She Did it!

Hannah Curlee & Olivia Ward

Hannah Curlee & Olivia Ward: Sisters, Biggest Losers, LOVE!

Dear Olivia,

I can’t tell you HOW EXCITED I was to watch you become THE BIGGEST LOSER last night on live television. Once you & Hannah were officially the last two at the top (Although Irene looked GREAT!) I started getting SO nervous…. Was this it!? Were you REALLY going to do it?

And you did! From 261 lb to 132 lb– you changed your life- much more than just your body.

You are beautiful. You were before & you are now. Everyone at LTT is SO proud of you. I am only sad that Moon wasn’t in the US to watch it live with me. And by that I mean, watch it 3 hours later than I did since she’s on the West Coast & I’m on the East.

CONGRATS & you’re paying next time we go out for drinks (*wink*)


PS: Mr. Choice is kinda upset you didn’t accept his FB friend request from long ago so he said he won’t celebrate your win. #he’smean

  • RachelB

    Horray for Olivia and Hannah!  They are both winners (even though Olivia is the real winner)!!! And they look so HOTTTT 😉

  • JodieO

    YAY!  I’m so excited for them!  Those two were even hotter than Sammi Brady!

    • ChillinWithCullens

      Ha! YES! Who cares what her real name is? She’ll always be Sammi to me too!!

  • Sassysmart

    I’m so very proud of our Obird!! Of COURSE she looked gorgeous. Of COURSE she was inspiring.

    Those are her normal features.

    Love you Olivia!!!

  • Sassysmart

    I’m so very proud of our Obird!! Of COURSE she looked gorgeous. Of COURSE she was inspiring.

    Those are her normal features.

    Love you Olivia!!!

  • Adrienne

    I don’t really watch a lot of tv but specifically did to see Olivia win!  Congrats – so happy for her!

  • Notanaddikt Bella

    W00t, I’m so excited for Olivia! Her journey has been amazing and an inspiration to all of us. Congrats, girl!

  • Jellybeanrainbow

    It was the first thing I checked when I went online today. Yay! Congratulations, Olivia! As it’s been already said, you were so beautiful before BL11, and now you have an amazing healthy body as well.

  • Super congratulations to both the ladies!!!

  • Super congratulations to both the ladies!!!

  • MariaCecilia

    Unfortunately I can’t watch the current show here, but I admire Olivia and her determined hard work and stamina – congratulations! I bet if you did a medical research you would find that women who are into Twilight have generally better health and live longer than the average woman. Because we remain seventeen forever!! 🙂
    (Don’t know about mental health, though…?)

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I didn’t watch any of the BL shows, except last night.  I was so proud of everyone.  To lose that much weight in 5 months, you know they worked their butts off.  But Olivia, her husband and Hannah all had me in tears.  How amazing to experience something so life changing along with your sister.  And the hubs being so supportive and losing 112+ pounds as well, awesome! I’ve visited letters2teampurple, but slacked on following the show.  I never have time to watch TV though.  I was amazed.  Olivia is such a knock out.  She and Hannah seem to be such awesome people.  Way to go! (Posted this on yesterday’s post this morning because I couldn’t wait for today’s post)

  • Stacey

    Hooray! You both look lovely and are both winners in my book! (Now, I think Robert Pattinson should come and congratulate you personally! ;0))

  • alice_av

    I do not have this show in Mexico, but congrats Olivia, you look amazing and you seem a great person. Well done!!

  • raven4mi

    Way to go Olivia!  I remember when LTT first posted that a fellow “NORMAL” girl would be on TBL that I commented about how cool it was that I would be able to say I second-hand “know” someone on the show, which is way better than being second-hand embarrassed.  Well, I gotta say – I am FIRST-HAND proud of both Olivia and Hannah!  Great job, girls!

  • TheColdWoman

    Congratulations Olivia!!!! I’ve been cheering every week from Michigan. SO excited for her and Hannah. They look amazing! But how come it appeared there was an Olivia sign in the audience with a mockingjay on it and not a sign that said Purple’s Cool?? Slacking!

    • Anonymous

      Haha! I was looking for that sign as well.

    • lapushbaby

      Who was that holding up the Obird sign??

  • Vampmedic

    Congrats Olivia and Hannah!!!!! So proud of both of you. We had storms last night and I lost satellite the last 15 mins of the show and I didn’t get to see you stand up there and win but I followed it on twitter.:( (I hate satellite but have no other choice where I live) It’s crazy to actually “know” someone on tv even if it is second hand. Anyway, y’all looked beautiful and you are amazing 🙂

  • blondieinco


  • blackgirltwihard

    You guys look great…. Congrats!!!!

  • Csuttermedic

    Olivia, just saw you on the Today show and you look soooo beautiful!!!!! I am so jealous!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yay! Congrats Olivia, we are so proud of you!!!

  • operarose

    Congratulations Olivia! I just caught her on Regis & Kelly and she looks gorgeous (inside and out, as others have said!) Best of luck in your future success!

  • Anonymous

    I was so excited when Hannah and Olivia won the top two spots last week.  I was jumping up and down saying “Purple’s Cool!”, as I tried not to wake up my sleeping family. 
    Then last night, I let the DVR record ahead so I could skip the commercials and I was so inspired by all three of those women.  They have shown us that you can have a busy life and still eat right and make it to the gym. 
    Ladies, we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to be happy and healthy.  Thank you Hannah and Olivia for showing me that it can be done.  Congratulations Olivia!  You looked amazing.  You are amazing!!

  • Cat P.

    wow!! SO AWESOME! Congrats!

  • natteringyeahrobber

    Awesome! You guys really look super hot and agree that Rob should personally high five Olivia and Hannah.

    I HATE the BL graphic on the tank top, though. I really think they should have spared contestants that horrible graphic. After all they’ve achieved, they should NOT have to wear those hideous shirts (made hideous mostly by the BL graphic). Like a nice embroidered BL at the bottom or something.

    • Oh Lordddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t get me started on the BL tees, hoodies and logo. Cringe worthy.  
      *sends our company’s catalog to Biggest Loser producers* Please call me, I can help.

    • operarose

      Agreed. Horrible logo. Let snowwhitedrifted design them! Preferably with the inclusion of a Rob silhouette.

  • Sue G.

    Yay!  Congrats!  You look great and you were so cute and funny on Regis and Kelly this morning too!  :o)

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Olivia and Hannah!! Y’all rock!!  How incredible you two are!! You both are so beautiful inside and out!! Savour the victory!!  Enjoy!!

  • nocoolname

    What an inspiration, Olivia!  You almost (almost…) have me excited for my post-baby weight-loss journey I’m anticipating in a few months.  You did it, I will too.  Good job!!

    • Anonymous

      I’m still on a post-baby weight-loss journey. May yours be speedier than mine. Hopefully you can breast feed, that would make things easier.

  • Obird is AMAZING!!!! Loved seeing your win!
    Also, such a cute hairstyle!

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  • Anonymous

    “mark my words: She’s going to WIN IT ALL. I just know it. It’s because she reads LTT.”now is the time to say: “seeeeeeeeeee…I told you so” UC 😉

  • Anonymous

    totally unrelated. is “As I Lay Dying” the lat episode of VD season 2? what happens next? i’m lost!! (any VD experts please reply to me) 

  • natalie_MKH

    I frickin’ love these girls, congrats to both of you!!

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