Nikki Reed gets some ink and we wonder what it could be…

R-o-s-e... I mean R-o-s-a... dang it I can't even spell it right!

Dear Nikki,

Word on the street (courtesy of your picture or tip to the rags) is that you got matching tattoos with your brother last week. Of course my mind started racing, thinking about what your tattoo could be… a name, a saying, a memorial piece commemorating your fake lesbianship gone wrong with Kristen. So of course I hit the emails to see what my pals thought it could be. Because what else is there to wonder about then your new tattoo and the endless possibilities of laughs there could be? Witness the resulting email train as we try to deduce what the tattoo could be…

@moon – nikki reed got a tattoo… your guesses for what the tattoos says or is… AND GO!

@brookelockart– my gut says it’s the shocker symbol and below it reads “Two in the Pink – One in the Stink.” All in cursive cause that’s classy

@calliopeblabs – it matches her brothers correct? therefore i’m going to guess it says “legalize it… sibling lovin'” OR “its ok in KY” i’ve no idea what sort of relationship nikki reed has with her brother. however… it wouldn’t surprise me. i mean, where exactly do you go after rob?

@pinkfluffgirl – Obviously, a bleeding heart and then  KSTEW 4EVA ….OR F U Rob….
“But I loved her first” is most likely. In Curly Cue font. Because that’s lipstick lesbian-y

@too_far_gone “he was mine, you skanky bitch”

@pinkfluffgirl – maybe “I BLEW HIM FIRST” would be more apropos

@moon – my guess? a withering loquat tree with the phrase “what could have been” underneath it?

2008 – 2009 1/2

@brookelockart – What if they went his and her cholo and chola tatts?? Tattooed tears? She does look like she’d cutabitch.

@UC – “I FKD ROB” but that’s just what i’d get

@veryemerald – I’d go with tick marks like when you are counting by 5’s and the fifth line goes across the first four. Probably be easier to keep track of all the men she has been and will continue to sleep with to try and get that “Rob” feeling back. and when people ask she can make something up like “oh its just the number of time I’ve prayed with Kellan”…

@obird – One of two things: “Get a Bitch or be a Bitch” OR my favorite “Boobs in the Shoes”

@brookelockart – “CONFIRMED WITHOUT WORDS”

@tiffanized – It’s easier to guess what it’s NOT. Like it’s definitely not “Natural Blonde” or “True Love Waits”. My official guess is . . . a portrait of Catherine Hardwicke, since she obviously sold her soul to C-Hard in order to be cast as the most beautiful female vampire in Twilight.

@moon – tested and approved: hepatitis free!

Then the big guns started coming out… and by big guns obviously I mean bored girls with photoshop…

@obird – “I got your loquats right here”…..of course across her chest.

@proselyte3 – Pfft…it obviously states:   ‘I am relevant’
or maybe this…

DING DING DING!!! I think we have a winner! The perfect combination of bitchiness, anger and wistfulness all wrapped up into a little memento you’ll have forever, Nikki. If this is really it, we may never know… or we may just have to wait a few weeks till it heals and can be seen perfectly by the paparazzi lenses.

Call us if you want to reveal it exclusively on LTT!

So what’s your guess? What is Nikki Reed’s tattoo? A saying, an image, a dolphin jumping through a rainbow hoop with Rob riding on it’s back? Weigh in on your guess in the comments

BIG THANKS to the funny ladies who made me laugh enough to post this email! I’ve got an appointment to get a tattoo of you guys on my bicep right next to my Stephenie Meyer autograph tattoo! Follow these ladies: @proselyte3, @obird, @tiffanized, @brookelockart, @veryemerald, @too_far_gone, @pinkfluffgirl, @calliopeblabs

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  • therealrobzilla

    I personally love Nikki Reed. I love her because my husband loves her ass in the cafeteria entrance scene in Twilight. He makes sound effects for that scene. All gangsta like.

    Nothing funnier than a true whitey shouting “Girl you look good when you back dat ass up!”

    He gets to look at her ass and I get to obsess about Ron.

    Thanks NRank!

    • JodieO

      I personally love the casting of Nikki for Rosie for that ass shot. Sure, my curves are a little (a lot) rounder than hers, but I’d rather than than some emaciated thing being cast as the most beautiful.

  • juliet0912

    HOLY CROW!!! As a newbie I’m just gonna leave it at that. I heart LTT/LTR for the craziness that is this post and comments for making my rather boring day at work tolerable via LTT on my crackberry. And:
    ” we don’t hate you Nikki… we don’t particularly like you but.. .your choosing wrong…” Or wait, maybe we should of had that conversation BEFORE she got the tattoo because she does wish that there was someone to “vote no for her”.

  • OLE’

  • So… it’s 4.25am down here in Oz.
    Why am I up? Because I needed to pee.
    Then I decided to check Twitter.
    Cos that’s normal.
    Then I came here cos I read about all the dramz.
    Cos that’s normal.
    Then I decided it was too hard to see on my phone so I dragged out my laptop.
    Cos that’s normal.
    So thank you all for the early morning laughs, these comments have truly made my day cos ignorant people are funny!
    Also: I think Nikki got Cougar Cath’s face tattooed on her. Not just any face either, no no no.
    She got the one of CC wearing her sexy as f-ck braids. Because ya’ll know how much she loves when CC does her little dance for Nikki ala Monica to Chandler in Friends!
    (And if you are awesome you will know exactly what I mean)

  • juliet0912

    *test* is this forum now closed? I think it might just be my phone cause I can’t see any new stuff posted. Bummer days

    • can you see my response juliet? we’re here!

      • juliet0912

        Yay! It was my phone but its working now! Thanx UC!

  • psssht, her tattoo is obviously “Solomon 4EVA”

  • sodarknessibecame

    I love this site and have been lurking for a while now but I’ve gotta say that while this post was great and all like usual, I’ve spent the better part of this afternoon catching up on all the comments, while have been pure win today! Seriously I’ve LOLed so much. Awesome is the only word I can use to describe your snarky and sarcastic defense of this site. So I slow clap you all.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    OMELE…I AM EXHAUSTED trying to read and keep up with all the comments…I need a nap!
    Oh what the hell I can’t help myself:
    (BTW I happen to like Nikki but she does sometimes come off a few french fries short of a happy meal)

    • Midnight_Cyn

      Comment fail:
      Somehow the last two sentences got left off my above comment..
      It was also supposed to also say:

      That her being “silly” is one of reason I DO like her…so many celebs try to come off being “perfect”..she also “gets it” that ppl ARE going to make fun of her and she doesn’t let it bother her….

      sorry bout that…

      • Robsessedgirl

        The only thing that makes me mad is the fact that she doesn’t seem to be grateful of what Twilight has done for her. She was relatively unknown before, and now she isn’t.

        • leo

          What? She fucking wrote thirteen and won major prize in hollyweird for it.

          But i guess if you wasn’t sitting in your room drinking beer for months before twi you was nothing.

          • Robsessedgirl

            I said ‘relatively’. Don’t go craycray on me.

  • My, my! You learn somethin’ new everyday on LTT! Shocker symbol – ROFL!!!!

  • kat

    Coming in here a little late in the game and no one will probably see this, but @brooklockart:

    As a native Kentuckian I both horked coffee out of my nose in amusement and sighed in acceptance.

    I don’t know why everyone things we are constantly effing our brothers out here!!!! Ha!

    • it’s true? it’s not just a stereotype… SAD! i don’t like that fun fact about KY

    • BrookeLockart

      I’m a bit confused by the comment, but you enjoying the shocker! Yay

      Hahah, that’s dirty.

      • celestialchic

        Also a native kentuckian . . . we do NOT eff our brothers. We eff our cousins.

  • if i ever get a tattoo im pretty sure there will be an email thread going around about what i got and it will be something like

    i hate kristen because i am a jealous hag
    blogging 4 life
    I <3 ron
    a sad face and the words “mistunderstood” underneath it.

    • Midnight_Cyn

      If I may add one? I am picturing a thumbsup or down depending on your mood? Perhaps both, one on each side of a body part..? are much prettier than the Progressive lady FLO…(and who the hell was the bright one that named a woman FLO in the first place???)

  • SarahG

    Ohmagah. Seriously? These comments are killing me! PEOPLE: listen up! Get. A. Life. This is not a site run by anyone affiliated with the cast/crew/movie studio, etc. Maybe they read this, maybe they don’t (Hello Stephenie!). The point of this whole site is to bring us Twi-related news with a sprinkle of sarcasm, a dash of humor and a rim of salt…oh wait, maybe that’s the ‘rita waiting for me at TGIFridays…getting back on topic, I thought this post was absolutely hilarious, but honestly, the comments made me snort and laugh a lot more than the post. Keep it up, Moon and UC! If you don’t post stuff like this, what interesting comments will there be to read?

    PS Here’s my take on Nikki: I didn’t think she worked for Rosalie from the very beginning because she’s not a believable blonde (among other reasons), but I would hate it if they changed her because now she’s who I’m expecting to see in that role. It’s gotta be hard playing the role of the “most beautiful” vampire in the series because everyone’s opinion of beauty is different. I’m fine with the roles everyone is in, but am I still going to make fun of things they do/wear/say? Hell yeah!

  • whyamidoingthis

    Just arriving. It’s late. This is all I have to say:

    I like Nikki Reed, and I love LTT.


  • Pattygirl

    nikki profile doesn’t look good, cathy only too shot from the front. seen her in cathy movie with michael and she is not striking as a person or as an actor. But Cathy did good with the blond hair in twilight.

  • FacePunch

    Wow… 330-something comments on an NReed post!?


    *puts on blood-spackled wedding dress and dark eyebrows, reads all of the comments*


    I wanna get an LTT tattoo… UC & Moon’s faces on my left bicep, their eyes Eclipse-ribboned, of course. 😀

    That’s normal. (unlike some of these comments….)

  • FacePunch

    “There’s one thing you will want more than anything. Blood.”

    Just reading thru some of these numerous comments… I’m not a drama queen by any means, but this site, and what sometimes goes down here, man… this is really the best fucking Twilight website on the Internet. People really reveal their true selves here and don’t give a shit. Gotta love that. 😀

    Just wanna say that I saw Eclipse for the second time yesterday, and realllly loved it… again. Wanna see it again very soon. And while we’re on the subject, I gotta give props to Nikki (since we’re on a first-name basis, natch). I think that her performance in the big “Bella talk/scolding/ flashback” scene was pretty well-performed. It’s not easy handling dialogue like that.

  • celestialchic

    I am probably a day late and a sarcastic comment short, but . . . how about we invent sarcastical font, then we can use that certain font only when we’re being sarcastic. Like right now. Like for every post. You know . . . all the time. Ok, just make this the official sarcastic font, when used on this site. Now, done! Problem solved.

  • Robsessedgirl

    Maybe something like “I wore enough makeup in Eclipse to turn Kstews frown upside down” or “I did him first, bitch”. Ooh, maybe it was song lyrics from that Lady Antebellum song- “It’s a quarter after one, I’m a litte drunk and I need (Rob) you now”. hmm.

  • Robsessedgirl

    Hey certain people, cyber bullying is not ok, EVER. Can’t we all just get along? You can like who you want to like. Just stay away from my Wobbie. 🙂

    • myword

      I agree but coexistence is a two-way street. Normally, Nikki fans are really good at that but lately this Nikki-hating thing has gotten out of hand. Take this disrespectful post about Nikki for example. Robsten fans shouldn’t bitch about Nikki if they don’t expect or want her fans to bitch back.

  • NikkiReedFan



    Kristoner Stewart looks like a cheerleader on crack and Gaybert Pattinson looks like a gay vampire with bad hair.

  • Nikki

    Yes. Nikki Reed has fans so please have some respect. This is pretty low. And to those who suggested that there’s some “flowers in the attic” going on between her and her brother is just downright demented. I hope y’all seek out proper help and cure your sick, twisted minds.

  • myword

    My word. Robsten fans are fucking lunatics.

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