Oh heyyyy: We just saw Eclipse!

Sorry all- Eclipse is out- All spoilers ahead!!!

Dear Eclipse,

Oh heyyyy!!!

Where do we start? Do we discuss the hits versus the misses of the movie? Do we talk about all the cheesy one-liners we already know we’re going to be saying for the next year and ½ until we get some new content? Do we talk about how the only thing going through our heads every time HE came on screen was “Oh heyyyyy”

How about we talk about how we want to set up a stool, pull David Slade up on it and give him a huge hug.

Let’s talk about how we love Howard Shore for including the Sia & Metric songs throughout his score.

Let’s be proud we can show our non Twi friends this movie because it actually seems like a “real” movie.

(Let’s squee for a second over the new Harry Potter trailer and also get a little freaked out about how much they gave away!)

Let’s discuss how we got the MOTHER EFFING LEG HITCH!!!

Let’s apologize to Edward for liking the Jacob & Bella kiss a litttttle bit too much

Let’s get Jake some blotting tissues for that last scene when he looks like he’s dying of yellow fever.

For that "fresh off the Jersey Shore" look

Let’s put a call into L.A. Looks, and after thanking them for sponsoring Twilight with their donations of tubs of hair gel, ask them to move some of the allotted product for Taylor & pass it on to Rob to fix his floppy bangs.

Let’s close our eyes and picture OURSELVES as Bella in a world where the guy on the bed is so hot that the gold brocade bedding he’s laying on doesn’t even matter.

Let’s be grateful that most of the Bella/Edward getting-it-on scenes didn’t make us feel like we were watching Robsten preparing for an evening of licking cheese-whiz off each other

Let’s talk about when we can burn down the jewelry store that created Bella’s engagement ring.

Let’s “lay” with Charlie in the Biblical sense because I’m pretty sure he hasn’t gotten any since Renee left.

Let’s call up our local zoo & find out when “pet a wild wolf day” is- because those pups are CUTE! (Or we could just head back down Sunset Blvd where Moon, Mr. Choice & I saw a REAL LIFE WOLF crossing the street last night! It’s a sign. Rob loves me, obviously!)

Let’s get excited for illegal clips to surface online so we can watch Edward get all turned on and imagine we’re Bella but with good hair & a 2 karat solitary diamond ring. HELLO!

Let’s take a second and pout that no one yelled “FREE FRED,” and in fact, no chubby red-headed vampire was spotted at all.

Let’s be momentarily bummed that we didn’t get to see the scene where Alice & Jasper meet in Philadelphia but then swoon over the scene where they share a quick kiss during battle practice.

And let’s be grateful we just realized it’s 7:30 am on the east coast and you’ll all be expected a new letter live in 1/2 hour!

Oh heyyyyy:


What did YOU THINK!????? Gah- we have so much to say. We recorded our convo with @paleochicksdigs & Mr. Choice on our ride home. I can’t wait to see it again because it all went so fast!!!! Sorry if you haven’t seen it yet- today is a day of mucho mucho spoilers!!!!

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  • CharlieBabesss

    Only just watched Eclipse last night (what can I say, I live in England)
    And thought it was amazing! Bellawig didn’t annoy me as much as I thought .. and the actions scenes were better than I expected.
    One thing I noticed, when Bella a.k.a Horndog, was trying it on with Edward (LEG HITCH FTW!) and he pushed her away, his face kind of reminded me of this….


    Couldn’t take the scene seriously after that!

  • eclipse22

    i watched the movie online for my 3rd time but only coz i’m gonna wait until the non-fans who snicker/snorts and are downright rude are done watching it moms with babies?wtf…, this is what happened sunday during my back to back viewing of the film.
    anyhoo the film lasted a measley 115mn not even 2hrs like seriously would it have hurt to add 5mn,this is what pisses me off they shortened the film, less bella&edward, more riley seattle and bree who

  • chope

    My Eclipse Review
    Even though I have seen it twice I needed a week to digest it and then think about how I felt about the movie and so here it goes…
    Starting off the movie w/ my favorite band and a great song we meet Riley, too darn bad hes a bad vamp cuz this new guy is HOT! well so Victoria sinks her teeth into him (literally) and thus the army begins. I love how, because its not all from Bella’s view, we get to see this newborn story unfold. The scene sets the tone for a darker, edgier Eclipse:)
    And so then we have all this romance between Beller and Edward (okay, not a mispelling, I just have a hard time not typing or saying her name w/o thinking of Aro saying her name, lol) This is great stuff. I love how we finally get to see some real romance that seemed to be skipped over in the first two films. Yes, I know there was romance but it seemed so rushed in the first two. In Eclipse we get to see simple, sweet moments like in the meadow. Loved every second of that!
    I was worried about how the translation from book to film would go for this one, especially because it is my favorite of the series so I was pleasantly surprised to see so much of the book did come to screen. They jammed it all in so much I felt like I barely could catch my breath from one scene to the next. The trip to FL, the graduation, the party, the backstories, ah the backstories…”I was a lil theatrical back then”, lol! And the battle scene, WOW. Then on to Edward defeating Victoria and Seth getting Riley. I was kinda waiting for the fist to nose bump between those two (E/S) but I am sure BD will bring some great moments between them. And I do like that Bella and Edward were there to see Jacob get hurt, it was so sad. I had a lil tear for Jacob.
    I will say I was disappointed not to see the Angela/Beller scene but the hope that it will be on DVD is still there. And it was difficult for me to swallow watching Beller get on Jacob’s bike in front of Edward, I liked the way the book had it way better. And they had more Alice, but who doesn’t love Alice? But I get that some things have to change. And I realize Summit has to play up this whole love triangle thing even though it’s clearly not a real triangle in the end. Crap what would you call it, a rhombus? Throw in Nessie and we got a real geometry problem:)
    I will say my favorite scenes weren’t all Beller and Edward though. Jasper totally commanded the screen every time he was on it and Charlie was so funny I sprayed my Dew on the back of the chair in front of me, oops! (can’t wait for that line in BD, it better be there MR!) And that kiss between Jasper and Alice, whoo…my hubby was saying, you can get me a Team Alice shirt, right? But the best scene was the proposal. I know Kristen was worried about how it would come across on screen and I think they nailed it. And for all the hype, the Leg Hitch was better than I could of imagined. Even a little uncomfortable, if I am being honest. I mean I felt like I was a peeping tom in Robstens window…geesh, blush…
    So all in all I loved it! It was the best of the three (do I hear an echo, too cliche’ already?) I know that I already have my 3rd trip planned and can’t wait for it to come out on DVD to watch it again and again!!

  • TeamSeth

    Dear David Slade,

    I never doubted you, so thank you for delivering.

    Kind Regards,

  • DontKillME

    Pleasse don’t kill me, but I liked Bellas hair. Most of the time.

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