Don’t Forget: The Biggest Loser Finale tonight

Last time we saw Olivia (on TV) at 149 pounds!

Dear Twilight,

Don’t you DARE forget to watch LTT friend Olivia on The Biggest Loser Season 11 FINALE tonight!

If you haven’t been watching, Olivia & Hannah made HISTORY as the first sisters to make it to the finale. They are the TOP TWO!!! One more contestant (Either Jay or Irene) will join them tonight in the final competition. I have NO idea how it happens as I’ve never watched before, but I’m SOOOOOO EXCITED to see how Olivia looks. (PS Moon got to spend some time with her a few weeks back- LUCKY! They went out to eat. They had salads. DUH!)

Anyway, Olivia is a big Twilight fan so that’s reason #1 you should watch. And furthermore she is OUR friend. Met first online through LTT then in real life. We’re SOOOOOO EXCITED to see her tonight (well, I am. Moon is in Europe. Bitch)



PS: It’s on in the US at 8pm ET on NBC. DO IT DO IT DO IT!

  • Sue G.

    Good luck Olivia and Hannah!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll check it out. I love the big reveals. Girl looked good at 149, hard to imagine looking better than that. Check out those legs!

    • Anonymous

      Wait, I get it, that was her final weight more or less, then at the finale they get to see who actually won. Few, I was thinking, how much more weight is she losing?

      • that was a few weeks ago (maybe a month?) and I know she’s been training since.. so I think they will lose some more (significant) weight for the final weigh in

      • I think..!?

    • Anonymous

      Wait, I get it, that was her final weight more or less, then at the finale they get to see who actually won. Few, I was thinking, how much more weight is she losing?

  • Crazddreamer

    Those two women are amazing! I’m so proud of how far they’ve both come. Beautiful inside and out!

  • Anonymous

    Someone please live-tweet for those of us who can’t watch american TV.
    Go Olivia!

  • operarose

    Very impressive! Congrats Olivia and Hannah, I’m not sure what the winner gets, but it looks like you’ve already achieved an amazing accomplishment. 

    • $250K! and also a new life basically…. they are amazing girls!

    • natteringyeahrobber

      ditto this!

  • Anonymous

    I weighted myself this morning. Boo hiss. I have not been focusing on exercising because I’m studying for a test right now. But I have been being vg about not snacking too much and not eating sugary treats. Well I have officially gained 5 pounds. Crap. I’ve got another course after this one, so I don’t see how I’m going to remedy this situation.

    • i HATE exercising and LOVE being lazy. So I allow myself to be lazy IF I exercise…. someone told me last week that doing 500 jumping jacks a day is REALLY good cardio. i thought “no prob! simple!” it’s not. I did 300 last night and am dying today.

      BUT… I did 100 when i got home. then i was lazy. made dinner. ate. let it settle, did another 100. And then watched TV. during commercials I did another 100 plus some sit ups!

      SOOOOO how about in between studying, do jumping jacks? Or anything to get blood flowing and give yourself a little break!? It’s the only way exercise happens for me!

      • Anonymous

        Good idea. I have been doing a sun salutation or two after studying to combat typing wrist. I think I could squeeze some jumping jacks in there. I actually like doing them. Although I’ll have to switch to sports bra if I am going to type and jack. I like the variation in which you only bring your arms up half way per leg in/out, so that I don’t end up with a hinky neck from whipping my arms around. Nothing worse than hinky neck. I’ll go for 300 today.

  • ChillinWithCullens

    YES!!! Go Olivia!! We’re proud of you hun!!

  • Anonymous

    Go Olivia and Hannah!!  Maybe this will be the year they have a tie to win it all!!  Best of luck with the BL finale!!  And super congrats on this incredible journey you two taken with BL!!

  • Vampmedic

    Congrats Olivia!!!!!! I feel like I know you even though we have never met. You are such an inspiration to us all. How wonderful that you can celebrate this with your amazing sister right next to you.

  • Dameironfury

    I was watching the other night and saw a picture of Moon with Olivia! I was so excited as I squealed to my family, “they’re on LTT!” all I got in return was the blank stare. :(. I’m still excited though…

    • Brookelockart

      Yeah, janetrigs thinks I can sue since it was my photo. Pay me money NBC!

  • Anonymous

    I am ashamed to say that I have not been watching the whole season, but I will make sure to watch tonight because I am sooooo proud and excited for Olivia and Hannah!! You guys are amazing and inspirational!!

  • Anonymous

    i soooooooooo want to watch this but i can’t, it’s a shame really 🙁 i’ll have to make do with your live tweets UC. 
    gooooooooooo Olivia!!    

  • Stacey

    Olivia and Hannah, I am so proud of the both of you! What you two have done is an amazing achievement and my fingers are crossed for even more wonderful things heading your way!

  • Anonymous

    Unrelated to today’s post. I am reading the first book of Trylle Trilogy right now (we shall see if I am making it to the others). Okay, so people have recommended this as fluff worth checking out. I don’t know if I am just burning out in general on YA, or if I just can’t get over the Twilight similarities with this one. The way Wendy is more or less Dazzled when she looks at Finn. The I don’t fit in anywhere, but now I found a group of people I am drawn to and feel at home with. Mostly the dazzling though. Okay so she hasn’t modeled Finn after Edward exactly, but the way Wendy’s attraction to him is described makes me feel like I am reading Twilight fan fic with a troll twist. Anyone?

  • Anonymous

    Also the way he jumps into her window and watches her. Also the way he feels deadly serious about, and responsible for her safety. Edward Edward Edward. How she knows he is being weird and not so appropriate with her, but she can’t feel anything but attraction. The realization that she has fallen for him. Might as well have made that a three part-er.
    About three things I was absolutely positive.
    First, Finn was a Troll. Second, there was part of him — and I didn’t know how potent
    that part might be — that was stalking me because it was his job. And third, I was
    unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.
    Okay so that second one didn’t fit in that well.

  • Anonymous

    It makes me want to do a writing exercise using the same general plot, theme, dazzling, you know all the Twilighty Twilight stuff, to put it technically. Only make the actual characters super different. The “Edward” wouldn’t be particularly attractive (might be a deal breaker for Twilightiness). The Bella wouldn’t have any subtle beauty or lip biting habit. There would be no supernatural element. And then see how it turns out. The “Bella” could have a favorite crooked squint. “Edward” would give off a pizza smell instead of warmth or coldness.

    • natteringyeahrobber

      Pepperoniward FTW!

      • Anonymous

        As he kissed me, his delicious pepperoni breath washed over my face, putting me into a pizza-trance.

  • TeamSeth

    WAY TO GO OLIVIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • misty

    Yay Obird!!!!! I’m sooo proud of you!!! I have told everyone that know I’m out of the “yes I’m obsessed with rob closet” that I have blogged with you soooo many times! We’ve allll been cheering for you and you did it!! Congrats you sexy bird you!!
    Misty….I forgot my password that’s how long I’ve been away from ltr or ltt

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I didn’t watch any of the BL shows, except last night.  I was so proud of everyone.  To lose that much weight in 5 months, you know they worked their butts off.  But Olivia, her husband and Hannah all had me in tears.  How amazing to experience something so life changing along with your sister.  And the hubs being so supportive and losing 112+ pounds as well, awesome! I’ve visited letters2teampurple, but slacked on following the show.  I never have time to watch TV though.  I was amazed.  Olivia is such a knock out.  She and Hannah seem to be such awesome people.  Way to go!

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