Open Letter and a Declaration of Independence to the Twilight Fandom

Dear Twilight Fandom,

Ok, this is it… we’ve read enough and we finally have something to say…UC and I have swapped enough emails and read enough blogs and tweets and tweetlongers making fun of the latest Robsten/Nonsten fight when we finally realized this: Why did we let the Robsten and Nonsten tom-foolery take us (the fandom) down? Why did we get caught up in that nonsense when there were movies and books and characters and friends to be made to take up our time and not wasted by playing a guessing game? And further more why did we let these people ruin a good thing? Remember the slo-mo running? Remember the lunacy of Buttcrack Santa? Remember how different the characters of Edward and Bella are compared to Rob and Kristen’s portrayal? Remember how we laughed and then loved the Pattinson Pants lady? Yea, we do too and we’re here to take it back! And we’re also here to ask some questions…

WHY does anyone still care? Why do some folks care enough about the relationship between two people they don’t know that they’ve made it their life mission to prove it’s validity one way or the other?  Why do they have to start tweet wars and blogs and live journals dedicated to rumors and bashing each other? What purpose does it serve to bash someone who doesn’t believe the same stuff you do? Robsten/Nonsten is like religion and politics, NO ONE wins in that discussion.

Do you own this shirt?

Furthermore can we talk about how both sides have said time and again they are getting tweet bombed by the opposition but when you do a search for their twitter handle no one is doing any sort of tweet bombing. Which leads me to ask WHO is doing this stuff? Are we not looking in the right places? Are we the only ones who aren’t seeing this stuff? Are some people just making it up or is Robsten/Nonsten really just a SMALL group of die hards that play on the fringes of the fandom yet have had deep and lasting effects within it?

Let’s be crystal clear, we’re not condoning any sort of bullying or crank calling or the emailing of bosses (deplorable, by the way. Simply gross.) or any sort of threats. But you also have to realize you run that risk when you’re on the internet. If you don’t want people to call your parents house or tweet mean things then get off the interwebs! Stop talking about topics that inflame crazy people enough to stalk you till they have information to “bring you down.”

We’ve talked a lot of (good natured) trash in our day and definitely receieved some hate mail and “you’re sad ugly bitches” comments but if ANYONE called my family or friends or threatened me, I was called out on lying or I was told to stop doing something by Summit/Little Brown/The Meyer you can bet your bottom dollar I would stop. Sure there’s such a thing as free speech but there’s also a little word I like to use called discernment. It’s knowing when to talk and when to shut the hale up.

Together or not, in the end it doesn't matter... but Bella and Edward on the other hand...

As for anything having to do with cast members or Rob and Kristen in particular we don’t even pretend to know what they’re thinking (unless of course it’s for the breaking down of a fake event ;)) and in the end why does it matter so much whether they are together or not or whatever it is in between. At the end of the day their real or fake relationship has and will never have any bearing on our lives. So stop hacking into their emails, spreading personal information, talking about other people in the fandom and let’s get back to ENJOYING this thing. Can all everyone agree on that? And can those of us who do not claim affiliation (or don’t care either way) with either side agree that we will no long put up with this nonsense?

Since today is Ash Wednesday I’ve decided I’m giving up the crazy and I’m taking back the fun. Good bye nonsense for the next 40 days!

(cue the Independence Day theme music)

Give me back my Twilight or give me dealth!

So is this stuff really happening? Are we missing things? Also be honest are there people out there who don’t know anything about what we’re talking about in this post? Is it really just a small faction or is it a large group?

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store


  • Sam

    I agree, who cares if they are really together.

  • Anonymous

    And don’t forget: “I love Dick!”

  • Anonymous

    I just want to know how you can enjoy Dali without thinking of Rob! 😉

    • TeamSeth

      I’m guessing that was at me since I wrote about Dali in my loooong comment. Well, actually, I usually forget Rob was in that movie, and I dont’ normally think about that movie at all (except when I see Nattingyeahrob or whatever her name is’s avatar beacuse it reminds me of them in the ocean naked(?) swimming scene which makes think of similar types of scenes in Jaws. Which is… unfortunate given my irrational fear of sharks.). And, well, yeah… I guess I think of Dali when I think of Dali. And St Petersburg, FL and Figueres, and Madrid, and Barcelona. #normal.

      • Anonymous

        Yes that was for you and your blathering on and on comment (yes, i just read your comment from the last post! hehe) That’s totes normal for the UnRobsessed! It’s us other ones who think of Rob when Dali is mentioned. Or hot pockets, heinies, stoli, beanies, plaid…okay I’m sure you get the point!

      • natteringyeahrobber

        Nattingyeahrob or whatever! – sorry, my screen name sucks! I was under pressure to come up with something & berrycobbler was taken, damnit! Wait, Dali is swimming with a bear?

        • Anonymous

          Hahaha! Where did that come from Nat?! Pretty sure he’s not a bear!! (whoever that other guy is that name I can’t remember)

        • TeamSeth

          No no! It’s that scene… you’ve seen the Little Ashes movie dang it! When Dali and Lorca stay the summer/spring break(?) at the seaside home and there the scene with them swimming in the ocean. And it’s partially shot from underwater, so you can MAYBE see them naked, but you can’t because of the lighting.

          But, yes, it also looks like Rob holding onto a bear while they’re floating in space with a giant spacey type thing in the bg (supernova, star galaxy, crack in the universe, you know, that type of thing)

          And sometimes, occasionally, it looks like Emmet and Edward crashing into each other when they both go for the ball. Ahem. Only sometimes though 😉

        • TeamSeth

          And I wasn’t making fun of your name, I can just never remember it right because I don’t know where the word breaks are! It’s me who sucks. But I kind of like that RFM is calling you Nat now. Like Nat King Cole… I’m going to start doing that. 🙂

  • MarbleNutSlut

    May I distract from the crazy for a bit to just share this photo I found for the Cosmopolis movie? Jebus Fraking Crow.

    • Anonymous

      Distract away!! MNS, do you ever check out LTR? There’s all kinds of yummy gif goodness today!! Plus some vids, gifs and pics in the comments. Come join us!!

      • Tracitalynne

        Jebus, yeah I saw the gifs. Delish. I go over there on occasion to check out the Pretty, but I can’t, well, shouldn’t, spend any more time on all this than I already do (which is a lot. A LOT.)

    • natteringyeahrobber

      Ok, hot. No surprise there, though he does have a Chuck Bass hairdo, which is kind of funny. Rich guys still use gel, I guess. And a tweed serious tie, nice! Wonder I could start a conversation with that version of Rob…”so have you ever heard of RICO? No,not Suave, hah hah. Gerardo, where is he now? Anywho, C stands for corrupt, why don’t we discuss this in private.”

      Oh and LTR loves sluts who love marble nuts.

    • JustGoWithIt

      That tie is either sparkly or tweed.

  • GeorgieGirl329

    Let me just say this – reading all the nonsten comments today about “epic Love” – i wonder how many robstens believe in the “epic love” that nonstens use to villify that group? 100? 200? 300? at most? the numbers between the groups are probably even. nonstens are always talking about persecuted they are. a few examples are given to back this up today – a very, very few. someone here couldn’t stand not to bring up delaney’s name, and what did she really do after all? post some picx someone sent her. who wouldn’t have? Delaney is their main villian after Kristen.

    Have you ever read it’s posted = it’s available to read if you know how to dig a little. it’s vile. it’s hateful. what these “women” write DAILY about a 20 year old actress is deplorable. they rant about her clothes, her hair, her “stutter,” her attitude, her friends, her drug use, her talent, her family, her dogs even. Nothing is off limits or sacred to these “women.” And yet, I wonder, if they were to be in a room alone with her, would they even have the guts to repeat what they write, day after day after day? I doubt it. It’s vile crap. The meanest gossip, the rudest comments – the kind of high school vitriol you would think these “women” had grown out of.

    If I was this young lady’s mother, I would tell all these “women” to go stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. They are rude, cruel, and petty. If any of you were to read what it is posted on each day – your head would spin from the vileness of it all. All because they don’t think this young woman is not worthy of the supposed love of a man they think is sexy.

    And that is what this is all about.

    • PurpleLemons

      Do you also squeeze lemon juice on your papercuts? What about a hot shower after a sunburn? I’m just wondering, because you’re talking about reading “rude, cruel and petty” vileness on a daily basis by “digging” (hacking? sock accounting?) to get into a private site that is obviously painful for you to read. I’d tend to steer clear of regularly reading a blog that gave me such a visceral reaction. But maybe that’s just me….

      If you want to stop the madness, then shut down the pot stirrers that get paid for hits, like Ted C. & Gossip Cop any/all rag mags. And by shut down I mean don’t read them! They’re the ones that feed the crazy.

      • PurpleLemons

        To my 2 “likers”: you rule, that is all.

        I miss the days of the *thumbsie downsies”, so I could get the some of the wrath of the true believers. Ah well.

  • Moonie298

    When ever theirs a full moon, da crazies pop out. — … p.s. If they do a Superbad 2 I’d like to see Rob as McLovin’ –Chicka Chicka yeah..

  • Anonymous

    You know what? All I care about is that the people I care about are happy. I care about Rob, I want him to be happy, I really hope he is. How he gets happy or who he chooses to be happy with is none of my business. This seems logical to me. I don’t get the rest, I don’t get how people can argue, and harass and stalk about this?? I don’t get how many thousands of words are typed/texted/tweeted about this? I do get that some people need to get a life.
    UC, Moon I don’t mean you, your lives are obviously full of meaning and honestly, where would we all be without you??

    • Tracitalynne

      This. Yes. That sweet boy should be happy, and get himself laid. Whoever does that for him works for me. Sheesh. KStew, too. She needs to be kissed, and often.

  • Minuit passé

    I don’t know the precise story you’re talking about, I stay away from the dark side, which is the whole fandom, except for this blog.

    But basically, to answer your question: why? Because there are far too many batshit crazy ignorant judgemental people in this world than a normal person could imagine. At least that’s what I learnt from this fandom.

    • cosi bella

      “I stay away from the dark side, which is the whole fandom, except for this blog. ”

      LOL! 🙂 – I searched for six months trying to find somewhere to park my Twiliight obsessed butt. I was like nah nah nah – ooh….nah… then I found LTT which isn’t afraid to ‘go there’ no tiptoeing around no ‘forbidden’ topics and is a satisfying mixture of fun (the silly kind – my fave) and tweedseriousness.

      I hate it when my kids call me a “Twilight Mom” I’m like noooo they’re LAME ( no offence to twi-moms) Well what are you then mom? er…..what am I?
      It’s true I do have a massive Jacob crush (which I refuse to admit to THEM or anyoned else IRL) but apart from that I’m ….I’m ‘Twi-interested,’ ‘Twi-satirical’, There’s a difference! (oh gawd I’m a Twi-snob!!!)

      • TeamSeth

        (oh gawd I’m a Twi-snob!!!)

        OMG. You’re so right on with this (I mean, not like you, but me…well, both of us?) Anyway. It’s like…once you’re in Portland you stop liking “dark” beers and start asking the waiter what “porters” they have and how the roasting was done for the chocolate stout (i.e. when was the chocolate flavor introduced to the roasting process) and what’s the IBU of their ESB on tap. Before I came here, I didn’t even knwo what ESB was, let alone IBU levels. I mean, really?! Sigh. Mr. Seth said it right on my last night of drinking (Tues). He said, “For knowing so little about beer, I’m quite a beer snob.” But in this town, we haven’t even scratched the surface. More microbrews than Belgium! (sorry NotAnAddicts) plus all the homebrews. I mean, it’s just like… oversaturated with super beer knowledgable people. Normally at beerfest it’s all about drinking and enjoying. here it’s like going to a wine tasting.

        So yes, we’re so like that with Twilight. It’s like, we’ll try it all, but we’re super discerning and we DON’T want anyone calling us twihards, despite that we spend all this time talking about twilight. But it’s embarrassing. And awful. And, okay, well, it’s really just embarrassing. Oh god. I feel like a hipster. Like I’m too cool for you because I like Twilight in a cooler way than you do. Oh no. Cosi Bella! You’ve just held up a mirror to us, and all I see is denial, and it’s not the river in Egypt! I think I might cry.

        • Goldberrybecca

          baha ha ha!!! “I like Twilight in a cooler way than you do” I am so guilty of this!! Yesterday a friend asked to borrow the books and then asked what is it about Twilight that has everyone hooked on it. I had no answer. It’s so hard to distinguish between my Twi obsession/LTT blog-ishn-ness and knowing all that I know about the Twi universe. I’m not one of the crazies, and I def don’t give a crapsten, but I am hooked on Twilight. Still. After two years. Why?
          #picturing the gazebo scene.

          • TeamSeth

            Seriously! I usually think “Oh, really I like LTT more than Twilight.” but then I continuously go back and watch NM–what’s up with that?
            #picturing Charlie dragging the Christmas tree through the snow during December part of the staring out the window scene.

          • Goldberrybecca

            ah, yes…. do you follow CW on twitter? He was talking about just this scene last night!

        • cosi bella

          omg – ‘portlandia’ is for reals? hilarious.

          Brill analogy Teamseth.

          yeah – LTT is like the french champagne of sparkling wines (or peens?).

          But at the end of the day we’re all ‘drunks’ we are just more “refined cooler drunks”.

          We are the most normal of the normal.

          • TeamSeth

            Well, technically champagne can only be French. It’s not champagne unless it’s from the Champagne region. So, you can just say it’s the champagne of sparkling wines… (er, okay, I guess I’m making our point here…) (Also–sparkling, heh)

            and Portlandia… I’ve only seen 3 episodes (ONE OF WHICH I’M IN!!!! Me and Mr. Seth are extras in the episode 6, the outdoor movie sketch!) and it’s really not that true to life. Like, certain things are, but overall it’s super exaggerated and focusing on a small minority. And the RL mayor is in it as the assistant to their actor mayor–which is hilarious. Oh, Sam Adams! But really, SATC Trey actor is the only funny character. Sorry to Sleater Kinney chick and the SNL guy. It’s fun to watch ‘cuz so much is shot in places I live near, see every day, go to. Like the Portlandia statue (the giant bronze statue of the dude looking down while crouching)–I pass it on my commute home every day! Um… okay, I’m gonna calm down now. Overall, I think about 90% of the content is not that funny.

          • Anonymous

            NO freaking way – I just watched that Portlandia episode the other night, on OnDemand. That particular skit wasn’t too funny, though I could relate to wanting to leave the movie before traffic got bad. I’ve appreciated that show, mostly because it portrays Portland as more hippy-spacy-freakish than the SF Bay Area. I lived in Berkeley for a long while and the whole “Berzerkley” thing (outsiders thinking all locals were puka-shell wearing slackers) was so irritating – glad the torch was passed to Portland! But sorry. Sort of. Mostly sorry. And I did like the Aimee Mann as a housecleaner skit. A lot. Is the dream of the 90’s still alive there, for real?

          • Anonymous

            Oh, and sparkle pony skit – also not too funny – but it did make me think of sparkle peen. sparkle peen as my special place that i go to when i need to get away.

          • cosi bella

            Colin the chicken had me rolling. I LOVED that sketch.

          • TeamSeth

            That skit (which I didn’t see other than in previews, but it’s widely publicized) reminds of the scene in Restaurant at the End of the Universe where the cow comes out and asks which part of him Arthur Dent wants to eat. hehehe Oh, Douglas, why weren’t we destined to be together? Such sadness.

          • natteringyeahrobber

            That was an awesome skit – “is it usda organic, portland organic, or local organic, or something else” and there’s this part where fred is talking about how cars make him nervous “because sometimes you touch the pedal…and they just…go…ugh!”. And of course the following commune cult on a chicken farm. OK – need to watch that episode again tonight + need to find TS in the outdoor film scene.

          • TeamSeth

            I saw the Aimee Mann one last night. It was much better than the other ones I saw. Esp. when Sarah McClaughlin (sp) showed up! So funny. “Thanks for sticking up for me in there.” “No problem, Sarah.” hehehe

          • TeamSeth

            Rewatch! We are the dark haired guy in the gray shirt and the brown haired chick next to him in the white sweater during the wide shots to the right of their “set up” area.

          • natteringyeahrobber

            OK – I watched it again last night – and I think I saw you and Mr. TS for like 2 seconds, right? And then at the end, I saw Mr. TS but you were cut out of the shot (BAD director, BAD! BAD!). He has facial hair, correct? (I think I figured it out, but it was all so fast and my kids dumped milk on the remote so the rewind button doesn’t work so well). Anyhow, from what little I saw (Bad director! Bad! Bad!) you guys look cute together.

            Also love the episode where the Portland mayor goes on the lam so he can be a reggae musician & the press asks him if it is “dance reggae or real roots reggae?” – Kyle MacLachlan is so awesome at his dry delivery or responses.

            Oh, and the other one I like is the one where Carrie gets a job at the kooky office & has to deal with people throwing frisbees at her and “mood showering” creativity exercises….so reminded me of dot com era work environments (good riddance, for the most part…still miss having beer in work refrigerators).

          • TeamSeth

            Oh, and if the dream of the 90s isn’t still alive, the housing prices of the early 2000s certainly are.

  • blackgirltwihard

    Took 1 hour and read all of this. Bottom line these crazies need to sit the fuck down somewhere. Emailing people’s boss and defaming family is sick (I would go upside somebody’s head with my big thick BD book) They just need to go home and hug their kids, if they ain’t got kids, go hug somebody’s else’s… Kids always need hugs..hugs and a 1/3 less sugar juice boxes…Geez Louise!

    • natteringyeahrobber

      LOL! Ok, but to clarify, the crazies shall be hugging other people’s kids…not mine..I mean, only NORMAL crazies are welcome to hug my kids (just bring wipes & Tide sticks –my kids usually will stain you on contact – peanut butter, saliva, dirt, jam, etc…). And thanks for helping me title my new Dhampir parenting book: Dhampire Kids – All They Need Are Hugs (just not too close, they might bite, air hugs are good), Blood Boxes (1/3rd fewer platelets and fortified with milk for human half), and Parents Who Abandon Them At Night to GET IT ON. It’s a long, yet catchy title, no?

      • TeamSeth

        If you take out the parentheticals (which are always technically optional to the sentence, hence being parenthetical) it’s a swell title: subtitle!

      • blackgirltwihard

        Awww I would love a Dhampire Kids Series!!!Kinda like the “Choose your own Adventure” or the RL Stine series… but they were so cheesy at times…These teeny boppers are so lucky to have HP and TWi!

  • Anonymous

    This is exhausting, all of this Robsten/Nonsten, Harry/Twilight, Jacob/Edward – WHO CARES!
    Did I love harry potter, yes
    Do I wish there was no Robsten for my own personal selfish reasons, yes
    Do I care either way…nope

    What do I care about – That WFE comes out in a month and we will finally be seeing the delishious rob again

    • Goldberrybecca

      WTE….. yeeeessss. Can’t wait!
      And, something else to care about… Cathy Hardi will be *near* my neck of the woods next week at SXSW in Austin…. seriously considering bribing a friend to go stand in line for hours to get me an autograph. She’s no CW, but hey… she did a *few* things right. 😉

      SO glad LTT folks are normal. (And by normal I mean normal.)

      • TeamSeth

        Oooh! I have this acute desire to meet Cougwicke! I bet she’s a rockin’ lady and I can assure her that my crush on the Phantom is deep set and I will be infinitely jealous of her for snagging the Zane. Give her a wink and a coupon to Applebee’s and head off into the sounds and joys of 6th Street.

  • Midnight Cougar (MC)

    See, it’s times like these that I give thanks that I don’t do Twitter – I am not totally ignorant, I have read/heard of the online bullying, etc. that goes on surrounding the whole Rob & Kristen relationship issue, BUT I guess I’m just to old for all that shit & I DON’T GIVE A CRAPSTEN! I focus totally on the Rob-parts. 😉

    Moon, that was an EPIC letter. *applause, applause* I really do enjoy Twilight too. I love being part of this Fandom & it’s no secret that I absolutely ADORE Rob. It has been LTT & LTR that have been a pivotal part of my ability to positively express my love for all things Twilight. I have had so many great laughs & happy times here, it’s wonderful that you & UC keep it all “real” for us. I have met some wonderful ladies through your sites, some of whom I am very honored to call my personal friends now, & with all that said, those are the parts of all this Twilight craziness that I am going to continue to focus on in the future…….while I anxiously await Breaking Dawn Part 1.

    p.s. I gave up potato chips for Lent *bah* what was I thinking.

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