Influencing Stephenie: Bella’s Wedding Dress

Dear Stephenie Meyer

Last night I got home from being away for over a week. I spent a lot of time in the hospital and funeral home and cars so you can imagine what I was there for and how out of the loop I am. I didn’t know exactly how out of the loop until I was talking to my roomie last night and she asked me if I heard about you, Stephenie Meyer and THE wedding dress. And I was like WHHHAAAAATT?? Clearly, I really was out of the Twilight loop because I had NO clue what she was talking about and that hasn’t happened since like 2008. So she filled me in and told me that you would be the one choosing the wedding dress Bella would wear in the movie. And I thought well, duh… you should be, I mean this is your story and your Bella and you’re a producer after all.

That got me thinking though, what will this dress look like? From the description in Breaking Dawn it seems like some sort of ruffled, high neck, Victorian affair and not so modern. BUUUTTT with this being the movie I don’t see some Laura Ingles Wilder style dress translating well on the screen so I was hoping we could come up with a few options AND that also got us to thinking that if you occasionally, at your own admission, stop by this fair blog we thought we might be able to throw in a few ideas here and there.

Of course this got us scheming thinking (it was a lot of thinking) even more that since you’re a producer and can throw in ideas why not play with their minds a bit and see who’s REALLY committed to your vision and characterizations in Twilight. We all know Bella is kinda dowdy and not very flashy and Edward is a conservative guy so they probably wouldn’t be down for dresses like this…

This number is totally reusable on the Isle Esme honeymoon! After all the Krisbians do love Kristens legs and this is perfect showcase for them. Totally Bella! Nothing says Bella Swan getting married like a white satin romper!

Tell everyone that Bella and Edward are a couple that are being featured on MTV’s teen mom and because Edward is such a stand up, traditional guy he wants to marry Bella before Renesemee pops out so this will be the dress she wears before they are forced into a life of mediocrity, drama and being on the same channel as those sluts from Jersey.

Ok, so maybe Bella and Edward believe that sex can wait till marriage so what about trying to convince Kristen that Bella would really wear this cause she’s a woman of the world, she’s from Phoenix.

Seriously, Stephenie please please please start pranking the cast by suggesting stuff like these slutty wedding dresses or maybe tell Rob you were a huge fan of the extensions Cathi Hardi had Edward in before they settled on the bouffant hairdo. Then see if the cast tries to stick up to you and defend their characters. If Kristen doesn’t insist on a floor length khaki wedding dress with a train and royal blue (something blue!) top than you need to regulate!

But in all seriousness if Bella’s dress doesn’t turn out something like InStyle’s Twilight wedding dresses, forinstance this Monique Lhullier dress than we’re over!

Ok… ok we won’t be over but ya know… just don’t do the satin romper.

So what other topics should we start “influencing” Stephenie on? What’s your idea for Bella’s wedding dress?

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  • The horror…the horror…

  • p.s. Sending hugs and virtual casserole from Maine, Moon.

    • Bea

      I’ve got virtual casserole delivery for tomorrow. Glad to have you back, Moon– you’re in fine form today! I want to know what your Google Image search terms were that netted this wondrousness, cause it sure wasn’t “Anne of Green Gables fantasy wedding dress”

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Virtual hotdish ( aka casserole) from Minnesota too.

      So sorry to hear that Moon. πŸ™


    • operarose

      It seems like you have plenty of casseroles so I’ll throw in a virtual pan of Rice Krisbian Treats.

      Seriously though, hugs and welcome back.

      • I’m not a cassorole person either. However, I’ve been told that the muffins I make are good enough to open up my own muffin shop.
        Have some virtual pumpkin dark chocolate chip muffins. I’m sorry for the week you’ve had. We’re all here for you!

      • Goodgirl goneplaid

        Lolz Operarose…Imma need that recipe again. And is it best served with lashings of Koolaid? πŸ™‚

    • Stacey

      Sending you virtual hugs, Moon! I really don’t want to subject you to my virtual cooking, because I am sure it’s not much better than my real kind. :0)

      • TeamJacobEdward

        Ha! πŸ™‚ Poor SGjr. πŸ˜‰

        I’ll send a virtual Chocolate Chip Torte along with my hotdish to Moon for you. It its ah-mazing, rich and completely indulgent. Exactly what Moon could probably use about now… I only wish I could actually send it to her. Crap, now I’m craving it. Guess I know what I’m making tonight after taking the kids trick-or-treating.

    • TeamSeth

      Loquat pie coming your way, Moon! *hugs*

    • Sending virtual hugs and mushroom ravioli.

      • TeamSeth

        Girl, you gettin’ a coke!

    • man, virtual casseroles, loquat pies, krisbian treats!!! im all set and the best part of virtual food? NO calories!!!

      you guys are awesome. thank you!

  • my eyes!!!! oh, my eeeeyyyyyeeees!!!!!

    I’m just glad Bella’s wedding dress wasn’t described as “ankle-length” khaki. With matching tan sweaters for the ceremony… *shudder*

    p.s. – I <3 you.

    • I’m going to have to assume that the thumbs down here was because somebody still really loves their mid-90s ankle-length khaki skirt…Stephenie? Is that you?

    • it was me FOR stephenie… i really loved my ankle length khaki skirt i wore in the youth church choir….. memories…. who wouldnt want to get married in that??

  • OH EM GEE! I’m soo sad that those were REAL! :O

    • Oh, and I was speaking of the dresses and not the boobs! :O

  • TeamJacobEdward

    Oh the things people wear!! It never fails to surprise me the things that exist. Wow… Idiocracy it’s happening people.

    I love that Monique Lhullier gown drawing. I think that was my favorite out of the InStyle gown designs. It seemed close to Stephenie’s description and looked like it would be very elegant.

    • TeamJacobEdward

      Boo TJE! Down thumbs to me.

      (What did I say??)

  • After watching that show on TLC where they have four brides rate eachothers weddings I’ve been kinda dreading the wedding in BD. There are some pretty terrible ones out there for the under 20 and getting married group.

    Ex: The bride and bridesmaids all wearing bright red hightop sneakers under their gowns (bridesmaid gowns must be black and knee length).
    Bride and groom too young for alcohol, so they toast with champagne flutes of milk – to go with cookies of course!
    And don’t forget the groomsmens battle to the “death” on the dance floor with lightsabres!

    I’m sorry, but if your wedding sounds like this, I just gotta say that you’re too young to get married. Please, oh please have the BD wedding at least follow the one in the book!

    • Bella-Dawn

      I saw that episode! I think it was twi-themed! They had the New Moon flower in the background. I was so hurt because that show was here in Texas, and trust me our weddings are not like that!

  • toooldforthis

    I actually googled “Victorian style wedding dresses” not too long ago (because that’s normal) just to get an idea of what the style might be. (I was bored – don’t judge)

    It was kind of depressing because they were all so dowdy. And I really think that’s what we’ll get. They pretty much all looked like drapes or sheets.

    I don’t have much hope considereing the awful blue prom dress from TW and the Mr. T style engagement ring we were subjected to.

    • Late convert

      I never did understand why she was wearing leggings under her prom dress. Or who ever suggested the cardigan was a good idea….

      • TeamSeth

        Commentary + twi-geek moment: Kristen didn’t want to wear the cardigan at all, but they made her because it was nearly freezing outside whenthey shot it. Also, where it was shot (View Point Inn) is up on top of the Columbia River Gorge and rather windy at times in addition to the super coldness (um, yeah, I’ve been there, so no, toooldforthis, I would never judge you. Hey, it’s like 20 miles from my house, okay!)

      • Esteez

        Do NOT get me started on the prom dress in Twilight. Did they shop at a thrift store?

        • toooldforthis

          And to add insult to injury, she tried to pass that pathetic dress off as something Alice gave her. As if!

          Alice wouldn’t be caught dead in that dress……oh wait……

    • Bea

      History geek/Twinerd alert: the dress is described as appropriate to 1908 (with some Alice updates, natch)… 1908 is technically in the Edwardian, not Victorian era. Yup, Edwardian. Hehehe. Anyway. Google Edwardian wedding dresses and you’ll feel a little happier. Things got much less dowdy with a man on the throne than they had been with a roundish, moralistic widow.

      • Lime

        From one Twi/History nerd to another….thank you. I was thinking the exact same thing. Just normally keep my comments to myself.

        • The Old One

          Don’t keep your comments to yourself! There’s always another nerd, another historical accuracy stickler that will appreciate you here, even if (I) don’t always reply!

          • LatersBaby

            Another nerd standing up to be counted. Oh, and the men’s Edwardian formal wear is beautiful.

          • Bea

            Re: Edwardian menswear– gorgeous at least possibly due to King Edward’s love of fashion (Oh, and women. Lots of them.) Interesting factoid: we have King Edward to thank for popularizing tweed. And where would all of us here be without tweed?

          • TeamSeth

            We’d all be frivolous, silly twits with no sense of serious at all.

      • Luludee

        Crap, I just replied and it has been lost to cyberspace! Or maybe in moderation for some strange reason? If this one works, I will try to post again.

        • Luludee

          Well poo, my second attempt failed as well. They must be in moderation because of three links, perhaps.

      • Bea

        Wait… how did I get 1908? As I look at this again I’m thinking the book says 1917, which is the logical fit for Edward. This is what happens when you can’t check your smarty-pants comments against the book before you make them. And why can’t I? Because my unicorn has the book in his shiny corporate lawyer office and keeps “forgetting” to bring it home.

    • “Mr. T style engagement ring” HAHAHAAH that made me laugh!!

      also…. ok you nerds… edwardian…

  • chochang

    I read the title of this post and immediately thought ‘Monique Lhuillier’. Moon, thanks for reading my mind! An Asian designer. I approve. πŸ™‚

  • Rachel B

    OMG. I almost feel uncomfortable looking at this at work! Almost.

    Personally, I think they should go with the one that has a hole in the belly. You know, for the forshadowing effect of it.

  • Ms. J

    Sorry Moon, hope you are OK (hugs).
    When this first popped up on my computer I just scrolled down before reading & just about shot coffee out my nose. Oh, what goes on in some peoples heads? Thanks for the Friday AM laughs.

  • operarose

    Hah…I am sad to report I have seen a couple of those photos already. I can’t remember why, but probably because when I was getting married this past summer I kept Googling things having to do with “horrifying weddings” so I would feel like mine would be ok and was going to turn out fine. (I’m sure it had nothing to do with Googling “What to wear on your wedding night” I would never wonder that, I’m a worldly lady like Bella and had that all under control… and by under control, I mean a voodoo lady from a ghetto neighbourhood in my city helped me pick out the ugliest nightgown I’ve ever seen, looks like something out of Rocky Horror, which I bought because I just wanted to get out of the store and away from the woman, but I digress.)

    Anyways, my point is, Stephenie should totally visit Ms. Lhullier. That dress was definitely one of my favourites out of the InStyle collection and is exactly the kind of breathtaking dress I imagined Bella would have worn. (But with that said, pretty much any of the InStyle dresses were really nice… so I’m hoping and praying etc. that those are the direction she goes in!)

    Have fun Stephenie! (and Kristen trying them all on, I bet the tabloids will enjoy that… the headlines will basically write themselves, “Kristen Picks Out Dress for Wedding to Robert!” “Kristen Secretly Shops for Wedding Dresses!”)

    • TeamSeth

      “but probably because when I was getting married this past summer” I thought it was you! We need to chat and you can help my sanity on wedding-ness (though, no cool name is really rad at that! She’s such an enabler– Enabler on a budget! My kind of gal) Anyway… Give me a holler, Canada!

      On topic (slightly): is anyone from Quebec? Trying to effort a Quebec honeymoon, and hoping to polish off a little french and some Quebec slang beforehand! All help welcome. I’ll need all the bon chance I can get!

      • operarose

        Uh, darling, I’m from Quebec.

        OK technically I’m from Michigan but have lived in QC for 9 years…
        I will email you! But warning…I am several weeks behind on my emails (as sadly NCN knows…) πŸ™

        • Love you anyway, operarose – no worries!


  • Nelle

    OMG Moon. I don’t have time to read the whole post yet but I too am fretting over the wedding gown since I think their clothing choices so far have been so bad! Bella as newborn dress in New Moon. Yuck! The Monique L. gown is the one I sent months ago to all my Twi-friends. Such a perfect blend of old and new.

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Moon, so sorry for the week you have had πŸ™ Hugs and prayers your way (you wouldn’t want a casserole from me, trust! But I would bake you a comfort cake perhaps rum?)
    As for Bella’s wedding dress, two words: VERA WANG! She can design something appropriate for the time, flattering and screen worthy!
    Again, Moon huge hugs!
    Happy Friday everyone! πŸ™‚

  • Stacey

    I am just going to have some faith about the dress…considering that I wasn’t a huge fan of that ring, this is pretty big of me. But one has to keep thinking positively.

    • Bea

      A little faith… plus the LTT prayer chain πŸ™‚

    • TeamSeth

      They nailed the tent scene, right? Plus, it’s Condon– he rocks the era-appropriate dress, no? I have faith. And like everyone in wedding world says to me, “It’s just for one day.” unlike that ring — which is forever (literally!)

      • Sj

        Yes, it’s time to start focusing the pressure/expectations on the Condon. We already know what to expect from everyone else.

  • soldiersarah

    i didnt see the instyle dresses :(, not sure if that was a uk thing or not.
    i have a little faith in stephenie(that sounds worse than i mean!).
    yes some of the outfits have been hideous, but those styles had no input from stephenie. were as kristen has said the final yes is going to be up to stephenie.
    (wow,iv said stephenie too much so im going to end)
    *hugs for moon*

    • LatersBaby

      Here you go! There are ten in all:,,20241149_20299475_20661914,00.html

      • TeamSeth

        Thanks! I love the Rose one! And I love that the Header says SPOILERS really big and boldly… they know what’s up!

      • Esteez

        1. Lela Rose
        2. Max Azria

      • eclipse22

        i love the lela rose one, but the lhuillier is a close second !!
        choosing a wedding dress is hell…but when u find the one, aww its like meeting mr right and knowing he’ll be your last first kiss!

    • soldiersarah

      oh my god, thank you!!
      yeah, monique lhuillier is very beautiful, i also liked prabal gurung, lela rose and badgley mischka! there all different but gorgeous, which only shows you how hard this is going to be for them to choose!!

  • Goodgirl goneplaid

    Oh my. Instyle did a peice on Twilight wedding dresses??
    Indeed, I thought a white satin romper would ace any other option, matches a sleeveless white button down PERFECTLY.
    Fine post Moon- hugs and virtual Peanut & white Choc Blondies (my speciality) from Londinium.xo

  • Rachel B

    Happy Halloween! hehehe

  • eatmyjorts

    Moon, so sorry for your week…Love from England, & big big hugs. I feel your pain.

    I’m glad Stephenie has input on stuff like this, no matter how we make fun of some things, with love, the films would have been horrible without her oversight, lots of the distinctives gone & just a gore/sex/fashion fest. You can get that anywhere. They’ll probably remake them that way one day, or something similar. Or just film some fanfic.

    Pick a beauty Stephenie! Something really characterful that has no hint of Miss Haversham…
    I didn’t have a wedding dress btw, but wore black & white with a pink hat, means I have no photos like the ones above. I winced so hard I almost put my neck out.

    Extra love to you Moon. I saw your Africa film & loved it XXXXX
    P.S. I had a secret source. You know her well.

  • Stella

    My forced-to-read-Twilight, good friend called me last night to exclaim, “They get married and have a vampire baby??? That is so Jersey Shore!” Needless to say she was not into the ending and I am sure would vote for the dress with the hole in the middle… I am still embarassed about the end of the book. It just makes it so hard to justify the GOODNESS of Twilight to anyone who has heard the end, but hasn’t read it!! (Because you know I am out there promoting it to every passer by as the book of the century!!) And by the way has there ever been a post about Alice’s so called fashion sence?? I mean which producer approved the outfit Alice wore in Italy in New Moon? I mean what was that head scarf and weird grey over coat?

    • Esteez

      I couln’t agree more on the Alice outfit. What the hale!

  • Tiffany

    I do love Monique Lhullier’s stuff, but I have to say the french designer Delphine Manivet is my all time favorite. No one does old fashion hipper than her!
    Ironically I hope it doesn’t look like I imagined it because what I imagined was AWFUL! I dont know if thats because
    a. it was described awful
    b. what stephanie thought up WAS awful
    c. I have an awful imagination.
    either way. I hope the dress is beautiful and believable for a 19 year old year to be wearing to wed her 110 yr old vampire boyfriend in, because honestly what are we concerned with, if the realistic foundation of this story is shaken? come on ladies!

  • Melissa Twilightlover

    Let’s have a little faith in Stephanie…although I wonder if Bella will be more modest than any if the InStyle pics show. But really, I for one wil be hard pressed to tear my eyes from Edward in a tux/dark suit!!!!! Cmon people Bella could be in a paper sack…I’m really in all this for Edward!!!!

    • TeamSeth

      Sigh. I’ll just have to be patient until the Volturi scenes… Cuddley, Bewley, and Sheen — oh my πŸ˜€

    • Bea

      Is Edward in a gray morning suit in the book, or is that just how I imagined it? Sigh… I love morning suits.

    • thank you melissa for bringing it back to what really matters EDWARD(rob) in a tux!!!!!! hallelujah!!! bella, who?

  • Edible Art ?

    Vera Wang or nothing dahlings !

  • Midnight_Cyn

    Totally off topic, but is it ME or are there more & more Twilight references & LTT keywords showing up on TV?
    Just now I came in and the station I had been watching was now showing some Soap Opera and the girl was talking about the costume she had picked up for her BF and he says “I’m the vampire right with the glittery skin, the eyes and the brooding demeanor?” She says No & pulls out a Werewolf costume! This morning someone on something said WORD like we do here, I know that there have been others too I just can’t remember them all..either I am crazier than I even realized or I am just not normal and see/hear Twilight in EVERYTHING!

    • P.S.

      I don’t know, but a couple of days ago on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, one of the topics was ‘Big in Japan’. I got really excited until the question came up and it was just something about pop culture in Japan.

    • Bella-Dawn

      I do see twilight everywhere!!!

  • TeamSeth

    With my wedding coming up soon (er, well, a year), I’m SO glad I now have the idea for this romper ‘dress’! It’s phenomenal. I will just need to buy sticky tape and breast implants before then…

  • i really think the wedding dress/lingerie is brilliant – wedding day is a very busy time and who has time to change? and i must mention you were very thoughtful to remember the Krisbians (so glad you added that!)

    • we love and accept the krisbians just the way the are. nohate

      • niyah

        twilight has put me in the state of mind that there are a lot of things in the great open world and all i can say is that i am a fan of the twilight zone but i am a type of cast always ready for a part 3 or a part 4 to be released so with all thats been written keep up the excellent work.

  • kandnandb

    Pleeeeeeease someone tell me that dress #3 DOES NOT exist, that in fact it’s a scary manip. ‘Cause like her future father-in-law can see pretty much all of her boobies and that’s just WRONG.

    On the other hand…..she had a pretty big place to stash her bouquet while shaking hands, eating & dancing.

  • I tweeted this one the other day:
    It’s going to be something like this: You know, so she’s not outshined by Edward’s sparkle

    • TeamSeth

      It is a night wedding– at least they won’t lose her in the dark! You know how Bella wanders off.

    • Esteez

      Brilliant! hahahahaha!

    • P.S.

      Bella, girl on fire. Oops, wrong book!

    • Unashamed Twi-wife

      GAH! SWD, you made me physically *twitch*.

  • LatersBaby

    I went looking for an Ann of Green Gables wedding dress and this is what I got:

    Yes, it is a dress for a paper doll.

    I then had this vision of screaming fans at the premier in WEDDING DRESSES (a la the Breaking Dawn book release).

    Oh, let the crazy begin! I love it.

    • Bea

      Oooh, now I have something to look forward to! Fans in wedding dresses would make my week.

      • LatersBaby


  • OMG! that’s so funny! i wanna see Kstew with the first dress!!!
    hahahha LMAO!

    hahahhaa, i dont know what would do Stephenie, without you girls

  • Sj

    Moon is back! It looks like your freezer’s going to be pretty well stocked with casserole so am sending virtual chocolate (calorie free!).

  • Sj

    Relax everyone, Alice is in charge of the wedding remember! What I want to know is how Jacob is going to look after months of being all feral and emo in the wilderness. Still don’t have books back from BFF but am pretty sure he didn’t turn up in Jorts.

  • GeminiGypsy

    there better not being any of those horrible, disgusting wedding dresses in twilight! I don’t think a dowdy dress would be bad- they could just add some darts in artful places to tighten the dress, and lace can be really beautiful!

  • On ocassion your writing brilliance makes me stop hating you for a moment….then well, you know…

    Dear SMeyer:

    Something funny #Moon or #UC writes about the dress worn on the 1st hunt.


    PS do you know Brody Jenner?

    • i gave you a thumbs up cause you like thumbs down.


  • FacePunch

    Bella in a dress made of nothing but feathers or GTFO

    • TeamJacobEdward

      And a few sprays of down nestled into her hair for accent… foreshadowing. I love it. It’ll force images of fiercely bitten pillows in the heat of passion to dance across the back of my eyelids during the entire wedding scene, leaving me in gross anticipation for Isle Esme…. Mmmmm happy thoughts.

      As always Sir FacePunch, fantabulous ideas.

  • eclipse22

    i have this idea she should wear something looking like what grace kelly wore when she got married to prince of monaco

    • eatmyjorts

      Oh, so beautiful.

  • MidnightCougar

    Moon, I send sincere thoughts & prayers, from Canada, for you & your family. *Hugs*

    As for Bella’s dress, since Stephanie, herself, is in charge of the choosing it, I have full faith that it will be perfect – accurate to the book descriptions & true to her original 1918 “Anne of Green Gables” visions.

  • Midnight_Cyn


    • MidnightCougar

      Same to you beautiful lady! Some of the kids were SO cute. My neighbor’s little guy is 4 yrs old & was dressed like Harry Potter. He was adorable.

  • Yep – ’tis the season to force feed my kids broccoli, sweet potatoes and whole-grain pasta before we go out and consume pounds of ultra-refined sugar and fat.

    • Midnight_Cyn

      Hope you have lots of fun! (Too bad its so darn COLD) Did you see the HUGE snowflakes this morning…brrrr! Just curious, any Twilight themed costumes? tee hee…will keep my eyes peeled… P)

      • No Twilight-themed costumes yet…watch out, though, Cyn – my husband is still out with the kids and you may get a knock on your door. πŸ™‚ Let me know if you see a ballerina, a dragon and a two-year-old boy who wouldn’t wear a costume (he’s in a Halloween shirt – I said good enough).

    • TeamSeth

      yummo! I had to feed myself all that before going out consume hordes of alcohol…. still a little hungover :'(

      • Midnight_Cyn

        TS, sounds like you had fun…Lordy I miss those good ole days!! πŸ™‚

      • MidnightCougar

        Did you get the link I posted for you, in the last LTT? It is a bigger version of my avi! *sigh*

        • TeamSeth

          I did! i dunno, I think I like the little one better. Is that weird?

          • MidnightCougar

            Well, considering your swinging for the “other” team, not really wierd! lol xo



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