It’s the small things – scenes in Twilight

(our lil UC is sicko so bear with me while I double post in her absence)

Dear Twilight movie franchise (yes, all of you),

The other night at the Iron & Wine concert I had a moment. I won’t even say I was a fan long before the song was in Twi but WHATEVER, I HAD A MOMENT. Sam Beam sang “Flightless Bird” mostly a capella as his encore and I’d be lying if I wasn’t mentally whisked away to that gazebo at the prom with Bella and Edward dancing under the twinkling lights. Of all the song and scene pairing I think that is by far the one I link together the most and really just one of my favorite scenes. And (of course) that got me to thinking what about my other favorite scenes. What will I smile and think about long after all the movies have been released and we’ve been put out to the blogging pasture?

I kinda think it’s gonna be more about the little moments to me… Bella’s feet on Edward’s feet in the prom scene or maybe…

After being confronted by a curious Bella about his eye color and wondering whether he got contacts, Edward awkardly mumbles and turns around to leave down the hallway. Way to totally draw attention to it dude! But then we wouldn’t have the arms holding the jacket or the BACK in that tshirt. Yes, this is a great moment.

Not in the book but definitely one of my faves little moments in Eclipse features Edward bro-ing up with Jacob after the kiss and Papa Swan having to step in.

From UC’s sick bed she tells me that this is one of her faves…

Jacob and Bella’s “it’s not a lifestyle choice” walk on First Beach at La Push. Jacob (Taylor) looks about 20 years older thus making us not feel so bad for crushing him as much as we do.

There are about a billion little moments in the Twilight movies that make me smile, make me laugh and make me sigh. Can’t it just be November already and the wait will be over so we can begin finding our new favorite little moments in Breaking Dawn? Ugh, the unfairness of it all.

Ohhh and before we go I have one more favorite little moment…… follow the cut

HAHA just kidding!!!


What’s your favorite little moment in one (or all) of the Twilight films? Oh and give UC your well wishes!


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  • Anonymous

    UC, please get better soon! We need you!

  • Reeceev13

    To natteringyeahrobber
    For some resson this site won’t let me respond shrug…
    Sparky got a kick out of a Vampire having a big box of Kleenex and a fashion mag !! Neither one of us had seen it on the big screen before. You blink and you miss it. I don’t see OCDward being too crazy about his perfect walls marred with tape either. Maybe it’s bits of the script or reminders for KStew not to blink so much. Props people ROCK !

    • natteringyeahrobber

      Well, there’s not much for KS to remember in that scene (“so no bed”, debussy’s rad, no dancy dance for me, “not scared”), but you could be right about bella’s script on the walls. Vogue and Kleenex on the loungy-bed-whatever it is. That’s a stroke of genius (only thing better would be vogue, kleenex, and lubriderm).

    • natteringyeahrobber

      Ok, so just watched the bedroom scene with a VERY reluctant friend. She feel asleep before the bedroom scene. God, why can’t everyone be like LTT people. I did not see the Kleenex and Vogue on the non-bed (crappy small screen resolution), but I did notice that Edward’s room is more cluttered than I remembered. So I guess it would naturally follow that he has shit taped over his windows and walls. Maybe he has cat films in the IRS file folders on his computer (if he’s even bothered with creating folders). Maybe he has jazz in the late 90’s electronica section. Maybe he has a trunk full of deer pelts in his car. I don’t know him anymore. Severe misjudgment. What a slob. Actually, I sort of love him more now.

  • Reeceev13

    Baseball all of it !! Edward flipping off Em after they hit the ground!
    Another you weren’t supposed to notice that moment.

    • Team Seth

      Er, what?! That really happens?!

      • sweetinator88

        it does!
        haha i just youtubed it
        they land, he flips him off, and then Emmett shoves him hahah

  • Swissmiss

    Are you kidding? I watched the first kiss scene in Twilight about 847 times. It takes 25 seconds from “I just want to try one thing…” to the kiss. (Yes, I timed it). The anticipation gets me everytime!

    • natteringyeahrobber

      That kiss scene is as hot as they come. PG-13 ratings do wonders for kiss scenes, I’m not kidding. I remember reading a Youtube comment stating that if you look/listen closely, Bella lustily breathes out the word “fuck” as Edward is kissing her. And now that’s the moment I always wait for.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the interesting thing about thinking about my favorite moments is this: A lot of them are of Edward in Twilight. Twilight being, ostensibly, my least favorite movie and me not really being Team Edward. But…when Bella first sees Edward come into the lunchroom, when they have those few seconds staring into each other’s eyes after the van crash, the scene at the restaurant, the hot make out session in Bella’s bedroom, the prom scene. The truth is those are all really beautiful, believable moments that make me feel a bit like jello. Shit, maybe Cougar Cathy DID get some stuff right.

    And of course I LOVE “Beller is a live and well” and Aro’s psychotic laughter at Jane’s inability to hurt Bella. But that goes without saying.

    • Team Seth

      Cougwicke’s down with the kids. I always liked how she’d have people talking and fussing over Bella, then Bella would see Edward and the sound all faded. Like the Yorkie scene where he’s asking for her playlist for the prom and then she’s just like um, yeah, whatever. Or when Mike asks her to prom and she’s just staring at Edward (and glad she’s not male so she doesn’t have to hide her sudden lady boner). I just loved that aspect. Sigh.

  • Anonymous

    One little bit of dialog I liked in Eclipse was when Jacob asks Edward, while they were conversing in the tent, if he would kill him if Bella chose him. He says “That’s an intriguing idea, but no”. I just like how Rob delivered that line.

  • TwilightedForever

    UC, Taylor just called. Said he’s sending over some special soup from the Olive Garden, just for YOU. Isn’t he the sweetest?? Also, he said something about wanting his underwear back soon. LOL!!!!

  • KL☼ W4E♥Ami♣BD1♂BD2♀Cptvs↑

    My fave moments:

    1. The restaurant conversation – “I can’t stay away from you anymore…” *sigh* “Then don’t…”
    2. When Edward tells Bella, “You can Google it…” lol
    3. When Kristen says, “You don’t sleep?” and the way Rob says, “No, not at all…” [it’s sooooo cute!]
    4. The sexy way Rob kisses Bella’s neck on the dancefloor…yowza!

    …and I’m sure there are about 40 more…♥

  • gizmo

    Oh.. little things.. yes. Most of my fave scenes are from Twilight. It remains my favorite, feels like the other two are completely unrelated sometimes.

    The one where they ride together to school for the first time, hands down. That’s also my favorite Edward look.

    The baseball scene, of course. I play that shizz back over and over again.

    In NM it’s probably the Bella/Jacob breakup in the rain. And the last scene, the three of them in the woods (minus the proposal).

    I actually can’t find one in Eclipse. I hated Edward’s hair there. And the sideburns. It was very distracting. I love the ravine chase scene though.

    • JustGoWithIt

      Not even the Leg Hitch? I didn’t notice his sideburns didn’t distract me at all in that scene.

      • JustGoWithIt

        Sorry, interrupted sentence.

      • gizmo

        You know, the whole Leg Hitch thing kind of disappointed me. I can’t figure out why. I know that I kept thinking how I hated her plaid shirt for that scene, the colors were distracting and that whole dialogue about virtues and marriage was a major eye roll moment for me. It took the sexy out of it. I was eye rolling to that in the books, too. But that’s just me. I’m cynical like that. That’s probably why I can’t stand BD.

        • JustGoWithIt

          I have an eye roll moment every time souls and virtue (because the virtue is also about the soul in the end, right?) gets brought up. I think that the Sia song makes that scene. Plus actually seeing them full body making out, for more than 1 second. It could have been dragged on more, maybe with less plaid 🙂
          Funny, throughout the movies the thing that bothers me the most wardrobe wise is Bella’s very modern looking (very KStew looking) skinny jeans. Do you know any extremely unfashionable teenagers that wear those? Maybe they do and I’m just out of touch with unfashionable teenagers.

          • gizmo

            I know what you mean about Bella’s wardrobe. I think it was right in Twilight and New Moon. It was just plain t-shirts and regular jeans (more so in NM), with occasional skinny jean. But yeah, in Eclipse it was all skinny jeans and plaid.. very un-Bella.. Except the graduation party shirt.. I would definitely call that unfashionable and worthy of a major Alice eye roll. That shirt plus that wig.. ugh

  • Team Seth

    Okay, I gotta say it. I don’t really understand what’s so hot/great/sexy about the baseball scene. I always thought it was kind of weird…

    • JustGoWithIt

      I am with you. Baseball does nothing for me, even with Cullens playing.

    • sweetinator88

      I don’t like baseball at all, but I really like the way Jasper looks in that scene. Maybe it’s because I like those baseball jersey tee things like the one he’s wearing…
      or maybe he just looks super cute..?

      • & plus the way Jasper was handling that bat. XD♥

        • sweetinator88

          hahah yesss exactlyy

          btw love your naaame!

    • gizmo

      I think it has to do with Cullens demonstrating their supernatural aspect in a playful manner relatable to humans. It’s the cool factor, I guess. Who wants to see human baseball after seeing that? Boring. And they’re sexy in showing off their physical superiority. To an awesome soundtrack no less.

      • sweetinator88

        that was… a great explanation!

        • TeamSeth

          I might even call it #normal 😉

      • TeamSeth

        Yeah, I don’t really want to see human baseball…ever. So, maybe that’s the issue. I don’t know. The weirdest thing I think is that in HS the pitcher for our softball team was Ashley Greene. That’s freaky, right?

        • gizmo

          The real Ashley Greene? Or a girl with the same name? Either way, totally freaky.
          I’m not much of a baseball fan myself, I’m European after all. I don’t even know the rules. But still that scene did something for me. I guess I generally like action sequences.

          • TeamSeth

            Same name, not same girl. Though they did both go to Univ. of Florida, which makes it creepier. But, I remember in the Twi commentary or making-of it comments how everyone had to learn how to play, esp. Ashley learning to pitch. All though…my Ashley pitched fast pitch softball, which is a very dif. style than proper baseball (and even more dif. than whatever she was doing in the film).

            Yeah, I much prefer soccer/football to all other sports. Big English Premiere League fan 🙂 And I like FC Barca…but that’s more to do with loving the Spanish team and how awesome Iniesta and Xavi are. (and Villa, sure sure) Anyway… enough about that.

    • ladyofthemeadow

      I don’t like baseball at all, either. But I love Emmett’s testosterone, Muse’s Supermassive Black Hole, and the fact that Bella is becoming part of the Cullen family.

  • cosi bella

    1. forest scene where Edward straddles his arms either side of Bella.
    2. Where Jacob says “I can sense how I make you feel physically”

    1. Where Bella says to Jacob ‘we don’t have to keep doing this to each other and jacob says “Yes we do” *sigh*
    2. The look on Edward’s face when Jacob first gets into the sleeping bag with Bella to keep her warm My heart just aches for him that he can’t do that for Bella! Poor Edward he never asked to be a vampire! *sniff*

    1. Rain scene where Jacob says – “I’m not………….good!” huh?
    2. Jacob again where he says “things are going to get very ugly” the overworn clicheyness of it? – I dunno I just HATE that line.

    1. Wondering if all taylors shoes are ‘built up’ wondering if they do built up sneakers (do they?) wondering if that’s why taylor walks in such a klutzy awkward cross-over-leg bobbly way. i dunno is he trying to convey ‘swagger’? Whatever it’s perplexing and distracting.

    2. Taylor again, wondering which scenes they’ve cgi enhanced his height (rain scene and outside the school with bike FOR SURE ) and wanting to see the pre cgi taylor jumping off the log looking like a tiny leprachaun.

    3. The ‘too white’ face make-up

    4. Bella’s god awful wooly hat in Eclipse (even beats ‘Frankenjacket’ for ugliness) – wondering why do I hate this hat? why should I care – what is WRONG with me – haha!

    • TeamSeth

      I’m so glad you mentioned this scene:
      1. Where Bella says to Jacob ‘we don’t have to keep doing this to each other and jacob says “Yes we do” *sigh*

      Because forever and ever I’ve wondered what exactly they’re talking about there. They don’t have to keep doing what to each other?

      • Fanjacob7

        …keep torturing each other …don’t have to keep it going when they both know deep down there’s little hope. but when Jacob says ‘yes we do’ coz he knows they’re BOTH crazy for each other… he’s just waitin and waitin for her to realize it..

        That’s what I thought it meant. 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Yes I think that’s what it means! I am glad you mentioned it because it’s another scene I really love.

        • Team Seth

          Okay! Makes sense. I thought it meant they don’t have to keep hurting one another… but I didn’t understand what they meant.

    • Anonymous

      Tiny Leprechaun! How could they edit that out then go and leave “things are going to get very ugly” in?? Esp when the line he says just before it was so cool (so cool in fact I can’t remember it). Was the editing team distracted by an Olive Garden special delivery? Did AnnaLyn drop by with a bunch of bananas?

  • Stella

    my favorite little moment: the first time he drives her to school in his volvo and he walks her through the parking lot while everyone watches. ohhhh that cute little smile, his collar up, those ray bans, his arm around bella all proud, his smug comment back at his siblings in the car behind them and that mute math song………yum!

    • natteringyeahrobber

      i know, I know…that victorious feeling of “well, i done did well after all”- after decades of torturous longing for the elusive right one. no more lonely walks from car to locker, no more pretending that “family is quite enough thank you.” it’s his moment.

  • Anonymous

    Aww, so much Twi love this weekend.

    Fav. ‘mini-scene’ from all 3 movies – the shot of Sam diving off the cliff. His face is so focused and calm. And the camera angle makes me feel upsidedown. It is awesome.

  • efam

    Well, NOW you did it. I have to go watch Twilight. You made me miss it!!

  • Taylor Rose Britt

    i love all those moments. Edward’s awkward moment in the hall makes him seem so much more human. 

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