Eclipse: Why didn’t we demand MORE

Dear Eclipse,

I have a confession. And it’s difficult to admit. I only saw you once. As of midnight tonight it will be a full 7 days since I’ve last seen your mediocrity brilliance on screen. I’m forgetting the details. Did it look like Sam Uley had eaten four or five donuts before running onto the screen shirtless for the first time? Was Jacob’s kiss with Bella as smooth as I imagine my first kiss with Rob will be? Or was it like my first kiss in 9th grade when Pat Samson’s tongue was shoved so far down my mouth I started to gag while my best friend’s dad looked on, waiting to take me home? Did Bella really not blink or stutter? No…. that can’t be right…And was there really no tweed? Not even a tweed pillow on Edward’s bed? The details.. they’re so foggy…

So while I wait to see you again, I’ve been chatting with some pals about you. At first it was “OMG GAH LEG HITCH LEG HITCH LEG HITCH I’M TIRED.” Then it was, “Man that was a great movie- well, except for the part when….. and then when…. remember how unintentionally funny it was when….” To “Was it really as good as I remember in my mind?” And that’s what we’re here to discuss. Because Lainey Gossip wrote this review, and while it was harsh and mean and a little more snarky than I usually like for something I love so much, it was mostly pretty much correct- especially when she said Kristen’s wig was the same one Taylor wore in Twilight. I know this to be a fact. I had a one-on-one with the wig lady to ask what the crap she was smoking (No I didn’t- but it’s my 2nd biggest dream next to bread-sticks with Big Daddy)

Lainey ends her review with this:

This, then, is the fundamental flaw about this franchise and a question I’ll throw out to fans of it: why don’t you demand more? Why do you keep rewarding garbage? If you love the series, why don’t you insist that they spend more time and money making it better? Why do you continue to support a mickey mouse production that cuts corners and insults your intelligence?

While we all have different experiences & like different things and disagree about what makes “art”, I think we can all agree that the critics don’t like the Twilight saga- maybe you think they’re SO wrong and should go to hell, but you have to admit that there’s a better chance of Butt Crack Santa & Harry Clearwater coming back from the dead to throw a joint block party where they fry fish & provide little bottles for the kids than for Eclipse to be nominated for any sort of legitimate industry award. Harry Potter gets legitimate nominations & the critics rave about the films. Why can’t Twilight be up to that level or caliber? And why don’t we demand it?

I answer all your burning questions after the jump!

Coming to UC & Mr. Choice's bed SOON

I think in the most simplistic of terms- we don’t demand MORE because well…. do we really care that much? And yes, I say that as someone who has dedicated her LIFE to this saga and it’s handsome star since 12/8/2008. I mean… what’s the difference if the books are brought to screen in Harry Potter perfection? How will my life change? Maybe I would’ve cried a little bit more in New Moon. Maybe I would’ve swooned a little harder when Edward walked into the cafeteria for the first time in Twilight. Maybe instead of waiting until Eclipse to feel like I was watching a “real” movie, I would have felt that a year or two ago. But at the end of the day, no matter how bad they are- I like the movies. I’d like them more if they were BETTER… but… I still saw both films a bunch in the theaters, bought the DVDs, own a couple stickers & trading cards (happy birthday to me from Moon!) and plan to take the Edward duvet out of the box sent to us by Stephenie after the interview & replace my bedspread while Mr. Choice is out of the house very soon, and will see Eclipse again and will blog about it daily. And all the while, Summit will still make billions.

EastFriend from The Quad added: “We don’t demand more….Because we’re happy with the very small moments of brilliance we get in each movie, that’s why.

  • “I don’t have the strength to stay away from you.”–Twilight (You know we all swooned. OMG, it’s EDWARD! There he is. Right there.)
  • The months in New Moon, while “Possibilities” was playing. (You know you cried. I still cry. Homegirl nailed it, too.)
  • The entire bedroom scene in Eclipse. Eff Lainey. That shit was GOLDEN. It played out beautifully & perfectly displayed why Eclipse is my favorite book in the series.”

Amen. Amen, EastFriend. LTT reader turned real-life friend @_Freya added,

They’re not great movies, but I LIKE THEM. No one’s forcing anyone to go see the movies. And maybe I don’t want to be so jaded about these movies that I have to pick everything apart. Is there anything wrong with just enjoying entertainment without expecting it to change your life? At this point, Twilight is more about the deep friendships that I’ve made than the actual quality of the movies. The fact that I have you all in my life is a testament to the strange power of this series, and I for one could not be more grateful.

There should be an Oscar category for that: “Movie that really did change your life but probably shouldn’t have changed your life” And she’s right. I just LIKE it. And while I’d like an answer to the CONSTANT question I’m asked, “Why do you think Twilight is SO well-received even thought it’s not critically acclaimed?” I guess “Eff you, I like Twilight, now leave me alone” will have to do for now!

Can’t wait to see you again!

Business Time

We hear you we hear you. You want more from our interview with Stephenie. We GOT it! We figured once we saw that the LEGHITCH really DID happen no one would care anymore, but we were WRONG! We are still waiting on EPIC pictures of EPICNESS and are editing some more audio clips to share! We haven’t forgotten! Believe us… we’ll never forget!

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  • Tex Bottle Blonde

    I’m a short-time reader of LTT but long time reader of Lainey’s page. First of all, she is no dummy and knows how to get the hits – mention anything Twilight. Also, she’s pretty safe to attack any of the actors as they have no real clout, except maybe Rob. She has her favorites though and if you look back she always goes after Ashley Greene. On the other hand, she has excellent sources and EVERYONE in “Movieland” reads her every freaking day like a bible. I would bet everyone at Summit emailed her blog from yesterday around the office and hung it on the bulletin boards. The last thing Summit wants is for us to all stop thinking about Robward and leghitches and notice the makeup in the ears. Another subject: The only way to get awards is to pay/advertise for them. Everyone in the business know this and the franchise should have gotten a best original song out of New Moon at the very least — had they promoted for it. So should we have a letter writing campaign for Summit to spend some of those profits on promoting the talents of the cast? or the production? the music? Or does it really matter?


    PS: HP does not compare with TL at all. HP has no Edward. It’s all about the bad boy we love, not the little guy in glasses. I know I’m not longing for any pillow biting in the next Potter movie. Are you? JMHO

    • Ish

      yep aint noone wanting to do Harry

  • You Know I read Lainey all the time! Sometimes I agree with her at some degree, sometimes I don’t but I see her point… She kind of gives me perspective, you know.

    And its great come here and read your answer for her question, because after I read her review I started to wonder too…

    First and foremost, I’m not a big Fan of Twilight. Yes, I bought and read the books after I saw the first movie, yes I liked the story very much, and I watched the first movie more than I can ever admit too.

    But mostly I did all of that not because I’m addicted to Twilight but because I’m Robsessed. You see I visit LTR a lot, but I LIVE at LTR lol Oh and I worship and want to be buried at

    But I digress…

    “at this point, Twilight is more about the deep friendships that I’ve made than the actual quality of the movies.”

    I totally agree with that. It not just about the movies and the books, actually like the above sentence say, it mostly about the “Twilight community”. People don’t stay 4 days in a tentcity in the middle of LA just too see a guy in a maroon suit (even tough he is a ENGLISH GOD!!!!) for 4.7 seconds. Well, maybe some of them do, I mean people are crazy like that, but I’m sure that for most of the people just love the fact that you will be sorrounded by people that love what you do, and that respect your most crazy kirks. (And lets face it who does not have crazy kirks, I mean even us NORMAL people have it)

    I mean why those super intelligent nerds learn to speak klingon or whatever? (nothing against Star Trek, give me some Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto any time)
    And why they enjoy so much making fun off the Twihards at Comic Con? (Other than the fact they don’t realise they are being somewhat hypocritical)
    It’s the same they love something and they connect with others through this something.

    About the quality the movies, I agree they are bad, they could be waaaaaay better, and maybe if they had more than 6 months to do it – and had a better secondary cast & crew (Yeah, I said it, sue me) they would do a better movie, maybe not *cough*transformers*cough*, *coughharder*IronMan2*coughharder*

    I don’t really care anyway, right now all I care about is WTF, I mean, WFE!

  • Tex Bottle Blonde

    One more thing I’d like to share, read the two Twilight entries on this blog: . You’ll feel better. Somewhat.


  • eclipse22

    gee this was refreshing to read, spoilers ahead…

    i think i like the movie but i’m not sold on whether i love/adore it yet, and maybe its because its my fav book of the saga by far, and i had high expectations! sure chap20 was on screen for most part in the bedroom scene even though half that convo found itself in the opening meadow scene, that threw me to the wayside i was huh? and the camera work on the leg hitch wasnt all that i wanted to see it from a wider angle…i’m pissed they cut out alice & bella in the garage convo, i missed bella crying her heart out for cheating on edward and feeling worthless stringing along these 2 guys,i missed the top 10 moments , too short, most bella&edward scenes were too short, i’m just nitpicking really coz overall i did enjoy the movie, i just feel it was more action than romance, maybe we were too spoiled with bella’s pov in the books and her lovefest and the intensity of her feelings for edward which i assimilated as my own!
    i do however love charlie to death,he’s just too funny! and i love how jasper was prominent in this one, he rocked , loved him and alice fight scene, i really liked how all the cullens had more lines, carlisle hot as usual sporting the T with bulging biceps yummy! i liked the wolf pack scenes, i only hate jacob and even more coz of blatant preferential treatment he gets in the films and i miss sparkly edward, in new moon i was spoiled with close-up of his glittery wowness in eclipse seemed it was an afterthought and seriously are we ever gonna see the other cullens sparkle ? ever? bree who? a book and i’m not even sure her name is mentionned in the film,i havent read it but they sure had me wondering why they kept flashing on her?i get the time spent on riley but her nope! the worst was bella’s wig awful especially with her george lopez itw even kristen admits its crap,
    but how could bella say at the end that it not just about him, that she wants this life, she only realizes this after she transforms and is of use to her family not before ,all she wants is edward and to be with him forever, and that there’s no point to forever without him, that was lame, this showed how deep the need for him ran, in the film its like oh well i want to be a vamp , and if u die well i’ll just find another mate,(roll eyes??!!!:***ù*$^m^;…..
    these little details make me so aware of just how lucky we are that the books are set in stones, no one can go back and change them and tinker with them, no one interfered with meyer creative process, i have my books there mine no matter what happens with the films i have the true story, the romance to feed my hunger, i have the real edward in all his sparkling glory, i guess i just have to let the films be that films and stop expecting them to be the book incarnated, so far its not bad i’m pleased to see how many lines made it into the film still!

  • Tex Bottle Blonde

    And can someone explain to me why the Comic Con nerds didn’t realize the Twilight fans happened to be hundreds of girls they wouldn’t have otherwise been within 500 feet of? Hello?

    • Stacey

      Being that they are Comic Con nerds, the sight of hundreds of girls were probably scarier to them than any monster/villian they are geeking over this year.

  • Nelle

    Bella’s wardrobe. Anyone else notice how she seems to try to hide her hands? Does she think her hands are large? She wears the longest sleeves – always- down to her fingers- and always has her fingers folded under- even when she is supposed to have a good grip on Edward. Just something that I find baffling.

  • Vera

    Maybe the fans here in Brasil are more critical. First and foremost complained that the love story between Edward and Bella was disfigured by changes in the screenplay. Complained too much of the fight scene between Edward and Victoria, wanted to Rachele Lefevre. But there is much praise for the work of Rob and curiously none of them are saying that Taylor, who had SO MANY SCENES, is a good actor.

    Maybe 50% didn’t enjoy Eclipse.

  • Maybe it’s because I don’t go into the movie with super high expectations. I mean, it’s a movie based on a YA novel. I am not expecting Bridge on the River Kwai here.

    But I guess after multiple screenings of each movie, I do find myself asking, “why wasn’t THIS part in the movie” or “why the EFF did they do THAT?” and of course the hair. My god the hair!

    But in the end I am happy with what we get. Cause truly, how would we demand more? Like Fangbanger said, do we picket? Write petitions (cause that really worked with Rachelle Laferve)?? Uh, sorry. But I am too lazy for that. If I wanted to experience the books in all their detailed glory, then I would, well, read the books again. Nothing compares to what plays in my head when I read them.

    And like OBird said, can you imagine if these were cinematic perfections? No Buttcrack Santa?? No Animal Attack?? GAH– the horror!

    Oh and PS– the most distracting thing?? When Bella runs her fingers through Edward’s hair while they are kissing and I could see the white make-up on her fingertips. Yup. It was there. Icky-poo.

    • That’s one of the reasons that I can’t enjoy this movies that much! Man, the make up is awful! And the lenses? Creepy!

      Since I love Rob, it makes me mad how these things KILL his beautiful face!

      Plot aside, watch Rob on Remember Me… It’s EONS Better. He’s gorgeous all the time!! And you know what, he asked to wear very little to almost none make up because he was sick of it.

      And I don’t know if the character is more likeble, but the Chemistry between Rob and Emilie is also better.

  • Luludee

    Interesting that you brought this up today because I have been spieling about this very sort of thing all week.

    ::Puts on Tweed::

    The fact of the matter is no book/story has ever or will ever translate perfectly to the screen. I think the best any fan of anything can ever hope for is just a decent representation. That said, I do believe that in order to have a movie version that can be a legitimate piece of art that people other than the original fans can appreciate, you have to have a really detailed, thought-out, thought-provoking, story complete with universal truths, life lessons and morals.
    Steph, if you are reading this, I’m sorry, but Twilight does not fullfill all those qualifiers. The fact that it (as in the book) has taken a lot of harsh criticisms, is proof enough. If the book is considered critically mediocre, why would the movie version be any different?

    Stories like Harry Potter and to a greater extent LOTR (IMHO) have become “classics” and had enough depth to them to be able to make really good transitions to the big screen. Additionally, both of those franchises revolve around large story arc’s involving multiple characters and their roles in a big world. They are multi-faceted characters. Twilight’s characters live in a smaller world, and the main story arc is a love story. It’s very limited compared to HP and LOTR, etc. Fans of either franchise can pick those films apart, I’m sure, BUT they were still done well enough that outsiders could follow the story, get all the lessons and morals etc. (albeit not to the extent that they would if they read the books), and it can still be the critically acclaimed masterpiece it was in text.
    I guess the bottom line is, in order to have a film be a masterpiece, you have to start with a masterpiece. Much as I love Twilight, it’s not a masterpiece.

    And for that reason, I would never expect someone who wasn’t already a fan, to like the movie. Quite frankly, I don’t know why you would even want to see any of the Twilight films, if you were not a fan.

    And as a fan, I don’t expect the movies to be perfect. I don’t expect them to be critically acclaimed or to win awards of any sort. I simply want a decent representation of the story I love. That’s it. Could Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse have been better films? Hale yes! (BTW, the same thing could be said of both the HP and LOTR films.) But as EastFriend pointed out, I got moments of brilliance on screen, and many of them were the moments I was hoping to see done right. I’m satisfied.

    AND, as I learned last night after watching The Last Airbender, these movies could have been a hell of a lot worse!!!.
    It’s no secret that I was not happy with the first Twilight film. But Ladies of LTT, let me tell you, it was a way better interpretation than the utter travesty/mockery/embarrassment and slap-in-the-face-to-fans of an interpretation I saw last night. It. Was. TERRIBLE!!!! Jackson’s pretty face was not enough to even allow me a little enjoyment. I will take 1000 more Twilight interpretations of other stories I love to 1 Last Airbender. I am now thankful for Twilight, cuz I now know how bad it could have been!!

  • MichaelSheenisaDILF

    I definitely think it’s a little weird to ask why we haven’t demanded better movies. What are we going to do, start a facebook campaign? That NEVER works. (oh, wait…)

    So I’ve seen Eclipse a NORMAL three times so far, and I think it’s kind of a good movie. But it is VERY hard to not dwell on the wigs. I think we should demand for Breaking Dawn that EVERYONE has to have natural hair. I mean, Jackson’s real life hair was pretty much the same length wasn’t it? He could have just dyed it. And BD Howard is a natural red head for crissakes, they couldn’t just rock a curling iron on that shiz? Since the wig department is so FAIL, let’s just start a campaign where all the actors have to grow/cut/dye their hair to spare us the awfulness (with the possible exception of Ashley, though her Eclipse hair was definitely too flat).

    Who’s with me?

  • MichaelSheenisaDILF

    And ooh, I LOVE the soundtrack. It doesn’t seem to play as much of a role in the movie as NM or Twilight, but I like it better as a stand alone album. Just sayin.

    • Stacey

      I am really enjoying the Eclipse soundtrack. I was already listening to a few of the bands on it already and was happy to discover some new ones to check out on iTunes. I really like the Black Keys. It’s definately a win with this girl!

  • ForEveralurker

    Hate me the much you can but truth be told –
    Laney is right to a point. Loving something so much does not mean you give up on taste! It doesn’t mean that you become submissive and take in whatever you are offered. I remember when New Moon was out Fans were just as satisfied as they are now with Eclipse – they thanked CW profusely for keeping to the book! and only began noticing a few inadequacies after several viewings. SUMMIT are no fools, they have done their research and know that so long as they have Robert and Kristen and their EPIC love , quality doesn’t matter, be it acting/make up/wardrobe NOTHING will change the minds of their viewers. Money is guaranteed and in numbers. Twilight fans will pay anything and be at any precarious spots just to see Robert and Kristen holding hands. Generally critics should just give up and not review this franchise at all because all the fans care about are three things:
    Robert is kissing Stewie
    Taylor is shirtless
    The movies follow the books -The End

    And FYI – each of the three actors will be earning 41,000,000 for the two coming installments. Yet minor actors (not so minor) could not be allowed an extra million for their dedication to all things Twi. I don’t’ blame summit though…..
    Its Funny people seem to think that Steph is the only lucky one – these actors are just as lucky to be earning these amounts for the crappy performances. Take Robert for example – women drool for him beg him cry all over him, he gets to earn more than the hard working Hollywood pros all in a short while, gets to enjoy the company of ‘the love of his life’ both on and off screen, complain about his boredom of the series and still gets numerous jobs ..etc. And really he is not one of the best actors out there – how lucky can one get. Same thing goes to Kristen (am pretty sure the reason why she did not blink and stutter this time was cause she couldn’t mess with her hair – the three go together – its written)
    Sorry if I sound a bit jaded – AM NOT. Just wanted to put in my two cents

  • Renie

    Summit is making these films for a younger audience and maybe keeping things obvious and simple for them.
    There’s an older audience who read the Twilight Saga books and are interested in seeing the movies. We are wanting more, and are critical by nature of having seen more, and experienced more of life. I like the Twilight movies for the same reason I like the movie Grease…entertainment, and remember being a teen myself. I also love Oscar worthy movies and I’m not confusing the two.
    Do you think we will ever find out why the actors wore wigs for these films and their own hair for the other films they made? Is real hair or wigs part of their contracts? Absolutely love Edwards side burns.
    My hubs liked Eclipse but New Moon is his favorite so far.
    He actually had opinion about Bella’s clothes…apart from wanting to see her sans clothes (he likes KS), he thought she should have shown more skin….translated: dress more femine. Costume dept. please no denium shirts at dressy parties. What were you thinking? You’re from Forks!
    I have found a new phrase from the movie. Edward addressing Reilly on the mountain. To be used to respond to someone who has done something incredulous, get a grip, think man, …”You’re from Forks!”

    • soosiedoosie

      We have a theory as to why Bella’s clothes were so bad….we thought she had to look really daggy so when the transformation happens she will look even better! I think they did it on purpose!

    • Team Jacksper

      Renie – my hubs likes New Moon best so far too! He thought Eclipse was really long. I thought it went by fast, and New Moon dragged. Weird. He thought there was too much of the love story in Eclipse and not enough action. I told him the fans were worried that David Slade wouldn’t bring enough love story, since he also directed 30 Days of Night (with vamps more hubby’s speed). Hubby about fell out of his chair when I told him that – he didn’t know DS directed Eclipse!

  • Stacey

    If there is this much debate about the quality of Eclipse then I can’t wait for both parts of Breaking Dawn. They are going to be amazingly good, amazingly bad or most likely amazingly weird. The Twilight sites themselves will probably freeze due to the sheer volume of debate over all aspects of the movie. Can you imagine what will be said concerning the wedding dress, feathers bed scene, and that very special baby?

    Not to mention when the critics are involved. I just can’t wait to hear Ebert or whichever EW critic gets the honor to review those movies, have to say about not only the birthing scene, but of Jacob and the “imprint”.

    I cannot wait! I am positively giddy about it. When I say this stuff, please believe me that I love the Twilight books, because they are a lot of fun. Breaking Dawn, I really do like because honestly it’s a bunch of weird. I mean that as a compliment.

  • Dawn

    I LOVE the books! And I love the movies! I saw Twilight before I read any of the books. After watching the movie, I bought the first 2 books. It wasn’t difficult to get hooked – it was as easy as breathing 🙂 . Chapters 13 & 14 in Twilight are the drug that made me want more. I was upset that the unfinished Midnight Sun hadn’t gotten to that point yet. I can only dream of what it will be like. As far as the people who don’t get us “Twi-hards”, haven’t they ever been obsessed with something? At least once in your life, something should attract you so much that you can’t help yourself? For me, the Twilight series brings up such a wide range of emotions – that probably why I’ve read the books over and over and watched my Twilight and New Moon DVDs too many times to count. I even bought back up DVDs in case the others get messed up. My thoughts – you either like it or you don’t. I can’t do without it. I’ve seen Eclipse 4 times already and will probably see it at least 6 more times before it leaves the theater. I’ll probably have withdrawals between then and the DVD release. But I’m highly anticipating the Breaking Dawn movies – my favorite book. I hope they’re able to keep even closer to the book with those.

  • Carolyn

    Well after reading Lainey’s cutthroat review, I am under the assumption the she has not read the books, not one, ever. Her simple ignorance as to why the ring looked the way it did or as to why they are not “f-cking already” (her words, not mine) is clear proof of this. I take this review with a grain of salt and say to her, why waste your $11.50 and countless hours of your life hating something so much? Don’t you have better things to do… Oh, wait, you don’t.

    As for the film itself, I loved it. OF COURSE there are things I wish that had been included or done different, but at the end of the day David Slade never asked my opinion, I know, how dare he! But overall, I was happy.

    • Dawn

      You had to pay $11.50??? Where are you? Where I am, it ranges from $7.50 (matinee time) to $9.

    • O.M.E.

      totally agree. I think people who make comments like those about the ring, and the lack of f-cking (which I thought was a wee crude way to put something that Edward takes so seriously, i’m speaking of Bella’s virtue here) aren’t into it to begin with so why rain on our twiparade (it rains enought in Forks).

  • Dawn

    I wouldn’t DEMAND more, but more would be nice.

    The books are long and full of so many details. All of the movies would have to be 3+ hours long (which is okay with me) or broken into 2 to fit all of the material.

    I wont DEMAND more, but I would like to request that Breaking Dawn be much closer to the book. With it being 2 movies, they should be able to fit it all in there or get pretty dang close to it. I can’t wait!!!

  • confessor

    I saw Eclipse twice and it was literally painful the second go around. I have given it some thought and I don’t think it’s Summit’s fault. I think that towards the end of New Moon is where I start to hate Bella. She’s not a protagonist I can root for anymore at that point, I just want to slap her. No offense, SMeyer, Just sayin’

  • Tex Bottle Blonde

    I can’t help myself, I have to write one more thing. I hate BD. It suckxxx. All thru the three first books I went along with Bella having no life and no interests because I felt SM did establish Bella’s basic personality.
    1. She is a mature loner and doesn’t care about HS social life because she spent her life taking care of her mom, being the adult. She moved around with her mom so much that she probably quit trying to have close friends or join things. Now she just wants to finish school and then who knows?
    2. She is really intelligent (knows the square root of pi, knows classical music, reads the classics, etc.) and a good match for Edward actually.
    3. She dresses and acts modestly so in a sense she is old fashioned/good match for Edward.
    4. She doesn’t have any way-in-the-future goals except not to get married. She and Edward like to talk, “hang out, have fun.” Edward has the $$ to show her the world, pay for college. Give her a life. Fine.

    So when Bella and all the “let’s have sex — now!” talk sort of took over, it sort of seemed natural for someone who had never had any experience or a relationship before. She craved intimacy. But something important was missing. I expected SM to temper those feelings with late night talks with Edward about taking her to see Paris or teaching her to speak Spanish or raising goats. or anything!

    What are her plans with her new husband and family? beyond college? Their lifestyle? In BD Bella just stops being Bella. The story stops. My tolerance for SM’s writing stopped. I have two little girls and a vested interest in their literary heroines. I can’t recommend the book; dread the movie.

    Tweed out, TBB

    • ICanHandleIt

      I hear ya on the breaking dawn…. I have had the same thoughts. Uggg. *I wish* 1) Jacob and Leah had gotten together. 2) Bella had never gotten preggo. 3) Edward could have shown new vamprized Bella the world. and then defeated the Volturi with her mad skilz. End of story.

    • Stacey

      Breaking Dawn didn’t go anywhere I thought it would. Once the wedding was over it was nothing like I expected. I even wondered the first time I read it that even Stephenie didn’t know where it was going when she wrote it, that she just rode the wave. The 2nd time I read it again, I just embraced the weirdness.

      My hope is that if there is ever a book dealing with Jake & the imprint that Rene…whatever her name is and the other hybrid baby end up together, then Jacob can be with Leah. I felt there might be an out there in BD.

  • I was going crazy to see the new Twilight movie and it was a big let down.I have read all the books and have both of the movies on DVD but this one was not as good as it could have been.I don’t know why Rob is in the movie it makes him look like a love sick kid running after a person that is in love with a wolf.If I was him I would have let Bella go she made him look so dumd getting on the bike and leaving Edward why she rides off with the wolf,also when Edward lets the wolf know Bella and he is getting married.In the book it wasn’t that way.Summit did not do a good job on this movie as it did with the first two Twilight movies and I hope Breaking Dawn is better than this one.Lets see more Edward and Bella and let the wolf stay out side in the dog house were he needs to be.I pray Stephanie Meyer will finish Midnight Sun so we can have more of Edward view and no more wolfs.

  • Team Jacksper

    You know what’s weird? Between Twilight and New Moon, we all (well, most of us I think) had mental lists of what we just couldn’t stand about Twilight (blue tint! spider monkeys!), and hoped would change in New Moon. Blue Tint and Spider Monkeys were gone, but New Moon still left us disappointed. Then we got our hopes up for Eclipse and they were mostly answered (mother-effing LEG HITCH!!), other ways not (I could’ve used a LOT more Jasper back-story, and have the school confrontation b/w E & J done differently). So, will we always be nostalgic or are we really being let down? Or is it both?

    Oh – and I’m convinced that Lainey is a hater, 110%. I think it has to do with her being SOOO biased toward Harry Potter. Granted, the source material there is believed to be better (I haven’t read the books) and the production studio for the movies is better. But I still think if the Twilight Saga were made on the same level as HP she’d sh-t on it because she’s a hater.

    I read somewhere that the Twilight movies are somewhat akin to the Star Wars saga in their die-hard fan base and box office impact. They’re alike in another way too – both have stilted dialogue, wooden acting, and we.don’ Because they’re such a great diversion and have such universal themes! The first 3 SW were better (WTF is up w/ Jar Jar anyway) but they were also CHEESY. Years later, no one really disrespects you for being a Star Wars fan. So why all the hate for Twilight fans and their movies? I don’t expect these movies to win Oscars. I don’t expect Harry Potter to win Oscars either. I expect to be entertained and watch characters fall more deeply in love, and those expectations are met.

    Besides…we all know the real reason there are flaws w/ the Twilight Saga…Voldemort’s evil twin sister, MELISSA ROSENBERG!!

    • Tex Bottle Blonde

      Team Jacksper. You are correct on all points. Lainey just got back from the new Harry Potter World and immediately started in on TW and fans. (and is it just me or did Slade rub our noses in the leg hitch by zooming in on Bella’s leg instead of the wide shot with their faces showing? It’s like: SEE IT FANS? SEE IT?)

      Thank the Lord for this website, TBB

      • Carolyn

        LOL! “see it fans… SEE IT???!!!Here’s your damn leg hitch!! ” Too funny.

  • lizzabel



  • its no irritable grizzly…

    So true…the movies all in all have been….cheesy…the acting is the only thing I wouldnt change. The screenplays could use A LOT of work my biggest beef with eclipse? The flashback scenes…I liked the scenes themselves its just the transition was sh**!! I mean its just too obvious that they just stuck them in there because they had to you know what I mean??

  • Melie

    I agree with you! It’s about sharing friendships and having fun. Seeing the characters come to life. It is what it is. I was on vacation when it came out. I am 51 years old. My daughter is 20 and was with me, along with her friend who is 19. We made the 10:00 am showing anD when we all moaned about it being over after waiting months for it to come out, we decided to eat lunch and catch the 2:00 showing. Then sat through lunch giggling because we were going to see it again. We had such fun that day and such good memories. It is such a pleasure to get to share this with my daughter and her friends!

  • Jennipurrr

    I loved Eclipse, but it felt really disjointed. There was little to no flow between scenes almost as if they were thinking “we need to cram a lot of shit in. Thishappensthishappensthishappens and DONE!”

    I’m glad Breaking Dawn is going to be two movies and I wish all of the others could have been as well. Not a fan of Bryce as Victoria – her hair was all wrong (though Rachel’s could have been a bit more red in the first two films) and she seriously lacked the depth of character shown in Rachel’s face. She played it way too simpering, where Rachel would have MADE Riley her bitch. If they hadn’t made that terrible casting decision, I could have forgiven all the rest.

    I thought it was pretty damn good, though. Yes, I would like more time, less abrupt scenes, but they were working within the cramped parameters set out by Hollywood and I think they did pretty good, all things considered.

    OH! One other thing, I wish that Bree had been more vicious when Bella came to the clearing. She didn’t seem very new-vamp to me.

  • Pattygirl

    I just finally saw this yesterday, I was reluctant to see Rob in any Twilight movies after NM disaster. But it was good, in my theater people were quite and respectful.
    They listen and smile laughs at the amusing dialogue.

    Yes Bella was disappointing in the tent scene and ending scene, MR cut/change the pivotal lines so the scenes was an anti climax, instead of the deep emotional feelings we got when we read the book. Compare to CR Twilight ending when we really feel for Edward and Bella in the prom scene.

    The J/B kiss was meh, I don’t see the big deal out of it, thats you Moon dear.

    Don’t compare Edward to Jacob, Edward is beautiful, elegant while Jacob isn’t and has a big nose, an acne scar. I don’t see the big fuss, his body is average, only in America they tend to exaggerate, it shows their lack of taste.

    Charlie and Bella conversation
    , meh too.

    Riley, whats that about him being hot,Not!

    One thing for sure Robward is yummy, his skin is so flawless, his eyelashes.

    Kristen bella is emotionless, Bella in the book is a way better actress.

    Well if we stop watching the crap Summit is giving us than maybe they will start listening.

    Re Lainey; I think she likes Rob a lot

    July 7, 2010 10:28 PM

  • aneesa hamdulay

    do i wish the movies were a little longer?


    do i wish Melissa Rosenberg would do a better job?


    would i change the movies>

    hale no!

    why? coz’ it is what it is. we still love it. we still watch it, blog about it, tweet, FB…well we just pretty much much talk about it ALOT. most importantly, we bond over it. we make fun of the bad stuff. people criticize twihards for being insanely obsessive but we get that its just entertainment and maybe its enough that we get to see our favourite books come to life on the big screen.

    i think Summit needs…well, they’re not brilliant in my eyes, coz if they were there’d be more of the Cullens and the wolfpack and maybe a whole lot of other stuff. but whatever.

    i just want a longer movie. anyone with me?

  • Louise O

    I love Lainey – she loves to burst a bubble, she’s got a great eye for detail and she’s usually spot on. Here I think she’s harsh but fair…

    The wigs are crap, the vampire make up is inconsistent (why does Carlisle look like an icecream) and they could do a much better job of animating the wolves. But then, Summit has only spent $68 million on creating a special effects movie – compared to bthe huge budgets that special effects movies usually get: $250 million for Harry Potter or $200 million for Robin Hood and Transformers.

    It’s an improvement on the budget for the original film which was a teeny tiny $37 million, but when you think of the huge amount of money that the fans pour back in to Summit’s pockets, it’s hard to see why they can’t beef up the production budget to pay for better hair, makeup and effects.

  • forks4eva

    wait a second… was “the red blouse” a flannel? really? some plese tell me it wasn’t!

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  • GAbbyMJ

    I LOVE all the Twilight books but I hated Eclipse!! the make up and clothing are the best from all 3 movies, but the storyline, give me a break, the battle, come on, you can do better!!!

    PLEASE!!! we have to DEMAND more for Breaking Dawn otherwise it´s going to be a joke on screen!!!!!


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