It’s time for New LTT & Breaking Dawn FASHION

Dear LTT,

All right LTT ladies!! It’s time for you guys to come up with new t-shirts for us that we can wear to the breaking dawn part 1
premiere. Come on. Where have ya’ll been? It’s time for new designs!! Wait, Moon’s was in Africa doing good deeds? That’s a good excuse, but I know UC isn’t doing anything but trying to get us to vote for her hot tubs or something (don’t worry, I clicked the link and voted for something I have absolutely no clue about! That was for you UC!) So, no excuses! And I think to speed the process up a bit at LTT, you guys should hold a design contest for the ladies and unicorns of LTT (god knows they’ve leaked us enough material to work with)!

So to start us off, here are a few of my own completely unoriginal gems (ALL stolen from LTT jokes of course):

  • a Pier One store with a truck out front that says “Isle Esme bound” (you guys hit the nail on the head with that one)
  •  “STOP – TWIST – IMPRINT“ in “Leghitch – Imprint– Hunt” style
  • *Seriously* –> And we ALL want: “Headboard 2011” with cartooned-Rob-arms breaking that sucker down
  • Finally, can I just get that pic of TomStu (you know THAT pic –furrystu) on a t-shirt…maybe with some unemployment stats under it?

Anyway, this is my humble suggestion for how we can be most fashionable going into Breaking Dawn Season

Love you guys!

Great idea, HowToBe! While I love the designs we have in the LTT/LTR store, I think we could use some new ones to freshen it up a bit (Is our designer listening!?) First, I have to apologize for using the f word in both picture captions so far. I blame that on still being tipsy from our Hurricane Irene party yesterday where we just drank away our hurricane fears (which amounted to a lot of beer bottles loose in the street) But anyway, Here are a few ideas I’m adding to the mix:

  • PROUD KRISBIAN using this picture (why? WHY does that exist!)
  • “Real or Not Real” on the front with “ROBSTEN?” written on the back. I think combining the Twilight & Hunger Games fandoms guarantees more sales, don’t you?
  • “Isn’t this thing over yet?”
  • LTT: Promoting Birth Control since “Fade to Black”
  • JUST SAY NO (to combining your mom’s names to come up with a new one)
  • I heard that sports teams always have t-shirts printed up ahead of winning (or losing) a super bowl/word series from a friend who loves sports so we should make sure to have a ton of the following pre-printed for the END of Breaking Dawn and the eventual Robsten break-up OR wedding: “Told you so” for the Nonsten Team and “True love, bitches” for Robsteners
  • Breaking Dawn, subtitle: The Incredible, Edible, Egg

What do you think? Should any of the above be on new LTT/LTR T-shirts & merch?

Speaking of merch, we still have stuff from that “box of Crap” Stephenie Meyer sent us last year and I’d really like to get it out of my closet. So how about you come up with good merch ideas in the comments today & we’ll pick a few favorites to send prizes to! Good luck. May Buttcrack Santa (RIP) be with you always.


As I was writing about I had the BRILLIANT idea of “Fade to Sad” which of course we already BRILLIANTLY thought of (Or Stacey, our designer did) and I’m pretty sure this is the design we gave Stephenie. So funny. Why I don’t own this iPhone cover yet, I don’t know. Fade to Sad

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTR, The Forum, Twitter, The Store

  • Notanaddikt Bella

    Krisrob somehow reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio. Yes, I realize this is wrong on many, many levels.

    • MariaCecilia

      OMG you’re right! Who knew Leo had it in him?

  • Sue G.

    My headboard T-shirt would read:

    Always “up” for breaking your headboard!

  • Anonymous

    I would totally wear a “Stop Twist Imprint” or “Headboard 2011” shirt! 
    Make it so!

    (also, why won’t CafePress do Android covers?! *fade to other kind of smartphone sad*)

  • HowToBe


  • ChillinWithCullens

    First of all, love ALL those ideas – I’d wear any of them! Second, will someone PLEASE tell me what homeless TomStu is carrying in that photo??

    • Sue G.

      It looks like a 12 pack of Miller Hi-Life beer.

      • Anonymous

        I was gonna guess boxed wine.

    • MariaCecilia

      Obviously a packet of detergent, since he had to run down to the store when he found out he had already used every piece of clothing three times…

    • operarose

      a comb for his beard? he has to keep it neat and tidy. Rob hates a messy beard.

  • Nelle

    I can’t believe the timeliness of this letter! My friend and I were just saying we can’t wear our “They’re not bears” shirts again.

  • Anonymous

    I want an Incredible, Edible Egg shirt!  Maybe add in Moon’s subtitles from the other day too.  

  • JodieO

    How about something with the Breaking Dawn logo that says something like “Meh, I’ll wait for the DVD.”

    • Anonymous

      So interesting that this is funny because AS. FUCKING. IF.

      Unthinkable: not going; not going At Midnight; and not going as many times as money and time makes feasible. And maybe even a time or two after that. And then buying the DVD. And then buying all of the DVDs again in a Special Magical Collector Case when they all come out together, covered in a glitter that will never completely come off and will mar your living room and you won’t even care a little bit.

      • MariaCecilia

        YES we can do it! Because we are all NORMAL!!!

      • JodieO

        I can’t tell if you are trying to be funny or belligerent.  Please let me know so I may respond accordingly.

        Thanks! =)

        • Anonymous

          Sorry: I am being funny and completely truthful. I had to talk myself down from special ordering the super special UK hardcover editions of the series just because they had White! Covers!

          Respond away. 🙂

          • Anonymous

            I love the white covers.  I buy very little, but I had to talk myself down from that one too.  They’re so stinkin’ pretty!

          • Anonymous

            I knooooooww! My friend was going to the UK for work right when they were being released, and I had a drunken conversation with her that went something like, “Nooo don’t get it I don’t need them it’s fine. I mean, actually, yes pleeeese I will give you the money no wait no. Yes. Really. Please get them? You won’t be embarrassed! What do you mean embarrassed? No you’re right don’t. Please?” *sobs*

          • Anonymous

            Ha ha. I like how most of the books are large print. My New Moon is a tiny paperback, and it is not as nice to read as the rest of the giant print books. Mine are all dog-eared. I knew white cover editions existed, but I might have to Google and ogle in a minute. If I only had the balls.

          • Sisterpenguin

            Oops. Guilty secret revealed: I have the full set but they’re not hardcover. Nice soft paperback with red tipped pages too. (sigh).

            There are SOME advantages to living in this wilderness.

          • Anonymous

            Well, great. I just now died of jealousy.

          • Sisterpenguin

            Still available at… (I’m a tease I know)

          • JodieO

            Ok, cool.  I was afraid I was gonna have to have someone hold my earrings. =)

            I wish I could be excited by Breaking Dawn, but I just.. can’t.  I wish the series had been a trilogy. =

          • Anonymous

            ” I was afraid I was gonna have to have someone hold my earrings” *snortlaugh*

          • MariaCecilia

            I’m glad I’m not the only one having that “oooh, those are pretty” impulse…but I fought it down. My bookshelves are already stacked in double rows, and my husband has introduced a “one new, an old one out”-policy. 🙁

  • MariaCecilia

    Wow, I didn’t realize I needed any more t-shirts, but apparently now I do! 🙂  (Never thought of Fade to Black as a form of birth control..but hey, if keeping teenage kids uninformed works I’m sure unconsciousness works just fine too?)

    How about: “Make it AND Break it!” (with: “Breaking Dawn/News/Headboards of YOUR choice!” on the back with Edwards muscled back in relief behind it and the LTT web address? I would totally buy that!) 

  • For some reason AshFrag couldn’t leave HER tshirt idea which I loved:

    Ticket for midnight showing of Breaking Dawn: $14Supplies for camping out at the Breaking Dawn premiere: $80Starbucks coffee cost while camping out for 5 days in line: $65Screaming “OMG it’s EDWARD!!!” at the top of your lungs at the first glimpse of Robert Pattinson and ending up on ‘Entertainment Tonight’? –Loss of dignity

  • Anonymous

    Can I get one? here on the other side of the world?

  • Anonymous

    I love them all.

    Must say. I would like an official logo of a sippy cut with a blood-filled straw coming out of it. Yep, I’d pay extra for the two colored t-shirt.
    Captions anyone?

    • Anonymous

      OMG yes! Yes, a thousand times yes! Blood Sippy Cup. OOOOHHHH can you just make blood sippy cups?!?!? I want that.

    • Sisterpenguin

      Maybe “Bella sucks”? Sorry, late night. Will try harder in the morning… 🙂

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      “They say you’re supposed to have some odd cravings during pregnancy, but…”

    • chochang

      NOT True Blood.

  • Anonymous

    You Know I am a twicrap whore 😉

  • Kat

    Don’t know if I’d be brave enough, but I’d love to get a shirt for my friend that reads: Imprint on THIS 
    ; )

    • Anonymous

      We saw a pregnant girl at the Eclipse midnight show that said that over her big belly. It was adorable.

  • operarose

    Whatever you do, please don’t do one of those annoying “Keep Calm” mantras.

    eg., “Keep Calm and Break the Headboard”

    “Keep Calm and Get it On (Isle Esme)”

    “Keep Calm and avoid the Oprah Twimoms”

    “Keep Calm and Call Rosalie”

    “Keep Calm and Imprint on Renesmee” (Just for the men in the audience…who want to get arrested)


    I suggest a saying that will allow us to see the movie “undercover” such as “My best friend dragged me to this movie” just in case we run into a coworker or ex-boyfriend or our grandmother at the theater.

    • MariaCecilia

      How about a shirt with “Edward took me to this movie. He’s on a pooling-venom-break right now.”
      Now I’m tired and I need to sleep…

  • Anonymous

    Pier 1 Imports makes me want to Fuck is a winner for sure.
    Off topic: I was re-reading a little Eclipse today. Forgotten (by me anyway) and movie worthy book quote Edward comparing himself to Bella’s diamond heart charm, I might not remember it exactly:
    “Like me, it is cold and hard, and throw rainbows in the sunlight”.
    Oh book Edward, you kill me.

    • operarose

      Not so off topic after all… maybe my husband would wear a tshirt with this saying on it to the premier with me.


      • Anonymous

        a “Cold, hard, and throws rainbows in the sunlight” would be a pretty awesome unicorn T-shirt.
        or “I watch you while you sleep”
        or “Trust me, I want to”
        or the classic “You’d better hold on tight, spider monkey”
        or “Hop on my back, and I’ll run like the guy in “Cliff Hangers”
        or “Free sideburn rides”

        • Anonymous

          Speaking of unicorns, what happend to our latest one? did we scare him off? I wonder what happend with his boss and the Edward standi, hmmmmm…….

          • Anonymous

            Maybe El Unico kind of got it out of his system after writing the letter? Maybe we made too many references to sparklepeen? Maybe he does not feel the need to comment, or through outing himself found other real live in the flesh type folks to discuss Twilight related business with. None of those things would surprise me.

          • Anonymous

            OR (and I think these are more likely)
            -the unicorns of LTT have banded together (a small band I’m pretty sure) and are hard at work making unicorn fanfic.
            -Their wives realized how lucky they are to be married to unicorns, got into Twi themselves, and now they are spending all their free time leg hitching, practicing strange breathing and hair grabbing, and running ice cubes over their lips before necking. And, um, finding just the right body glitter and meadows.

          • kstewboy

            We are not interested in body glitter – but leg hitching, hair grabbing and using ice cubes may all be on the horizon 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Who is this unicorn and why is he being so sexy?!

  • Rachel2007a

    I just want a shirt that says: Edward and Bella:Save the Date in the same font as the invite followed by August 13, 2006….or the movie opening date.  No big huge scene on the front though, just a small Breaking Dawn logo on the pocket area.  Black shirt with silver font.

  • Sammy_B

    I love the “Headboard 2011” and the “The Incredible, Edible, Egg”. How about a picture of Edward and Bella with DTF below them. Or something involving Jumping Rob, we so need a shirt with him.

    • DTF totallly……. done…. that has to be on a shirt (and they won’t let us use rob’s likeness. BOO)

      • Anonymous

        I think it would be awesome to just have “Bella and Edward” in all lovely scripty, and then below “DTF” in…funnier lettering.

  • Well, the Stew looks good a man.  The Rpantz doesn’t look good as a woman sooo… that’s something….

  • Anonymous

    i want mine to say, “im only here till she gets pregnant”

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