Help our our friend, cuz she’s #coo

Dear Twilight,

You know her- she’s a celebrity around these LTT parts- It’s JaneTrigs– LTT turned real life friend turned Biggest Loser blogger & cheerleader (with Letters 2 Team Purple) turned money raiser for juvenile diabetes. Well, I think it’s to get rid of juvenile diabetes. I doubt she actually wants to give the disease money. She HATES it. Jane HATES a lot of things.

Anyway, she HATES me because I forgot to mention this after yesterday’s letter, so today she gets a FULL letter to ask you to help her out.

Years ago, Kristen Stewart supported JDRF and so we’ve seen connected it & Jane Trig’s walks AGAINST the disease with Twilight. Of course.

Jane says (sing it. I did):

Sometimes @janetrigs is inspired by @BL11Hannah & @BL11Olivia & borrows their Biggest Loser Team color to raise $ for sick kids.
Please give money to the Janetrigs’ JDRF Purple Team. The walk is THIS Sunday. Please join her hate of diabetes!
She talks in the 3rd person. (Okay I was probably supposed to sound like I was saying that. Another thing for Jane to HATE)
Here are some fun images for you to oogle:
It’s true. She was:
If you don’t love the tattoo in the next image you are a loser:
That Ron, such a nice guy:

And my personal all-time-favorite picture of JaneTrigs:

So do it! Donate a couple bucks!!

UC (and @janetrigs)

PS: Also happy 5 year anniversary to you, Mr. Choice. I hope you never see this message because you should be out planning the perfect anniversary for me xo


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  • Nelle

    Thanks UC and Janetrigs for hating diabetes ! I have diabetes so am grateful for your efforts!

    Another topic- have you all seen the tiny teaser trailer for the teaser
    Trailer that will be shown on the MTV Awards on Sunday? I dont have the link handy but you can Google it. OMG. So much magicness in a few seconds.

    • Anonymous

      Did they seriously call the Breaking Dawn Part 1 TRAILER the Summer event we’ve all been waiting for? Okay announcer. We’re not that crazy. Even the crazies aren’t that crazy. Come on.

      • Anonymous

        What did you expect? It’s SUMMIT

        • Nelle

          Hmmm. But that sight of Robward waiting at the end of an aisle for me would make my summer!

          • Anonymous

            It is exciting. I liked the shot of Bella tightening her grip on Charlie’s arm. And I liked the dramatic music in combination with the quick shot of the back of Bella’s head. Fancy comb! Hand! Blurry Edward and guests! Dun dun duuuuunnn……
            They should have gotten Trent Reznor to do the musical score. He is on a roll right now.

          • Anonymous

            If they ever make a Twilightworld (like they have with Harry Potter), that should totally be like the equivalent of a Disney ride. You wait in line, and then get to walk down the isle escorted by a Charlie look-alike with Wax Edward waiting for you at the end. I’d go wax with Edward because I don’t think a look-alike would cut it. Charlie has got the mustache, and he’d be in your peripheral vision, so no biggie.

          • Anonymous

            …and there was a ride called Edward.  ‘I wanna ride Edward’.

        • Anonymous

          I really do appreciate that they thought to invite me though. I fell special.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve supported many walks for JDRF ever since my niece at age 5 was diagnosed with diabetes.  I have diabetes too, but not until I was 28 – it’s way worse having it as a kid as it takes the fun out of being just a kid sometimes…  Thanks to all for donating to JDRF! 

  • Anonymous

    Am now imagining most scandalous scenario that led to Twi Mums blocking Janetrigs.

  • Anonymous

    Go JaneTrigs! When is the deadline to donate?

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