My Book Edward is hotter than the Movie Edward

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Dear LTT-ers,

UC and I were emailing the other day (for those of you who don’t remember, we met at college in real life, lost track of each other when she transferred, and reconnected on LTT—and believe it or not, most of our emailing is NOT about Twilight), and she suggested I give you all my take on something Twilight- related that is a little outside-of-the-norm here on LTT:

When I read the Twilight books, I never picture Rob as Edward. In fact, book-Edward—my book-Edward, anyway—is WAY hotter than Rob.

You don't think I look like EDWARD!??

I know, how can that be, right?

Don’t hate me, but I have to admit, I don’t find Rob all that attractive. In fact, I think I am one of the few women who is Team Edward all the way, but thinks that Taylor Lautner is drool-worthy—even if he is way too young for me and I’m very happily married—and Rob Pattinson is just so-so.

I was actually surprised to find that I thought Rob was more attractive after I saw an interview of him— when he wasn’t trying to project his version of who Edward is. I thought his British accent dreamy, his self-deprecating sense of humor endearing, and thought that he would have been one of those guys I wanted to be best friends with in high school…and might have even crushed on once or twice. But he’s just not Edward Cullen.

By way of an explanation that will make sense to all of you who are already thinking I’m crazy, please realize that I read A LOT. Before my daughter was born, I easily made it through three of four books a week at times. Now I make it through only one or two, but that’s still way above the norm. And when I read, I’m usually creating a whole movie in my head.

So since I’ve envisioned this whole alternate reality in vivid detail, when books are made into movies, I go in with low expectations. The directors, actors, casting people, etc. never do things entirely the way I would have, and someone or something is almost always off for me in a way that makes me prefer my own version so much more. (No one has ever cast Mr. Wickham, Mr. Darcy, or Elizabeth Bennet to my satisfaction and don’t get me started on the ways in which the Harry Potter movies mutilated the Harry-
Voldemort face-offs in Goblet of Fire and Deathly Hallows Part 2). There are the times when something is just perfect—Blake Lively as Bridget Vreeland/America Ferrara as Carmen Lowell (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), Judi Dench as Lady Catherine, Rosamund Pike as Jane Bennet, Winona Ryder as Jo March with Christian Bale (swoon!) as Teddy Lawrence—but those are the exceptions for me.

He had (some of) us at Ray-Bans

When I read Twilight and it captured my obsessive tendencies in a way few series do, I knew that I would find the movies a disaster. There was just no way that I was going to find any mere human actor to measure up to the perfect vampire of Stephenie Meyer’s creation that I had brought to life in my head.

When I saw Rob (both in pictures before-hand and then in the first movie), some of my disappointment had to do with looks, but most of it was something else. Book-Edward is just a bit lighter than Rob’s depiction of Edward—yes, he’s conflicted, depressed, constantly repressing his appetites (carnal and otherwise), but he’s not so constantly brooding. He makes jokes—he laughs with Bella and Alice—he has mood swings that would make a 13-year-old girl get whiplash. And there’s just a bit of arrogance to him
that I didn’t catch in Rob’s portrayal most of the time—but the sexy type of arrogance (not the oh-my- gosh-shut-up-I-want-to-kill-you kind). And somehow, I don’t get the sense that Rob is a hidden turn-of-the-20th-century gentleman. I can picture my book Edward in coat tails, longish hair, and a white gloves (a la Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic), but I can’t quite make that mental picture of Rob compute with sex appeal.

The main reason I’m not a Rob-hater (and I’m not, I promise), is that I don’t know who I’d cast instead. I liked Stephenie’s pick (Henry Cavill in the event you can’t remember back that far and don’t have a weird memory for minutiae like I do). Three of my favorite oh-goodness-he’s-so-hot actors are Dean Cain, a younger Christian Bale, and Tom Welling (yeah, I have a Superman fetish, let’s move on). But the first two are way too old and Tom Welling is just nothing like Edward… he’ll always be Clark Kent,
anyway. I think if you had to back me into a corner, I might go for Ian Somerhalder (I’ve never watched Vampire Diaries and am basing this on my love of him from the WB’s summer show Young Americans that almost no one has ever heard of and his days as Boone of Lost) Matt Czuchry, or Justin Hartley. But any of them would have to dye his hair a dark reddish-brown with a few blonde highlights—not that dirty blonde color they’ve dyed Rob’s hair for the movies. And I’m not sure any of the three of them would really capture the essence of the character in my head. I think my perfect vampire is just like any author’s character—an impossible, wish-fulfillment figment of imagination.

So what do you think? Am I crazy, or is your book-Edward different than Rob too? Let the debating (and hating, probably!) begin.

The Plane Friend

When The Plane Friend told me her feelings about Rob as Edward I assured her she would NOT get hate (then took it back because I’ve been hated for much, much less). But I know that while this topic is NOT allowed on LTR, many LTT readers do not have the love for Rob that some of us do! So today let’s hear from YOU! Who would YOU have liked to have seen cast as Edward?

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  • Anonymous

    Oh my good gracious, it’s like being in a group of people and one of them breaking the ice and admitting “You know, I didn’t care for the Godfather” like it’s some kind of sacriledge, and everyone else in the room admitting to it as well.
    Even though I did like the Godfather, that’s how I feel about Rob as Edward, like it’s some kind of sin to admit that he wasn’t the Edward in my head. And I completely agree with TPF’s reasons why too – Rob’s Edward is so deathly *boring* sometimes, and at others I just totally don’t believe he’s 100 and whatever years old and has actually had a lot of practice at being a teenager. No one that old would be so crap at fitting in!

    Anywho, I have no idea who I’d cast either. It’s the same with Bella – KStew is not Bella to me, she’s way too dull and doesn’t come across as having the sharp wit or intelligence which I think makes Stephanie’s character endearing and halfway bearable most of the time (I won’t get started on my issues with Bella as a character, it’s been done before!).

    Anyway, bravo for saying what enough of us are thinking to make it a perfectly reasonable opinion. For the record, Rob is hot, I just don’t think he’s Edward – perhaps no one can be, but that doesn’t mean we can’t say it anyway. I spend a lot of time watching sci-fi, and believe me NOTHING is ever the way you want it to be when it comes to those movies and TV shows!!

    • TeamSeth

      Is it worse that I’ve never even seen the Godfather except for select scenes shown during a film studies course? Surely that’s worse and more embarrassing than not really liking it.

      But I definitely agree on the sci-fi bit! I mean, I’m a very, very forgiving creature, especially of special effects and mediocre acting… if the story is good then that’s what’s important. But let’s not talk about Dune.

      • Anonymous

        TS, yes, it’s worse. Get thee to Netflix. It’s a cultural imperative.

        And yes, please, let’s not talk about Dune. Ever.

  • Nelle

    While I wish sometimes that Stephanie had written Edward a tiny bit different, and Melissa R had written better and/or more dialog for Edward and the directors directed Rob a little better, and Rob had been a little less stiff and brooding and a little more flirty (see the end of New Moon) I still can’t picture anyone but Rob as Edward.

    • Anonymous

      You said what I was thinking – I wish that Melissa R wrote more of the happy scenes between Bella and Edward and that Edward loosened up and smiled a bit more in the movies.  I read Twilight right before it came out on DVD so I never imagined anyone else and Rob does it for me as Edward – but they needed to portray him better in the movies.  

      On another note they always seem to give Jacob the happy times with Bella in the movies. I am so excited for BD1 since they seem to be concentrating on giving us the Honeymoon glimpses now but after reading KStew’s interview in W or EW forget which – she talked about how this movie has the best Jacob and Bella chemistry yet.  And then Rob said Jacob is with Bella at the wedding before he even gets to dance with her.  Please tell me it’s not going to be Jacob’s movie all over again!

      • The Old One

        I’m pretty sure KStew said that about the chemistry just to needle Rob a little bit, and Rob was needling her back about Jacob and Bella at the wedding.  It’s actually pretty funny.

        • Anonymous

          True I hope that is why- it got me worried that it’s another Jake-fest!

          • Nelle

            But Rob did say something about Jacob dancing with Bella before Edward did.  I hope that isn’t true- that would be ridiculous.

    • Stacey

      I think if Edward was a little more real life Rob it would be hilarious. Maybe Edward just needs to start giggling after listening to Emmett’s questionable sex advice. (I really wish that Rosenberg would use some little creative changes and add stuff like this to the movies. I watch Dexter, I KNOW she has it in her!)

      • MariaCecilia

        But why would Edward even NEED Emmett’s crappy advice – he has access to people’s thoughts so he should be able to judge attempt and response, trial and error, better than most…?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t hate you.  In fact, when I first read the books and found a movie for Twilight was in the works, I searched out the cast photos.  I was horrified.  Completely HORRIFIED when I saw that photo shoot because Rob was not even close to the hotness that the Edward was in my head.  I yelled for them to “Recast! Recast now!!  Stop production and start over, he’s just not right.  He pales (pardon the pun) in comparison to the actual Edward!  Noooooo!”  Or something like that.  You get the picture, I threw a raging teenager-esque fit. 

    But seriously, I didn’t see how they could have gotten him so off the mark. 

    But then he grew on me.  I think it was a combination of interviews that make him so endearing and photo shoots not as the Edward character that actually show how beautiful he really is. 

    I’ve heard several people say that they only like Rob as Edward, but don’t see his attractiveness outside of that role.  My thoughts are, “are you –bleeping– kidding me?!?!”  Look at photos like this:

    (hopefuly the pic shows)

    Anyway, you see pics like that, and how can you say Rob as Edward is hotter than Rob as himself?

    I still stand that MY Edward is WAY hotter than Rob’s portrayal and he doesn’t even hold a candle to the perfection my wonderful imagination has conjured up for me.  But I’ve come to terms with it.  It’s just not going to happen, because I too, cannot think of one person who would do the image I’ve created in my head of Edward justice.

    But I’m still firmly Team Edward regardless.

    • chochang

      maybe Rob can take a few acting lessons now and when they cast Twilight:The Musical in 10 or so years, he’ll finally do Edward justice.

      • Anonymous

        *snicker, giggle-snort*

      • noneofyourconcern

        No you did not. That is just plain offensive. Don’t do it again please. Nobody says such things about Rob no one.

    • Stacey

      May I just point out that Rob as Jacob in Water for Elephants made me swoon. Honestly, I am still swooning!

      • Anonymous

        Yes. I thought Rob played Edward wonderfully in Water for Elephants. (no that wasn’t a typo)

  • Anonymous

    Crud.  The pic didn’t stick.

    It was the Black and white GQ one of him laying on his hand staring into the camera.  Hot

  • Late Convert

    A young Johnny Depp playing Edward would have been one to see…imagine the slightly manic edge he would have brought to it!

    • chochang


      Imagine: early 90s Johnny and Winona could’ve been our Edward and Bella. Lol

      • MariaCecilia

        You forget they already made the 90s version of Bella and Edward: Edward Scissorhands! :-)

      • nonofyourconcern

        how dare you guys. They all worked hard some more than other but still. Their lives have been changed drastically only for you to come along and say I would have liked someone else better. Well its too late now, they have give you their souls.

  • TheColdWoman

    Let me preface this by saying I think Rob can be super hot (GQ and Maine photo shoot?? *fans self*) but he didn’t capture my Edward either. I remember him saying in an interview that he thought Edward, a 109-yr old vampire stuck at 17 forever, would be really pissed off and depressed. Um, Rob? I don’t know what you were reading but I didn’t get that AT ALL. Sometimes I feel like he is trying to screw stuff up on purpose because it’s a funny inside joke to him. And by screw stuff up, I mean more warping/twisting than actual effing up. But really, I also HATED KStew’s performance as Bella. The personality she portrayed (i.e. the same character she always plays aka a version of Kristen Stewart) did not say Bella to me. My Bella was not a converse-and-skinny-jean-wearing emo hipster. She was quiet, bookish, introspective but not moody… Eh, book movies are always better in my head.

    • Anonymous

      IKR? I don’t know why I keep thinking they’ll make a movie from a book exactly like it looked in my head, but I do all the freaking time no matter howe much I try not to.

      • MariaCecilia

        I remember how I trembled when I went to see LOTR – but apart from a few Buttcrack Santa jokes, those movies were more enjoyable than I had thought possible, and NOT the cringeworthy blasphemy we might have had. And I enjoyed Sense and Sensibility by Ang Lee, and Revolutionary Road by Sam Mendes, so ALL movies from books are not bad, in spite of our heads…cheer up, dear heart!

        • Anonymous

          lol Curse me for my vivid imagination ruining movies for me!! But you’re right some can be downright great.

          PS-Aunt Rochelle? Is that you? (You called me dear heart, something she always has done. It made me smile)

    • Papercut

      Yes, yes, yes!! You nailed it – thank you! Couldn’t agree more about KStew!!  So NOT like Bella in the book who I really like. As for Edward I envisioned a more toned guy – not like Jacob but better than Rob, ya know? How much description does Stephanie provide in the book? Would it have killed him to buff up a bit for the role?
      Okay….I’m done now! I’m taking this waaaay too seriously!

    • Anonymous

      I think Rob was in the movie Midnight Sun. He went with the brooding, moody introspection we read about in that horrible novel I hope never gets published. However, I was hoping more for Edward through Bella’s eyes–much lighter.
      Oh, but I’m still ga-ga over Pattinson. Nuff said.

      • Bubs

        Rob apparently got to read [via Steph. M.] Midnight Sun before any of us knew it existed and that’s what he based Edward on. Personally I read the 4 books in 5 days in 2010 [naturally, blown away by them] and then found out there was 2 Movies out already. Rob just wasn’t how I envisioned Edward-however Taylor was wayyyyy better than I EVER expected Jacob to be. K. Stew is very protective of Bella-so she IS Bella for me

        I’m soooo Team Jacob book/movie [and how mature is Taylor L. for a 19 year old!]. Nevertheless, I love watching Rob’s interviews. He’s just beautiful to listen to and watch, no wonder K.Stew is smitten [he’d have anybody in stitches and most probably in love with him-even though he’s not my “type”]. Although, did anybody else get the impression there was tension in their body language at Comic Con???? I feel that was their “coolest” appearance ever…….  

    • shipstress

      Exactly!  Kstew is Kstew in every movie, including Twilight.  Like in Eclipse when she’s kissing Rob in the meadow and then she kind of pushes his face away with her hand… Bella wouldn’t do that!  I hate how tomboyish and masculine she ends up on film. 
      I love Rob as Edward but I have my own hot Jacob in my head.  Taylor Lautner just doesn’t do it for me. 

  • Anonymous

    First off, let me say I don’t think you’d get hate on LTR and I think this letter would have been great there. It’s not like your bashing Rob for something that he isn’t/didn’t do. (Sorry to whoever wrote that other letter but I still don’t agree. But I don’t hate you either.)

    Anyways, I totally get what you’re saying here and I agree. I too read alot and had a very different image of Edward in my head. I don’t think anyone human could live up to these standards and THAT is exactly why Steph wrote him that way. HE’S A VAMPIRE, he’s otherworldly. Duh! :)

    But Rob is Rob. And he’s dreamy, funny, adorkable,a talented musician and seems like a great person to hang out with. (and you know what I mean by that!) And so yes, I love me some Rob. Kind of more than Edward because he IS  human.

    • MariaCecilia

      My feelings exactly: I will continue to dream about the fictional Edward in my head, but I would love to meet up with actual Rob in the pub! (Or anywhere else for that matter…I’m not picky.)

  • Anonymous

    Rob isn’t the Edward in my head, even now, but I agree- who else would have been cast? Rob has that sort of otherworldly look to him, in that he’s not classicly “handsome guy” and yet he is fuckhot. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to watch Rob do pretty much anything, but I read the books before seeing the movies so I have a picture in my head of what he looks like. He’s Rob-“ish”, a little? I think SM said the same thing- that none of the actors look like who they are in her head, but then, she made them up so of course they are not!

     I think the problems with movie!edward have more to do with the writing and directing, especially with the cutting out of the jokingness of their relationship. (why?!) but then, of course the movie is going to be different,  it has to be. It’s a different medium. 

    • The Old One

      There are moments in Twilight the movie where Rob as Edward is so perfectly beautiful it boggles the mind, and then there are moments when he’s . . . not.  I’m just glad he was cast, and not Jackson Rathbone or Kellan Lutz or Shiloh Fernandez, who were all contenders, apparently.  Catherine Hardwicke got it right, looking for an English actor to bring a little of that old gentlemanly feel to the role, even if he was using an American accent.

  • @lizcheekydevil

    i myself am not too keen on Rob and it’s nice to read about like minded people, yes when he’s all done up as edward he’s pretty gorge, but in real life just doesn’t quite do it for me. i’ll be the first to admit that i have edward on my wall, but it’s like it’s two different people. For my edward i’d have chosen someone who looked gorge with or without the makeup on. I reckon Ben Barnes would’ve made a good edward, cos he has a real classy way about him and he’s gorgeous.

    • Anonymous

      that’s interesting, because I think Rob looks better as himself than as Edward. But the best is that admitting we like a different Edward is like admitting you don’t like The Godfather…ahahaha!

      • Anonymous

        “Rob looks better as himself” <— Yes. A million times, yes. 

    • MariaCecilia

      I think Steph was right and the problem with Ben Barnes and the likes of him was that they are too handsome and not “dangerous” enough. Rob was able to project handsome, tortured and dangerous, which is a hot combination and very much Edward (though I agree that Edward’s sense of humour got lost in the wash, but that’s scripting’s fault more than his acting’s.).
      And don’t get me started on that Ian Somersault-guy: he gives me the shivers,and I mean like “I have pneumonia”-shivers and not “I am horny”-shivers I may add…

      • The Old One

        Project handsome, tortured and dangerous, yes, but also Rob’s own insecurity and self-deprecation is what made his Edward so special, and why Twilight the movie was such a hit.  Rob was mystified that  girls found him hot, and Edward had that same inability to see himself how others saw him.
        Going kind of tweedy today, sorry.

      • ChillinWithCullens

          “I have pneumonia”-shivers and not “I am horny”-shivers”
        BAHAHAHA! you are hilarious!! And spot on about those other guys being too handsome and not unique enough – they all look the same!

  • Anonymous

    “I think I am one of the few women who is Team Edward all the way, but
    thinks that Taylor Lautner is drool-worthy—even if he is way too young
    for me and I’m very happily married—and Rob Pattinson is just so-so”
    Take out the “too young for me” and “happily married” and you have me in a nutshell (for the record, I’m not married at all). That’s my motto: Team Edward for Bella, because Jacob is for me!
    I love book Edward, and I completely agree that Melissa cut out some of his best bits when writing the screenplay. I only know who Henry Cavill is because of brief obsession with The Tudors (until I got too tired of the shameless fiddling with history. It works perfectly well and makes more sense the way it actually happened!). I think that it is just difficult to reconcile the perfect marble god with an actual human being.

    • Stacey

      I really like Henry Cavill from The Tudors, but he seems too muscular for the role of Edward. (But perfect for the Superman remake) Jonathan Rhys Meyers has more of that type of build. Actually, Meyers can pull off Edward being pissy. That would have been interesting.

    • MariaCecilia

      It is indeed difficult to reconcile the perfect marble god with an actual human being – with a happy trail and a wonky nipple! (Does anyone remember June 2009 and NM wrapping?)

  • GeminiGypsy

    Yeah, I like Rob but the Edward in my head is much sexier as well. Bella was different too. Even though Stephenie wrote that she was short, my imagination conjured her tall so I always have a problem with her shortness 😛 I imagined Emmett blonde, and Rosalie’s hair more natural (not like a wig *snicker*), and I imagined Alice more tiny and fairylike (although I must say that she rather close to the character). I especially like the choices made for Carlisle, Esme, Renee and Jessica. Angela seems too silly sometimes- I imagined her more shy and reserved, but neat and cute at the same time. But, not everything is perfect and really I’m just glad that they made this series into movies so that I could further enjoy it- however diluted it got :)

  • chochang

    Sometimes, the LTR commenters frighten me. #confessions

    • Anonymous


    • Michelle

      Agree. Rob could murder everyone in sight and they’d still swoon. Icky poo.

      Rob is delightful but I wouldn’t sell my firstborn for him. 😉 

      • MariaCecilia

        Ah, but would you bear his firstborn is a rather more appropriate question, don’t you think? 😉

    • Anonymous

      Awww, we’re not THAT scary!!!

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking about what I would recommend to a Twivirgin. If you could tell someone to watch the movies first, so they can be enjoyed to the fullest, and then read the books to get a deeper experience, or read the books first to have your own world created, and then watch the movies. Rob was always my Edward because I saw Twilight before reading the books, but when reading the books Robward is always at his best angle. Book Jacob is one of those characters that shifts around and isn’t super specific for me. He is described diff. then T. Laut. That is one of the best things about the character Edward, he gets described! It bugs me when all I know about a character to picture them in my head is  their height and hair color. I have an imagination, but I do like  description. Otherwise what the characters look like shift around in my head.

    • Sagalvr

      I saw the movie first, thought it had an interesting intense flavor so I picked up the books second. It was a great way to approach the series because the movie was like an appetizer, or Cliffs Notes–it made me want more of the story (that’s what books are for!).

  • Anonymous

    Was this letter held over from April 1st?

  • Angela Rivera

    Really good article! I always read LTT but this my first time sharing my opinion, I mean, we all love Rob, even when we thought at first he was not Edward at all, but the first time I watched Twilight I was a little bit dissapointed. I was expecting an Edward more ironic,more “I-am-100-years-old-and I-know-all” sexy way that he actually get Bella mad at first, only to keep her attention, but movie-Edward was too serious, too self-conscious to do that. Well, I don’t think is Rob’s fault, he did his best knowing that no one us wanted him, and at this point of the franchise I couldn’t handle a Twiligt movie without Robward even when we pictured Edward waaay more hot than him. 

    • ChillinWithCullens

      Thank you! I saw the movie before reading the books, and when they came to part of the film where Bella says, “You speak like you’re from a different time,”  I got soooo confused!! He doesn’t say one thing in the movie that ‘sounds like he’s from a different time.’

  • operarose

    The Plane Friend – I couldn’t agree with you more on some of the examples of Hollywood casting vis-a-vis the book characters. Sometimes they get it right, other times it’s way, way off.

    This topic has been brought up off and on at LTT through the years but whether you like Rob as Edward or not, I think we can all agree that movies will simply never cast the characters exactly as we imagine them in our minds. It’s impossible. (Well except for one rare case, which I’ll get to in a second.) On top of it, actors seem to love to have a “say” in how they think the character “should be” and I don’t think Rob is any exception to that.

    For example, even though I adore Daniel Radcliffe (I know, I know, I have a thing for the dark-haired slightly-odd nerds), and he does a convincing portrayal of Harry Potter, he is not the Harry from the books. (In fact, only Evanna Lynch as Luna is “really” THE character in the movie that could have popped straight out of the books/my imagination.) I think I’ll stick to a Harry Potter example today because I just don’t feel up to the controversy. But Twilight is definitely not immune to this problem. One of the biggest problems I had with Twilight (the 1st movie) was simply the shock at seeing what the actors did to the characters. I still can’t stand to watch the movie today, just because I cringe at all of the actors’ performances.

    • Sagalvr

      Evanna Lynch is AMAZING as Luna! She should win a “best embodyment of a character” award :)

  • Michelle

    Loved this. My experience was a tad different though. I saw/heard all the hype first. Then around May, 2009 I read the books and FELL hook line and sinker in LOVE with Edward. Before I’d read the books I’d seen Rob…and thought, “seriously? Why is everyone freaking over this dude? He is gooney looking!” Then I watched the movie…and although I agree he did go a lil’ heavy on the emo…he IS my Edward and I swoooooned hard.

    I must admit I have a hard-time w/ real life dirty, chain smoking Rob and the fact that he portrays my beloved Edward. 😉 In my head Rob is GQ Rob all the time. Humina Humina.

    • Stacey

      Me too! I watched the movie first and I could only see Pattinson in the role. It’s all his fault that I saw he was pretty and then had to read all the books in two weeks! Then LTT happened…

      What did you do Pattinson? What did you do?

  • Anonymous

    As each movie in the series has rolled out… I deal with the discrepancies between book Edward and Rob’s portrayal by presuming that Rob hasn’t actually read the books (I really don’t think he’s read beyond Midnight Sun) and that he’s done a fairly good job at winging it.  He even mentioned in pre-filming interviews for BD, that he hadn’t read BD.  And if given a chance for a do-over, I’d have him (Rob) watch a ton of period pieces so he could understand that turn-of-the-century era that is part of Edward. It’s that vintage gentlemanly quality, intelligence and a 100+ years of experience that book Edward has that is a huge part of his appeal (to me at least). And how many languages does book Edward know?  I’d love to have heard movie Edward slip into Italian or French… maybe he’ll surprise us with some Brazilian Portuguese while they’re in Rio and on Isle Esme.

    • MariaCecilia

      But remember, cyndibear, while real life Rob may smoke and need a good wash, he resembles Edward in his love of books and music (I couldn’t get over how he really played the piano in Twilight – gah, those long fingers on the piano keys!) And let’s face it, he must have something of the English gentleman in him: just see how patient and polite he is with female interviewers, and how reverently he holds his leading ladies at premieres.. 😉

      • Anonymous

        Totally agree about real-life interview Rob.  Just wish those qualities had been explored (more) in movie Edward. 

        And it’s probably a good thing Summit didn’t ask for my opinion (ha!).  😉   I have a feeling it’s the fact he’s made the character his own — adding his personality to the mix — that has created such an appeal for so many.  I’m okay with being in the minority. 

        I read the books post-movie Twilight and to this day still can’t place Rob as Edward in my mind — even with all the evidence that Rob can be nice on the eyes.  I agree with The Plane Friend, I prefer the Edward in my mind. 

        I wonder if we were to get some portrait artists to sit down with all of us and sketch out all of our Edwards — it would be wonderful and interesting to see what he looks like to all of us — see how our own likes and preferences have filled in what Stephenie described of Edward.

        • MariaCecilia

          Let’s go to the police and have their artists do the sketching! If we all turn up saying we’ve been stalked by a creepy handsome guy who sits in a tree outside our window and watches us when we sleep I am sure they would sit up and take notice.

  • Stacey

    Somerhalder…always Somerhalder. Even when he’s doing interviews in silly little fedoras. Also, you just brought back a WHOLE lot of memories of when they were filming Young Americans in my hometown. BEST SUMMER EVER! I really need to find a DVD of that one lonely season…

    Wait…were we talking about Rob? You kept distracting me about other lovely actors like Tom Welling (I have a Superman crush myself. I miss that show!) Matt Czuchry and Christian Bale (he would be SCARY Edward. I mean American Psyche could be Edward gone over to the VERY dark side.). I do see Rob as Edward. Well I always imagine him as he looks in the first on, without all the additional white makeup and old man clothes. I do see Rosalind Pike as Rosalie and a young Winona Ryder as Alice. Kellan can stay Emmett, just because.   

    • The Plane Friend

      Stacey, I am SO beyond jealous that you lived in the town they shot Young Americans. I own a DVD of it and watch it about once a year or so. Reading your response, I think we should get together and have a silly TV/movie marathon!

      • Stacey

        I know you might not get this response, but I am going to try anyway.
        I have a two funny little stories about the filming of the show. First, that Friendly’s the stuck in the town isn’t real. It’s been everything, but a Friendly’s and it’s tiny. It was like a little cafe, then a paint store and back to a cafe. Tourists got really confused that summer. (The show was filmed in the “Decoy Capital of the World”.)

        Also, that traffic summer wasn’t real either and all the old people in town got confused and would run into it with their cars. This includes my grandmother who took out that thing like four times. (It was made of strofoam.)

        I would definitely have that show marathon with you! 

        • Carrie-Jo X

          Oh, that is epic! Just epic. Thanks for sharing!

        • Stacey

          I meant traffic circle. Ugh. I need school to start and get these kids back on a schedule. My brain cells are fried!

  • MariaCecilia

    So, I’m going to put my stick in the fire: when I learned that Rob was cast as Edward I was all “meh, isn’t that the boy in the Harry Potter flick with the red cheeks that smiled too much?” But watching Twilight I was totally blown away by his portrayal of Edward, and I still think that he has never been more true to character or more beautiful than in that first movie. After that I think it went downhill in NM and Eclipse and Melissa made him too tweedy and all-brooding and the yellow contacts made him look scary, but by then I had already fallen in love with Rob the man watching his wacko interviews instead…another story began.

    a) Edward in the books will always be the most versatile and beautiful, because he is in our heads.
    b) Rob in Twilight was the best movie-Edward I can imagine under the circumstances (let’s face it, he HAS to be played by a living human)
    c) Rob himself can be everything from hot, beautiful to downright weird-looking, but this only makes him more interesting, not less
    d) Rob may still be learning his trade as an actor, but I believe that if he could pull off Edward the Impossible, he will surprise us again and again..

  • Anonymous

    Gotta mention Twilight shout out in TB last night. I liked that Jess the angsty and lusty vampire reads Twilight. Totally makes sense.

    • Anonymous

      Speaking of Twilight shout outs, we saw Fright Night last night. Which, going in I knew would be bad, and it delivered the bad and not in a cheesy bad way but in a “I am getting bored and fidgety” way. Even shirtless David Tennant couldn’t save this movie, although his parts were the best. I mean, it was fine for what it was…but it was not good.

      BUT it did do shout outs to many other vampire things, including Buffy and Twilight: the McLovin’ guy mentions Twilight outright (saying he doesn’t read it and is insulted that creepy curly haired main character guy that I did not enjoy at all would suggest that he did) and then Colin Ferrell rolls an apple off the counter and catches it. Heh.

  • Anonymous

    Also, to all you TB watchers:
    I’m not usually a stickler for the details in fantasy/sci-fi, but did Jessica’s super strong undead hymen get explained away? Hoyt even mentions it in his rant, that she’ll always be a virgin. Yet it doesn’t seem to bother her in the back of Jason’s pickup. Are we supposed to assume she has figured out how to deal with it, or was it actually dealt with?

    • snowwhitedrifted

      I thought the same thing too!
       But let’s remember, Jason has “skills”. He must have made her forget the hymen pain.

  • sw_twi_fan

    I have a really bad imagination on how Edward should look when I first read the books.  A lot of the fanart didn’t help.  I didn’t like the first promo pics of Rob, I thought he looked too old.  Boy, Summit always knew how to release bad pics.  Now, I think he looks good in all the movies.  Yes, he could be less brooding, but he still works for me. 

  • mj1981

    I love movie Edward but yes when I read twilight, even though I was first introduced to Edward via the first movie, I too picture him as well as all the characters to look different. I don’t think anyone of the actors does a perfect job and the movies are cheesey as hell but I still love it and everyone in it!

  • oh werd?

    YES. 100% YES to all. Rob is not my 10 (but Taylor is my 11!), though I do find him adorable as a person, and his looks have grown on me, but not as Edward. He truly is too serious (which honestly, how does he suppress that RL humor?) and does not relay that 1918 attitude and vernacular and self-exile. But yea, who else could have done it? And YES to the mutilation of HP vs V-mort, especially in DH2. And I don’t care how long it took me I would FIND a suitable replacement for Bella. KStew might be Bella physically but I don’t think she even tries to BE anyone other than KStew.

  • pattygirl

    The only reason I ever read a book like twilight is because of the movie and Rob. The movie is totally diff from the film. The weakest was kristen potrayal of Bella. CH tried to make it light compare to the book as explained by Rob. But what can you expect from hollywood ? They make crap

  • Anonymous

    I’m just glad they didn’t go with the longish hair, have you seen that drawing in Cathi’s book? It’s horrifying!

    • Anonymous

      No, I haven’t. Link please!

      • Anonymous

        Ok, i found it, but i don’t know how to post a link in the damned iphone.
        You can google it though, just type (Edward with long hair in Catherine Hardwicke’s book) there’s actually a pic of Rob with hair extensions!

        • Anonymous

          Oh my…..
          Of course I couldn’t really condone something like that, but man would that have been funny. Twilight was all about the hair! That hair would not have spawned a million crushes. And can you imagine it in Eclipse with the denim jacket? Or the tweed suit in NM for that matter. Priceless.

          • Anonymous

            someone in the comments to that says Rob could pull anything off, can you believe it!? i mean no one could pull off that mop on their heads.   

          • Anonymous

            Comment away my friend. I like off topics. Enjoy the Sookie books.

          • Anonymous

            I was kind of obsessive about the Sookie books. I think I stated in a previous comment that I wasn’t as bad a TB addict as I was Twi. But if I can’t contradict myself while commenting under an assumed name online….
            Anyway, I kept squeezing in outings in the evening to get the next book. There are so many of them and I bought them individually. Um, honey, I’ve got to go out and do this errand…..I might have a new vampire book when I get home……
            And then reading reviews on Amazon was it’s own book. People are so into the books, they review with such passion!, whether positive or negative.

          • TeamSeth

            Now I really, really want to learn how to say “You better hold on tight, spider monkey.” in Arabic just to freak out my Palestinian friend when I get back to Florida hehe. I can’t remember if she watches Twilight or not though… hm…

            VampDi show is decent I think. It got much better midway through season 2 and then it semi-dropped off again at the end. It’s almost 0% like the books (I hear, haven’t read them)

            Enjoy the Sookie books! I’ve only read the first three. Sookie’s way cooler in the books 😀

          • Anonymous

            “You better hold on tight spider monkey” in Arabic? You sure?The translation would be like a whole passage and it just sounds so silly! I craked up saying it out loud :) wanna know something funny though? Rob in Arabic means yoghurt :)

          • TeamSeth

            I like yoghurt! mmmm

  • Sagalvr

    Thank you so much for this brilliant post! I read the entire letter nodding and saying, “yes! oh my gosh! Me too!” I feel so Normal :)

    I also read multiple books a week and have a Superman affinity (Dean Cain in New Adventures of Superman is my Edward and my Jacob!)

  • Anonymous

    No other man in this whole world would be so perfect as Edward like Rob is. I mean my picture Edward.

  • TeamSeth

    I think we know my feelings on Rob by now. But I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned how annoyed I was that they didn’t give him consistently auburn hair. I mean seriously… he’s the effing MAIN CHARACTER, read his description, which is given like five bazillion times. The man’s a VAMPIRE and does NOT change appearance. EVER.

    And yes, Plane Friend! His touch of arrogance, his constant ennui until he realizes Bella shields him and smells like delicious blood heroin and is completely selfless (all things he’s never encountered before), his besties/sister status with Alice, his minimal brooding (until book 3, gag), his persistent effort to get to know Bella, his anger management issues, his jealousy mingled with maturity.

    WHERE IS IT?! Certainly not in the writing and certainly not in Rob’s acting.

    (Stomps away.)

    • The Old One

      Looks like the hair color/length situation gets even further off the mark in Breaking Dawn.  I’m annoyed, too.

      But the more I see of Rob in other movies and interviews, the more I think he did a great job in Twilight, especially with what he was given.  I mean because his other characters are quite different, and his non-acting personality is COMPLETELY different.

      • TeamSeth

        That doesn’t mean he nailed the role, it just means he’s different in RL and other roles.

        • The Old One

          I guess I’m reacting to all the naysayers who claim he wasn’t acting at all, but just standing around brooding a lot.  He may not have nailed the role, but he certainly was doing SOMETHING right.

          • Anonymous

            I am with you- I am not saying that they all brought their Marlon Brando-style A game, but lines were said, with emotive qualities and they all were believable as their characters.
             (except Dakota Fanning. Was. Not. Buying. That. Shit.)
            ( I know I am in the minority here. I just don’t buy her as evil.)

            What I am saying is that I didn’t spend the whole movie thinking, “Man these people are not acting at all!” In fact I wasn’t really thinking of them acting…which is sort of what you are supposed to do? Again, haters gonna hate.

  • Josie Maring

    I totally understand what you mean, usually I do not watch the movies if I read the book first. But in this case, I did not even know about the books before my husband made me watch the movie (for real! he regrets it now… lol). I first saw the movie and only then read the books. So Rob as Edward makes sense to me, and I cannot picture any body else. But i have to say, although I think she was annoying, Catherine made the best Twilight movie. New Moon is beautiful, but ooooooooh so friggin boring.. the more money Summit can spend, the less I like the movie.. and I have to agree with what some of you wrote as well, the script misses a lot of fun lines from Edward. Edward in the books is better then Edward in the movie, regardless if Rob played the part or not.
    My big Twi/Robward crush has gone, and that’s okay. I still love the books and the movies, but a tiny part of me just wants it to be over with. I need to see BD I & II, just because I need to know how they did it… but I wish I could skip the waiting… (summit, 2012 November really???)
    Greetings from Holland to you all!

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