I’m always in this Twilight, in the shadow of your heart

Dear LTTers,

We’ve spent the last few months sharing bits & pieces of our time with Stephenie Meyer with you, and we’ve finally come to the end. Our 4 hours with Stephenie FLEW by and before we knew it her assistant Meghan told us to ask our last questions. We scrambled- because we were first to go last. Do we end asking for the TRUTH behind the Robsten love story? Do we ask something deep & Twilosophical about Fred & Bree? Wait- we forgot to ask questions about her husband Nacho and if she told him that’s our pet name for him! Well, we decided to make our “one” question 2 questions and went for something a little fun and a little serious:

Call it Twilosophy call it breaking down our interview, one last time, but just eavesdrop on Moon & me yesterday as we discussed what interviewing & meeting Stephenie Meyer really meant to us!


Leg Hitched Stephenie Meyer

Wait what? We DID this!?

Moon: I was showing my roomie the pics from meeting Stephenie the other day.. and I was like OH MY GOD WE MET STEPHENIE MEYER!!!! It still doesn’t seem real sometimes
and how nice and welcoming she was
I mean… it feels less real now, I think, almost 3 months later. THREE months
Right. It was all a dream- she would understand that!
I mean.. this summer was CRAZY for both of it- the whole summer was a dream. It was my “dream summer”- moving & sweating my ass off right
I was also talking to someone about meeting her and I was like, “It was like the biggest thing on our blog goal list (besides being red carpet SUMMIT!)
Like where do we go from there?
I mean….. meeting Rob would be lame…. because he’s so afraid of people {he only loves Jella the cat these days}
Oh god Jella, vom. What does an artist do once they’ve won the Grammy or met their inspiration?
I mean… I think other people have higher goals- there are always goals to reach…. except.. we run a Twilight blog and…we met the creator of Twilight
I’ve seen Rob in person several times and he’d have a LOT to live up to. I have awesome hilarious cute friends. So he’d need to bring his a-game (which I doubt he would)
And we not only MET but basically HUNG OUT WITH Stephenie. You ate bacon next to her! While I got grossed out by bacon 2 seats down!! You can’t top that as Twilight bloggers
And she used OUR words. She talked about OUR posts. She called the male blogger in the room a unicorn
I still can’t believe I didn’t drop dead right there
Well, besides on the red carpet, and a guest role as Volturi witnesses


Moon: Is it funny that Flo [Florence and the Machine] is playing and Steph gave us that cd? The part were Flo sings ‘I’m always in this Twilight’ makes me think of Stephanie!
I KNOW! ALWAYS!!!!!!! Awww! TWINS!
cause she (and us by default) will always somehow be part of this thing
I bet Steph thinks of herself
“I’m always in this Twilight, in the shadow of your heart” That’s sooo our whole Twilight experience for me

UC: Awwww! Yes!!!!! I got goosebumps, but I have my period so I’ll probably burst into tears in a second. Emo
It’s been such a great ride it really has
SO great! And this was the pinnacle
This sounds like the end, even though its not!!!!
I know- calm down people, we’re not through with you quite yet!

We get sappy after the jump!

Just you and Me

UC: That’s why I think I feel like needing to lay low
No one else can say they have had the same ride as us- just you and me.
this summer was such a surreal experience….. meeting Stephenie…. and then right after all the shenanigans with the most LTTers in one place than we’ve ever had together
right- it was an insane summer- eclipse con, meeting stephenie, jay leno, eclipse leg hitch 2010, moving, going to kenya,
I mean that party at your house- where there were .. what? 30-40-50? people at one point? There because we one day decided to make fun of lame people who made videos online. And those lame video makers exist because of Stephenie- who we MET!!! It’s just… crazy. And overwhelming. Even now. And yet- I feel weird even saying that…. because it sounds like we make Stephenie out to be a ‘god’ .. and I don’t think of her that way. I mean.. she is just like you or me… just in cowboy boots & a lot richer- she’s just a normal girl!
Yeah, I don’t think of her that way, but I feel protective of her sometimes
Yes- I feel MUCH more protective of her now that I’ve met her
Like last night someone was saying they read Twilight and who originally really liked it and then just said to someone else it was painful to get through. I was like EXCUSE ME
I KNOW…. I get so offended.. and I never used to…
I didn’t really push her on it, but why cant we just like stuff, you know?
I mean.. I can still agree with certain things- certain deficiencies.. but….. she’s a PERSON- Stephenie is.
It pisses me off. like shut up, ya know?
Right.. just like when The Font makes fun of my bad taste in TV. LET ME LIKE MY MINDLESS ROMANCE (holla vampire diaries back last night!!)
Moon: I feel like if you’re IN this you have some leniency, but not if you’re a straight outsider
yes… you’re right…… don’t hate just because it’s cool to hate
I got really defensive against two total NERDS at a party like a month ago- they were ragging on everything Twilight after they found out I blogged about it and I was like HAVE YOU READ IT? HAVE YOU SEEN THE MOVIES? NO? thanks shut up now
You tell those Nerds!!!
I was like, you can argue with millions of books sold and billions in movie revenue
Exactly!!!! It OBVIOUSLY struck a chord with SOMEONE, and it sucks that you’re on the outside
I felt so dumb like I was justifying myself and Twilight to total losers but still
It’s fun to be a part of something SO many people connect with
It is!! Makes me feel a little sorry for some people. And for us!! I mean we know WAY too much about this stuff- the in’s and the out’s
WAY too much
We’ve talked to the author about her books. Like the INNER workings of her books
we know details about FRED!! 🙂
I was talking to my roommate the other night and she didn’t know why the books were titled Twilight/nm/eclipse/bd, and she was asking if fans would know. And I was like OMG YES! Then I quoted Edward, and told her how the series used to be called “Forks” It just reminds me how not everyone knows this stuff
AT ALL. Honestly, if someone isn’t on Twitter a ton, they miss out- Even people who are more fans than most of our “real-life” friends. And isn’t that funny? Because so many of my formerly “online friends” have become “real life” friends… I don’t know how to differentiate anymore!! And I feel like some of my friends who weren’t on this ride with me don’t understand a part of me…
Moon: right not at all- sometimes people will ask me how I met someone and I have to think, and I’m like OH YEA- from our blog or through Twilight!!! It’s become so much more than just Twi or LTT/LTR
SO MUCH more. And I hope that we were able to express that enough to Stephenie in our sometimes confused thoughts….because that’s what it means to me. More than these great 4.5 books I read…… it was just…. the world she created that we ALL got wrapped up in
If you’re reading, Steph, REREAD THAT LAST PART
Here.. I’ll re-write it and BOLD IT FOR YOU:

It was more than these great 4.5 books we read…… it was just…. the world you created that we ALL got wrapped up in!!

UC: We did write our “real” letter to Steph- so I think we told her
and she even said as much in her meeting with us. She said when you have kids you have to give up part of yourself, and writing let her find a new part of herself or remember that she wasn’t “just a mom.” I think that was the part that affected me the most. It was FAVORITE thing she said!
Yes- I love how she said that….
because I think that beyond escaping everyday life, Twilight gave a lot of people back a part of themselves or allowed them to find something about themselves they never knew existed- we’re both testaments to that
it really seemed to awaken something in so many people…. definitely in me
I think we started this, besides thinking we were funny, because something was missing and this was our outlet.
And I think with the summer ending and news slowing and Breaking Dawn feeling SO FAR OFF… I’ve felt myself slipping back into where I was 2 years ago….. and it’s been hard- to remember to stay focused- not on Twilight.. but on life- on being present.. on dreaming…
Moon: People found friends; people found a way to be funny in written form; people found a new lease on life; encouragement; community
All because of a mom, home with her kids, who had a dream. It’s amazing!

What’s Next?

Moon: Isn’t it weird how we’ve read TONS of other books even after Twilight but haven’t felt affected in the same way? Haven’t felt the NEED to talk or write about it
not at ALL
Like what IS IT about these books Stephanie wrote?
I’ve read some GREAT books too
we’ve talked about it forever but have never been able to nail it down
Even Hunger Games….. while the fandom is huge & will get bigger with the movies, I don’t think it’ll be like the Twilight fandom & I don’t mean with Burger King Crowns (calling it- they’ll have them). I don’t know… I think it’s back to that Edward & Bella relationship…. Bella being “Every girl” or any of us…. and just the fantasy of it… Though there are lots of books like that. So why Twilight? I don’t know
I think this only comes around one in a blue moon. It’s been lightening in a bottle
I don’t know if we’ll ever know
We won’t I don’t think.
like…. will I be effected enough to devote my life to something like this ever again?
right and write about it EVERY DAY?? People still ask me how we did/do it. I’m like I don’t know. we liked it and we COMMITTED- I think that was the huge thing. the commitment
UC: yep- once I put my mind to something I get it done- you’re the same way- so we did
Committed to each other and then to the people who came. Well, I’ve NEVER committed myself like this. This has been a special thing. And hard work pays off, I guess it what I come away with from the interview- Stephenie persisted and got her book published- then we persisted and got to meet her!!!
So what’s NEXT!? Do we turn LTT into a made-for-TV movie?
Would John Stamos be the main character? With special guest appearances by TGIF ABC actors from the 90s?

Big Daddy on Segway

Protector of Big Macs

UC: And Big Daddy as the bad ass cop
of course- he’s a lead
Well, actually McDonald’s rent-a-cop…. He patrols the late night shift- guarding the drive through
On a Segway with a cup holder and a special built-in fish-o-filet holder
Yep! He has a 128 oz Big Gulp filled with Coke.
And then Season 1 Season Finale- Rob Makes out with BOTH of us- dun dun DUNNNNN who will he choose!?
Moon: then YOU
then ME
then YOU
UC: then TOM
and we cry

Thank you to anyone & everyone who made us laugh, cry, scared, sob, smile or just really 2nd-hand embarrassed over the last 20 months & counting! We got to have this experience because of you!


UC & Moon

Because it’s been SUCH an EPIC 3 months, we’re doing a random give-away of CRAP from the BOX(es) of CRAP Stephenie sent us home with and then sent to my house. We’ll give away a Tshirt & a little cute Twilight tag Stephenie signed to one lucky random winner! Just comment today & we’ll pick someone this weekend!

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  • “She said when you have kids you have to give up part of yourself, and writing let her find a new part of herself or remember that she wasn’t “just a mom.” I think that was the part that affected me the most. It was FAVORITE thing she said!
    UC: Yes- I love how she said that….
    Moon: because I think that beyond escaping everyday life, Twilight gave a lot of people back a part of themselves or allowed them to find something about themselves they never knew existed- we’re both testaments to that
    UC: it really seemed to awaken something in so many people…. definitely in me”
    OMG – crying! THIS is what it did for me too. I’m a mom of 3 boys and only 33 and I felt that I had lost something vital. But The Saga and LTT and the interwebs inspired me to persist and reach for something long ago ‘put away’. Now I’m a makeup artist and going to Vancouver Film School to study Make up for film and TV not just because I want a career and to contribute to my family in a meaningful way but also because… I may meet Rob someday!
    Thanks ladies, you hit the nail on the head, or rather, Steph summed it up in a way that made sense and that’s normal. End of. Fondles to you both. xoxo

    • TeamSeth

      If you get to work with Daniel Cudmore, please share all the details with me. 😀

  • Janetrigs

    Loving you today, excited about seeing one of you next weekend and making you get drunken for my Bday. Yeeeahhh EAP!


  • Sam

    I think it’s so cool that you got to meet Stephenie! What fun memories you’ll always have from that experience.

    Maybe it’s just me but I think one of the things that make Twilight so special is Edward. OK I’m a little biased but really. His character is what drew me into the story and got me addicted to all the books…and then the movies.

    • Midnight_Cyn

      Eddie is mine..but I’ll share 🙂

      • Sam

        OK I get him Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday….and Sunday too. 😉

  • Sue G.

    UC: we know details about FRED!!

    Yea Fred!

  • SingleStrand

    Serious tears. I knew if Freya cried today, I would too. I rarely comment like I used to but I still read every post and feel linked to my Twifriends in ways I never used to feel linked to RL friends.
    Cheers Moon and UC!

  • BrookeLockart

    I think I like you, a lot.

    • Janetrigs

      Thumbs down for being so lame.

      Can’t wait until next week. LOVES YOUS.

      PS Thumbs down to me for getting sappy

      • Midnight_Cyn

        I loves you too 🙂 singing now..Can you feel the love tonight..!!!! 🙂 We have you surrounded JT..there is NO escaping the luv of all LTT….we gotcha ya!! xo

        • Midnight_Cyn

          comment fail..sorrry.. we have you surrounded JR!

  • Kat

    I felt myself getting all verklempt and then all girl power-y when reading this post. Hooray and huzzah–and big thanks to all the talented ladies who made this possible. Now time for Friday drinks…

    • TeamSeth

      “Now time for Friday drinks…”

      😀 IKR!

  • I just have to say that you guys always take the words right out of my head and put it on paper. I always am amazed when I read your posts and I think to myself, hey that’s how I feel. I am TOTALLY {2nd hand} jealous that you got to meet this amazing woman. My husband says to me all the time, It’s just a book, but there is something magical that she did in this book that cannot be explained. There is just a feeling between us readers that has us overwhelmed. Thanks for giving me a place to read about all the things I am obessing over and making me feel more normal than anyone else has. You guys make me LAUGH!

  • fangbanger

    AWW! I was all busy this morning and didn’t hear the audio. So sweet about Cyn. I’m just sitting here crying like an idiot.

    I love you peoples.

    • Midnight_Cyn

      Ohh Fangy..No crying!! Loves you..but look at it this way..”My name” was in THE SAME ROOM as Stephanie M., UC & Moon….I am celebrating even though I have come down with one nasty cold…. ((HUGS YOU)) missed you too!!!

  • kitkat

    Man, I’m late to the party! No fair making me tear up in the school library (and not just UC and Moon, all of you lovelies in the commenter community are responsible too). Like some have said, all that’s left to say is ditto, and I can’t wait until I’m not in the library and can listen to the last bit of audio. I guess you could say I’m dragging it our for myself a little longer.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Whoa was just watching Charmed and Rachelle LeFevre (sp?) is on it as a nasty witch..just thought I’d share a random tidbit…. 🙂

    • TeamSeth

      I loved that show! I used to watch it with my mom and sister all the time! I never knew the opening song was the Smiths until college, and now whenever I hear it I think of Charmed! 🙂

  • TeamSeth

    Just got to this now after realizing my work lifted restrictions on videos/recordings so I can finally access them. No one warned me it was going to make me cry!

  • yertlesmom

    Congratulations to you guys for your amazing experience! You are so lucky and I know just what you mean–I read a ton and even The Hunger Games (which I really, really like) hasn’t ‘imprinted’ on me in the same way. I’ve also found friendships I didn’t expect through these books. It really is lightning in a bottle.

    THANKS UC and MOON! AND, of course, THANKS STEPHANIE!!!!!!!!

  • TeamSeth

    “UC: So what’s NEXT!? Do we turn LTT into a made-for-TV movie?”

    Um…this is a little first hand embarrassing, but I already have a screenplay started… Like actually there in my “writing” folder is a Final Draft file called “LTT”. Um… that’s normal, right?

    • WHAT!?

      • TeamSeth

        Yeah, the opening credits is a split screen of how you and Moon ‘refound’ each other on fb.

    • Midnight_Cyn

      Hey TS.. I think that is a great idea and your the PERFECT one to write it..

      • TeamSeth

        Thanks, Cyn. Also: what is your email you actually use now–the yahoo one? I keep emailing your gmail the same email I sent you like 2 months ago but you’re not getting it I guess. Stupid gmail! I should probably just write a new one since a lot has happened in 2 months lol

        • Midnight_Cyn

          TS, yes I just reset my yahoo email, could never get my Gmail one to not freeze up, I finally gave up..would love to hear from you! <3

    • Bea

      Hahahahahahaha. Giggling uncontrollably. Especially after UC’s response.

    • TeamSeth

      I am shamed.

      • frightenedflips

        Don’t be shamed! I would pay GOOD money to see that! My brain is actually now furiously plotting a way to make this happen………….

        • TeamSeth

          How good of money? 😉

          But if it’s made for tv, then I can just tape it onto a VHS tape and mail it to you. Sure it’ll take an extra 5-10 weeks to get there, but whatevs. Not our fault SAfrica postal people can be really really slow. The point is, you’ll have time to buy a VCR.

  • Oh! So, completely random, but has anyone seen the dog expert/wild dog trainer on Animal Planet who’s name is Alice Moon-Facinelli? Yeah, can’t even watch Animal Planet without thinking about Twilight.

  • jennred

    Well, I haven’t posted in like “forever”, but I just wanted to thank you. Please note, that was said with sarcasm. Now I have to get my lazy butt downstairs and take some Mortin because I have a headache from crying like the pansy I am! GREAT. JUST GREAT!

    But honestly, thank you. Not only do I look forward to your blog and everyone’s comments, but we’ve strengthened an existing friendship by becoming TWIHARDS together. There seems to be nothing more fun than talking about Twilight.

    And just in case Stephenie reads this particular post, I wanted to thank you. Not JUST for Twilight, but for so much more. I didn’t realize I was a writer until I sat down at my computer and started writing a story. Nothing that I will EVER try to have published, but it has been as wonderful an ESCAPE as reading itself. I never understood this before, but it is sooooo much FUN to lose yourself in another world. So thanks for all the inspiration. (I’m sure you’ve heard this all before, blah blah blah. lol)
    Thanks UC and Moon
    Thanks Stephenie

  • Luludee

    Wow, I can’t believe we’ve reached the end of the Stef interview already! There’s always next year before BD comes out!

    I wish I had something more profound to say about friendships and such, but I don’t. I’ll just say that this has been an awesome way to laugh and learn about other like-minded individuals around the world. Thanks Steph!! and UC and Moon!! and all LTT-ers!

  • an’yergroundedfertherestofyerlife

    I’m not afraid to say it (*hides behind nom de plume*)…

    It’s the sweet innocent sensuality of Twilight that got me hooked. Experiencing the thrill of new and forbidden love, even through Bella’s eyes, was something I hadn’t felt since deep kissing my first boyfriend in my parent’s basement back in high school. New Moon had the self-indulgent sadness of rejection and discovery of the fun best friend/guy pal. Eclipse had the delicious cocktail of devastating loss and utter devotion that is the dilemma of choosing between two epic loves (read: hot British god and scrumptious jail bait.)

    Who didn’t secretly love the turmoil and angsty emotions of real life moments we have all lived through in high school? If anything just to feel these emotions again reminds us how great it is to be human. And what better way to experience it than to re-live it, “break it down”, and laugh about it with a fine bunch of gals and a few unicorns.

    Thanks UC and Moon and LTTers! All hail Stephenie!

    Now please finish that piece of crap Midnight Sun. I need more 108 year old’s teenage angst!

  • J-9

    Oh you guys. I’m like all choked up and stuff. <3

  • Stella

    i totally feel depressed, like this is goodbye. wish i had gotten to know some of you lovlies! i felt so consumed for so long, i am really gonna miss this! someone mentioned that stephanie might feel inspired to finish midnight sun just to give uc and moon something more to blog about…i hope so!!!!!!!!!!! i almost hope more for the ltt/ltr blogging than the actual book. (does that help with the reverse psychology??) thanks again ladies oh, and unicorns!! uc and moon, i tip my hat!

  • Laura

    I think for me, these books made me feel normal, in a sense. Edward reminds me so much of how my husband is. Many wives complain about their husbands and I was never able to join in. If I were to tell my friends that my husband isn’t like that, or doesn’t do that, I am told that he isn’t telling me the truth, or he is gay, or something! My husband treats me like Edward treats Bella and it was nice to see that it exists out there, even if it is from a dream. The books made me appreciate my relationship even more and reminded me of the feelings when I first met my husband. On top of that, it really gave me an escape from being a mom of 4 kids all under 5. I also started reading other books which is also helpful!
    Coming here, was fun for me. I didn’t find this site until a couple of months ago, so I had a lot of fun going back and reading everything! Thanks for all the fun and looking forward to the future fun!

    • eatmyjorts

      Tell us more about your epic husband… Is his body temperature on the low side? Does he avoid sunlight? Are your kids maturing really fast?

      • frightenedflips

        Aahhahahahahhhaha!! hahahahahahhhahahh!!!!!!I am in fits of laughter!!!! Its comments/replies like this, EMJ, that make my life worth living. That’s going to keep a smile on my face for the next couple weeks at least.

  • chochang

    that part where u talk about not being able to distinguish between real life and online friends anymore. i can so relate to that. but more because of music.

    i have this pretentious playlist on my ipod called “indie music” but all of it really is are songs which, in one way or another, i can relate to twilight or rob or those britpack guys.. so, it’s like, when i listen to songs, i just think “does this remind me of twilight?” “oh wasn’t that song on the soundtrack or sounds like a song from the soundtrack” “hey this song would sound nice if bobby long sang it”..

    i’m like heck. can’t i love “indie” songs just because? and not because they remind me of this fandom?

    i’m not sure if i’m making sense. but anyways, thanks to UC and Moon (and Alex Patsavas!) for making my taste in music a litlle better (and by better i mean when people find out i listen to these songs, they think i’m some kind of smart and geeky music junkie when, in real life, i’m just some all too secretive twilight lover. the end.)

    • Bella_NaA

      Haha, I SO relate to this! Almost all the ‘good taste’ music on my iPod is somehow related to Twilight. Alice_NaA and I want to go to a Black Keys concert this fall, and our friends were all like… who? How come you know these guys?

  • j9necessary

    Here it is Saturday one full day after you posted this last update and I’m beginning to get this uneasy feeling kinda like Bella did when Edward took her into the forest to tell her she wasn’t good for him…

    OMG…what did I miss….you’re not “asking us to go for a walk” are you….it kinda sounds like it?? Or are you just getting sentimental…please tell me you are not leaving us all just hanging here? I know I haven’t been the best fan/follower/sista of LTR/LTT the past couple of weeks. I’ve been kinda busy with school starting back up…gotta have lesson plans/crafts/worksheets ready for my little kindergartners. Don’t make me beg…cause I will…just say the word…okay..okay I’m trying to not hyperventilate here..ohm..ohm

  • C4EverDazzled

    I just don’t know what it is about twilight, I got sucked in so much and have in return gotten multiple ppl sucked in with me. I love the books but I also love the “world” that was created with the books. I love this site where we can obsess and crack jokes as much as you want. This is where I come to get my twi-fix since family and friends already give me a hard time about twilight and I don’t feel like having to defend myself anymore, I’m free here 😀
    I was so excited when I read u were getting to interview Stephenie!
    Sometimes I think you just need to relish in something that you enjoy. Whether that be Twilight or Vampire Diaries or how I’m now hooked on the Hunger Games (I’m reading Catching Fire right now)
    So all that to say, Thanks for giving me and so many others an brief escape from reality to simply enjoy something.

  • I agree with EVERYTHING you ladies said, whole heartedly. I’ve been an avid reader all my life having read probably thousands of books, and yet NEVER have I been affected this way. The world Stephanie created is like my mental paradise. It made me think things and feel feelings I haven’t thought or felt in probably decades! If I ever met Stephenie I think the most heartfelt truth I would manage to blurt out would be THANK YOU!!

  • Bella_NaA

    OMG, I’m totally PMSing here and I’m going to cry… big time! I love you guys!
    *runs for box of tissues*

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Oh Lawd another day spent doing wedding stuff…then I dropped a whole box of glittered votives on the floor!! I now have a dog perfect for a role in BD..as he is all silvery glitter..Eddie’s best friend? A wedding present for Bella? Birthday present for Renwhatshernameanyway? and and it will cement (I spilled glue on him too) the new bond with Jacob???
    Evening everyone! xo

    • operarose

      vampire doggie!

      that would be an interesting battle… sparkly vampire dog vs. Jacob

  • linneaforever

    i’m really just commenting for the crap.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Happy Sunday all…its freezing here in ME..WTH..I want summer back!!! Plus I need to work on my tan for the wedding…
    So what’s everyone up to today??? I am working on wedding stuff (big surprise..will it ever be done?) Anyway, will be checking in to see what YOUR ALL doing today..


    • yertlesmom

      Hi Cyn,
      It was cold today in MA too–No tanning for you today. I worked on a paper most of the day for grad school on my screened porch and had to wear a fleece–quite a departure from th 90s this week! But I treated myself to seeing Eclipse again late this afternoon (who am I to miss Bella’s birthday!) with a Twilight buddy and now I get to watch season finale of True Blood tonight! What a way to end a weekend. It almost makes me feel ready to tackle another week.

      Did anyone else take the Eclipse plunge again? I know I am so lame and am only lining Summit’s pockets but Dec is a LOOOOOOOONG way off!!!!!!!!! I needed an Edward fix. 🙂

  • theseviolentdelights

    You guys are awesome…but I think everyone already knows that. 😉
    Thanks for creating this site and making me smile and laugh hysterically!

  • I feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing I’m not the only one that feels this way about the series. ~sigh~ You get me.

  • Carolyn

    I’m sad that I don’t get new quippy funness everyday, but I do believe I enjoy the posts that much more now!!! love it ladies!!

  • Krystle

    🙂 Today’s letter made me cry…yes, I have pms. But I think I would have cried on any given day. Totally agree – Twilight is a world – not just 4.5 books! I loved what Stephenie said about how writing Twilight let her be herself again. 🙂

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