A Hot Tip AND A quick Note

Hot Tip: There are 4 ads on LTT now that auto-play sometimes (They don’t always show) you CAN Mute them & once you do, they should stay muted. We’ve tested on like 4 computers with 3 different browsers. The ads are square(ish) and there are two in the side and 2 down all the way at the bottom on the site! Sorry for the 10 second inconvenience until the muting starts… our site expenses have gone up so we had to get some new ads!

Quick Note: A new LTT will be up later this morning (east coast) and normal morning time west coast. I’m not sure what time that is in the European, Asian, Russian, African or Australian Coasts (please don’t tell me I forgot a continent) because that’s wayy too complicated to figure out.

You’ll notice from time to time letters aren’t going up at our normal time, but they generally make it up eventually- so you don’t miss them, why don’t you sign up for our e-mail reminders over there on the rigth –> a reminder goes out once a day with any new posts! Plus I’m sometimes in the mood to take that email list & send you a very special email surprise (like a photoshopped Big Daddy devouring an Olive Garden feast or even BETTER) and you don’t want to miss that, the day I finally get around to it.



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  • Also a green day fan

    I want the email surprise!  I’m already a sub *heh heh heh* scriber.

    • WhoRu_&WhatisThat4_

      I’d second that!

  • Sagalvr

    The new ads are awful! I hope you’re getting a lot of $$ to bring us more wonderful content because after finding all the little mute buttons and scrolling to the side and down, when I clicked to see the comments, they all started playing loudly over and I had to go through the process again. Also, I was at work ::awkward::
    In the future when giving bad news like this, please include pictures of Rob to ease the sting ;P

    • The Old One

      Someday someone will perhaps be able to explain to me the point of ads that everyone mutes and resizes the screen to avoid looking at.  But I doubt it.

      • shhhh don’t ask them to explain it- because then they might stop paying as much for them!!

    • okay we’ll do that next time

  • cosi bella

    nope can’t find the mute button on the individual ads – just a volume button.  Out of pure curiosity and tell me to mmob – why would any advertisers want to play multiple ad soundtracks..all going off at the SAME TIME?  (mebbee some new subliminal way of anchoring product into memory?)

    ooh and I’ve just realized what the creepy cacophony reminds me of – it evokes that “dark mood’ of BLADERUNNER – lol!

    • cosi bella

      WAIT!  I found it! (the mute  button)

  • Anonymous

    I noticed the ads the other day. I opened the window and started hearing all this noise and was like WTF? Lucky for me, my work computer’s internet security software seems to be blocking the ads.

    Send out that email UC!

  • Anonymous

    Thank god for ad blockers…

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