Cheating on Twilight with the Hunger Games

Can you believe that in 20 months of blogging Moon & I have never been gone at the same time? Well, we broke our streak of blogging perfection & we’re BOTH gone this week. Moon is in Africa being selfless caring for kids & I’m sipping champy from a can on a beach in South Carolina (and meeting LTT friend @lula34 for the FIRST time in person!) We were tempted to hang up a “Gone Fishin’ ” sign this week and say “see ya next week” BUT… we resisted. We’ll be bringing you fan letters, some fun posts & mostly just have a simple week. So rest up as we do too and we’ll be back with you next week! Oh- pending comments will be approved but slower than usual- Moon has to send me an owl from Kenya then I use send a telegram to Stephenie Meyer asking her to approve new comments- she’s the only one we trust.  You’re in good hands today- Obird Moon’s favorite “boobs in the shoes” girl takes the reigns today and has a shocking confession!

Looks like there's a new kid on the block...

Dear Twilight Saga,

I have a confession to make….you might want to buckle your seat belt.  I am fully anticipating being shot at dawn for my crimes, but I have to come clean.  The weight of my transgressions are just too much to carry and I just can’t take the guilt any longer.  So, here it is.  I have been cheating on you.  (ducking head to avoid the onslaught of flaming darts from the Twihards)  But wait, before you break-up with me please hear me out….I mean we were “on a break” and all.  Who was it you ask?   Well, if you really MUST know it was Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games Series.  I couldn’t help myself….actually, I blame Janetrigs and Lula with their “Real Books are the ONLY way jazz”….and when the two of them love a book and tell you to read it….YOU DO IT!  How many times can one person read #PeetaOwnsMe on twitter and not be curious??  I’m only human after all.  I mean even the Queen Bee herself has a gleaming review on the back of the book.  I told myself I would just read a few chapters to see if I liked it.  I seriously didn’t even think I would like it….there aren’t even any cool hands holding apples on the front cover….it’s just some weird bird with an arrow in it’s mouth.  Alas, I was weak and it sucked me in with its amazingness from chapter one.

Now I know this might be a little premature because the Hunger Games trilogy is not yet complete (Mockingjay comes out 8/24/2010 count it down peeps), but I might go as far to say I think this series may be the “next Twilight”.  <—insert record screeching, car crashing, baby crying, woman screaming, apocalyptic mass hysteria  etc.  WAIT….don’t leave….I’m not saying it will REPLACE Twilight, but it just might be the next in line to take the YA fandom by storm.  So, being a major Twi fangirl fail I took to to my email to see if I was totally going crazy!  Thank goodness I had both Lula and Freya to help me work through the guilt…..proceed with caution and an open mind.  PS….slight spoilers ahead.

It's a fandom when the creepy drawings show up.

The first question Twi vs. Hunger Games……and GOOOOOO!!!

Lula:  Twilight is the brooding romantic fluff that we all love, the other is young adult literature with a strong heroine & sensitive subject matter with a Sci-Fi bent.  There is room for both!

Obird: I completely agree.  I mean Twi will ALWAYS be very special, but I was so taken a back by how much I loved Hunger Games.  It is the first set of books since Twilight that gave me that “special feeling”….twss.

Lula: Loving another series isn’t a traitorous act.  Like ebony & ivory, I don’t see why Twilight and Hunger Games can’t live together in perfect harmony.

Obird: I mean even SM loved them and couldn’t put them down….If that is a “get out of jail free” pass, I don’t know what is.

Then I pulled out the serious guns….aka my tweed jacket and brought Freya into the mix…..

Freya: The Twilight series were the right books at the right time for me.  I needed an Edward in my life; that romantic, protective hero who would sacrifice anything for the one he loves.  It was very satisfying, and I got hooked into the series.

Obird: Amen lady.

Freya: Hunger Games has not made me obsess like Twi did, but there are elements about it that are superior to Twi.

Obird: Well, I think I might have to join a support group, so give me an example.

Freya:  Katniss.  Katniss is extraordinary.  Bella downplays any talents that she might have (although I do think that Bella is more interesting and talented than she gives herself credit for), but Katniss knows that there are things she can do that are better than others.  She’s not vain, she just has some confidence in herself.

Obird: Yes, I totally fangirl over her with the bow and arrows….I wish I had at least some sweet nunchuck skills!!  Ok, I’m gonna hit below the belt ladies.  Peeta vs. Edward.

Lula: When Katniss kisses Peeta and says that for the first time since they were in the cave together, in the first Games, she “felt that thing again…something stir deep inside. Instead of satisfying me, the kisses have the opposite effect, of making my need greater.  I thought I was something of an expert on hunger, but this is an entirely new kind.”  That. Right there.  That my friend did it for me….slayed me, completed me more than any meadow scene or cold breathy kisses. ‘Cause that right there was freaking amazing….beautiful…frightening….HOT.

I'm team falafel

Freya: Edward vs. Peeta….Must I choose?  They’re so different.  So I’ll differentiate this way:
I would want Edward:
To do home renovations
To buy me presents
To be on my dodgeball team
To help me do math

I would want Peeta:
To snuggle with
To make secret plans with
To make decisions with (because I would get a say)
To go into business with

Obird: I guess I could settle for a Peeta/Edward sandwhich….heavy on the Peeta ’cause y’all know I’m a sucker for the carbs.

Well, fear not I will always love Twilight and nothing can take that away, but I must say I have enjoyed my torrid affair.  Hey, I will even share!  If you haven’t read Hunger Games…..GO READ IT!!  You will love it….and like Lula says….that’s ok.  There is room for both in your heart…I promise….you know ebony and ivory and all that jazz! If you have already read HG what are your thoughts???  Do you want a Peeta/Edward sammy??

Thanks to Freya and Lula for talking me off the ledge and making me want to play dodgeball at 1:30 am….you ladies rule.

Don’t forget “WE WERE ON A BREAK”


So what say you? Do you feel like you’re cheating on Twilight when you read and love other stuff or do you understand there’s room for lots of great stories in your life? Who’s read Hunger Games?

And hey… even though it’s not true… what the heck:

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  • I actually just bought Hunger Games and Catching Fire from a bookstore on eBay. Can’t wait to read them!

  • superhumanmoron

    Yes, yes, and yes!!! I had to skip the latter part of the post because I am just now in the throes of passion reading HG for the first time so no spoilers! But like you, the first chapter or two had me hooked!!!

  • I’m so glad you brought this up, Obird! I have been feeling the same was about The Hunger Games. I’m counting down for the third book to come out!

    I don’t have the same kind of crush on Peeta as I do on Edward though (I just giggled at myself for making this sound so tweedseriously silly). I don’t know… both Peeta and Gale seem so… young. Am I getting old? *sadpanda*

    I’m a big Katniss fan though! I even seriously considered taking up archery classes last year. *commence laughing*

    • Keisha

      It could mean your survival… nothing to make fun of there. We needs you!

  • GONE FISHIN’!!!!!!!

    p.s. I love Obird, Freya, UC, Moon, and especially Janetrigs. I also love the Hunger Games series. And Twilight. Amen.

    p.p.s. Mockinjay–2 weeks from tomorrow, y’all!!!

  • Kitcam

    Hunger Games was also the 1st book after I read Twi that gave me that special feeling!…but I rationalized it was ok cuz of the six degrees of Twi. I wouldn’t have read it if SM would not have said so. I was faithful to Twi for four months, and I went dutifully back to re-reading Twi, but I gradually began to stray again. And it all probably still all has some degree of Twi relation. Even though I totes luv Peeta, there has never been a doubt that my heart belongs to Edward. I think it’s because he’s able to look good in tweed, drives nice cars, and can kick some ass if necessary. Peeta would need me to help him beat up a mugger and that would be uncomfortable for both of us.

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  • Adding Hunger Games to my read list come Aug 23rd when I have time on my hands. It’s right up there with WFE and *slightly embarrassed* Harry Potter. Hey, don’t judge. I just haven’t read HP yet. Gonna have my nose in the book until Christmas! Thanks for the letter and recommendation!

  • TeamJacobEdward

    I asked for “The Host” and “The Hunger Games” for my birthday almost two years ago. “The Host,” because SM wrote it and to say I loved the Twi books I’d read for the first time two months prior is an understatement. “The Hunger Games,” because SM said on her site that she couldn’t put it down and even taking it with her out to eat so she wouldn’t have to stop reading. Since that was how I felt about Twi, I didn’t bother finding out what out was, I was like sign me up!

    When I read the synopsis and first few pages I kind of turned my nose up thinking it so was not going to be a book I loved. I put it on the book shelf and read The Host. Since I was surprised to find how much I like The Host, I decided to give The Hunger Games the good old college try. After I forced myself past the first few pages, I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. While I wasn’t nearly as OCD about it as Twi, I loved it. And have recommended it. Nearly as much as Twilight getting most of my friends hooked on this series just after getting them hooked on Twi. …It hasn’t earned me points with my friends’ husbands that’s for sure. 🙂

    Am I the only one who isn’t a full-fledged Team Peeta girl? Through both the books I’ve wavered between Gayle and Peeta. When she’s with Peeta, I want Katniss to be with him, but when Gayle is around I wasn’t Katniss to be with him. With Twi there was never a doubt, I’ve been an Edward girl from the beginning and never wavered. But I ride the fence with The Hunger Games.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      I phrased that stupid.

      I’m not on the fence about The Hunger Games. I heart The Hunger Games super much. I’m on the fence with Peeta and Gayle. I can’t make up my mind as too which one Katniss should choose.

      • TeamJacobEdward

        Bah! “to” not “too” #phonewordguessfail I swear I know the difference.

  • dude, i fursploded

    I freaking LOVE ‘The Hunger Games!’ I can’t wait for ‘Mockingjay.’ I even got Mr. Fursploded into The HG series and he really likes it. Funny, b/c I only read it ’cause the Queen Bee gave it a glowing recommendation. I guess I have to thank her for another obsession!

  • Keisha

    Hunger Games and Catching Fire have been the only real books I’ve been able to read since the Twilight books. I resisted reading them at first but I gave in and sat down to give them an earnest try expecting more of the same lately which is reading half and setting it aside. But I devoured them! I ached to get back to reading them when I had to attend to real life.

  • Robjunkie

    With all these awesome reviews, imma have to put this on my reading list now. And some nunchuck skills would be badass. Throw in some ninja throwing stars and you’re sorted.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Do it!!!
      Twi is still my favorite series, but Hunger Games is fantabulous! I’ve gotten several friends impatiently awaiting The Mockingjay with me.

  • Minutes

    I read the Hunger Games a while back. It was the first book that gave me that feeling. And it gave me hope. There are other books to fall inlove with the same way as Twilight. And there are other book boys to love. I’m a bit ashamed to admit I might like Peeta more than Edward. There, I said it.

  • I havent read the Hunger games series yet, but a friend did recommend it. I’ve been reading Shiver and Linger by Maggie Stiefvater which are pretty good too!

    • TeamJacobEdward

      I just got done with Shiver and Linger too because I kept seeing Shiver everywhere, I broke down and bought it to see what out was about and bought Linger right after. I liked them lots too, but I didn’t obsessively read them like Twi or even HG. But you can bet I’ll mark my calendar for when the next one comes out.

      • kat

        I liked Shiver but haven’t read Linger yet. I didn’t even know it came out yet. I like Shiver but wasn’t all obsessive about it like I was Twilight. I almost wish I could find something that compares to Twilight that way I could stop thinking about it all the damn time!

        • yeah I know what you mean. Its fun to read but I dont obsess over it. The only other books I’ve read like that (like Twilight) are the Harry Potter books 🙂

        • TeamJacobEdward

          I think Linger JUST came out.

          I liked Shiver better than Linger. For me, Linger was a little blah after Shiver. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it and still say it’s definitely worth the read. But (with trying to avoid giving spoilers) I think a big part is it was a bit too predictable, and mostly it was the ending for Shiver suited my personally style better. If that makes sense at all. Though Linger set itself up nicely for a sequel, so you know another one is coming.

          HG series are the closest I’ve gotten to “that feeling” I’d gotten from the Twilight books. But even that was still a very weak echo of what Twi did for me. I’ve tried HP, Shiver, Mortal Instruments, WFE, The Gargoyle, The Host… Edward Wallbanger… 🙂 and on and on, but none have “done it” for me like Twi books before (closest before for me is The Notebook) or after. I guess I’ll have to keep searching. Or maybe accept I’ve already found the holy grail and just go read them again for the 409256365187th time. 🙂

          • i just… agree with everything you said in this post hahaha
            if i were to comment my thoughts, i would just be repeating what you said hahaha
            but some of the books you read, i havent lol

  • lieutenant.twilight

    I’m gonna have about 2 months off of work starting in October.. and HG is definately going on my reading list after all these good reviews!

  • Goodgirl goneplaid

    Great letter Obird! & Freya & Lula. Totally agreed, totally ‘get it’ too.
    In many ways it’s a more complete world than twi *ducks* and tackles some REALLY important themes & questions for our world right now, which gives me some hope if YA’s are indeed reading this series.
    I just read the first book on vacation and now I’m impatiently awaiting the second from Amazon. Thanks gawds I don’t have long to wait for Mockingjay!

  • Estees

    Like so many of you, I didn’t want to pull myself away from Stephenie’s books. I never really liked to read or found the time to read before Twilight. My life has changed forever thanks to the Queen Bee. I had little hope of finding anything worth reading since Twilight and The Host, but after reading the Twilight series 3 times since February, yeah I know I’m a little late in the game, I finally decided to read The Hunger Games series and love it. I still hold Stephenie’s books at a much higher level. She is so talented.

  • Janetrigs

    GAHHHHH!!1 I love Obird, Lula, Freya and the Hunger Games. I LOVE REAL BOOKS! Please go read. NOW!

    PS I also love that certain other vampire that we share our love for……ahhh blue v-neck sweaters.

    • snowwhitedrifted

      Ahhh, you missed the #hypotheticalvampiredatingsituations converstaion that fangbanger and I had on twitter!
      Eric absolutely wins, hands (fangs?) down for “2 minutes in the coffin with Edward or Eric”.

      • eatmyjorts

        I’m absolutely sure Eric would be good for more than 2 minutes. The sparkly one would be trampled in the rush to get to him:)

        • snowwhitedrifted

          “I’m absolutely sure Eric would be good for more than 2 minutes”

          absolutely, but I wouldn’t. *Thud* death by Vampgasm

  • snowwhitedrifted

    I’ve been curious about HG since I keep seeing references to the series. I will definitely go check them out.

    I admit my cheater series was with the Sookie/ True Blood books. As a “heroine” I<3 Sookie, while conversely I hold Bella in the same regard as a distant cousin I'd never really think about outside of Thanksgiving.
    *muttering under breath*** and I may have an obsession acute fondness for the viking sheriff.

    • BayWolf

      Me too:-) I love those books – and Alcide… and Quinn.. Uhhh… Love!! But the Sookie series never made me feel like twi did – however – they are very entertaining indeed 😉

    • meagaloo

      omg i know. eric is my favorite vamp, i actually dreamed about him last night. i think im going crazy. lol, whenever i read a sookie stackhouse novel i feel like i owe stephenie meyer an apology or something, but i keep reading because who could stop?

  • smalltown

    That series is AMAZING. I don’t care if I get in trouble with the Twihards, I think it totally has a chance of stealing the YA throne. In some ways it’s a little bit more … well, credible, I guess?

    Don’t get me wrong, Twilight is a lot of fun, but it’s a little lacking in the credibility department. I don’t feel like as big of a spaz saying I love a book where the main event is a throwdown death match between a bunch of kids, as I do saying I love a book where the hero sparkles.

    Y’know, if that makes sense. D:

  • Robsessedgirl

    Great letter girls! A while ago I was at my local Barnes & Noble perusing the teen section when I remembered SM said she couldn’t put The Hunger Games down. I picked it up and read the first chapter and liked it but I think I got sidetracked, a caramel frappuccino was calling my name. You’d recommend I should read it though? I’ll see if it’s on my kindle. I don’t know if I’ll ever get the same ‘special feeling’ I get about Edward though. Ever. 🙂

  • kat

    I freaking LOVE the Hunger Games. I’m dying until the 24th. I will always love me some Twilight and Edward rocks my socks and all but Peeta makes me swoon for real. He loves Katniss so much. Much more than she deserves. While I love Katniss more than Bella; I find myself wanting to slap the sh*t of her in the exact same way!!!

  • eatmyjorts

    It was the same 14yr old that finally got me to crack & read Twiglet that also recommended the Hunger Games. I have love both books so far.
    The Hunger Games has fantastic characters (Bella would have lasted, oh, 0.01 seconds in the arena), & a great plot.

    What it lacks, that Twiglet has (despite being traumatised by the effing fricking squealing loon-filled fandom this last weekend, slap them & their puffy paint t-shirts to kingdom come)is a location I’d like to go to. Nothing about District 13 (please let me have got that right…sector? Just got home from work with dead brain) makes me want to go there…Possibly because I grew up ina town placed gorgeously between the Solent & the New Forest, Forks, with its forests & First Beach & cliffs etc, seems like a form of home to me. When life is hard (most days right now) I’d like to hide there.

    Can someone please write some really good Jacob/Katniss ff?

    P.S. am still looking for other (fandomless) sagas to cheat with…

  • Diana

    I Read Hunger Games and Catching Fire this Spring and fell in love with the series. Re-read them both this summer and cannot wait for MockingJay.

    But, I have just realized I am an adulterer, a cheater, a Scarlet Letter wearing woman…

    I love Peeta.
    I love Edward.
    I have a secret crush on Jasper.
    I love my husband.

    I’m sure I need therapy. Reading Therapy….

    • TeamSeth

      4 men is hardly a big deal… especially when 3 of them will never ever find out about the others.

  • Obird

    I knew you LTT ladies would understand!! Twi will always be my first love, but there’s room to share!!

    Thanks again to Lula and Freya for playing with me!! I love you both!!



  • TeamSeth

    Hm, I don’t think I feel like I’m cheating on Twilight. I guess Twi is the only thing I’ve gotten this involved with. In fact, most of the time I think I’m more into LTT than Twilight itself. (My bf certainly agrees with this). I haven’t even reread all of the books! Until we all started chattin’ about Eclipse, I’d had some serious forget about epic scenes (um, end of the book meadow scene, Jake kissing her the first time… really, how did I forget that but remember Renee calling them satellites and Jake being an ass about her bleaching his blood after the knife incident?!)

    So, I suppose if I were to find a fun and ridiculous blog about other books, I might feel I was cheating. But I won’t ever find it, because I don’t look for it. LTT takes up enough time as it is. That combined with work, trying to convince myself to exercise so I quit growing my Oregonass, and writing/editing my novel (It’s coming out in serial form starting this fall!), there’s little time left to read. Though I am hitting up book 5 of the 44 Scotland series by Alexander McCall Smith. SO FUNNY! I love him.

    • Luludee

      OMG, I LOVE the 44 Scotland Street series!! They are so sweet and charming. I was just thinking yesterday, that I need to read Book 5. So far, book 3 was my fav. Looks like I’ll be making a trip to the library today 🙂

      • TeamSeth

        Yay! It’s called The Unbearable Lightness of Scones, a title which in and of itself makes a good book. So far, so good. I’m on chapter 21 or so (so, 1/4 of the way in haha, those chapters are so short!) As always, it catches you right up had you forgotten about the unintended pregnancy that Cyril caused or that Domenica’s neighbor blatantly stole her spode teacup or that Big Lou is dating a Jacobite. You know, all the essentials refreshed.

        Hm, book 3… is that the one where Domenica is off to study the pirates? Or does she leave at the end of that book? I first was introduced via audio book during my cross country road trip in 2007. Not knowing it was a series, I heard Espresso Tales before reading 44 Scotland Street. Thus my introduction being Pat’s encounter with the somersaulting circus guy! hehe

        Sigh. So, I have to ask, who do you think is Ulysses father?

        • Luludee

          Yes, it was the one where Dominica was studying pirates. I think Bruce might have been out of the picture in that one as well, which might at least partially account for my fondness of it. 😉 My, but he is obnoxious. I don’t mind reading about him, but I want to see him fail or otherwise really have it handed to him!

          Also I believe that was the first book where we learned of Cyril’s admiration of Matthew’s ankles and I think he bit Irene, which I enjoyed very much. Poor Bertie with his pink room.

          I’m about 85% convinced that Dr. Fairbairn is the father.

  • Twigirl_world

    I too admit my love for Hunger Games!!! My love for it started when kimmy from His Golden Eyes recommended it. And although it will never replace Twilight in my world and Eddy will always have my heart I love it and can’t wait for Mockingjay to hit shelves. SM, the Queen Bee, Godess of my world made me fall in love with reading again after yrs of not opening a book. I’ve read so many books since Twilight I lost count. Without being a total sap and 2nd hand embarrassing myself I will end w/ thank you SM for changing my world!!

  • bikechick3

    I’ll try just about anything that Stephenie Meyer recommends – she gave a plug to the Mortal Instruments trilogy (Jace and Clary) and those 3 books OWNED me almost as much as Twi did – could NOT put them down! So I trust SM’s recommendations.

    Doesn’t Lolashoes have a fanfic called ‘Hunger Games’? I think I skipped that one because it was about a series that I hadn’t read – I inhale all her Twi stuff – if that’s the case then you can find HG lemons in the ffic world? I’M IN!

  • I’ve read The Hunger Games series so far and LOVED them!! I’m pumped for Mockingjay! I don’t feel like I’m cheating on Twilight when I read other series. I’ve been mixing series for a while now. The Twilight high started to dwindle and I was looking for some new reads, so I’ve read THG, The Mortal Instruments Series, Shiver and Linger and other various books. I also had my share of other vampire book series (House of Night, Vampire Diaries, Blue Bloods) and I don’t feel like I’m cheating, just exploring what’s out there. Some have been great, but of course nothing compares to Twilight!!

  • Luludee

    The HG series has been on my reading list for some time now. I plan on reading them soon, especially since the third one comes out later this month. I gots ta finish some other things I’ve been into first though – namely finishing out Lost. Season 6 comes out the same day (Aug 24.)! One story obsession at a time 😉

    • NotWutheringHeights

      Love Lost! Best TV ever.

  • ICanHandleIt

    I am def adding The Hunger Games to my ever growing list of books to read! I’ve been a HP fan since the beginning and I am reading WFE right now(love it!). But- I want to add another book(graphic Novel) for your consideration… Scott Pilgrim. It. Is. Greatness. Do it(twss)!!!!!!! And, the movie is coming out this Friday so read fast!

  • I adore The Hunger Games. It’s going to be my next obsession until Breaking Dawn comes out. I even bought a HG t-shirt to wear to ‘s live podcast in a few days.

    I’m all the way Team Katniss. She may be completely clueless to the emotions of people around her (GALE!) but she’s a strong heroine and I like that.

    Aslo, Hit Girl from Kick Ass should totally play Rue in the HG movie (said to be filming in Feb!)

  • BayWolf

    Ohhh what a great letter Obird!!

    I’ve only heard a very little about HG. I don’t think they are translated to danish yet – not that that really matters – I can get them in english i suppose..

    Oh YES!!!! Just did a little search – and my oh my – they are available in my language!!!

    THAT YOU!! Now I finally know what to read next!!!

    Uuuhhh.. I’m already excited!!

    • BayWolf


      (ohh.. You LTT’ers are smart – you know what I ment to say ;-))

  • NotWutheringHeights

    Peeta & Edward sandwich = perfection

    Instantly hooked on HG and counting down for Mockingjay. I audio-booked the HG so kids and I holler all over the place “Kaaaatnissssss”….. “Peeeeeetaaaaa”…..

    PS I don’t feel too disloyal though. Have to confess I finally had my first Edward dream two nights ago. It slay me with its suddenness (and yumminess) and I must say, all good things come to those who wait.

  • Alice_NaA

    I LOVE the hunger games. And sorry for all the Peeta fans out there, but I’m actually team Gale. :). Although Peeta is extremely likable, I kinda think he’s gonna die. You may hate me today :p.

  • Elliebelle

    Sheesh, a real book again? My hubs will be relieved to see me off the fanfiction website where I’ve been obsessively reading Jasper/ Bella stories. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • AskingonemoreQuestion

    I loved HG, but not as much as Twlight. I read a lot so I never feel like I am cheating. Reading is almost as important as food to me! Another series that is well written, great female lead (Claire), and hot Scottish male lead (Jamie) is the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. Historical fiction/romance.

    • Luludee

      The Outlander series is spectacular. I love it more than Twilight. Shhh, don’t tell! 😉

      • NotWutheringHeights

        Hmmm, I kind of konked out after the third of the Outlander book. Sexy Scottish dude in a kilt? Sure. But it just didn’t keep me entranced. I could never imagine reading them several times (make that seven!) like some books I know.

  • I love the Hunger Games sooooo much. Peeta is my love. He makes me wish I was Katniss. Gayle is the Jacob…the friend who confesses love at the wrong time.

    Hopefully Peeta doesn’t die in Mockingjay and him and Katniss do get married and have babies who don’t have to fear the reaping.

    • crack is whack

      I agree with you 100%. I love the HG books and am counting down until Mockingjay. I feel like with most books you know how things are going to end, but with HG I have no idea who Katniss is going to end up with.
      Peeta better not die in Mockingjay-Katniss is lucky to find a man who will make her cookies and bread.

    • NotWutheringHeights

      Gayle is absolutely Jacob! And NOT supposed to get the girl IMO.

      Loyal and loving Peeta has already devoted a limb… he better not have to sacrifice his life.

      Is it the 24th yet?

  • ILoveMyBabyCakesCarlisle

    I love the Hunger Games. It took me until chapter 3 of the first book to actually get into it. But I’m counting down the days until MockingJay comes out. I know everyone loves Peeta but I’m eeehhhh about him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s sweet, caring, cute, blah blah blah. But I love me some Gale. It’s funny because he’s the Jacob in the series. And I love Edward. Oh the irony…..

    If Peeta doesn’t die and does get together with Katniss…..I’ll be a little sad. But I guess he is a better choice for her.

    Team Gale <3

    • meagaloo

      i know what you mean, eben though i <3 peeta. every time katniss is with gale i want it to work out but at the same time im like "no katniss!!! peeta loves you!!!!!!" i cant wait to see what happens now that katniss is with gale but wants to save peeta. only a few weeks till mockingjay!

  • meagaloo

    i love hunger games and catching fire. team peeta!

  • Stacey

    What a great letter!

    After reading this, I’ll have to add it to my reading list. Now I just have to finish Water for Elephants, The Help, the latest Sookie Stackhouse book, and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Oh and the copy of New Moon I snuck in my daughter’s suitcase. Yep, still paying for that one.

    This girl has lots of reading to do!

  • twiprof

    it is good to be excited about reading! I know…I am an english teacher…I love it when my students read!
    I know memoir is different from fiction but I just finished eatpraylove, in time for the movie this week.
    I am starting WFE tonight….going to picture Rob as another character for a change….

  • The only reason I even read the Hunger Games is because my sister, after taking a heavy dose of #fangirlfaggotry, decided to read up on Stephanie Meyers via her website. The Big Cheese recommended Hunger Games, so my sister read it. Then, much in the manner of the Twilight series, she forced me to read it. She really threatened me. With both series.

    But I’m glad she did ’cause they were awesome. I even got my dad to read them. And in the 2nd book he told me he knew what happened;

    Dad: “It’s obvious the blood breath guy–”

    Me: “President Snow?”

    Dad: “Yeah, the President Blood is going to have Peeta killed so he can marry Katniss.”

    And he had converted me. I am #TeamSnow all the way.

  • Alicia Up Front

    You werent on a break, the Twilight series is over… its called a break up cause its broken. SM better start wheeling out some new books before you really jump ship.

    Or maybe you could call Universal and ask them to build a Twilight Land like they did for Harry Potter?

  • Hungergamesnews

    I think The Hunger Games is amazing! And it is so different than Twilight so it doesnt feel like cheating. I do want Peeta more than Edward, tbh.

    Almost time for Mockingjay, I cant wait!

    Oh and i totally agree; i also think The Hunger Games is going to be The new Twilight

  • so i read this post, and then the next time i went to Borders i bought The Hunger Games.
    i started reading it last night (8/23) at like 10-ish, and didnt stop until i was all the way through it at 8:45 a.m. this morning hahah
    and the closest Borders is like 45 mins away, so today ive been frantically trying to find somewhere closer that sells Catching Fire, but unfortunately i had to settle for ordering it on amazon. :/
    it just so happens i read the first book the day before the third is released, YAY FOR ME! so i ordered that one too! and another one by the same author, The Maze Runner.
    cant wait for them to cooome! thank you for this post you gave me some new amazing books to read! i wouldnt have read THG if i hadnt read this!

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