice_NaA

        Newborn Edward, crazed with bloodlust, angry, wild, animalistic. This is truly disgusting!

        • The Old One

          Yawn. Bor-ing!

      • Michelle

        Here’s me adding to the vomit pool… sickening and disturbing.

    • minderelly

      Don’t worry. She CAN’T finish that book. I bet she forgot what it was even about. I sure did. Who cares about it anyway? I’m sure she is INCAPABLE of writing anymore about Edmund. I hear it’s an awful story anyway – didn’t read it – and she should just write recipes or something for the PTA meetings. Pshhh.

  • surfsister

    you guys look GREAT! aaaaaaand, that post was like a super charged clip hanger!!!!!!!! ack! don’t stop! yeah yeah, life is happening too, i know, but we is greedy ltt readers…greedy.

  • operarose

    I’m for once pretty much at a loss for words!

    Other than, UC, that’s my nightmare before every plane trip! So glad you were only 2 hours late!

    I If you hadn’t been interviewing SM, I doubt I would have read the other website’s interviews. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they did/will do an awesome job, but my eyes tend to glaze over when people start to ask things like “what was Edward really looking at on page 312 of Breaking Dawn?”

    I think instead of our traditional slow clap, this calls for:

    • operarose


    • Alice_NaA

      I’m thinking we need a special edition of the slowclap. Put together based on clips of everyone doing a solo slow clap. For special occasions only.

      • TeamSeth


      • Luludee

        Love this idea!!

  • I accidently left LTT up on my laptop when my husband came into the kitchen this morning and he went to look something up on it – I felt I had to explain.
    “Oh…the girls from that one cool Twilight website I check out met Stephenie Meyer.”

    You know, no big deal.

    And he said, with no detectable sarcasm, “That’s exciting.”

    YES. Yes it is.

    Loving the details, ladies. Make it last as long as you can. 🙂

    p.s. UC, hope the move went well and that you get settled in soon.

  • Sue G.

    I KNEW IT! I knew Stephenie was one of us! Now just to figure out her screen name!

    Loved the outfits girls! You look great!

    I can’t wait to read more.

    • operarose

      I’m pretty sure it’s Bobbygee.

      • TeamSeth

        Isle Esme is in Brazil….

  • Robjunkie

    OH.EM.GEE!!!!!!!!!! I am squeeing so hard right now, I think I may just give myself an aneurysm. Wow. just wow. I just wanna squeeze the both of you.

    And much respect to Stephenie for keeping it real.

  • Stacey

    Hey ladies, will it look bad that I am so excited about this that I’ll be checking this website religiously during my daughter’s playdate? I think I’m starting to get a reputation with the other mommies!

    • Nope. Just invite them to read along, and if they’re as awesome as we are they’ll get right on board.

      This reminds me of a t-shirt my sister saw at a party recently with all of her smartie-pants med student friends:

      “If you don’t like Twilight, well then you’re just stupid.”

      See? Even smart people like (future) doctors “get” Twilight – and have a sense of humor. Be loud and proud, Stacey.

      (…she said from her cozy little closet)

      • Stacey

        You made me feel so much better! Thank you!

        • Happy to help, ma’am (touches hand to hat brim).

  • moaninmymouth

    Um, he… he-hellooo Stephenie Meyer…

    *just a tad WEIRD*

    • moaninmymouth

      Oh, I read the end note just now.
      Well then, I’m going to continue on being my ridiculous and embarrassing self like nobody famous was even watching.

      Damn, I would SO give… something I haven’t decided what yet – to find out if she ever commented.

      • Ish

        give your white sleeveless shirt unbuttoned to the waist…

  • theC

    Take that all you kiss a$$,suck ups,oh I just “looooove” kstew sites ~ my girls rocked it!!!! All is right in the LTT/LTR world,the creator has spoken! You guys ARE the best bitc… oh wait, I mean bloggers out there! Remember,details,details,details! Love u guys!

  • lapushbaby

    OMG!! She reads the comments? I assumed she just read your letters….Now I feel weird. Not really. Um.


    • TeamSeth

      Does she? I’m still wading through all the comments…when was that said? (freaks out a little more remembering all my Daniel Cudmore and copstache comments…) Anyway, happy birthday last Friday! I wished you it on friday but I don’t think you were on.

  • J-9

    *Waits with bated breath for more*

  • 3hboyshouse

    UC, I love that you are all kinds of crazy when you miss your flight, but when you get to LA the first thing you do is hang out by the pool. How very California of you!

    I can’t wait for more about the interview!

  • JennB


    Thank you Moon and UC, and thank you Stephanie. I love this place.

    Can’t wait to read more….

  • Kendall

    I’m so happy for y’all and y’all rocked it. And really? Stephanie wasted everyone’s time in the beginning talking about Midnight Sun. BORING.

    Can’t wait to read more about the time spent with her.

  • TeamJorts

    It sounds like Stephenie is totally fun and amazing! I imagine if you ever meet again it will be like the scene in New Moon where Bella runs and hugs/pushes Edward into that Italian building and he says “heaven.” Cause she obviously loves LTT! I can’t wait to hear more about the interview!!!!!

  • Therealrobzilla_or_Phyllis.Whatever

    Great job gals! I’m so happy that y’all got tbs opportunity.

    Hi Stephypoo! Thanks for the books and I guess all my new great friends too. Without your book fodder there would be no LTT and none of us would have met. So thanks.

    Moon, loved the mustard shoes. You always have the funkiest, cutesy shoes!

    UC, perfect cutesy dress and the hairclip just put it over the top. Did you steal N’s Hello Kitty clip?

    Congrats again ladies!

  • HmScTwiMomX2


  • usualnurse

    Just have to say…I’ve been in hiding over the past 6 months while finishing grad school so though I have been reading LTT/LTR, I haven’t been commenting….but, HOLY CRAP!! Todays post has me SOOOO FREAKIN” EXCITED it brought me out of my thesis dungeon!!!

    I bet Steph was saying “I cant wait to meet Moon and UC!! Where’s my Bite Me Edward notepad with all my LTT/LTR questions for them??”

    So what’s Steph’s name? (You know you have one Steph!!)
    What’s her fave FF?? ..Is she a darkward or BB kinda gal? Does she love cupcakes? I bet she’s a WA fan….Come on gals, your cliff hanger post is KILLING ME!!

    • usualnurse

      meant to say “what’s Steph’s LTT name?”

      • natashadushi

        I think it’s PhoenixGirl007

      • sassysmart

        Bobbygee of course!

    • TeamSeth

      I bet Steph was saying “I cant wait to meet Moon and UC!! Where’s my Bite Me Edward notepad with all my LTT/LTR
      questions for them??”


      (and it’s normal that you wrote “It’s killing me” and I immediately said in my head “It kills me!” right? Maybe you were setting that up for all of us)

      • usualnurse

        Total fangirl fail on my part. I wasnt setting you up, but DUHHH !!!!, I shoulda’ thought of that as I was saying it!!

        • TeamSeth

          No worries, I know it was just seeping in through your subconscious.

  • obird

    Yes, well meeting SM is cool and all, BUT the really exciting news is that I get to meet YOU ladies in a few short days…and that is going to be epic. On a serious note….I am really happy for the both of you and by picking you two to be a part of this amazing interview experience SM redeemed herself of the ankle length khaki skirts and gold brocade bedding. 🙂

    ps. I’m a little 2nd hand embarrassed that you gorged yourselves on strawberry seeds and lettuce. pigs. 😛

    • TeamSeth

      I don’t know if anything can redeem someone of that bedding choice.

      Though I did see someone with an ankle length skirt on the bus this morning and giggled.

  • purplescool

    Just because I’ve been dying all weekend to read your first of what I hope will be many posts on THE INTERVIEW doesn’t mean I’m not normal. You girls rock! Can’t wait to read more.

    Oh and since she reads LTT/LTR…I don’t think Stephenie COULD finish Midnight Sun even if she wanted…she’s probably creatively “tapped out” and doesn’t have it in her to do it …not that anyone would read it anyhow.

  • AJ

    Also want more! Did you happen to find out if Steph reads LTR too? Just wondering! I bet she does 😉

    Also lovin’ the shoes Moonie! And you know the Font was fangirling somewhere when he found out that Stephanie knew who he was…I don’t care what he says, he had a fangasm when he found out.


    • chochang

      “And you know the Font was fangirling somewhere when he found out that Stephanie knew who he was…I don’t care what he says, he had a fangasm when he found out.”

      I thought so too!! Fess up Font! U iz a fangirl!

  • j9necessary

    Wow… can Steph not read LTT….and love you both….for “keepin’ it real”…..can’t wait until tomorrow….thanks for doing what we can only dream about….

  • operarose

    UC where did you get your skirt? It’s SO cute. I want to be just like you two. Especially since, on top of it all, you both wear supercute clothes.

  • aleisha

    EPIC AWESOMENESS!!! And I’m not even 1st hand embarrassed that I checked this site and my twitter account about 2,481 times this weekend to see if you two posted anything. I am so, so happy for you both. I knew you’d be wonderful and you were! I think this interview was a reward from the universe for making people like me feel normal for loving all things Twilight so much.

    Oh, and now that it’s over, I can say that I thought those Urban Outfitters pants were hideous anyway. You two looked fabulous. Way to represent!

    And I still stand by my weekend idea: We need a t-shirt that says “I 2nd hand met Stephanie Meyer.”

    • And I still stand by my weekend idea: We need a t-shirt that says “I 2nd hand met Stephanie Meyer.”

      I’m soooooo buying one!!

  • Unlikelyfangirl

    Oh UC, I once slept through my alarms and missed my flight to HAWAII. I can totally relate to the blubbering at the ticket counter. I’m sure if you had just told them the importantance of the mission you were on they would have bumped you up to 1st class, no question. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the adventure. All the cool people are LTT fangirls so it doesn’t surprise me at all that Stephenie reads and loves!

  • FUCKING AWESOME! I HATE YOU and let’s go have a drink and write messages to TwiMom’s until you’re blocked.
    Just being myself

    • natashadushi

      mwahahaahahaha! Twimoms are CRAZY!

    • cledbo

      We wouldn’t have you* any other way janetrigs.

  • chochang

    Dear Moon,

    Let me get this straight. I understand that, in a span of less than 3 days, you’ve managed to (1) see Rob on Leno, (2) meet Dick and Claire (at the car park?) and (3) hang out with THE Stephenie Meyer. So, tell me. Who advices you on your fortune or does the feng shui arrangement at your house? I might need an appointment.


    Poor Unlucky Girl

    p.s. you two are such LUCKY girls!! can’t wait for volumes 2 to 2000!

    • Brooke Lockart

      This is exactly why we hate moon, just ask Janetrigs!

      • robsfuturemate

        And why I decided to stalk Moon instead of Rob in LA. Cause man, look at all that…and in one week too!

  • Rob4Deb

    OH EM GEE. How fucking epic is that!

    Have been thinking about you and checking back on here ALL day I just couldn’t wait! How cool that she reads LTT, but so uncool that I can’t actually tell anyone, coz nobody in RL actually cares!! Mr Deb may, but I think he would secretly laugh, and that will never do!

    As for that Midnight Sun crap – who on earth would want to read such a load of old drivel!

    You girls are gorgeous by the way and Moon I love your shoes!xxx

  • You guys!! I have been dying for days to read about how it all went down with Stephenie. I’m glad it went so well, even with UC’s major hiccups (seriously I would rock up with a bleeding ulcer if that happened to me!) at the start of her trip.

    The idea that Stephenie is reading this every day is CUCKOO! I’d be freaking out big time. Actually I *am* freaking out and I don’t even write this site. She is down with the kids, huh? Loves it.

    Also, WHO in the HALE is Fred?

    • Luludee

      Fred is a character in the Bree book. He’s a vamp too, with a special power. I’m assuming we all like him, but not his name.

    • TeamSeth

      My unicorn had to explain who Fred is. And all I could say was “Fred Weasley?” and he’s not a hardcore HPer, so he had no idea who that was. Fan Fail.

    • Fred is Bree’s friend (sort of) he is a kind of shield. He makes people just assume vomit as look at him.

  • Jesus Peanut Butter! I’m so excited for you guys. And, you know, kind of Jealous. But whatever, I think it’s fabulous and hilarious that Steph reads LTT.

    And, you guys did look adorable. You both had fantastic shoes.

  • P.S. What are the odds that Rob reads LTR every day? We should start a prayer circle for that.

    • cledbo

      I’d be praying that one day the interview word vomit works in our favour and he actually admits to reading LTR every day.

      And purposefully ignoring any and all calls to hire a stylist and/or have a shower 😉

  • i just read this since i haven’t been close to a computer all morning which had been killing me, and maybe i’m a bit hormonal but i seriously just cried in a good way…xoxox

  • snowwhitedrifted

    “Oh and WAIT until you see the pictures we took… we may have done the most epic thing ever…. to Stephenie Meyer….”

    OMG- Did you guys leg hitch her?!

    • snowwhitedrifted

      …and like everyone else said, you guys look FAB!

      I want to go shoe shopping with Moon and UC, invite your BFF Steph too (she can bring Rob, if she’d like. He could carry our purses!).

  • Meghan

    The ballerina sweater came from Nordstrom.

    • YES! you commented :):) we also loved your shoes. we just didn’t want to tell you b/c we thought your head would get too big


      • our new site’s smiley faces make me feel 12 years old. Or like I’m back on xanga. yucksgiving :/

      • snowwhitedrifted

        Gah!! More shoe talk and now sweaters. You are killing me!

        …and “Hi” to Meghan, we won’t bite (bad pun).

    • WANT!!!!!!

    • Welcome to the party, Meghan. We promise (sort of) not to get too (too) weird on you, given your proximity to the Awesome.

    • natashadushi


    • Michelle

      Ballerina sweaters are coming back in next season (we’re always a season behind the US)?? Awesome!

      They’re so cute! And custom-made for members of the Flat-Chested-Brigade (like myself)

      • Michelle

        I’m a dweeb, I thought you meant one of those cardigans that ballerinas wear… not one with a ballerina ON IT.


  • Seals the deal – I totally want to be you when I grow up.

    Also taking this opportunity to change my name from Steph to VoteMeIn. You know, just in case THE Steph (um, hey *waving*) wants to use her RL name when she posts her comments.

    So happy for y’all!! <3

  • Did you guys leg hitch her?!

    HA! ftw!

    • Oops, that was for @snowwhitedrifted. #replyfail

  • lilmisscan’tbewrong

    I’m so, so happy and excited for you girls and so proud of you and myself and all the LTT girls for being smart enough to recognize your awesomeness and read this blog every day! (Wow, that is one huge run-on sentence! I’m so pysched that I’m using bad grammar!)

    I can already tell we are in for a series of epic, hilarious posts. While I am dying to hear it all, I also hope want to savor every detail and make it last a long, long time.(twss) So keep ’em coming (twss) and don’t leave anything out!

    Oh, and is it lame that I’m so gonna buy that LTT water bottle so I can be just like Stephenie? Nope, totally Normal.

  • Its no irritable grizzly…

    Thanks to the fact that I am reading the series for the millionth time and that here in Washington it is Juneary and raining just as much as described in the books I have been lately convinced that there really are vegetarian vampires named the Cullens and they (with there new member of the family who has the power to put images and dreams in people’s mind) wanted their story to be told so they put the dream in Stephenie’s mind that started it all but thanks to your description of Stephenie and the interview I remember that Stephenie is awesome enough to have come up with this all on her own…thanks for the reality check now I dont have to run through the forest on sunny days searching for something sparkly and being dissapointed.

    • The Old One

      I can’t help but be in awe of your epic run-on sentence there, Its no irritable grizzly! Well done!

  • So glad that your blog was chosen to interview Steph. First of all, it amazes me how you can go from 6 degrees of separation to NONE, all because of blogging. And second, no offense to the other blogs chosen, but I’m so glad you guys got to interview Stephanie. I love hearing the play by play of your day and am glad someone was there to ask the questions we really want answers to 😉
    So happy for you guys!

  • andi

    I’m so proud of youuuu!!!
    i can’t wait to read more about the interview!!!!
    has she read the office? was she wearing pattinson pants? omg was she wearing jorts?
    congrats from chile!

  • Luludee

    I was amazingly calm today while reading about this. I think it’s because I am really, really good at waiting for things. Like Edward good; because I know it will be mind blowing and worth it in the end. 😉

    Very excited about reading the next 7 years worth of posts!

    Hi Stephanie! I’m not at all embarrassed or surprised that you read here every day. How could you not?!

    • Luludee

      I am however, embarrassed that I misspelled your name. Sorry!

  • The Old One

    One question: Did you allow Steph to know which one is Bunny and which one is Noreen? Or does she know you only as UC and Moon, as we do?

    • Michelle

      Oh your real names! I forgot them!

      Michelle is just my screenname too. My real name is too unique to use “online” – not too many Bertha’s around 27 years of age you know.

      I often go dancing with my girlfriend, Ethel.

  • cedvanhalen

    Holy crow! The fact that STEPHENIE MEYER helped explain to Matt Britton (who I probably would have fangirled over for reasons related more to HP..) what a “unicorn” was just made my day.

    I’m so excited to hear more!!

  • Rosi

    Today’s my daughter’s 21st birthday. So what was the first thing I did this morning? I checked on LTT to see what happened at your interview. Then I called her and wished her a happy birthday. I so hope she doesn’t read here!

  • ThatsNormalGrlNC

    Ladies, congrats on handling this HUGE experience (OMG) with your usual flair and humor. I can’t wait to hear the rest of your stories and see your pics! Is it weird that I somehow feel closer to Stephenie knowing that she reads & appreciates LTT? Nah, that’s normal. 🙂

  • Moonbeam

    In case Stephenie is reading, THIS – honey, you couldn’t finish Midnight Sun if you TRIED. I bet you don’t even remember what you were going to write. There’s no way you can write from Edward’s point of view. You just can’t do it. And quite frankly, I don’t even want to see it.

    (That actually hurt to write.)

    (But I totally meant it, Stephenie. Totally.)

  • Sj

    ‘Double dog dare’ is an international saying? OMG. Truly blown away.

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