Tweets you’ve missed about ComicCon so far…

True Love 4 Lyfe

Dear Twilight,

Why aren’t you following us on Twitter & laughing at the hilarity that Moon & friends (and occasionally me, from my windowless office in Pennsylvania) are tweeting & sharing about their experience?

Here are a few gems you missed so far:

Moon hasn’t texted me back 4 a good 10-15 min. The only acceptable excuse is that she’s currently watching Robsten do it on a bearskin rug

Quote of the day “I look like the people we make fun of” – @krazy_Kidd

Just told Moon I’m on my knees in prayer that this is the day she gets to hug Big Daddy Lautner

Just spotted bill condon. Want to crash the latte line w/ him and discuss Chicago and maybe headboards and sparkling. That’s normal, right?

You get it? It’s great. It’s funny. I’m SO sad I’m not there with Moon. So follow us & the crazy on Twitter & help make my windowless/California-less/comic-con-less day suck less



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  • Anonymous

    THIS. Is exactly why I’m on twitter these days. Sadly, being on twitter means I’m not here as much (

  • Anonymous

    I’ve shut off TweetDeck 3 times already today. I can’t quit you, Twitter. 

  • Every time I see Bill Condon’s name typed out, my brain changes it to Bill Condom.  

    • Sisterpenguin

      Thank you! So that’s normal right?

  • Sisterpenguin

    And this is why I’ve kept my twitter account. But I’m umpteen hours ahead and going to see Harry Potter. Oh well, big catch up before bedtime.

  • Anonymous

    Was reading the Tweets all through breakfast and had to quit to go to storytime at the library… y’all are going to convince me to get a smartphone and Twitter yet.  I’ll need lunch, and maybe naptime, to catch back up!

    • Anonymous

      P.S. 99% sure Moon’s in a video of the line posted this morning on the Lexicon.

    • Stacey

      You NEED a smartphone and twitter! That’s how I checked up on things this morning at my children’s playgroup. :0)

      • Anonymous

        I would totally have been THAT mom at storytime today too, completely ignoring the flannelgraph in favor of press conference updates.

      • ladyofthemeadow

         Mommy multitasking at its best.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe those calendar pics are on BD merch all over Comic Con.
    Slouch Vamp and Black Tooth Bella: BD1, 2011

    • Anonymous

      I may have made a joke about the coffee cups being a giveaway from Edward Cullen Real Estate, LLC.

      • Anonymous

        I know this is an old topic. But I thought they would realize that the pics were not duplication worthy.

        Edward Cullen, Sloucher and Real Estate Agent.

        Yep. That is what I see.
        Some friends and I played Name That Disease, since each appears to be afflicted with one ailment or another. Jacob, definitely Hepatitis. 
        Edward, Goiter.

        PS-Are you also MarbleNutSlut on Twitter?

  • ladyofthemeadow

    Further proof of how Twilight gets me into trouble/enhances my life: I just joined Twitter but don’t have a sweet clue what to do on it. I’m sure that master’s degree will help me too 😛  I did it ’cause of LTT!

    • Anonymous

      follow me!

      Also! BearPattinson1 (it’s a puppy!) (not really!)

      Letter2twilight (ahem)


      annnd ChrisWeitzFacts  (ahem ahem)

      • Anonymous

        I’m following you now. I’m @LizLemonBennett

        • TeamSeth

          LEMON?! 😉 nudge nudge

    • Anonymous

      Ok, Ok.  I think you’ve convensed me. I’ll join.  Does it come with an instruction manual? (heehee)

      • ladyofthemeadow

        I’d like to see that instruction manual too 🙂

        I’ll shelve it right next to the manual that comes with a new baby. Haha, I wish.

        • Anonymous

          I drank the Kool-aid back in Feb. It took me a little while to get into it, but now I really like it. I’m one of those strange people who writes fan fiction, and found much of the people in that community used twitter to announce updates and such.

          There are so many funny sites and people to follow. 

          • Anonymous

            I’m open for tips.  @Esteez1

  • Anonymous

    I’m not on Twitter or I’d be your follower.

    Moon, tell me you went dressed up as a Twilight character.  You’d make an adorable Alice.

    • Anonymous

      Do it, do it, do it!

      • Anonymous

        Plus, I bet she could find a wig that would make Summit green with envy.

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