Eclipse, It’s FINALLY HERE!!! But first it all begins with a choice!

It all begins with the choice to use this image one more time

Dear LTT-ers

We’re finally here… tonight we will see Eclipse for the first time and we’ll get to see if it’s everything we thought it would be, if the drama was worth it, if the wigs inch down their foreheads during fight scenes, if Jacob really is 108 in that sleeping bag and most importantly we get to find out what the new stuff is we’ll be talking about till the next movie. Who’s the new Buttcrack Santa? Will there be any “little bottles” or “They’re not bears?”

But before we get to all that we have to make some choices… you won’t get it all and we’re remembering to “accept it now” but there are a few things you can control like how much butter you put on your popcorn or whether you wear your LTT/LTR shirt or your Bella costume to the movie… let’s take a look at the choices you can control

It all begins with a choice… what will you choose?

  • To see Eclipse OR not (DUH)
  • Small OR Extra Large Popcorn (with refills?)
  • Scream out loud when Edward makes his 1st appearance OR silently clutch your Eclipse themed popcorn container (you got the Extra Large special edition container, duh) holding on to that last shred of dignity?
  • When the Leghitch scene happens will your leg raise of it’s own volition in a mock leg hitching motion OR will you come prepared with a Team Switzerland sweatshirt you will tie to each armrest to fashion a seat belt or sorts to restrain yourself from making any hitching movements?

After you've finished the popcorn this can be used to relieve your bladder

  • Leave in the middle of the tent scene to hit the potty because in addition to that special edition popcorn container you’re also double fisting Diet Coke (with a splash of rum from your LTT flask) in special edition cups  OR use your new found bladder control because of the Kegel exercises you’ve been practicing in your office chair for the last 7 months since you had the same problem during the Volturi show down in New Moon?
  • Decide whether you’re going to stay up after the midnight screening to write us a letter begging us to start LTX: Letters to Xavier OR will you compose your own first letter to Xavier on your blackberry/iphone/toilet paper with Eclipse pen while staying for your 2nd screening of Eclipse at 3AM?
  • If your theater does not have assigned seating will you mentally choose which 13 year old Team Jacob fans you’ll be most likely to elbow in the face to get past them and into the theater first OR which Twimoms you can trick by yelling “EDWARD’S HERE!” while pointing to the front door to cause a diversion so you can run into the theater first all in a quest for those coveted middle-of-the-theater seats?

To burn OR use as a device to trip Twihards?

You see getting to the theater is the easy choice, you already bought those tickets months ago, but it’s after you get there that the real decisions need to be made. What WILL you choose when that annoying Radio DJ, sent by his bosses at the station to interview “crazy Twihards,” asks you whether you’re Team Jacob or Team Edward. Will you slap him with your Eclipse handbag from Etsy or will you punch him in the throat and pirate the airwaves playing only Robert Pattinson’s music till someone from the theater comes and drags you away with promises of a free Eclipse in IMAX tshirt in XXXXXXXXL? See these are the things you need to think through before you get to the theater tonight.

Happy Eclipse Day!!!!
Themoonisdown & UnintendedChoice

What choices will you be making tonight? Add your answers and other choices we should be prepared for tonight as we watch Eclipse FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! Ok, so I’m getting really excited now!


Guesstimate Opening Weekend – Just like with New Moon we’re making another guess for opening weekend box office totals. And just like last time whoever loses has to write a special love letter to a person of YOUR choosing…  Whoever guesses the closest without going over will win reprieve from writing a love letter and bragging rights till Breaking Dawn 1 (can you believe we’re saying that?) comes out and the LOSER will be shamed in public and forced to gush on the blog to your chosen love letter recipient. WHO will it be this time? Since UC lost lost time and had to write a love letter to Cathy Hardi we’ll take her out of the running…

UC’s Guess- 134 million
Moon’s Guess – 155 million

It all begins with a choice…

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

  • lysin

    At the theatre right now… with a ton of Twi-hards, poised to watch Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse back-to-back! Then again 2morrow and IMAX on thursday. I’d go 172 million!

  • MsLiss

    oh i’m so glad i have a safe place to squee! i’m so excited. i’m going to the movies striaght after work and have packed a bag of comfy clothes for the marathon that starts at 6.30pm with Twilight and New moon..then an hour break and then Eclipse at midnight. i can barely contain my excitement in the work place today.

    btw..Ref; y’day’s post, as an Aussie i must let you know ‘throw another shrimp on the barbie’ means to BBQ or outdoor cook, grill.
    p.s. we are no Austrians…We are Australians.. 🙂
    love the idea of LTX

    Wishing everyone a great Eclipse night!!

  • MariaCecilia

    I just came back from the midnight premiere – and David Slade: I kiss your tiny feet!! 🙂

    I still think that Chris Weiss is my favourite film director to hang out with, but while his version of New Moon underwhelmed me, David Slade’s version of Eclipse overwhelmed my expectations. I can’t wait to see it again. Favourite? Hmm, apart from the obvious making out scenes, definitely all the Bella-and-Charlie interactions. (Is that man married? Does anyone have his phone number?)

    I thought Bella’s speech at the end was interesting, since it is not in the book, and actually blatantly contradicts what Bella does tell Edward about her choice to become immortal, but at the same time it reminds me of many fanfics, that are about them finding a balance in their relationship, where it is no longer about sacrifice, but about becoming who you are and recognizing this in one another. I guess Melissa reads her fan fiction before writing, right?

    Now I will try to sleep, and dream some GOOD dreams! Have a great night!

    • BayWolf

      MC: the Bella-and-Charlie interactions

      I loved them too – funny and akward and they actually made me creep down in my seat a little – they convinced me!

      And of course Charlie looked de delicious;-)

  • Luludee

    I think that the “throw another shrimp on the barbie” and “Austrians” was on purpose – a reference to Jim Carrey’s movie Dumb and Dumber, in which his character meets a woman from Austria and mistakes her for Australian. 😉

  • frightenedflips

    Sqeeeee!!!!! We’ve (Team Seth and I Yaaayyy) arrived home from seeing Eclipse (after racing from the Spain Portugal game in crazy traffic). Was so amazing!!!! We wore our LTT shirts – will post pics soon.
    Yaay for David Slade!!!!!! x x x x

  • willowtree

    I’m going to see Eclipse tommorrow ’cause I am pretty sure that I will fall asleep if I were to go to a midnight screening – and that would be a tragedy. But I will try my best to contain myself when I do see it. I have my gag set out to fully prevent fangirl squeeling. 😉
    (btw, this is my first time posting. you ladies are too funny to leave unnoticed, so I decided to step out of the online twi-closet) 🙂

  • Its no irritable grizzly…

    some one PLEASE tell me how early I should get to the theater for the midnight premiere?? I am feeling miffed by some friends who think they are Twi fans but really they dont know shit….nor will they give me any suggestions on how early to get there so I know I am ranting and it doesnt make much sense but someone just tell me how early to get there please!!!!

  • MaryK

    Everyone LOVED my “They’re NOT bears!” shirt I got from CafePress. Surprisingly, I was the only one with a Pocket mini at the TRIPLE FEATURE I went to tonight.

  • BayWolf

    Hope you all had a great time last night, enjoying Eclipse:-)

    Right now it’s precisely 12 hours since i sat in my seat and the movie started..

    I really don’t know what it was – but the mood in the cinema was so exited and it was just GREAT – I really felt like a part of something really really big! (and I kind of was;-)).

    This time there were a lot of unicorns – GREAT!:-)

    The movie – I don’t really know what happened to me, but it made me fall rigt back in my twi-obsession-state! I’ve kind of “lost” that over the last couple of months – but believe you me – it’s back! And now that I’ve slept on it – I’ve realised how much I’ve missed it!

    I want more! That’s how I feal right now!

    So I’m going to se it again friday – with two virgins, I might ad! They haven’t read the books and only seen Twilight and New Moon twice! Looking very much forward to that experience:-D

    Oh and the choises? I just went – as I am oh and i chose icetea-peach.. But I saw one that came dressed as Victoria and one as Bella – they looked great! I definetly take my hat of for them, having the courage to do that;-)

    I love David in a very different way now:-) The movie wasn’t without mistakes – but it made me feel “it” again..

    Hehe oh and Jacob looked like hot, and so did Riley – oh and Charlie.. Ohhhh those three made me sigh big time!

  • Dreaming of Forks

    Just got home from the mignight showing for Eclipse here in the East Coast. People were pretty hyped up at our showing, and it was also for all 3 movies. For some reason, I am not as excited about this as everyone I went with. Something seemed off about the movie….lots of great parts (tent, proposal, LEGHITCH!!!!!), but things seemed rushed and out of sequence. I was going in with low expectations, but after watching New Moon right before, something just seems to be missing….can’t put my finger on it. Just wondering how others feel? Off to bed…uggghhh!

    • willowtree

      I felt the same way for some reason…everything seemed so rushed. Like a really sweet scene would happen and then bam! it went to something completely different. I actually liked the slower pace of the previous movies. Eclipse just went so fast that I seemed to forget what happened a couple scenes before while I was watching it. Maybe I need to go see it again…;)

  • eclipse22

    i have to stay away, i’m in paris they dont show it until the 6Th of july, i missed my plane back to the caribbean so i’ll miss seing it wed or friday, didnt check to see if theatre was showing it then or then…then i checked online and some parisian theaters were showing it in english but that was the night of the day i was suppose to return so i lucked out, i was tired and cranky..had i know i would have found a taxi anyway i could to get there, now i have to stay away from twitter, hotmail ,just about every sight my twi-friends are on in case they slip up and give way too many details/spoilers, as i still havent seen one clip or trailer or pics of eclipse, i’m an eclipse virgin and i intend to stay that way until my own eyes get to see it, all i ever saw was those pics that leaked out in feb and disappeared quickly too! and that was too much for my blushing eyes lol

  • Leah

    I’m going tonight to see it FINGERS CROSSED

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