Shocker! It’s a Saturday Post: Red Riding Hood Contest

Dear Catherine Hardwicke,

We’re hard on you sometimes- what with all your constant talk of Robsten & crazzzzzyyyyyy hair & outfits, but I gotta admit. I kinda want to see “Red Riding Hood.”

But that’s not even the shocker, Mr. Choice, my darling indie-film loving, Twilight-hating (yet Catherine respecting) husband asked me last night if the movie was out yet, because even HE wants to see it. Um, what is happening!?

Anyway, we get notifications about contests & such ALL the time and generally ignore them because they are lame. But this one is pretty awesome. This website I JUST learned about, Plum Willow, where you create outfits based on stuff you find on the site, is doing a simple contest where you create an outfit around the red cape from the movie & win a pretty decent prize pack from the film. It’s PERFECT if you, like me, are intrigued by this movie (Is it because the guy looks really hot??) or if you don’t care, pass it on to someone else. I know you know someone who is interested. It’s The Little Red Riding Hood. And WOLVES (NOT Bears) plus a HOT GUY.

Check out the Contest!

Happy Weekending!

UC & Moon

PS: Mr. Choice just walked in & asked what I was doing. I confessed I mentioned him in today’s letter. He clarified why he “wanted” to see the movie. He said he just likes to go to movies & he knows that’s something we could both agree on. Since obviously I’d want to see it since it has something sort-of to do with Twilight. I also think he has a secret crush on Amanda Seyfried. Or maybe the Wolf. He is Team Jacob!

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  • Anonymous

    I’m torn between wanting to see Billy Burke and Gary Oldman hawtness but will be scared by werewolf. Yes I am a pathetic scary movie wimp. I don’t even like to think about Gary Oldman for long. Maybe that’s why I like Twilight because despite all the vampires and wolves it is completely devoid of any scariness.

    Hawtness + tension – scariness = good.

    • TeamSeth

      I’m totally going and you know how me and scary movies do NOT get along. Besides, isn’t her gma the wolf anyway? Who’s afraid of the big bad Renee? (yeah, Renee is a GRANDMOTHER in BD! I just realized that. Talk about being down with the kids…)

      Gary Oldman can be scary, I completely concur with that. But Billy Burke in old timey garb? Sign.Me.Up.

  • Anonymous

    Contest limited to US & Canadian residents only!! Well that sucks.

    • Bubs

      Know how you feel Sj !!!! Although I did enter the “get to meet Step. Myers you/tube comp” [although as I haven’t received my “congratulatory” email-I guess I didn’t win-and I am her BIGGEST FAN !!!!!!], at least Australia was allowed to enter that. HOWEVER, what on earth did we do to be one of the LAST countries in the world where Water For Elephants is released ????? We have to wait until May 12th, what is Fox doing ?!!!!! Mind you poor Venezuela has to wait until July 1st….Fox must REALLY have it in for them !

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, I’m not sure why, but I don’t find that Shiloh Whatever-His-Face to be hot enough for him alone to be the reason to buy a ticket. However, Gary Oldman? Sign. Me. Up.

    • Anonymous

      I saw something the other day that said Shiloh what’s-his-name was one of the final picks to play Edward. Whatever else you ever do, whatever movies you ever make, Cathy, your whole career is worth that one little decision to cast the right guy as Edward!

    • TeamSeth

      I completely wrote my Sign.Me.Up. in my above comment before reading your comment. We’re like n*sync, man!

  • cosi bella

    I don’t like Amanda Seyfried and may not go to see this movie because of that. I don’t like her ‘look’ for a romantic lead at all (or in any movie) I don’t see what all the fuss is about her. I’d like to say there’s an interesting reason for this – but I think it’s that to me she has funny eyes. JMO. ANY other actress – but her!

    Dear Hollywood,

    When you start making me my 5 romantic love triangle movies per year (cos you read LTT everyday and the split seconT you saw my comment you of course immediately went to work correcting this hereforto unrecognised market gap)

    Please, NOT Amanda Seyfried in the leading role.

    K? K.


    Cosi Bella.

    PS Hollywood, I have a plan that means you can STILL keep your beloved ROMCOMS!! I’ll be drawing up a list of 5 movies that U coulda ditched and replaced with Twilight style hardcore romance (sneak peak: I know you love Eddie murphy and Martin Lawrence in fat suits but they gotta go…No? Ok. How about a romantic love triangle WITH fat suits??!! See? i can compromise.

    love Cosi.

    • gizmo

      I agree about Amanda. She’s just dull. And doesn’t seem like the brightest of the bunch. No charisma.
      I’m still seeing the movie, but the draw for me is some Twi kind of fun cheese and some Billy Burke/Gary Oldman.

      • TeamSeth

        I disagree. I think she is bright, and while she has a very rounded forehead with sort of too big for her sockets eyes, I still find her smile very endearing. I think many of the roles she’s played have been for shier, quieter characters who are more apt to observe the world rather than actively partake in it. I really enjoyed her in Letters to Juliet and Dear John despite the depressing and/or triteness of both films. *disclaimer, I saw Dear John midway through a 16 hour plane ride and Letters while drinking beer alone in the dollar theater.

        Letters to Juliet was the most awful trite film…ever. Not EVER, but close enough. And yet it still made me smile and tear up. Especially when she reads the letter at the wedding about “crossing an ocean” etc. awww!
        What on earth was Gael Garcia Bernal doing in a screenplay like THAT, no clue, but he was the selling point for me. Any man who can be a Mexican Transvestite to make his career is fine by me! 😉

        That said, Billy Burke=selling point; Gary Oldman=OH I LOVE HIM selling point; 2 hot male romantic leads=selling point; visually dynamic stage of snow and bright red epically long cape=selling point. I really want to go alone though to avoid mockery.

  • natteringyeahrobber

    Hey! I got an idea for a cape outfit. Billy Burke + red cape and nothing else = my submission. Yes, here I go with my Billy Burke-in-a-short- robe-fantasy again. Somehow, in some way, I always end up with Billy Burke in a feminine garment at the end of the day (or in the case of today, the beginning).

    • TeamSeth

      I like that idea. Capes can be masculine anyway… ARAGORRRNNN!!! ahem.

  • Fanjacob7

    strange – how come so few comments recently?

    • TeamSeth

      It’s a Saturday post… which is soooo last year 😉 Monday things will be back in business!

      • Anonymous

        Yep. No one really expects it. I was playing catch-up from last week. I actually had to earn my paycheck which left little time for LTT, which led to withdrawals.

      • Anonymous

        Yep. No one really expects it. I was playing catch-up from last week. I actually had to earn my paycheck which left little time for LTT, which led to withdrawals.

  • Anonymous

    I actually want to see the movie, but the hubs has already said no way. Maybe I can bribe my daughter to see it with me.

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